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Dec 4, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/4/2018 8:38:48 AM

Everyone has heard the saying “you sound like a broken record”, I’m sure. Well as much as I hate to say it, the weather last week once again did not do any anglers any good. A bunch of boats were out hunting the migratory stripers this past weekend off our coast and around the mouth of the Delaware Bay. Some boats made a trip up the Jersey coast to see if there were any fish around. We did not see any fish hit the table from our local waters but, we did have a couple of very nice stripers hit the table on Saturday afternoon. The anglers that caught those fish made a bee line to wildwood and found a couple fish that they caught jigging and trolling.

We heard that some big fish were caught down around Indian river inlet, and between Bethany & Sea colony. We also heard a faint rumor that some stripers were caught at the Hen & Chicken shoal. I don't know how reliable the info is, we did not see those fish. Boats are marking nice size bait balls with fish around them. Hopefully, if the weather allows, we will start seeing bigger groups of fish closer to us, and within range for all the anglers to catch their limits and curb that “striper fever”.

Black sea bass are still thick as thieves out on the deep-water wrecks. When the boats can get out to them, it’s not taking long for them to get their boat limit and head back to the docks with a boat load of sea bass. Tautog fishing however, is not cooperating with anglers this year. Some really nice big tog have been caught, but it seems that the legal size fish refuse to be caught this year. Anglers are having to struggle with endless catches of short fish. Now, if your’re just out to enjoy a day on the water, I can guarantee if conditions are right, you will have a great day catching throwbacks, with an outside chance of netting a keeper.

We have green crab, asian box crab, and we will be getting a fresh batch of whiteleggers, for those of you still tautog fishing. We also have live eels and bunker chunks for those anglers chasing down the stripers. We are working on getting fresh bunker in to the shop. We will post it on our FB page as soon as we get it. Don't forget to get signed up for our annual striper tournament that is going on right now. The cost is $5 per angler per day, or $30 per angler for the month. The tournament ends Dec 23rd, 2018 at 4pm. Also, remember Xmas is coming and we have some special deals going on, so stop by and get that special angler in your life an awesome gift from LHM.

Until next week, Tightlines Everyone. Tommy Serbin.

Nov 27, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/27/2018 8:21:24 AM

The sea bass action is still hot and heavy, when the weather permits anglers to get to the deep-water wrecks and reefs. Del-Jersey land still holds a lot of sea bass. The boats that are able to get out there are limiting out in record time. Hopefully we will get a long break in between all of this not so friendly weather. Some stripers are starting to show up around the mouth of the Delaware bay. A couple were caught this weekend around the 8’s trolling Mojo’s and stretches. We also heard that some big fish were being caught by boats drifting eels at the Cape May rips.

Carter Dirado weighed in an impressive 48”- 42 1/2 lb striper trolling a white tandem Mojo rig. On Sunday Joseph Walker weighed in a nice striper at 44 1/2”- 36.5 lbs. Both fish were caught at the 8’s while trolling. The stripers seem to be slowly funneling into our area. I’m hoping this wind will blow them into the bay where there are still a lot of bait fish for them to snack on and keep them busy for a while. We have all your striper gear needs here at the shop, stop in and grab your gear before you take to the water.

The Tog fishing is very slow. Some big ones are still being caught in deep waters, but the local structure and reefs are still only showing shorts. Don't get me wrong, you will catch plenty of fish, but its a lot of shorts to pick through to get that keeper. We have plenty of tog baits available. Green crabs, box crabs and when we can get them, fresh live sand fleas.

Well, until next week, tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Nov 21, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/21/2018 9:38:02 AM

This past week there have been several good days to fish. The local charter boats and head boats have been heading to deeper waters to get their limits on black sea bass. The sea bass seem to be plentiful with boat limits being caught on each trip. The tautog however, have been scarce, but if the captains were willing to put the time in some very nice tog have been being caught in the deeper water as well.

I’m pleased to see that some keeper stripers to 32 1/2” have finally showed up off the surf at Cape Henlopen state park. The point has given up a couple nice stripers. i hope this is a sign that the big fish in quantities will start making an appearance off our coast. It has been a while since we have had a good striper run in this area. Reports from Sea Isle NJ, Ocean City NJ, and Cape May NJ are spotty but the fish being caught are the big fish every angler dreams about, I am still hoping and praying that we get that blitz, and they stay around for more than the standard 1 week run.

We have eels, fresh bunker and clams. Stop by and grab your bait and tackle before you head out to catch your big keeper stripers. This weekend we have a great sale going on in the store starting on Black Friday. Stop in and grab some great deals on selected apparel, tackle, Rod/reel combos. This would be a great time to grab some early Xmas gifts for the special anglers in your life. Until next week, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY FROM ALL OF US AT LHM.

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Nov 14, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/14/2018 11:12:16 AM

So far Mother Nature is not being nice too any boats or anglers trying to get out to feed their fishing addiction. Some of the boats that were able to get out the past few days did well catching their limit of sea bass with some very nice Tautog. When the weather allows anglers to get out to the wrecks and reef sites it can be a very productive day, its just being able to get there that is the problem. We have had several citation tog come in to the shop along with a couple citation sea bass.

I have seen a couple reports from South Jersey that some big stripers have been caught. The bay has been showing good signs with birds working on bait fish in a couple areas up in the bay. Maybe some stripers slipped by, that would not surprise me, with all the bait fish that are still holding up. Its just this unfortunate bad streak of weather that is preventing anglers from getting out to put some good time into hunting down some of the big linesiders.

I am and forever will be an optimist, I have to believe that this very well could be a turn around year for us as far as the striper fishing. All signs that are being seen right now would tell us that the stripers are coming to us this year. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers and wish upon a star. It would be a great boom for our industry not to mention the anglers who only fish a couple times a year.

Until next week, nightlines everyone. Tommy Serbin.

Nov 7, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/7/2018 11:17:00 AM

The boats and anglers that were lucky enough to get a day out on the water yesterday, had a very good day catching sea bass and tog. Some of the local charter boats got their boat limit of tog, which this season was a feat in itself. This weather has really put a crimp in everyones fishing for tog, sea bass, flounder and every other species that is targeted in our waters.

I am hearing some far off rumors that a small group of stripers has been spotted off the coast of Atlantic City, NJ. And I have heard that fish up to 45” have been being caught off Ocean City, NJ. Hopefully that small group makes a pit stop off our coast to take a little break before continuing south to their winter home. There is still enough bait fish to keep them here for a little bit. Also the bait fish up in the Delaware bay should get their attention and get them to make a right turn to the bay.

If the weather gives up, and we can get out to get some fishing in before winter really sets in, the sea bass and tog fishing should be off the hook, only because the fisheries have not been overly fished thanks to other nature. Keep your fingers crossed and let’s hope we have a great end to the fall fishing season. Congratulations to the winners of our Tautog Tournament this year, !st Place- Joe McNeil, 2nd Place- Chris Ragni Jr, 3rd Place- Joe McNeil.

Our Annual Striper Tournament is scheduled to begin on Friday, Nov 23rd and run until Dec 23rd. Stop by and register today. Same as tog tourney, $5 a day, $30 for the month. You must be paid and registered in order to win.

Until next week, Tightlines Everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Oct 23, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/23/2018 11:00:48 AM

Brrrr, well looks like we are going to jump right into cold weather and skip fall all together. The boats that are getting out these days are doing well on sea bass and catching some migrating flounder. The sea bass action is very productive when the weather and wind permit boats to get to the deeper wrecks and reef sites. Del-Jersey, site 11, and wrecks in 100-120ft of water are being most productive. Clam, squid and even sand fleas seem to be the baits of choice right now.

Over the last week or so, some of the local charter boats and head boats have been heading to the deeper waters in search of Tautog, but the fish haven't begun to show up in numbers yet, possibly due to the water temps still being very warm. Some keeper tog have been caught but mostly anglers have been weeding through the shorts to get a keeper. Hopefully now that we have had some very cold nights, the fish will begin to come out and start to fill their bellies.

The outer wall has had a lot of anglers start to fish for the tog there, but the reports haven't been good as far keepers to shorts. Anglers are reporting catches of 30-40 tog with maybe 1 keeper out of the lot. This cold weather should jump start the bigger fish into eating.

The pier out at Cape Henlopen state park is still giving up some snapper blues, and the occasional keeper flounder. The spot seems to have disappeared, but some triggers and sheepshead have been caught around the pilings on sand fleas, and Asian box crabs. The small stripers are still keeping it fun at the pier as well. I am still very optimistic that this could be the turn-around year for a very productive striper season. The bait fish are still loaded up all over the area. This is one key component to the big linesiders taking that left-hand turn to the bay or even off the beaches here in Delaware. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will have a great striper season this year.

Until next week, stay warm and tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Oct 15, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/16/2018 8:03:00 AM

This past week the weather gave anglers a couple days to get out and get some fishing in at the wreck and reef sites. The flounder are still being picked over here and there but they seem to be making their way to deeper water. The sea bass action is still very good, and boats are having great days getting their boat limits. Some Tautog are now being caught on the wrecks and reef sites, but very few keepers. Reports from the captains are that there are a lot of shorts, but the keepers being caught are of good keeper size. As the water gets cooler the bites will get better.

The surf action is getting a little better with some snapper blue fish hanging around the point at Cape Henlopen state park. The pier fishing is still producing some spot, snapper blues and even the occasional keeper flounder. Some anglers have caught small stripers on blood worms or fresh mullet chunks. This weather change cooling the water down should bring the bigger blue fish and hopefully the big stripers.

We have had a leader board change for our Annual Tautog tournament, Joe Mcneal has taken the #1 spot as of yesterday with a very nice 4.95 lb. tog that he caught aboard the Katydid. That drops Fred Robinson to the #2 spot with his 4.87 lb. tog, and Daryl Mergonthaller brings up the #3 spot with his 4.47 lb. tog also caught aboard the Katydid. Anglers, remember or tog tournament is going on right now. Stop by and get in the tournament, you can pay by the day or pay for the month. The cost is $5 per day per angler, or $30 per angler for the rest of the month.

Tightlines Everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Oct 5, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/5/2018 9:47:37 AM

The temperatures have cooled down a bit, and the fishing seems to be getting better with each day. The Delaware bay is showing some small signs of life with catches of citation sheepshead, triggers and black drum being caught on sand fleas and clam. Small bluefish are still plentiful in the bay as well. Some keeper sea trout have been caught up in the bay as well.

The surf fishing is beginning to get a little better with snapper blues, kingfish, some pompano and some decent size stripers. The mullet are still hanging out and keeping the fish biting. Hopefully, this cool spell will cool the waters enough togged the menhaden migration moving and then the big stripers to follow. And with some extra luck we can get the big bluefish to come in as well. We are very optimistic about the fall fishing season this year.

Boats traveling out to do some inshore runs have had very good luck finding the black sea bass, flounder and even mahi-mahi still, even after the storm. The sea bass and flounder fishing seems to be steady and on the rise. We have seen some very nice founder and sea bass brought to the table from the local chartered head boats.

Tautog season is open, and has been since July 1st of this year.Though the waters were and still are a little warm to catch the big ones, I’m sure if you put the time in, you could catch some keeper tog. LHM sponsors a Tautog tournament annually, it is now going on. The fees are, $5 per day per angler, or $30 for the entire month. All fees are cash only, and you can register every day at the shop.

We have fresh mullet and sand fleas being delivered fresh every morning. We also have green crabs, asian box crabs, and fresh clams. Not to mention a full line of bait for whatever fishing you are planning on doing. Stop in and see us for all your fishing and boating needs. Stay tuned for info on LHM’s annual striper tournament coming in November.

Until next week everyone, Tightlines, Tommy Serbin.

Sept 24, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/24/2018 9:44:11 AM

It's been a while since anyone has been able to get a good day of fishing in, but some of the local charter and head boats have been out in the last couple of days. Although the conditions have not been the greatest they came back to the dock with decent catches of trigger fish, flounder, sea bass, and sheepshead. If you venture up into the Delaware bay and find some good structure on the bottom you will find some trigger fish and sheepshead. Anglers have also pulled up some nice puppy black drum along with some kingfish and even a weakfish or two.

The surf action is starting to pick up a little bit with snapper blues, seal stripers and even some rumors of pompano being pulled out of the suds. I have spoken to a few surf anglers that frequent the point at Cape Henlopen and they are reporting that the bluefish are there and ion good numbers. Hopefully, the fall will produce some striper action and some bog bluefish. There are still a lot of baitfish in the area. This is a good sign of things to come, we hope they hang around and get the big fish to come and snack for a while this fall.

