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Fine Fluking

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/23/2012 12:00:00 AM

This summer has offered some of the better flounder fishing in recent years. Artificial and natural structure in both the Ocean and Delaware Bay have produced plenty of flatfish. There isn't the open bottom fishery in the Bay like there used to be, possibly because fluke are now drawn to the cover and food supply presented by the network of artificial reefs. However, anglers who have learned how to work the rubble, and understand the effects of tidal currents have been rewarded with some fine fluking. Chris Vann celebrated his 40th birthday with his buddies while reef fishing aboard the Katydid last Friday. The party resulted in 34 keepers to 5.1 pounds. Martha Marie's anglers had some good fishing last Friday. "Pizza John" Perrin put 3 in the box himself. Flukers aboard Katydid captured 21 flatties Sunday, bringing the number of keepers on the boat this season to over 700! Captain Pete's guys on Top Fin took home 16 quality flounder Sunday. Brooke Drury brought in a 4.77 pounder she hooked on Site 8 with a live bait. Captain Carey had his family out Sunday for a little fun fishing on the Grizzly, and they came in with 8 nice flatfish and a bunch of croakers. Monday, Steve Mattson and family joined Captain Carey for 15 fluke and lots of croakers. Craig Moore managed a 7.75 pound doormat on that trip. On Tuesday, Joe Walker, Joe Walker Jr, Tony Vansant and Barry Gerhard bucktailed ocean reef structure for 14 nice flatties. Joe just missed a citation with his 6.9 pounder. Joe, Joe Jr, Barry and Harry Glenbocki went back for more on Wednesday, and limited out with 16 plump flounder. Although most of the catching has taken in the Bay and Ocean, some flounder continue to come from Lewes Canal and the Cape Henlopen Pier. Brenda Powell checked in two nice fish she caught with minnows at Roosevelt Inlet. Bottom bouncers are still finding plenty of croakers of varying sizes inside and outside the Outer Wall, and on Sites 5 and 8. Numerous small trout, and some of legal size, along with kingfish, spot and blowfish were hanging out in the same areas. Snapper blues were often seen chasing baitfish through current rips around the Wall and near Cape Henlopen Point. The little choppers are a blast to catch with lures on light tackle. Inshore bottom fishermen found decent numbers of legal sea bass on natural structure between DB and DA Buoys. Offshore bottom dropping produced action with tilefish. Billy White, along with Captains Chris Thurman and Evan Falgowski, hosted Mike Parker from Outdoors Delmarva for a day of tilefishing in Baltimore Canyon aboard Quintessa. The trip was a great success, and the guys came back with 16 golden tile, including 35 pounders for Captain Ted Moulinier and Hank Draper. On the previous trolling trip on Quintessa, Ron Uschok whacked a 29 pound wahoo.