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Striper Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

Striper action for the most part has been slim this Fall, with just a few fish a day recorded by boaters working Delaware Bay structure. Not many bass have been caught for the amount of effort exerted, but those landed were large. Most from the first couple weeks of November averaged around 30 pounds. Trolling Stretch and Bomber Plugs on Overfalls Shoal produced most of the fish, but drifted eels and spot also got bit. Good amounts of bunker were around earlier, but not as plentiful now, and sand eels didn't show like last year. Different groups of migrating stripers have been reported along the New Jersey coast in past weeks, but it seems they end up staying offshore when they go past the entrance to Delaware Bay. Rockfish have already been caught near Ocean City, MD and off the eastern shore of Virginia, indicating they missed us and went right on by. Recently, numbers of bass were caught under birds between Sea Isle City and Wildwood, but those stripers never rounded Cape May into the Bay. Just this past weekend, boats bassing off Brigantine did very well, and moving fish were seen at other locations along the South Jersey coast. So there's still hope we'll get a crack at them. Crews running out for sea bass encountered stripers at the Five Fathom Bank and between the shipping lane and Reef Site 11, so it seems a big portion of the migratory stock travels outside the Three Mile Line. I can't help but be optimistic that with a little help from Mother Nature in the form of easterly winds and moderate temperatures we still could squeeze out a striper season here in Delaware. Some of the nice striped bass that have been checked in include Ralph Short's 32.8 pounder, a 36.4 pound trophy for Joe Wilkinson, Bong Jae Kang's 34.2 pound rock, James Bowden's 30.6 pound bass, and the 20.5 pound linesider trolled up by Lee Abel. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament finished up November 25th. Jacob Webb's 44.8 pound cow hung in to take First Place. Evan Falgowski held onto Second with his 40.8 pound beauty, and John Joe Kabino wrapped up Third with a 36 pounder. Congrats and braggin' rights until next Fall go to the winners. Thanks to all who participated. Sea bass fishing has been good in twenty fathom areas such as the Triple Wrecks and the Del Jersey Land Reef Site. Bassers had to cull through loads of shorts, but limits of keepers were common. Bluefish of varying sizes hung out over the same structure as sea bass. Delaware Bay togging has slowed, with not many blackfish coming from the Walls or Reefs, but inshore Ocean action was good. Certain spots on Site 10 were quite productive. Captain Carey's guys on the Grizzly put 33 tautog in the box there Saturday. Toggers aboard Katydid had a group limit of 40 fish Sunday. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Stripers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/13/2014 12:00:00 AM

Stripers finally rounded the corner into Delaware Bay with last week's big moon, and although there have only been a few caught each day, most were big. Mason Newsham was trolling a Bomber plug on Overfalls during the end of ebb current aboard Local Girl when he connected with a 35.6 pound bass. John Joe Kabino was working that same area when he hooked a 36 pound rockfish on a Bomber. Paul Matthews pulled a Stretch 25 there for his 31 pounder. Jacob Webb jumped into the lead of this year's Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament when he trolled up a 44.8 pound lunker at Overfalls. Fred German drifted an eel through the rips on Overfalls for his 30.6 pound striped bass. Mark Lobach landed a 37 pounder, and Chuck Meyer captured a 24 pounder while eelng aboard Lil' Angler II. J.D. Miller was on Overfalls first thing in the morning, and tempted a 26.2 pound rockfish into striking a Cabo Sunset Stretch 25 plug. John Tkacz trolled a chartreuse Stretch 25 at Overfalls for a 36.7 pounder. Dennis Jester drifted a live spot at Overfalls for his 34.6 pound linesider. Trolling a chartreuse Stretch 25 at the end of flood tide on Overfalls did the trick for Todd Conner, who had a 31 pound bass. Drew Messick, Josh Chubb and Pat Irelan pulled plugs at Overfalls and 8B Buoy for three linesiders to 26.4 pounds. Evan Falgowski fought a 40.8 pound cow to slide into Second Place of the LHM Striper Tourney. The Tournament continues until November 25th. Tautog catches have been decent when conditions are ok. Ernie Stone scored a 12.59 pound bruiser white chin along the Outer Wall. Mike Ditton muscled in a 9.21 pound tog at the Wall. Bill Marshall bested an 8.1 pounder. David Schellenger decked a 7.62 pound tautog at the Inner Wall. Joe and Dave Walker and Mike Dileo limited out with 15 chunky tog from the Wall. Tom Martone took a 7.72 pounder aboard Katydid. Cameron Boldaz boated a 6 pounder while togging on the Indian. Sea bass action has been good at Site 11 and Del Jersey Land. Spiny dogfish have gotten thick at Site 11 and most inshore areas, and have been a real nuisance for bottom bouncers. Sharks didn't seem quite as bad in twebty fathoms, and boats bassing Del Jersey Land weren't bothered as much by pesky spinys. However, chopper bluefish chewed up a lot of sea bass on anglers' hooks. Captain Brent's patrons aboard Katydid enjoyed fast catching during a recent trip to DJL. They ended up with a boat limit of 150 bass, even after sacrificing several to ravenous blues. Most bluefish were of jumbo proportions. Maggie Lingo tangled with a 14.2 pound blue, and Bill Hughes had a 16.2 pound slammer. Along with big blues in the box were bonus flounder and triggerfish.

Tog Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

Nice tautog came in during the week, and the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament leaderboard looked pretty respectable when the contest ended Friday. Carl Blust bested the bunch and finished First with his 11.25 pound bruiser from the Outer Wall. Randy Jensen's 10.58 pound brute of a blackfish, also from the Wall, took Second. Jim Meyers managed a 7.97 pound citation tautog for Third Place, and that fish came from the Wall as well. Thanks to all who participated in the event. Congratulations to the winners, and enjoy your bragging rights until next October. Togging in general was pretty decent. Mr. Kim and his group fished on Top Fin Monday for 15 tautog and a sheepshead, then again Friday for 26 more tog. Captain Brent's toggers aboard Katydid captured 25 keepers Wednesday, 32 on Thursday, and 24 on Friday. Captain Vince's crew had a dozen chunky tog Friday on Miss Kirstin. Ted Garman and Patti Lush landed their limit of 10 plump blackfish at the Outer Wall Wednesday. Otto Evans checked in his personal best tog weighing 6.5 pounds. Bill Marshall boated a stout 8.75 pound tautog at the Wall Friday. With strong northwest wind over the weekend, Bay temps had fallen through the mid 50's, and blackfish should become even more active on structure in cooler water. Stripers were reported on the move along New Jersey's coast, and hopefully changing weather and dropping temperatures will prompt them to make the turn into Delaware Bay. Full moon occurs November 6th, and the first big push of bass into the Bay usually takes place during that lunar phase. Our shop is stocking live eels and spot, plus a selection of Stretch plugs and trolling lures, along with S&S Bucktails in anticipation of a good rockfish run. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament is on now, and runs through November 25th. The Tourney offers cash prizes, and interested anglers can sign up at the Store before fishing. Sea bass catches were good when boats could make it out. Reef Site 11 yielded plenty of keepers, as did the Del Jersey Land site outside the Triple Wrecks. Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Brent and Mate Chris for some bottom bouncing at Del Jersey Land Monday aboard Katydid. The result was a limit of 60 bass, plus some flounder and triggers, and a 10.5 pound slammer bluefish.