We are still open 7 days a week, so stop by and get all your bait and tackle needs before you take to the water to catch the fish of a lifetime. We have fresh bait in stock and are always getting fresh bait every couple of days. And don't forget that we have an extensive selection of terminal tackle, rods and reels. Also, we have cold drinks, snacks, ice and bug spray or sun tan lotion. If you forgot your rain gear or your sweatshirt when you left the house, no worries we have plenty in stock for you to choose from, stop by and see us.

Tightines everyone, Tommy Serbin

Aug 28, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/28/2018 12:00:00 AM

Any angler knows right now that the fishing is slow, but if you are willing to put the time in and possibly cover a lot of ocean or bay, you will find fish. The water temperature is not doing us any favors at all. These next couple of days aside, I am hoping that the waters cool down some so the bite will turn back on.

The inshore bite is starting to get good with Mahi-mahi coming in very close in large numbers. There are rumors that some have been spotted and caught at site 11. I'm hearing reports that the dolphin are all over the place from the lightship to the lobster balls, and like i just said even reports from site 11. The flounder have been hiding on some deep-water structure and we have seen some big ones coming in the last couple of days. They aren't being caught in great numbers but being caught just the same. The sea bass action seems to be picking up for the boats willing to go deep. Some really big sea bass have been scooped up by the local charter boats and local head boats as well.

The offshore reports are mainly coming in about white and blue marlin. They are plentiful and seem to be just about everywhere. Some anglers are going after wahoo right now as well, I haven't seen any hit our dock yet but I'm pretty sure it’s just a matter of time before the heavy hitters start hooking up on the toothy critters. Some yellowfin tuna have still been mixed in, but not like it was a couple of weeks ago. Seems that the tuna have headed north in search of cooler waters to feed.

The Delaware Bay is still producing some croakers, kingfish and now snapper blues. Some flounder have been pulled off the reef sites but not like in years past, but there aren't many places producing fish like the old days be it ocean waters or up in the bay. But then again if it was called catching everyone would be doing it. Take your time, cover as much ground as possible, be patient, and it will more than likely payoff for you. Well till next Monday, stay cool, enjoy what’s left of the summer and Tightlines, Tommy Serbin.

Aug 20, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/20/2018 12:00:00 AM

The fishing has been slow. I don't know if it is the heat that is causing the bite to slow up or the weather, either way it has not been on fire. There are fish to be caught, but they are mostly out on the wrecks and sites in the ocean. Finding the flounder bite has proved to be an undertaking in itself. The flounder are there, its’ just not a steady bite from day to day, as a lot of anglers have found out in the last week or so.

The Paradise Grill Flounder Pounder open was held last week and the anglers that were fishing that tournament were definitely tested by the fish gods in order to catch up some scale worthy fish. Again, it went very slow for a lot of the boats, not many big fish were hungry at all. Hopefully within the next coming days and weeks, we will get some cooler weather and rain free days so all the fishing can return to normal.

The Charter boats and local head boats heading up the Delaware Bay are having good luck with small croakers, some small snapper blues and the occasional flounder. Some anglers have been lucky enough to bag a few keeper sea trout. Every now and then a trigger fish shows up on one of the reef sites. The bait fish are still hanging around which would mean we should have a decent fall fishing season for stripers, keep your fingers crossed.

The offshore tuna bite has fizzled out, but the white marlin have certainly been showing up in good numbers. Some mahi-mahi are still giving up a good fight and are still around to be caught. Some yellowfins have also been mixed in from time to time. Most of the tuna are headed north in search of cooler waters to feed in, hopefully in the early fall they will come back and hang out for a decent fall offshore season.

We have an “end of the season” sale on apparel, and some selected rod & reel combinations for those of you looking for a great deal. Stop by and check out our selection of T-shirts, Oofos, shimano shoes and extra tuff deck boots. We carry an extensive line of terminal tackle, offshore lures, rods and reels. Some of the major brands we have in stock are Penn, Shimano, Diawa, Seigler reels, and a large selection of offshore rod & reel combos ready to go…

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin…

Aug 9, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/9/2018 12:00:00 AM

The wind should not be a factor this week….by all reports that I have seen it should be a good fishing week both inshore and offshore. This is what we have all been waiting for, a week without wind. The White Marlin Open kicked off today, hopefully we will have a waiting line at the scales this afternoon. There have been a good amount of good sized White marlin caught and released over the last 2 weeks. Good luck to all the boats and anglers in the tournament.

The flounder bite is starting to get better, and with the weather this week it should get better. Sites 10,11 and the old grounds have started to show better signs of life as far as the flounder fishing goes. The Delaware bay has turned up some fatties on the reef sites, but still not red hot. The kingfish, small bluefish, and sea trout along with some big sea robins being caught as well.

Catch and release shark fishing is still doing very well in the area, the sand tigers, duskies, and brown sharks will put up one heck of a fight. Most of our local charters do offer half/full day catch and release shark trips for the whole family.

Slot stripers in the canal are still biting everyday. We are seeing our share of keepers coming in everyday. They are being caught at Roosevelt inlet and in the Broadkill river as well as the canal by the drawbridge. Eels and bloodworms are working as well as soft swim baits.

Stop by and check out our selection of fishing tackle, rods, reels and an extensive selection of bait including offshore baits, inshore baits and bait for the back bay fishing. We also have a great apparel line up as well, from Salt Life, David Dunleavy, Huk, Guy Harvey and our own line of LHM T-shirts. We also carry Grundens foul weather gear. We are prepared to help you with all of your boating and fishing needs, stop by and see us.

The offshore bite is still doing well on the inshore lumps, chunking seems to be the working method now. We have butterfish, sardines and ballyhoo to round out your needs for offshore bait. We also carry all the terminal tackle and leader that you might need for your offshore trip.

Have a great week fishing everyone, Tightlines until next Monday. Tommy Serbin.


Aug 2, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/2/2018 12:00:00 AM

The fishing has been good, and by good I mean slow but steady. The flounder bite has picked up a little on the inshore wrecks and we are hearing the old grounds are producing some nice size flounder. The weather once again is not working in anglers favor. If you are lucky enough to be going on one of the good days, it usually works out well.

The Lewes-Rehoboth canal is still showing signs of life with flounder, spot, croaker and slot stripers. The slot stripers are still around, but as the water warms up, normally they get harder to catch. The anglers chasing the stripers are still having good luck. They are using eels, bloodworms and some soft plastics. Good size spot and croakers are being caught in the canal as well. The fish bites bloodworm flavor seems to be working well along with the normal fresh bloodworms. The flounder bite is still there, some big flounder have been caught on flashy top and bottom rigs, tipped with gulp, strip baits and/or minnows.

The offshore bite continues to be surprisingly good even with the weather bing not so good. The trolling bite seems to be slow but steady. Boats are chunking as well and have had good catches on the chunk bite. The 12 fathom lumps, and outside massey’s are still holding some big bluefin, yellowfin tuna plus white marlin. The dolphin action is still good around the lobster balls as well as at “DB” buoy. We are hearing the white marlin have good size to them, which will make for an interesting White Marlin Open if the fish decide to hang around.

Crabbing seems to be getting hotter in Rehoboth bay, all of the usual areas like love creek, mulberry knoll, and right in front of the country club. Crabs are heavy and clean. As the summer goes on and the temps go up, the crabbing should get better. Crabbers are not having any problems getting a full bushel in no time at all. Crabbing is the best way to spend the day with the family and have some fun. We have all your crabbing gear needs at the shop, stop in and take a look. We have Maryland style pots in half and full sizes. We also carry topless traps and metal and cloth hoop style nets. We also carry chicken necks and bunker. For the serious crabbers we also have full flats of bunker for sale. Please remember to take a kid fishing….

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

July 24, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/24/2018 12:00:00 AM

Once again mother nature decides to test our patience with wind and rain. The next couple of days do not look to be favorable. Hopefully anglers can sneak in a few hours of fishing in between the gusts of wind and the pop-up showers. The canal is still producing good numbers of flounder, although you will need to still deal with shorts in order to catch a good one. Some croaker have started to show up in the canal. We are hearing some of them have been up to 10”. The slot stripers are still around, remember the slot size is 20” to 25” in order to keep them. The soft plastics as well as good ole fashioned eels seem to be doing the trick.

At the outer wall and the ice breakers there are trigger fish and sheepshead waiting for the brave anglers to hook up and catch em up….. there are some croaker and sea trout as well.

The catch and release shark fishing is still going very well in the Delaware bay as well as by the walls and ice breakers.

The offshore bite was good before the blow. Bluefin, yellowfin tuna as well as dolphin have been caught at the inshore lumps. Massey’s, the hotdog, and the hambone have turned up decent catches when the fish were chomping. We are also getting reports that B-buoy has seen some flounder being caught there as well as dolphin. The old grounds have been producing some nice flounder catches when the weather permits boats to get out there.

Stop by and see us at the shop and check out our amazing selection of rods, reels, tackle, and clothing. We also carry cold drinks, ice, sun tan lotion, and a variety of gifts for men, women and children.

Tight lines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

July 18, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/18/2018 12:00:00 AM

The fishing has slowed up a bit, for whatever reason, be it moon phases, storms off coast out at sea, water getting too warm. We cannot predict what mother nature is going to throw at us, we can only prepare for what we think is going to happen. The bay is showing small signs of life with croaker, small blues, and some keeper sea trout. The Cape Henlopen Pier is producing some bigger croaker, some keeper flounder and even some spot.

The flounder are still being picked at in the Lewes canal with flashy chartreuse rigs with gulp and strip bait or minnows. Some keeper slot stripers are still being caught with eels and soft plastics with jig heads as well. Some bigger croakers have also been caught off the local docks.

Shark fishing in the Delaware bay is still happening, the local charter boats that are targeting the big sharks are reporting decent numbers and catching some big sharks. If you want to go shark fishing come down to the dock and line up a trip with one of our local charter boats. This is catch and release on the sharks, none of the sharks are being harvested.

The inshore bottom fishing is to say the least, slow going. The flounder are slowly making their way to all of the usual spots but it’s not as hot as it usually is at this time of year. Boats are having to make long runs and hitting a lot of spots to get some fish on board. But, that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Trigger fish and sheepshead can be caught at the outer and inner walls with sand fleas and clam.

The offshore bite is going well with some tuna and dolphin being caught. The marlin action is picking up, both white and blue marlin. Tuna are also being caught chunking on the inshore lumps. Some boats have also had good luck trying in the deep for tile fish, golden, grays and blue line have been caught by those lucky anglers.

On these hot days stop by and grab some cold drinks and ice, suntan lotion and some snacks for your adventure on the water.

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July 10, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM

The fishing around the peninsula is slow but steady. Flounder are still keeping anglers busy in the lewes canal, some big fish are being caught but anglers are having to weed through shorts for a keeper. Good news is the keepers are of better than average size in upwards of 22”-23”.The slot stripers are also keeping anglers busy in the canal as well as the creeks and ditches in the backwaters.The baits haven't changed for the flounder, flashy top and bottom rigs tipped with gulp and long strip baits.

The delaware bay is still producing some croaker, kingfish, and small snapper blues. Anglers have also got lucky with some keeper sea trout. The sharks are still being caught with mackerel, bunker, and bunker chum. We have shark rigs already tied up and ready to go.

The offshore bite has slowed up a bit, but the boats are still coming across some yellowfin and big eye tuna. Mahi-Mahi are still pretty much all over the place. Anglers that have been trying their luck with tile fish have been reeling some big tile fish from deep water, along with some ling cod and rose fish. We still haven't heard anything about a hot chunk bite, but that doesn't mean anglers aren't getting any bites one the chunk.

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Tight lines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

July 3, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/3/2018 12:00:00 AM

One thing is for sure, we went straight from winter directly to the dog days of summer. The beach weather is awesome, but no wind on the water can make for a long trip. The fish have been testing everyone’s patience, but the anglers have not given in to the stealthy, wise, and often elusive fish. Flounder are still being caught in the canal here in Lewes. Today alone I have already seen 8-10 good size keepers come to our table. The baits have not changed, chartreuse, glow, and pearl white gulp are still doing their job. Along with squid, minnows, and strip baits. Do yourself a favor and don't pass up the canal while you are out fishing.

The striper slot opened yesterday, it runs from July 1st to Aug 31st 2018. The slot size of 20”-25” to keep them. The draw bridge area on the canal has turned up some good-sized fish, we have live eels and tomorrow the bloodworms will be here. Stop by and grab some fresh bait and some cool rinks and snacks on your way to catch up some of those linesiders.

The offshore bite is still going good from the tea cup, to the poor mans and up to the Baltimore canyons. The yellowfins, mahi, and some scattered blue fins are keeping the deep water anglers on a constant vigil. Trolling seems to be working, I know that some anglers are also taking baits along in case the chunk bite starts up. We haven't heard of any boats that are strictly chunking, but I'm sure it will be any day now. We have all of your offshore bait needs. Butterfish, sardines, chum, Ballyhoos, mullet, squids just about anything you may need.

