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Nov 27, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/27/2018 8:21:24 AM

The sea bass action is still hot and heavy, when the weather permits anglers to get to the deep-water wrecks and reefs. Del-Jersey land still holds a lot of sea bass. The boats that are able to get out there are limiting out in record time. Hopefully we will get a long break in between all of this not so friendly weather. Some stripers are starting to show up around the mouth of the Delaware bay. A couple were caught this weekend around the 8’s trolling Mojo’s and stretches. We also heard that some big fish were being caught by boats drifting eels at the Cape May rips.

Carter Dirado weighed in an impressive 48”- 42 1/2 lb striper trolling a white tandem Mojo rig. On Sunday Joseph Walker weighed in a nice striper at 44 1/2”- 36.5 lbs. Both fish were caught at the 8’s while trolling. The stripers seem to be slowly funneling into our area. I’m hoping this wind will blow them into the bay where there are still a lot of bait fish for them to snack on and keep them busy for a while. We have all your striper gear needs here at the shop, stop in and grab your gear before you take to the water.

The Tog fishing is very slow. Some big ones are still being caught in deep waters, but the local structure and reefs are still only showing shorts. Don't get me wrong, you will catch plenty of fish, but its a lot of shorts to pick through to get that keeper. We have plenty of tog baits available. Green crabs, box crabs and when we can get them, fresh live sand fleas.

Well, until next week, tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Nov 21, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/21/2018 9:38:02 AM

This past week there have been several good days to fish. The local charter boats and head boats have been heading to deeper waters to get their limits on black sea bass. The sea bass seem to be plentiful with boat limits being caught on each trip. The tautog however, have been scarce, but if the captains were willing to put the time in some very nice tog have been being caught in the deeper water as well.

I’m pleased to see that some keeper stripers to 32 1/2” have finally showed up off the surf at Cape Henlopen state park. The point has given up a couple nice stripers. i hope this is a sign that the big fish in quantities will start making an appearance off our coast. It has been a while since we have had a good striper run in this area. Reports from Sea Isle NJ, Ocean City NJ, and Cape May NJ are spotty but the fish being caught are the big fish every angler dreams about, I am still hoping and praying that we get that blitz, and they stay around for more than the standard 1 week run.

We have eels, fresh bunker and clams. Stop by and grab your bait and tackle before you head out to catch your big keeper stripers. This weekend we have a great sale going on in the store starting on Black Friday. Stop in and grab some great deals on selected apparel, tackle, Rod/reel combos. This would be a great time to grab some early Xmas gifts for the special anglers in your life. Until next week, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY FROM ALL OF US AT LHM.

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Nov 14, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/14/2018 11:12:16 AM

So far Mother Nature is not being nice too any boats or anglers trying to get out to feed their fishing addiction. Some of the boats that were able to get out the past few days did well catching their limit of sea bass with some very nice Tautog. When the weather allows anglers to get out to the wrecks and reef sites it can be a very productive day, its just being able to get there that is the problem. We have had several citation tog come in to the shop along with a couple citation sea bass.

I have seen a couple reports from South Jersey that some big stripers have been caught. The bay has been showing good signs with birds working on bait fish in a couple areas up in the bay. Maybe some stripers slipped by, that would not surprise me, with all the bait fish that are still holding up. Its just this unfortunate bad streak of weather that is preventing anglers from getting out to put some good time into hunting down some of the big linesiders.

I am and forever will be an optimist, I have to believe that this very well could be a turn around year for us as far as the striper fishing. All signs that are being seen right now would tell us that the stripers are coming to us this year. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers and wish upon a star. It would be a great boom for our industry not to mention the anglers who only fish a couple times a year.

Until next week, nightlines everyone. Tommy Serbin.

Nov 7, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/7/2018 11:17:00 AM

The boats and anglers that were lucky enough to get a day out on the water yesterday, had a very good day catching sea bass and tog. Some of the local charter boats got their boat limit of tog, which this season was a feat in itself. This weather has really put a crimp in everyones fishing for tog, sea bass, flounder and every other species that is targeted in our waters.

I am hearing some far off rumors that a small group of stripers has been spotted off the coast of Atlantic City, NJ. And I have heard that fish up to 45” have been being caught off Ocean City, NJ. Hopefully that small group makes a pit stop off our coast to take a little break before continuing south to their winter home. There is still enough bait fish to keep them here for a little bit. Also the bait fish up in the Delaware bay should get their attention and get them to make a right turn to the bay.

If the weather gives up, and we can get out to get some fishing in before winter really sets in, the sea bass and tog fishing should be off the hook, only because the fisheries have not been overly fished thanks to other nature. Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope we have a great end to the fall fishing season. Congratulations to the winners of our Tautog Tournament this year, !st Place- Joe McNeil, 2nd Place- Chris Ragni Jr, 3rd Place- Joe McNeil.

Our Annual Striper Tournament is scheduled to begin on Friday, Nov 23rd and run until Dec 23rd. Stop by and register today. Same as tog tourney, $5 a day, $30 for the month. You must be paid and registered in order to win.

Until next week, Tightlines Everyone, Tommy Serbin.