Remember in this heat, drink plenty of fluids, stay out of the sun as much as possible and remember ton apply, then re-apply sun screen several times a day. We have sunscreen and ice, cold drinks and snacks. We also have UV protectant shirts and hats. Everyone, have a safe and glorious 4th of July.

The local charter boats are having success up in the bay with trips going after sharks. We have info on all the local charter boats at our shop stop in and grab some brochures. Most of the local boats are located in slips along the dock in front of the shop. They are also coming across some sea trout, puffer fish, king fish and the occasional flounder. All the charter boats have an add-board in front of their slips with all the info for you to book your next fishing adventure.

Have a great week, Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

June 26, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/26/2018 12:00:00 AM

The fishing has started to pick up a little bit, the weather has been nice for beach goers but not ideal for anglers. The Delaware bay has been giving up some bigger kingfish, and some keeper sea trout. The numbers aren't off the charts but are steadily picking up. Some flounder have also been caught on the reef sites as well.

The canal has been good for anglers chasing flounder. I have seen the size getting bigger as summer starts to warm up. Anglers are fishing from Roosevelt Inlet down to the bridges and beyond. The baits and rigs that seem to be working are top-bottom rigs tipped with gulp and some minnows or long pieces of strip bait like mackerel fillets, bunker fillets or a nice long piece of squid. The colors are the standard glow, chartreuse, or pearl. Try to incorporate something with some flash to get the flounders attention. Keep the rig moving, and you will have more luck in landing the keepers.

The shark action out in the bay can absolutely be a fun day for everyone, lots of anglers are having a lot of fun catching and releasing the big sharks. We have all your sharking needs as far as bait, pre-made shark rigs, floats and balloons.

Have a safe and awesome 4th of July. Stop by and see us.

Thanks Everyone and Tightlines, Tommy Serbin

June 18, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/18/2018 12:00:00 AM

Well, it’s that time of year again. School is out, graduations have come and gone, it’s now time to get out on the water and get some quality fishing time on the water. The fishing is starting to get better as the days go on, we hope it continues to progress in the coming weeks.

The Delaware bay is starting to show signs of life on the reef sites. Some anglers have been able to catch some king fish, and the flounder have been starting to show up as well. And as always the dogfish, skates and occasional sea robin. The canal has been giving up some nice size flounder up to 23” up and down the dock. Up by Roosevelt Inlet the fishing has been steady and at times, anglers have been catching a mix bag of flounder, smaller stripers, and even a bluefish or two. The baits that have been working in these areas has mostly been Gulp, squid, minnows. The colors of Gulp that seem to be working well are the usual suspects, Glow, Chartreuse, and even pink. With the flounder, your approach has to be the same if you were playing with a cat and a piece of string. When your pulling the string across the floor, the cat will follow and pull at the string. When you stop the cat loses interest, flounder act in the same manner. Flashy is always the best route to take, flashy movement will hold the fish’s attention.

The surf has been turning up some king fish, small stripers, and flounder. The Cape Henlopen Pier has been producing some spot, and croaker as well as keeper size flounder.

As far as the offshore bite goes, the tuna have been keeping the anglers moving around from lumpy bottoms all the way to the Baltimore canyon. Some Mahi-Mahi have been caught as well, big eye, yellowfin, and bluefins are putting the anglers skills to the test. Thresher sharks have been spotted in a few spots feeding on top of the water, and the mako action seems to be steady but slow.

We have all of your offshore baits in stock, as well as a full line of offshore rigs, reels, and rods. We have a large selection of baits for whatever fishing you may be doing. Stop by and see us and grab your ice, snacks and drinks for your day out on the water. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer.

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

May 30, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/30/2018 12:00:00 AM

The Black drum have been keeping all the anglers attention, especially the die hard anglers who can’t wait to get their lines wet. The local private charter and head boats have been doing very well on the evening bite. The fresh clams seem to be doing the trick, although sand fleas have been working as well. Getting good reports from the coral beds off Broad kill Beach, as well as coming from the Jersey side. We have had some monsters weighed in at the shop on a nightly basis. Our superstar fish cleaner Tony “ bag o bait” Filliponi has been cleaning 30-35 black drum a night. His arms are like rubber bands, lol. Keep up the good work Tony……………

At the Cape Henlopen pier, steady reports of keeper flounder have been coming in on a regular basis. The big blues have been spotty, mostly late afternoon to evening. Quite a few bigger stripers have also been landed on or around the pier. The fishing has been very steady out there, you may want to give it a shot. Don't forget to stop in and get some fresh bunker, finger mullet, and all your rigs at our shop. We even have rod and reel combos for those of you who sometimes are so excited to go fishing they leave their gear sitting on the porch.

Our shop is fully stocked with all your fishing and boating needs. Stop by and give us a look you will be surprised at the inventory we carry.

Tighlines everyone, Tommy Serbin

May 21, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/21/2018 12:00:00 AM

The weather didn't stop the hardcore anglers from fishing our annual canal flounder tournament last Friday. The rain was hard at times, the wind was not friendly, but the flounder didn't run and hide. We weighed in 30-35 flounder, the heaviest coming in at 3.91lbs.


  1. Steve Friend was the winning angler this year, congratulations Steve!
  2. Jeff Semans took 2nd with 3.77lbs
  3. Keith Stevenson took 3rd with 3.03lbs
  4. Chris Smith took 4th with 2.81lbs
  5. Jesse Steele took 5th with 2.66 lbs
  6. Jackson Ostroski took 6th with 2.40lbs
  7. Matt Mitchell rounded out in 7th with 2.27lbs

Great job and congratulations from everyone here at Lewes Harbour Marina. Thanks to all who donated to such a worthy cause, mark the tournament down on your calendar for next year.

The black drum fishing has started to pick up, all the charter and head boats have been putting anglers on the big fish for the last week or so, the bay is producing some giant black drum. Sea bass is also in full swing, we have seen boat limits from the boats that are heading to the bass grounds when the weather permits. This week looks like we will get a break from the rain and hopefully the boats will get a lot of trips in for the sea bass.

The surf is turning up catches of puppy drum, stripers and blue fish. The fishing at the Cape Henlopen Pier has started to pick up. Anglers are even getting keeper flounder out there along with the toothy yellow eyed devils ( bluefish).

Dont forget to stop in at Lewes Harbour Marina to get your fresh bunker, minnows and surf clams. We have all new rods and reels from Diawa, Shimano, Penn, and Siegler. We also have all the rigs, weights, hooks and line you need. We have combos for the surf, boat, and jettys, from top of the line all the way to inexpensive for the angler who only gets out a couple times a year. Stop in and say hello to us, come check us out.

Tightlines Everyone, Tommy Serbin.

May 14, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/14/2018 12:00:00 AM

There are SOME stripers being caught locally, New Jersey waters are still turning up big fish. The bite still seems to be around Sea Isle and north. Fish have been caught off Cape May and some even further south off Rehoboth. Tautog are still being caught when the weather allows boats to leave the harbor. Maybe with this system moving up the coast it will spark a major bite to turn on, we shall see. Remember, we have all your striper lures available. Don't forget that special angler on your Xmas list this year. Stop in and check out our holiday specials as well as our Stocking Stuffer ideas for your special angler. We have a full assortment of MOJO lures, Manns Stretches, Run-Off Lures, and Addiction Baits. We still have plenty of live eels and live spot. For those that are still fishing for Tautog, we have Plenty of White Leggers, Green Crabs, and Asian Box crabs. Stop in and check us out. From all of us at LHM, Happy Holidays!

Tightlines Everyone, Tommy Serbin.

The Joe Morris Memorial Canal Flounder Tournament

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/11/2018 10:12:16 AM

Cash entry fee of $40 per angler is to be paid at the Lewes Harbour Marina Bait & Tackle shop before 7am on Friday May 18th, 2018. $20.00 of each entry fee will be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

This is a Flounder Tournament only. All state and federal regulations regarding fishing and boating apply.

Boundaries are from Rehoboth Bay Canal entrance to Roosevelt Inlet entrance, and Broadkill River to Oyster Rocks Road. Anglers must fish from a boat that is not moored to land.

Fishing time is from 7am. to 3 pm. Friday May 18th, 2018. All fish weighed must have been caught on hook and line by a registered contestant. Fish must be weighed at Lewes Harbour Marina’s scale any time after 7am, but no later than 4pm by Lewes Harbour Marina’s clock. It is recommended that contending fish be weighed soon after they are caught, preferably alive. In the event of a tie for weight, the fish weighed earliest takes the higher prize. A Lewes Harbour Marina official has the right to disqualify a fish if evidence suggests it was not caught during the tournament . Only live/fresh fish will be counted, no frozen, brined or otherwise will count . NO EXCEPTIONS…

Value of Prizes is determined by the number of entrants

  • 1stHeaviest flounder takes 40% of the cash pool
  • 2ndHeaviest flounder takes 25 % of the cash pool
  • 3rdHeaviest flounder takes 20% of the cash pool
  • 4thHeaviest flounder takes 15% of the cash pool
  • 5thHeaviest flounder takes combo donated by RICK’S BAIT AND TACKLE
  • 6thHeaviest flounder takes a $150.00 gift certificate donated by HENLOPEN BAIT AND TACKLE



FOR DONATIONS GO TO- http://support.pancan.org/goto/joemorris

May 11, 2018 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/11/2018 12:00:00 AM

Well, it’s that time of year again. When the winter blues disappear, and it's time to get the lines wet. Early this spring fishing was slow thanks to mother nature playing with our heads. We have seen a rise on the number of people fishing and we are starting to see more fish being caught. The fish have started to move in, and not just in the rivers and canals. We are seeing some blues from the surf as well as black drum, small stripers, and a fair amount of keeper flounder both from the surf and the Cape Henlopen fishing pier. The canal here in Lewes has been producing some keeper flounder as well. Hopefully, the weather cooperates with us and remains decent enough to get the fishing red hot. Some catches that have been brought to us at the shop in the last week have been, Paul Hazzard and Allison Luden, both with citation Blue catfish weighing in at 20.5 lbs, and 7.5 lbs. Mark Brown from Lewes caught a 7.66 citation worthy Tautog on the Katydid. Karl E. Hitchens landed a 2.78 lb, 15.5” Porgy on a recent trip aboard the Grizzly.

Just a reminder, don't forget to sign up for our annual canal flounder tournament which is going to be held on Friday, May 18th 2018. Fee is $40.00 per angler, $20.00 of the fee will be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Foundation. Tournament shirts are available at the shop now, the cost is $20.00. Get them while you can, a great new design this year.

Tightlines, Tommy Serbin

Dec12, 2017 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/12/2017 12:00:00 AM

There are SOME stripers being caught locally, New Jersey waters are still turning up big fish. The bite still seems to be around Sea Isle and north. Fish have been caught off Cape May and some even further south off Rehoboth. Tautog are still being caught when the weather allows boats to leave the harbor. Maybe with this system moving up the coast it will spark a major bite to turn on, we shall see. Remember, we have all your striper lures available. Don't forget that special angler on your Xmas list this year. Stop in and check out our holiday specials as well as our Stocking Stuffer ideas for your special angler. We have a full assortment of MOJO lures, Manns Stretches, Run-Off Lures, and Addiction Baits. We still have plenty of live eels and live spot. For those that are still fishing for Tautog, we have Plenty of White Leggers, Green Crabs, and Asian Box crabs. Stop in and check us out. From all of us at Lewes Harbour Marina, Happy Holidays!

Tightlines Everyone, Tommy Serbin.

Dec 5, 2017 Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/5/2017 12:00:00 AM

The tog bite is still very good, boats are pulling big citation worthy fish up from the structure. Good numbers of sea bass are still being caught as well, the sea bass season is doing well this year. Well, it seems the anglers willing to take the cruise up the coast are starting to produce nice catches of stripers. There were some nice size striped bass weighed in at the shop this weekend. It looks like we may start seeing bigger groups of the stripers show up in the next week or so, I have heard that the fish are starting to gather up a little bit closer to home. I would hope (and pray) lol, that this may be the week we see them more close to home. We have a full selection of MOJO rigs, ADDICTION BAITS, STRETCH 25’s & 30’S. We also have live eels, fresh clam in shell, and bunker. Stop by and see us.

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

November 30th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/30/2017 1:33:09 PM

The weather has changed in our favor, and charter boats and private boats have been pulling up big tog, and boat limits of sea bass. The number one question being asked of us here at the shop is….Are the stripers here?. Even though an angler or two have been lucky enough to get a few big ones close by, the big group we are waiting to arrive is still a little further north. Having said that, they are a lot closer than they were two weeks ago. But still far enough out of reach, lol. Hopefully with the temp drop coming next week we will start to use the term “ BLITZ”, lets all cross our fingers and appease the fish gods…We have all your striper gear from stretches, MOJO rigs, Sebile lures and top water plugs and poppers. We also have bunker, live spot, eels, and plenty of Tautog and sea bass bait. We have fresh chowder clams, salted pints, and 4 gal buckets of salted clam available. Stop in and sign up for the striper tournament, you never know when you are gonna catch that pool winner.

Tightlines everyone. Tommy Serbin

November 14th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/14/2017 10:38:46 AM

Even though the weather has not been very friendly the last two weeks anglers have found a way to stack up some decent catches when the wind and rain allowed. Boats that have made it out to deeper waters have had good days with sea bass with some nice big tautog to pick through. Resident stripers are still giving anglers a run for their money along the surf and in the local creeks and canals. It will still be a couple of more weeks until the migrating fish start to make their way south. As bad as this sounds, we need this cold nasty weather to help move the big stripers south. There has been a lot of bait fish swimming up in the bay this year so far, hopefully that will help the stripers make that hard left turn and hang out with anglers here in Delaware. Reports are confirming that the fish further north are slowly starting to move around and pop up in different areas. There is no rhyme or reason to where or when the fish decide to grab a snack, most anglers up north have blisters on their thumbs from checking Facebook, their local bait shop sites, and just good old info passing from angler to angler. Keep your fingers crossed that the fishing gods bless us with a great fall/winter fishing season.

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

November 4th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/6/2017 12:00:00 AM

The fishing continues to be steady as far as sea bass and tog are concerned. Anglers have been taking advantage of the resident stripers that are making their way out of the rivers and the backwaters. Quite a few decent size stripers have been landed the last week or two. I'm glad to see that the stripers are being caught, but if you are a striper addict you are holding your breath right now waiting to hear that they are blowing up at either Montauk, or even better LBI state park, which means that they are getting ready to hopefully head our way and park off the local waters so we can enjoy a great striper season like days of old. We would even welcome a nice run of big chomper blue fish. Anything to get us out of this lull of a fall fishing season that we are in at the present time. Keep the faith, it will happen.

Tog fishing has picked up a little, the sizes are getting better, but anglers are still having to weed through small fish to get a few keepers. Again, the water temps and the winds are directly playing a big part in the fishing this fall so far. Offshore sites are turning up great catches of sea bass with some flounder also being caught. If you can get there, go out and have a great day. Remember a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work. Come by and see our large selection of MOJOS, stretch 25's, stretch 30's, Bomber lures and all your trolling gear needs. We are also stocking SEBILE stick baits. Gulp has put out another new product called the " NEMESIS", in a 6" version. These are some of the baddest GULP baits I've ever seen. We are also ready to set you up with a new trolling combo, or a new "chunking" rod & reel. Stop in and check out our very large selection.

Tightlines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

October 30th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/30/2017 3:22:33 PM

We have to believe that with this cold front coming in that the fishing will start to pick up. I am a firm believer that the weather directly effects wether the fish bite or not, and further more the big fish start to become more aggressive when feeding. Now with that being said, the tog bite has gotten better over the last week or so, sea bass continues to be very good and we are starting to see some decent size stripers being caught in local waters. These are not migrating fish, but the resident stripers, the migrating fish are still further north making their way south. We hope too start seeing them show up in the coming weeks.

Their have been some large tog caught and we are still seeing black drum hit the table. The charter boats that are heading deep for sea bass are recording stellar catches, with some big tog mixed in, as well as large trigger fish. The surf is still producing small bluefish, some weakfish and some keeper stripers.

If you need to pick up some gear for the late fishing season stop by and see us, we have all your sea bass and striper gear ready to go. We have a full line of MOJO rigs, bottom fishing rigs and plenty of bait for all your needs.

Tight lines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

October 23rd Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM

Black sea bass season is open and anglers are off to a great start with boat limits. The sea bass have been plentiful on inshore structure as well as some good locations off shore. Some bluefish have been mixed in as well as a porgy or two. Tautog fishing is improving, but the water temperature is still playing a big factor in catching the big heavy ones. Hopefully with some help from Mother Nature the water temps will drop some more to help spark a big feeding frenzy on the larger Tautog. The surf continues to produce small bluefish, some king fish and surprisingly enough even some red drum and a few scattered keeper stripers. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that we have a great fall fishing season. LHM has live spot and eels, green crabs, sand fleas and Asian box crabs.

Tight lines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

October 16th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/16/2017 12:00:00 AM

This past weekend saw a lot of big sheepshead being caught by anglers all over the area. Seems that these ?sh have found their way from normal more Southern water homes to further north to our area. The trigger ?sh have still been plentiful enough to give anglers something to target along with the sheepshead. Tautog are still being caught and hopefully, this weather will drop the water temps enough to start pulling the big ones from their homes in the rubble. Shelia Stohler is still sitting in 1st place with her 6.82lb tog in our Annual Tautog tournament, James Rodek sits in 2nd with a 6.53lb tog, and Jason Destafney is in 3rd with his 5.42lb ?sh. The surf is still producing blues which seem to be getting bigger by the day. Reports are that they are getting to the 20 inch size. We hope some linesiders start showing up due to the weather blowing them south to us.

Tight lines everyone, Tommy Serbin.

October 11th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/11/2017 12:00:00 AM

Trigger fish and sheepshead are plentiful at the icebreakers and the walls out at safe harbor. The Tautog have started getting a little bigger and more and more anglers are starting to target the toothy critters. The water temp is still a little warm but hopefully over the next couple of weeks it will cool down and start producing larger tog. Small blues and some kingfish have been being plucked from the surf on clam and mullet. The flounder action has slowed up, but that is normal for this time of the year. We all would like to see the stripers show up this year, along with some big bluefish. That would make for a great fall season. Congratulations to TEAM LHM for a 1st place finish in the first session, and a 2nd place team finish overall in the MID-ATLANTIC Surf tournament. The charter boats here on the canal had a great weekend catching big sheepshead, some keeper tog, and even some sea trout.

May 11th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/11/2017 3:29:47 PM

Well the weather seems to be holding out so far, spring is usually a tricky time of year to plan on the " Big Run " whether it is blues, stripers or drum. So far we have had awesome catches of bluefish. The stripers have been spotty, and a couple more flounder have been caught in the canal. Reports that I have received on drum say that they are starting to show up further up the bay. I suspect we will start seeing more of them come across the cleaning table in the next week or two.The blue " blitz" out at the Cape Henlopen Pier seems to have slowed down a bit, big fish are still being caught with some small ones now mixed in the schools. The tautog season is coming to a close today, a last minute push was on, some anglers had good luck at the outer wall, and a few anglers headed out to ocean structure to get one or two more season ending tog. I'm hearing that the stripers are getting bigger at Indian River Inlet, with some anglers being broken off at the last minute. I hope we will see some more big Linesiders land on the cleaning table. Some notable catches recently:May 5th- Paul Harmon of Middletown caught 4 big blues on top water plugs, out at the Cape Pier.May 6th- Lori Cahill caught herself a 9.5lb bluefish out at Herring Point.May 8th- Brian Scott of Lewes and Ryan Whibley of Milton brought in a nice 13 lb blue caught on a mullet rig at Herring Point.May 10th- Jay Lightner, Jeff Eisenhour, and Charlie Breitenbach gave the outer wall a shot for some tautog and came up with 4 keepers. They caught the tog on a mix of green crab and shrimp. James and Julie Trickey caught four nice flounder in the canal yesterday. The largest was 4.5lb. They were using minnows and a 4" glow/white gulp swimming mullet. Remember our Annual Joe Morris Memorial Canal Flounder Tournament is next Friday May 19th. It is a fund raiser for pancreatic cancer action network. Stop by and register now. Tight lines and good fishing. Tom Serbin.

May 5th Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/5/2017 9:00:51 AM

As Mother nature has seen fit to smile upon us with some early beautiful weather, the fish gods have sent a quick shot of the “yellow eyed devils” to chomp on some lures, bunker and mullet many anglers have had an early wake up call. There are stripers, kingfish, blowfish as well as biter sharks showing up in the surf zone. The big blues have struck at Cape Henlopen Pier, Herring point, Lewes Beach all the way down to Indian River Inlet. Broadkill Beach and Slaughter Beach have turned up some decent sized Black Drum from the beach.

The boats haven't really been up to get them yet, but I suspect with the weather being what it is, that more boats will start chasing the Big Drum shortly. As the weather gets nicer, I've been told by some seasoned Captain’s that this year could also be the triumphant return of the Weakfish. Some have been reported up in the bay, but not in the great numbers as years past. Stripers have been showing up in the surf at Herring point, and the pier at Cape Henlopen. Hopefully this is a sign of good things coming our way.

The Lewes Canal has had some fishermen drifting for some Flounder, some have been caught but we haven't seen many of the large "Doormats” as of yet. Just a reminder, The Joe Morris Memorial Canal Flounder Tournament is on Friday May 19th. If you haven't already signed up, stop by and register at Lewes Harbour Marina. Entry fee is $40.00 per angler, $20.00 of the entry fee is being donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in Joe’s name. We will accept donations at LHM as well. We will have an awesome tournament Tee-shirt with Joe’s image performing the legendary “ Lewes Harbour stretch". All proceeds raised from the tee’s will also be donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

As we are gearing up the shop for the upcoming season, we have been full bore unpacking boxes, hanging tee shirts, and loading the shelves. I apologize for the lapse in time for the fishing report, I will be posting the weekly report by Wednesday afternoons every week. Some of the reportable catches are as follows: April 28th, Charlie Breitenbach, Mike Tippet and Jay Lightner brought 6 tautog back to our table from the outer wall using green crab, asian box crabs and shrimp.April 30th, The crew aboard the “ Katydid” brought back an awesome 30 tautog catch. May 1st, John Davis caught a beautiful 35”, 13.5 lb bluefish caught on cut mullet. The crew aboard the “ Salt Shaker”, Sheila Stohler, Robert Meyers, Jim Myers, and Linda Meyers caught 4 tautog at the outer wall. Also that day Ron Dimaulo caught himself a 12.2 lb, 31” bluefish.

That week as well, our own Julie Stevenson got bit by the fish bug. She hit the pier, beach, anywhere she could cast a line from and put on quite the blue fishing clinic. She caught several of the “ yellow eyed devils” , along with her Mom & Dad. WAY TO GO JULIE... Chris Vann, Jack Austin and Tony Filipponi have been grinding out the local beaches as well getting their share of the blues that have been feeding along our coastline.

Stop in and see us at the shop with your catches.......till next week, Tightlines everyone......Tom Serbin

Spring has sprung

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/24/2017 8:55:46 AM

Well, spring has sprung.....And the fishing is slowly getting off to a decent start. For the folks brave enough to venture to the ocean structure sites, the Tautog fishing is bringing decent but not stellar catches, that will change as the weather gets nicer. So far the “Katydid”, captained by Brent Weist, has jumped right into wreck fishing and produced nice catches of Tautog.

On April 10th, the Katydid turned up a nice catch of 30 tautog on ocean structure. Then on April 17th, the “ Monday Crew” turned up another 30 fish aboard the Katydid, and 2 citation Tautog recorded that day. Also doing their part, The Thelma Dale, The Grizzly, The Pirate king were also out catching some of the toothy footballs.And so it begins, on April 18th the bluefish started to show up. From Cape Henolpen to Re- hoboth, all the way down to Indian River Inlet. Gage Taylor, of Dover DE weighed in 3 of the “slammers”, at 11.9, 9.9, 9.7 lbs. Then the word got out that they started to feed on the beach. DSF’s own Rich King brought one in to be cleaned at our shop and it weighed in at around 6-7 lbs, caught on a silver 3oz spoon near Rehoboth beach.

From the beach/pier at Henlopen state park, Alex Neiss and Job Robertson, weighed in 2 blues at 15.8, and 12.1 re- spectively. Later this week Alex weighed in a citation 18.5 lb Bluefish. Three of our own local boys also had a great day of catching the blues at the state park beach/ pier as well. Tanner Virden, Jonah Robertson and Jackson Ostroski landed 8 off the beach, all 3 had great catches weighing 11.2 lbs to the biggest, and citation worthy fish coming to the scale at 15.8 lbs, caught by Jackson Ostroski. Altogether, the young men caught 8 big ones in a couple hours of pounding the surf. And last but not least, the short stripers are everywhere.

We are getting reports of catches of shorts into the 70’s in a sitting. From the ditches of the Broadkill River to Lewes/Rehoboth canal and again down to Indian River Inlet. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to catch some of the big girls that normally make pit stops along our beautiful coast line. Only time will tell...........Tightlines everyone, stay tuned for more reports as the season gets off to what seems to be the start of a good season of fishing.

by Tom Serbin

Tog for Thanksgiving...and Christmas Too?

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/18/2016 12:00:00 AM

Hard to believe that it's already Christmas week. In some ways it's been a disappointing fall fishing season. Striped bass action has been anticlimactic to say the least with the vast majority of fish passing by our shores outside of the three-mile limit, thus making the linesiders off limits to local anglers. Sea bass fishing has been very good albeit quite the hike out to the grounds and, now, the season will be slammed shut at the end of the year. Tog fishing in Delaware Bay has been discouraging to say the least, continuing along with the trend that something is wrong up in the big bay.

Happily, tog action in the ocean has been trucking along for some anglers. The Katydid put thirty tog on the deck on Thanksgiving Day, and followed up with 18 the next. November 28th saw the first day of rifle deer season in PA, and the Katydid celebrated the unofficial holiday by decking a bunch of hog tog. Some of the fish that were landed and their weights were Scot Anderson 9.6, Tommy Isaacs 9.6, Trey Isaacs 11.1, Matthew Thompson 9.4, Jeremy Frog Lynch 10.9, Jeff Trench 9.3. Those are some pretty fish!\

The new month of December saw much of the same, with the Katydid boating 50 legal tog on December fourth. Ten of the fish were citations with Roger Aeo landing the pool winner at 11.08, while Daniel Kawaguchi added a 10.04 pounder and, not to be outdone, Mike Mailman added another at 9.76.

Capt. Carey Evans had a good trip last week with Grizzly charters slamming some big tog. Rik Bednash boated a beast at 11.5 pounds, Robert Pleasanton had a t10.25 pounder, Tommy Sair a 9.75 pounder and five other fish weighted over seven pounds on the same trip.

If there is any local action to be had the Local Girl with Capt. Mike Newsham is sure to be on the meat. Capt. Mike boated a pretty 6.91 tog, while Jackson Ostroski added one at 6.11 pounds, along with anglers Mark Ostroski and Mason Newsham. Other private boats landings included Danny Hitchens Smyrna site 11on the Tied the Knot who landed a nice 10.1 tog 25 3/4x18"green crab. Ross Karsnitz boated a 9.5 pound citation tog using Jonah crabs, while John Dkacz Sr and John Dkacz Jr had a good trip to site 11 on their boat the Fishing Fool.

Capt. Rick Yakimowicz has also had some great tog action aboard the all-day head boat out of Fisherman's' Wharf. James Lee Columbia PA impressive boated an impressive 13.62 lb 28x21" tog with Capt. Ricky at site 11 the day after Thanksgiving. The savvy skipper has had multiple limit catches throughout the month when weather conditions permit. Last week the weather only allowed him to get away from the dock on two days, but the crew made the most of their chances. Mr. Choi was the hot stick again, with a limit catch scaling over forty pounds! Of course, that stringer was anchored by a whopper at 19.5 pounds!

As noted striped bass fishing has been pretty discouraging with the overwhelming majority of the fish passing well out past the three-mile limit. Still there have been some occasional fish that mess up and pass close enough by to be a legal catch for those folks obeying the law.

Brock Hilligoss, fishing with his dad, Mike, landed a pretty 28 pounder while making the long run up to north Jersey. At the end of November, Joe Choma landed both a 36.1 lb and 461/2 pound rock fishing mojo lures in Delaware Bay. Evan Falgowski also landed a 37.2 pound striper in the mouth of the bay. Michael Davis used a white 24x8 tandem to best a 37 pound linesider. Matt Mundok boated a 32.5 pound December striper, with Matt Basie using bomber wind cheaters off Indian River. Lee Abel dragged mojo and stretch 25 lures to land a pair at 23 lb and 22.5 lb rock. JP Turansky, Billy Low, Jay Huss and Brad Pecoraro teamed to land his 36.5 rock trolled 24x12 tandem mojo off Rehoboth. Maggie Lingo her first rock of the season. Ray Ajalli, Cy Brinn 2-37" 2 -35" all in 30lb category on the boat Miss Helen Page pulling a white mojo with chartreuse swim shad in front of Henlopen Hotel. Dave Lynam also landed a 37.5 striper, while Joe Choma bested a beast boating a 45 lb striper. While there are some pretty fish here, there is no doubt that for the sheer amount of boats and anglers looking for them, it's a small showing.

Sea bass fishing has been very good for long range boats. The Katydid had a super catch with over 180 sea bass. Capt. HD Parsons has been limiting out and coming in early on each of his long range headboat trips out of Fisherman's Wharf. These are special trips and reservations are required. The plan is to run a few more up to the season closes at the end of the month.

Here's hoping that you have a safe and happy holiday season! Hang in there, drum season is right around the corner!

Togtober, er, Togvember

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/3/2016 12:00:00 AM

Hey welcome back! We've had a few technical difficulties but now we are back up and running! And, as if on cue, the wind finally stopped blowing....well at least enough to get out fishing a few days. We have had front after front roll through with high winds which have not only kept boats tide to the dock and surf anglers safely inside, but also roiled the waters. The murky water has certainly made for some tough fishing

Happily, however, hardy anglers have been able to get out recently with some fine Indian summer weather. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz aboard the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf in Lewes reports that things have been picking up

"We have seen good fishing on each of our recent trips," the veteran skipper stated. "There have been lots of limits and several quality and citation sized fish over 7 lbs. We still are seeing the occasional trigger or sheep's head and there has been a crazy amount of puppy sized Black drum around. It's been some really good fishing." Tog can be found along the rock piles that line the Harbor of Refuge, and on pretty days they are lined with small boats trying to get in on the tog bite. The fishing here is not for the inexperienced and requires both experience and sangfroid to pull off. If you've never fished the wall it's highly advised that you go with someone who has (safely) before trying it alone. Fishing the wrecks and reefs also requires some experience. Fortunately there are lots of folks that would love to take you fishing!

One such noted captain is Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirsten, who took Jane Martin and Karl Ledford of Lancaster County out to the wall for a pair of 5.68 and 6.15 tog. The Wall also yielded nice 6.57 pounder for John Shoemaker on the Angry Angle, a 5.85 pounder for Jayvon Laguerre, a pair of nice 5.85 and 7.05 pound tog for Charlie Breithenback, a fine 8.39 pound and six pound even tog for Larry Hughes, a 21" inch dandy tog for Sheila Stohler, as well as a 4.51 pounder for nine year old Aaron Bell, and a 6.5 pounder for Greg Curley. Bay structure accounted for a boat limit for Patrick Krajewski and Ethan Malone.

Crab is by far the best bait going to boat some tog. Green or Asian box crabs are favorites, along with the staple sand fleas. This is not a sport for light tackle, as it takes some heavy gear to extract the tog from their hiding places.Bay tributaries are choked with slot stripers now that the season is closed! A few nice ones have been taken in the bay, with good old Gene nailing a legal fish last week. Some fish have also been coming from Indian River inlet though mostly at night. Interestingly, there have also been some small red drum in the mix as well. Speaking of drum, there have been some of the more familiar to our waters black drum around, and tog anglers have been finding some on ocean structure while togging. Jay and Morgan Way from Harrisburg, PA nailed a couple pair of drum with one just over twenty pounds, and one just under on sand fleas.

Bluefish have been showing in the inlet as well as some still making a showing in the surf. In other action sea bass fishing has been very good for the boats venturing out in search of these delicious fish. Capt. HD Parsons of Fisherman's Wharf has been running some ten hour trips and each of his recent outings has resulted in a full boat limit and an early return to dock. Those trips set sail on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Good to be back just in time for some fast fall fishing. Good luck to you all this weekend and let's hope the wind gives us a break!

Marking Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/15/2016 12:00:00 AM

September is normally one of the very best angling months of the calendar year. There are just so many choices of where to fish in a typical Indian summer-the beaches are normally starting to jump as the mullet work their way south, the flounder "stack up" once again before they scoot offshore, and the first of the tog season is right around the corner. It can also be a time of year when nights spent along the Continental shelf under skies ablaze with stars yields yellow fins and sharks galore and, if you are lucky, swords. But as Capt Pete used to say, "If you don't fish for them you ain't gonna' catch 'em." Things have been a little slower to get started after the tropical storm and we have sort of been in limbo for some of these fisheries to kick off, even though the NFL season has.

Anglers have continued to do well in the region of the ocean known as the "Old Grounds" near the shipping approaches to the Delaware Bay. Mixed bag catches of sea bass, flounder, snapper blues and a few scattered croakers were the norm. Many of the sea bass were "stoned" anglers report, spitting up small pebbles. Often fishermen saw this with the fish when big storms roll through as the fish try to "take on ballast" to keep from getting whacked around during the big waves. The normal combination of jigging bucktails laced with either a strip of Gulp! or a pennant of meat cut from a sea robin or smooth dog can turn the trip. Flounder ribbon is also particularly good as long as you have the requisite carcass from a legal flounder to match it. Capt. Carey Evans on the Lewes charterboat Grizzly reported a stellar catch on a recent trip with several fish decked in the five pound range. Local stalwart Bill Talbot also had a good trip on the same trip while I was cutting grass.

Just taking one for the team for you guys. The Katydid had some great trips on the flounder, scoring a good trip for Bill and Charlotte Hughes. On another trip they had a boat limit for flatties for Ernie Stone, Ron Mistietta, Rob Crossley, Chris Thawlie, Charlie Z, Chris Stippler, Brian Bartkus and Rob Wilson. The boat also had a big day on Thursday for a catch of 20 flounder and 32 sea bass. Evan Falgowski had a doomat fluke pulling the balance down to 7.82 pounds as he and his buddy fished in the ocean with bucktails laced with squid and shiners. Billy Talbot piloted the Lady Lou up into the murkier water of the bay with Jamie Switzer for a limit of flatties with two over six pounds. John Difillippo and Fran DiFillippo and with Capt.Mike Connolly landed a mixed bag of sea bass, flounder and blues on the Sea Note.

Tanya Dauett had a pretty 5.28 pound flattie on the Kelvin J with Capt. West. Surf fishing usually starts off this month and there have been a smattering of catches slipped from the suds. Prior to the Labor Day tropical storm some shots on snapper blues had been reported from the ocean beaches such as 3 R's, Key Box road and along the inlet. Since the storm things have not been a steady. I have seen a few mullet starting on their way south in the wake of the storm but they have been pretty sporadic for sure. Normally, the fish show up just long enough to lure me into finding the "at-the-ready" cast net bucket in the shed to race down to the beach and then vanish. Despite that there have been a few trout caught from Delaware Bay beaches. and even the odd pompano. Bluefishing for snapper blues along the surf has started to pick back up again as the water clears. More fall-like temperatures are in the offing for the coming week. Perhaps that will jump start the mullet again, and things will be off to the races on the beaches.

The Big Miss

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/7/2016 12:00:00 AM

It would be hard to pick a worse time to drop a tropical storm on our region than the Labor Day Weekend, but sure enough, that's what happened. Even though we were spared the brunt of the storm's fury it sure blew for the entire weekend making virtually all fishing effort impossible. Flounder action prior to the storm was still pretty good, with plenty of great catches coming across the dock. Julie Jolley traveled from Texas to tangle with a nice 5.73, 25 inch flounder from the Delaware Bay. The fish ate a four inch white culp spec rig. The Katydid returned with thirty nice flatties the Wednesday prior to the storm. Capt. Pete Haines took the Top Fin out for a limit of flounder and eighteen nice sea bass for the group from Hidden Acres Saw Mill. Typically a September storm shuffles the deck somewhat, so we'll have to see where the flounder are (hopefully not Virginia) when the wind abates enough There have been plenty of dolphin around with catches of the tasty fish hitting the dock. The Katydid mixed in fifteen dolphin with their flounder catch on Wednesday, and twenty one on Thursday. Marlin action had also been good, with The Reel Chaotic going deep to 500 fathoms of the Wilmington to put the group of Bruce and Joshua Buchalter, Daryl Young, Glenn Davis and Neil Dungello onto two whites and a blue. Hopefully things will settle down some this coming week with warm weather forecasted to move back in. The water in the creeks along the bay are certainly cooler which should get the mullet moving south. Already some trout and surprising pompano catches are occurring along bay beaches, and the blues shouldn't be far behind.

Flounder, Flounder and More Flounder

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/28/2016 12:00:00 AM

Yep, same song different week. Flounder action continues to highlight the fishing reports which were somewhat more sparse this week to say the least. The Katydid was back at it with deckhand Chris Vann getting to enjoy a busman's holiday and to a little fishing for his birthday. The boat racked up an impressive catch of 36 flatties for Ernie Stone, Jaackie Austin, Jeff Sherwood, Matt Sherwood, Mike (the surf spike) Thompson and Robert Wilson. Sloan Buckaloo spent some time on bottom on the Bottom Line and landed and beautiful 4.3 pound flounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz aboard the all day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf reports that things are pretty much still on track with multiple limits spread around the boat every day. Marc (who I feel as if I know after all the reports this summer) took a little break from banging on the fluke to sight cast to a nice dolphin and landed a pretty 15.2 pounder. Ed Detterline also scored a nice limit of fish up to the mid six pound class. Bouncing bucktails over the rocky and coral upwellings has been producing most of the fish. Some artificial reef sites such as nine have also been putting anglers on the fish. Adding a strip of meat such as sea robin or smooth dog helps, along with using Gulp!

There have been plenty of snapper blues around Delaware Bay reef sites and shoals. The snappers really relish the real thing, so try using a strip of mullet for them or bluefish belly. No need to get fancy here. A half ounce leadhead and a chunk of meat lobbed up current will do the trick. Try bleeding the fish when you get them by slicing the throat latch and putting them in a bucket of water. When the fish stops swimming put it in a well-iced cooler. Small bluefish are really good eating if you take care of them and use them fresh. Snappers have also been reported along the ocean beaches and its certainly about the time of year for that to happen. I haven't seen a mullet in any numbers here along the Delaware Bay surf, but it's getting to be time for sure. Marlin fishing has been good. Storm Rider and Real Chaos returned with a bunch of release flags flying. In other billfish news Nate Evans bagged a beauty of a sword weighing 351.8 pounds at the Wilmington. Cheering him on were Matt Baker, Chip Graves, Jeff Drury and Bobby Braun. Mikaylah Jo Lindsay II teamed with dad Price Linsay Jr. to work over Massesy for six nice dolphin, one flounder and one trigger. Mikaylah accounted for all of the dolphin-the largest of which was 14.5 pounds-as well as the flounder. That's some trip! Dave Walker also paused from creeling yet another flounder limit to pitch an eel to a nice cobia. The large ling latched onto his bait and the heady angler landed a pretty 17.9 pounder.

Limited Out

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/21/2016 12:00:00 AM

Okay, the title isn't really just about fish limits-more rather than I ran out of creative ways to say that the flounder fishing, for all intents and purposes, remains the only real game in town. Sure, there are some other bottom fishing sorts of things going, but the rubber meets the road, as it has all season, with the summer flounder. They have carried our inshore fishery on their back this season. Anglers are still scoring the best in the Old Grounds areas and sites 11 and 9, but there has been some life on the rubble in the bay, particularly site four. Bring plenty of lead because you'll be losing plenty of it! But given the dearth of remaining natural structure in the bay, the rubble has been where it's at for flounder.

Some notable catches included Neil and Phil Falgowski traveling to site nine to land a 5.2 pound flounder. Rovert Karpavich teamed up with flounder killer from way back Dave Walker on the Gotcha for a limit of flatties up to Rob's citation 8.4 pounder. Bob Fitzwater and Pete Antonelli traveled to site ten to limit on flounder using bucktails tipped with shiners and squid. The Katydid was on the flounder again for Gene and Mandyu Cichanowsky and Mike Rose and Ernie from Tomato Sunshine. Mike Roland landed a 3.72 pounder on the trip. Pamela Smith landed a doormat on the "Did" pulling the balance down to 7.09 pounds. Charlotte and Bill Hughes had 16 nice flatties, a couple handfuls of sea bass and 6 dolphin. George Durant landed the heaviest fish on another trip on the Katydid. The Angler also got in on the action landed ten flounder. Staying in the same fleet Bethany Fluck on the Pirate King with her family landed two pretty fluke weighing 5.61 and 4.16 respectively. Another fluke killer from way back Joe Walker teamed with Tony Vansant for a citation 7.52 pounder. On the all day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf, Capt. Rick Yakimowicz reported a fantastic week of flounder action, with multiple limits of fish all around the boat daily. Better still, the savvy skipper noted that they have had one of the best weeks of the season for numbers of jumbo flatties since starting flounder fishing in May. Jeff Scurti won the pool on back to back days with one fish just under nine pounds, and one just over the next mixed in with his limit catches. Ten year old Aarons Joseph Yoder from Dover fought and landed the boat's second biggest flattie of the year with a solid 9 1/2 pound fish. Matt Garland finally got away from this "practice fish" with a pretty eight pounder but so good has the fishing been that, incredibly, that one didn't win the pool! Marc Levinrad was able to finally land a citation fish at 7 1/2 pounds, but as many limits as he's caught this year the's had not trouble adding up the weight. Ron Schmoyer, Ernie Milino and Donna Norton all had fish that just missed the seven pound citation mark.

There have been plenty of snapper sized blues around. Fenwick shoal has played host to some good catches of snappers and the odd Spanish macks mixed in. Trolling Clark spoons is a time honored way of fishing there. Blues have been noted on the flood tide at Indian River Inlet and we've seen plenty in the Delaware Bay as well. That's good news because you can bring a few of them home, unlike the trout which have also been pretty easy to find. The croakers continue to be, for the most part, very small and mecurial.

The Song Stays The Same

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/14/2016 12:00:00 AM

Could go with Lamb Chop's "Song That Never Ends" but, then, at some point the torrid flounder action ocean anglers have experienced this year will come to a conclusion. Frankly I'd rather listen to Led Zeppelin anyway! The fluke action continues to hang on. Fishermen working the rocks and coral upcroppings of the Old Grounds and some artificial reef sites have done pretty well. Bouncing bucktails laced with Gulp! or strips of mean cut from smooth dogs or sea robin has been the preferred method, though some anglers have had some success dragging the old traditional style fluke killers.

The charter boat Katydid was back at work down in the ocean pulling out some good catches for their patrons. Mark Newcott pulled in a doormat citation 7.27 pounder as his crew scored a boat limit of flatties. Roger Holmes, Larry McDonald, Dan Boyer, Ty Bech, Barry McDonald and James Gouldner landed 36 keeper flatties on another trip on the Katydid. Capt. Carey Evans on the charter boat Grizzly had a monster trip with a recent trip to the Ocean, coming in with coolers full of an astonishing 100 sea bass a twenty six nice flounder and 20 ling. That's some fantastic eating right there! Capt. Pete Haines on the Top Fin had a good trip to the Atlantic as well, with the West View Saw Mill decking some a few nice sea bass, a bunch of blues and a boat limit of flounder. Capt. Pete also had another nice trip where his crew landed 12 nice flounder. Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy once again lived up to his sobriquet and returned with a limit of flounder, including one of 4.82 pounds for Mike Bono. The rest of the cew included Gene Steele, Evertett Beach, Chuck Buchanan, Nick Hook and Tyler Maroucouc. The private boat Mischievous had a good catch out front as well returning with sea bass and flounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf in Lewes reports solid to very good flounder fishing for patrons on his boat. The savvy skipper returned with an incredible 100 plus keeper flounder on yesterday's trip which is some pretty heavy fishing any way you slice it. Capt. Rick reported that last week's easterly pushed in crystal clear warm water over the Old Grounds resulting in not only some good fishing but anglers being able to see their fish coming up through the depths from as deep as 40 and 50 feet.

Among the many that scored easy limits Capt. Rick noted old veterans Marc Levinrad, Jeff Scutti, Donna Norton, Marti Byler, Bob Murphey, Bob Trento as notables, as well as Edwin Maxwell who landed a limit and lucked into a gaffer dolphin as well. That must be some pretty water indeed! Speaking of dolphin the Katydid returned with a few from a recent trip offshore. Hunter Culver and Jase Meridith also bagged four nice dolphin trolling east of Massey's. There have also been a few more croakers showing though the vast majority of them are not keepers. Even the keepers aren't really keepers resembling for all the world a small silvery tadpole-all head and no body.

The fish have been scattered around the rubble sites in the Delaware Bay and some have filtered into the back bays of Rehoboth and Indian River. There has also been an increase in slightly larger croakers and some decent spot in the canal. Small size six hooks and either real or artificial bloodworms will turn the trick on these panfish nicely, along with small pieces of squid or clam. Seems like plenty of blues out in the ocean as well, along with some Spanish macks. Trolling Clark spoons at Fenwick Shoal has been productive. The Lil' Angler returned with 100 blues for the Craig Shirk bachelor party along with releasing a ten foot sand tiger. surf anglers are still picking away a the normal summer mix of small croakers, spot and smallish kingfish. Careful not to overcast the fish as they are often right in the wash.

Flounder Still Holding On, Tuna Drop Off

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/7/2016 12:00:00 AM

We are firmly in vacation season now-that time of year that Jimmy Buffet used to croon about in sometimes disparaging terms, full of crowds and noise and heat. Despite all of those things the fishing continues to hold up on a variety of fronts, most notably the flounder fishing. For anglers bouncing bucktails on the ocean bottom, things have held on nicely. This action has primarily been and continues to be found in the region of the shipping lane approaches to the Delaware Bay known as the Old Grounds. And, to be sure, there were some pretty catches made.

The crew on the Katydid has some more nice trips to the 'Grounds. The Seltzer family came back with a nice load of 19 flatties for their group. The boat returned for a limit catch for the group of Lauran and Ian Wolk, Dave Furio, Randy Tindle, Joe McNeil, Andy Lane and Marvin Krouse. Capt. Brent managed to snake a bucktail down through his anglers to come away with a pretty 7.68 pound doormat. The Katy Did also managed a nice 5.26 pounder for Chuck Kammerer. The boat also returned with 21 flatties for Alfred Baromi, John Schnaitman, Bob Fleming, George MacVesh, Wesley Major, Bob Bryant, Al Riberio, Dan Heron. Plenty of other boats got in on the fray as well. Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirstin, put seven year old Cameron Sellers on to a fine 3.42 pound flattie. Just imagine how many flounder Capt. Vince has put folks on over the years.... Speaking of accumulated time on deck the crew of Bill Swords, David Walker,Joe Walker and Robert Karpovich landed their limit of flounder on a recent trip. Another old salt, Bill Talbot, ran his well-deserved new acquisition out to help lure a 6.75 flounder for Jamie Sweitzer. The Salt Boat also returned with a flounder for Jim Meyer, Sheila Stohler, Rober Meyers. Anthony Hojnicki, aged ten, also corraled a trio of flatties from the canal using minnows. The kids were at it again with Jacob League landing is first flounder from Massey's Ditch. Capt. Carey on the Grizzly put some years of experience to work to help 14 year old Keith Benton ice down a 6.25 flattie, while not to be out done 11 year old Savanah Benton turned the tables on a nice 4.5 pound slab. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the all day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf agreed that flounder action had remained steady of the last week despite the fact that weather conditions haven't done anglers any favors.

It seems, the savvy skipper explained, that the wind and current direction has constantly been against each other, making for difficult drifting conditions. Despite that plenty of keeper flounder have been pulled over the rails. Wes Pollitt, mate from the Morning Star took a busman's holiday and landed an easy limit of flounder with a 6 pound pool fish to boot! Continuing the bus "person's" holiday theme, Capt. Alicen took a day off to tangle with dinner and landed a nice limit. Bill Haines was at it again with an absolute fluke beat down landing a total of 11 legal fish, an astonish eight of which were on one drift! Benjimin Jordan landed a limit with fish in the three to five pound class.

According to Capt. Rick Don Juan of Philly landed an easy limit on a day that he needed to use 12 ounces to stay down (and bringing to question just how much weight would it take for Capt. Rick to consider it a "tough limit!) Capt. Rick also passed along that "The Hammer" pounded away for a limit and a six pound poolfish, while Jason Hewes had an early limit with three to four pound fish on jigs and custom flies. There is still some mixed bag fishing in some sections of the Delaware Bay though the fish remain small. Capt. Carey of the Grizzly said that on a recent trip seven year old Madison Wyant landed a total of five different fish species, while brother Bud Wyant pulled in a surprise twelve pound black drum. There have been a fair amount of baby boomers boated this summer so hopefully that bodes well for the future. It would be a pretty sweeping understatement to make the claim that chunking action along the twenty fathom lumps has slowed. Reports suggest that the pretty water has moved off and that dirtier water has taken it's place. Tuna landings have nose dived accordingly. Hopefully all of this easterly of late will help push some more pretty water in.

Tuna Hold Firm, Flounder Rebound Some

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/31/2016 12:00:00 AM

Tomorrow ushers in the month of August and beach towns will swell with the ranks of many vacationers who traditionally take this month for their time at the beach. This is a lucky break for those visitors who like to fish. Flounder action had somewhat slowed over the past couple of weeks as the fish had spread out along the bottom of the Old Grounds. This problem was exacerbated with difficult drift conditions with the wind seemingly always against the tide, "checking" drifts and not allowing anglers to cover wide stretches of turf. With good conditions over the past couple days things picked up.

Capt Brent Weis teamed with mate Chris Cann worked the old grounds for a solid catch of flatties, as did Geoff McClosky and his nephew Mason. The Hooked Up also scored some nice ocean flounder. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly continued a solid summer of flounder fishing with a boat limit for Joe Mohaiser's crew, along with the same for Larry Fratti. Cpat. Carey returned to the Old Grounds with Joe Wick and friends for twenty one flatties and some bass, and Bob Irwin and group had 22 keepers and a handful of sea bass. The Katydid returned with s 4.49 pounder for Stevve Kiebler and a 3.39 chunky fluke for Jay Leibforth. The Katydid kept up the good work on another trip returning with 50 blues and ten flounder. Wilkie Jarbo stayed closer to home and temted both a 17 inch flattie and a 22 inch bonus slot striper from the Canal on Gulp! Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the full day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf concurred that the flounder action had picked up but, he strongly cautioned that the fish are "not committing suicide".

You really have to work for the fish and that, these days, means jigging with a bucktail laced with Gulp! or a strip of meat from a sea robin or dogfish. Recent headboat trips have yielded catches such as Marc Levinrad and Jeff Scurti's five day marathon session landing over fifty keepable fish with some of the fish in the three to five pound class. Roger and Nick Farr from Haymarket, VA bounced the bottom with bucktails for 14 nice keepers over two days with fish up to four pounds. Adil Belharhomi from closer to home in Dover pulled in a doormat in the six pound class. The best flounder action continues to come from the Old Grounds, and the Delaware Bay, save for a smattering of fish on rubble structures, remains a virtual dead sea south of Cross Ledge Light. Tuna action on the twenty fathom lumps in general and Massey's in particular have continued to provide steady action for chunkers. The Quickfish returned with a nice catch of yellowfins from Massey's on butters. The High Pressure returned with a 49 pound yellowfin for Charles Stumpf, a 48 pounder for John Peel, and a 43 pounder for Tony Vansant. The Miss Five O certainly booked 'em without Danno for a 12 yellowfin beat down from Massey's on butters. Jenny Donahue boated a 35 pound yellowfin on her boat the Babs on butters at Massey's. Ed Sigda ran the Snow Goose once again to blue water for four yellowfins and a dolphin for David Lapuma, Mike Sigda, Bill Fintel and Mike Fritz. The Porta Bella with Capt. Jeff Hoepfl and "gaff man" Herb Guest took Thomas Walsh, Paul Hazzard, Jim Yingling and Alison Sharp to masseys for another catch of four yellowfins and a dolphin.

The lower part of the bay has been seeing a few mixed bag bites with a good catch on a charter on the Indian for Frank Margonis, Nike Pirouolidis and Karen and Kelly Koermer returning with puffers, kingfish and blues. The Fish Hawk returned with 17 kings caught by Joseph Cyron, Michael Sottile and John Penzo. The sheepshead catch continues with some chunky convict fish coming from the icebreakers. Robert Warehime tempted a whopper 10.62 pounder with a sandflea, and not to be outdone Hailey Withenbank nailed a 9.09 pounder.

Tuna Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/24/2016 12:00:00 AM

Sorry for the delay-summer at the beach means company as many of you well know! The summer heat has hit with real force as the dog days of thick humidity and sweltering temperatures fog in. And, like a breath of fresh air, the tuna have arrived. Good catches have come from the old stomping grounds of the lumps along the twenty fathom line like many of us remember from the good old days that for many of us just don't seem all that long ago.

Speaking of the good old days Capt. Dave Filepas on the Bottom Line put his crew of Steve Millman, Bob Graham, Steve Miller and Tom Ring on some nice yellowfins with the biggest pulling the balance to 42.9 pounds. The Katydid had a couple of nice trips as well, with Bill and Charlotte Hughes scoring a cooler full of meat with six nice yellowfins. They also had another trip with both blue and yellowfin tuna between 40 and 69 pounds. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly took Mike Roebuck and family out for eight nice yellowfins. The Bikini Bottom crew of Greg Pearson, Nick Pearson and Dan Heim landed three nice yellowfins at Masseys. Of course heavy boat traffic over the weekends can make things tough, and reports of boats having to drop down to 30 pound floro to get the bites abound. Flounder are still the mainstay of the bottom fishing effort, and the ocean is still, despite a few more fish being taken from bay rubble piles, the most consistent and least (but not entirely) sensitive to conditions. The Katydid took a break from clobbering tunas to flipping flounder on deck, and returned with 25 flatties from the Old Grounds. 12 year old DJ Diamont landed a nice 3.56 pounder. Jeff Sherwood had a pair of nice flatties with one at 3.81, Ernie Stone had one at 3.06 and Chris Thawles one at 2.61. Steven Herr landed his first citation flattie with a nice 7.6 pounder caught right in front of Lewes Harbor. Must be the water there! Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirsten had a great day withh Sharon Price landing a 4.73 pounder, Pierce Gibson a 4.62 pounder, Colin Meany and Shane Gibson landing seven flatties. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz reported that the Fisherman's Wharf all day headboat catches have slowed somewhat from a couple of weeks ago, and that the fish have been on the move around the full moon period. The fish seem much more spread out and there are more shorts than before.

Still, hard corps jiggers bouncing Gulp! are are landing limits and the pool fish has always been in the four pound class. Tatyana Chub and Kyle McNaughton from Richfield, PA both had doormats of five and six pounds last week. James Kwangyu Jeun stole the show with a 9 pound, 4 ounce monster flounder. Bill Haines and Dancing Donna continued their streak of limits with nice flounder in the four pound class. In other bottom news there are plenty of trout around but, of course, you are only allowed one so not many folks are targeting them. Capt. Jack Stewart on the Fish Hawk had a nice catch of kingfish and trout with Ganon Smith from PA being the high hook. In more exotic news Frank Tier landed a whopper of a sheepshead on a sand flea while fishing at the Ice Breakers. The monster weighed in at 12.07 pounds. Not to be outdone, Capt. Joseph Crowley fished on his boat the Why Knot at the outer wall and landed a 14.6 pound beast of a sheepshead. Dorian Idsall fished on the Grizzly and caught 6 triggers, a tog, a trout, a blue and two porgies, one of which was a 2.74 pound citation. That's quite a day! And four year old Brighid Churches, visiting with her mom Christine Chuches from Las Vegas, went fishing with her Aunt Kathy and Uncle "Dizzy Cuda" Whitham to land a nice keeper trout and big white perch.

Surf fishing continues to be a normal summer mix of kings, some spike trout, some snapper blues and plenty of sharks. The kings are falling for both real and artificial bloodworms or small bits of clam. Kings also really like fresh cut bait so consider stripping up a spot if you get one. Of course the problem with that is that you are probably only moments away from a sand bar shark which means a lost hook! Size six long shanked hooks work well for the kings and assorted small fish. Kingfish are also like color so some of the commercially tied kingfish rigs with different colored floats can work well. They are notoriously finicky about color so keep changing until you find what they like. Also, like the pompano, they are in close so resist the urge to rear back and cast towards Portugal or you'll get an A for distance and an F for catch. Try and land your offering right behind the first wave. Good luck and go get 'em!

Flounder Slow Down, Tuna Pick Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/15/2016 12:00:00 AM

Flounder action has slowed somewhat as the fish have started to spread out somewhat, but tuna have made up the difference. There have still been plenty of nice fluke hitting the table, for sure. Mason Newsham nailed a 4.82 pounder on a bucktail at the Old Grounds. Brock Hilligoss took a break from pitching and landed a pretty 20 inch fish from the Broadkill. Chris Vann flirted with a citation and landed a 6.49 pound flattie on the Katiedid. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz allowed that while the fishing had slowed somewhat due to conditions there were plenty of limit catches and some pretty fish around the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf.

Donna Norton fished seven days landing several limits of flounder and fish up to five pounds. David Parsons learned the ropes of jigging and landed a few four pound class fish, while Ernie and Dianna Milano scored limits of fish up to five pounds. CJ the Fluking Ninja tabled limits in short time and had fish in the five pound class, while Jared Yoder just missed a citation with a 6 pound 15 ounce flattie. While the Old Grounds has still been fishing well for flounder the canal has also been showing some nice fish. Lucky Landon Luckemeyer landed both an 18 and 3/4 inch flattie and an 18 inch trout on white gulp in the canal, while Liam and Gibson Hunt also scored some for the kid's team with an 18 inch flattie. And while it wasn't a flounder, 11 year old Kenny Coleman landed a nice 47.6 pound black drum while fishing with clam on the Pirate King. In another unusual catch, Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly passed along that Steve Ferraioli and family landed a pair of cobia weighing 35 and 40 pounds!

Tuna have somewhat stolen the show though boat traffic can make fishing hard during weekends. The Katydid put the group of George Durrant, John Gudnekt, Bill Wiest and Dr. Lous Mispireta onto a 71.6 and 65.6 pound bluefin and a 41 pound yellowfin. The father and son duo of Rob and Cole Hutchinson fished at Massey's and landed two dolphin, a yellowfin and three bluefins. The Joint Venture run by Jeff Hoepfl, Kevin Coolahan and Travis pulled in mako, dolphin and tuna on a recent trip. The Portabella chunked butterfish and nailed a 68.7 pound bluefin and a pair of yellowfins. Not to be outdone, the crew of the Bimini Twist with Capt. Mike Johnson, Isabella Porro, Chirs Huck and Mike Deblasis returned from Masseys with 6 yellofins landed chunking. Surf fishing along the ocean beaches is yielding a mixed bag of snapper blues, kingfish, small croakers and spike trout. There are even a few pompano mixed in. The latter really like sand fleas fishing practically in the waves.

Flounder and Weather Hot

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/7/2016 12:00:00 AM

Smoking hot out there today as some real summer weather has rolled in. The flounder, too, have continued to roll in with anglers fishing the shipping approaches to Delaware Bay in the Atlantic have had another good week. The Local Girl crew of Mason and Mike Newsham, Billy Talbot, Jack Austin and Jack Ostroski landed plenty of flounder fishing B buoy with Mason nailing a nice pair of 5.84 and 6.58ers. The Katydid returned with a good catch of 37 fluke one day, 44 another, and Dan Crawford landed a 6.5 pounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz of the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf passed along many limit catches for his patrons as well, including Mike Schwendenman's ten pounder, Donn Norton with fish up to four pounds, Jeff Scurti wih fish up to five pounds, Joe Lofink with limits and fish up to six pounds, Seve Miller with limits up to 5 pounds. Josh and EJ Hopkins teamed up with grandfather Ed Hopkins from Rehoboth in his boat Big Debbie to land flounder of 4.7 and 5.2 pounds respectively. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly reported some nice fish with John Tucker landing a 4.09 pounder, while Ray Sharpe tallied on at 3.63. Jim Myers, Bob Myers and Sheila Sohler landed ten heftly flounder using squid and minnows at site ten. Jim Barlow, fishing with Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirsten landed a 4.8 pounder.

While most of the heavy flounder action has come from the ocean, some nice fish have been caught in the canal, too. Michael Angstadt fished off the city dock to land 3 big fluke on minnows. Landon Luckemeyer kept the ball rolling for the kids landing a nice two pounder from the canal on a chartreuse Gulp mullet. Offshore fishing along the 20-fathom lumps was productive. Capt. Carey led his anglers to Massey's and trolled up four bluefins, a yellowfin and a dolphin. Matt Millman fising on the Bottom Line with his dad, Steve and Capt. Dave Filepas for some tuna. Herb "The Gaffman" Guest, Jeff Hopfl, Joe Ruger and Mark Malchione fished on the Portabelle at Masseys for a pair of bluefins at 704 and 63.6 pounds. Mike Fritz, Ed Sigda and Wayne Ross fished on the Snow Goose at the Hambone and brought back a 36.3 pound yellowfin and a dolphin. The Reel Chaotic worked Masseys to bring back a pair of nice bluefins at 67 and 46 pounds for Bruce Bradley, Josh Buchalter and Daryl Young. Lastly, of special note is Bella Minni who, while using her new Mighty Mite combo purchased at Lewes Harbor landed a bass while fishing with her dad Jim. She landed the largemouth while using nightcrawlers fishing at Blockhouse Pond. Stay cool out there!

An Explosion Of Flounder For The Fourth

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/1/2016 12:00:00 AM

Incredibly the Fourth is on us already! Summer is just flying by it seems and the beach is readying itself for another great holiday. Flounder fishing is in full swing and many nice fish have been coming across the tables and decks for local anglers. Fishermen on the Katydid with Capt. Brent have been doing well with the feisty fluke, with some great catches coming from the ocean. Bob Trento had a happy birthday 7.53 pound citation doormat, while Ron Mistretta nabbed a 6.09 pounder. Ernie Stone walked away with a 5.28 pounder on Tuesday's trip to the shipping approaches, while Ed Kim had a 3.25 pounder on Monday. The group of Tyrone Waters, Saad Solimen, High Harris, Kenny Hall and Deron Farmer fished around B Buoy and had 11 keeper flatties and ten nice sea bass. Wesley Grove and John Santana had a nice trip on the flounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the all day headboat Thelma Dale IV out of Fisherman's Wharf reports continued outstanding flounder fishing with many limits for his patrons. Joe "Postal Joe" Lofink continues to fill the freezer with some nice four and five pound fish, while Dr. Louis Reardon had on just under seven. Eclipsing those was Alex Maneliso of Bear, DE with a 7.5 pound flounder. John Cale and daughter had a nice limit of chunky flounder, along with Choi Jung and Joe Baegwiski. Flounder fishing in the canal has really picked up with anglers reporting limit catches of flounder using Gulp! or live minnows on either a plain hook or spec rig. These fish have been reported to not be quite as big on average as the ocean fish, but they, albeit late, are a welcome sight for small boat anglers. Bottom fishing in Delaware Bay, particularly around the artificial reef sites and inside edge of the Shears has been good for a mixed bag of panfish. Spike trout, small croakers, kingfish, puffers and small sea bass are the norm. Baiting with small bits of clam and artificial bloodworms are good choices. Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy had a good trip up in the bay with a boat limit of trout and some kings, as did Capt. Carey Evans on the charter boat Grizzly along with small croakers, kingfish and even a bonus black drum. The Katydid also had a bottom trip with successful panfishing up in the Bay, as did Capt. Ted of the Angler fleet, putting together a catch of puffers, small croakers, kingfish and trout. Beats a skate anyday! Offshore anglers have been scoring big on tuna and dolphin out along the canyon edges and inshore on the twenty fathom lumps. Capt. Brent shook the inshore water off his boat and went to the Poormans. Towing Joe Shute and Island lure with hoo's Bob Rindfuss, Sean Kane, Philip Difelod, Kevin Roberts and Brian Seglum landed a load of tuna, with the two largest right around forty five pounds. The Snow Goose trolled the Poormans and Baltimore with spreaders and hoo's to land yellowfins and dolphin. The boys on the Reel Chaotic, Bruce, Josh and Brad Buckhalter along with Daryl Young trolled the 100-fathom line of the Poorman's with Joe Shute lures and hoo to score a couple nice yellowfins and a white marlin release. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly also had a nice table of tuna, keeping three tuna out of three bluefins and a yellowfin tackled while trolling inside at Massey's. Plenty of catching going on for the big summer holiday. Be careful and have a great time!

The Flounder Beat Goes On

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/23/2016 12:00:00 AM

The beat goes on with the great start to the summer fluking season, with many limit catches gracing the scales and fish cleaning tables. Even better, there have been some real quality fish mixed in. Lewes Harbor saw some pretty fish with Matt Jester nabbing a five pound flattie on a chartreuse spec rig from the Cape Fishing Pier. The skinny water fishing wasn't limited to the pier with Sarah and Ken Schabrach from Boyertown, PA showing that "Bear" pride with a limit catch of flounder from the canal fishing with Gulp! The Katydid returned with plenty of happy anglers with limit catches on recent trips. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the Fisherman's Wharf headboat Themla Dale IV passed along some super catches as well, with Joe "Postal Joe" Lofink after a secret ritual perfomed on his rod, tallied a limit of nice flounder in a matter of a couple hours. Jeff Scurti nailed limits of flounder on back to back trips with a bonus bass thrown in. Jim Fredericks had a limt of flounder up to five pounds, while Marc Levinrad continued his streak of limit catches on each trip to a whopping nine outings, with flounder weight as much as six pounds. Matt Slapinski celebrated Father's Day in grand style with a pretty six pound slab, while Tyler Long iced a fluke limit by 10:30 on a recent trip. This heavy action continues to take place along the shipping channel and artificial reef sites in the ocean. Bouncing bucktails laced with Gulp! in either four or six inch sizes has been the hot ticket, though some flounder pounders are using a strip of cut bait such as sea robin as well. Flounder action in Delaware Bay remains slow with cold, dirty water being the norm. If flounder aren't your cup of tea offshore action remains good with fish spread up and down the canyon edges. Trolling spreader bars and skirted 'hoos remain the way to go. Mixed in with the tunners have been dolphin and a few makos. The crew of Five O returned from a recent ride to the deep with some dolphin and a black eye landed while working 73 degree water. There have been more and more reports surfacing of bluefin and yellowfin showing along the twenty fathom lumps, fueling hopes of a return to the torrid inshore action we used to have. Chris Huk showed he's not all about throwing a fastball, but can bring the heat on the water as well. He traveled to VA to pull a nice cobia aboard, luring the ling with a live eel. Speaking of different fish, Capt. Chris "Skeet" Ragni had a nice look at a 140 pound class white on a recent trip. Big blues made another appearance again in Canary Creek, where anglers nailed the gators in the ten to fifteen pound class. Chunks of bunker or mullet on chartreuse rig with wire on the flood tide landed the fish. Surf casters have been tallying the wayward big blue, but mostly the catch has been panfish. Bloodworms, small pieces of clam or squid have been proving successful for kingfish, small croakers and trout. Dr. Mark McDaniel landed a couple of the latter fishing the suds at Broadkill with trout up to sixteen inches on minnows.

Flounder Action Heating Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/17/2016 12:00:00 AM

The cooler than normal spring weather continued with plenty of easterly wind hampering anglers and keeping boats tide to the dock. Those that managed to get out were rewarded with some stellar flounder fishing, particularly for this early in the season. Capt. Brent's anglers on the Katydid returned with limit catches of flatties from a recent trips, working the Old Grounds. Capt. Chris Thurman decked a 5.61 pound fluke over the past week. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the headboat Thelma Dale V reported Alicen Sharp had a nice trip with a limit catch, Bob Murphy had several limit catches and citations with one flattie pulling the balance down to 7lbs 9 ounces, Mark Levinrad tallied five consecutive limits on as many trips with a 5.5 pounder, Ron Capone, Dakota Dunno, Ron Schmoyer and Bill Kiefer all landed limit catches of fluke on three consecutive trips. The fact that all these flounder are being caught with less than perfect drift conditions certainly bodes well for the future of the season. Virtually all of the fluke fishing has been in the ocean on the Old Grounds and between DB and DA buoys. While dragging traditional fluke killers with a spinner blade and teaser has accounted for some fish, the bulk of the catching has been by bouncing bucktails with a teaser above along the live bottom and artificial reef structure. Tipping the bucktail with a Gulp! twister or swimming mullet in either six or four inch length has upped the odds of a bite. Using a strip of sea robin can also work well, particularly on the teaser. Drum action has slowed considerably since Memorial Day weekend. Dr. Mark McDaniel landed his first two boomers in fishing with Capt. Jack Rodgers in 22' feet of water on a recent trip but time is certainly almost, if not all the way, up for this year's action. Other Delaware Bay action has been a struggle since Memorial Day. A few kingfish and spike trout have been caught around the reef sites but the big numbers of kingfish seemed to have moved on along with the drum. There are plenty of big, toothy critters around in the all the usual locations. Surf anglers have also landed a few kings, spike trout and croakers on both real and artificial bloodworms fishing the ocean beaches. The big blues are hanging on as well, with a slab of bunker luring some gators in the double digit range in for surfcasters. Some big blues are also still being yanked out of skinny water with the flood tide proving a good time to target the blues in Canary Creek on the marsh side and the Broadkill all the way up to Oyster Rocks. Offshore anglers have been enjoying an epic start to the trolling season for those willing to make the ride to the Washington. Over the past couple days it seems that there is plenty of life closer to home with some a good bite in the Baltimore. Spreader bars have been the hot pull for putting the tuna in the box thus far. The past couple of June's have been simply good for trolling and this season has been the best in recent memory.

Fishing Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/7/2016 12:00:00 AM

Well, I apologize that this web site has not been updated for far too long. As many of you may know, our leader and friend Joe Morris passed away on May 2, 2016. Through our grief we tried to keep the focus that the main thing he would want us to do was be there for the fishing community and not let you all down with whatever you need to do the sport he loved most in life. The Facebook page has been continually updated, but we were having problems getting into this site without Joe's knowledge and so it has been neglected. However today I figured it out and we will once again be updating things here. Thank you for your understanding and patience with us during this most difficult time. We have had some very good fishing this spring. There has been an abundance of Black Drum being caught later in the day mostly on clams. Stripers have been being caught in the surf on fresh bunker, mullet, and clams. And not a lot but some amazing weakfish have been brought it up to 7.5 pounds. The Flounder Tournament in Memory of Joe Morris was a great day with the first place fish coming in at 6.70 pounds. The winners of this year's Canal Flounder Tournament Robbie Baxley- 6.7 pounds Patrick Summers - 6.03 pounds Tim West Sr. - 4.9 pounds Dillon Barker - 4.7 pounds Robert Sawicki- 4.3 pounds Tim West Jr.- 4.1 pounds Howard Bowden II - 4.1 pounds Yesterday June 6, 2016 We had a 106 pound Thresher Shark come in on the Little Angler With Capt Brian. It was caught near B Bouy on a bluish fillet by Holly Faust. Fair winds and tight lines!

Rockfish for Christmas... and Beyond!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/21/2015 12:00:00 AM

Looks like well have rockfish for Christmas, and New Years Day too! Stripers are still spread from central Jersey to Ocean City, MD. Stiff wind kept boaters at the dock Friday and Saturday, but several ventured out Sunday, and found bass in good numbers at The Eights. It was rough in the morning, with not many bites at the end of ebb tide. But, when the current turned to flood, fish became active, and started to feed. Several crews told of whales in the area, working on schools of bunker. Stripers were usually below the bait, whose location was given away by whales working on the surface. Deep water near 8 Buoy was productive, but bass were taken throughout the Eight Buoys Triangle. Some fish fell for eels, but most were hooked by trolling single Mojos, tandem parachutes or Stretch and Bomber plugs. Many fish were keepers in the 28 to 37 inch range, but a lot in the 37 to 44 inch slot were released as well. Big bass over 44 inches continue to be boated too. Ryan Pesmelia had his personal best 40.4 pounder while pulling a Cabo Sunset Stretch 30 at the Eights Sunday. Carter DiRado decked a 39.6 pounder there that pounced on a chartreuse shad umbrella. Sean Nowell nailed a 33.1 pound rock up the beach aways on Sunday, while towing a white tandem off the Wildwood Ferris Wheel. Other citation fish hit the dock on fishable days during the week. Ethan Liskey landed a 30.2 pounder. John Cribbin captured a 31.8 pound rock while drifting eels in The Valley. Captain Ted hosted Mike Tyler and crew Wednesday aboard the Pirate King for eeling action reminiscent of "the old days". The guys kept 10 beautiful bass from The Valley, and released several others. Jacob Wooster wound in a 35.9 pound trophy while trolling on Ella Belle. Dave Moon muscled in his biggest bass so far, a 33.2 pounder that ate an eel. Rosanna Knudtson wrestled in a 39 pound beauty aboard Lil' Angler II. Matt Smith managed a 30 pounder, trolling at The Eights. Richard Ashley drifted an eel at 8B Buoy to connect with a 39 pound linesider on Lil' Angler II. Too bad it took so long for stripers to show up, but were still glad to have them. It will be interesting to see what happens next season. If this pattern continues, perhaps waters off our coast will become new wintering grounds for rockfish, instead of the main body moving farther south.

Holy Cow!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/14/2015 12:00:00 AM

Holy Cow! We checked in a bunch of bass between 30 and 50 pounds over the past few days. Stripers finally spread out over traditional spots across the mouth of Delaware Bay, and were taken both by trolling and drifting eels. Fish were found on Prissy Wicks, Overfalls, at The Eight Buoys Triangle, in The Valley and near #6 Buoy. Boaters also cruised just inside the Three Mile Line across the edge of the Bay, looking for birds, bunkers and whales, signaling the presence of rockfish. Favored and effective trolled offerings included Stretch and Bomber plugs, Mojos and tandem parachutes, bucktails, spoons and 9ER'S Umbrella Rigs. A chunk bite developed on the Jersey side too. Seems the concentration of big stripers in the area could be the edge of the migratory body that usually passes through the region in early November. With warm temps and an abundance of bait, fish were in no hurry to move, and just crept at a slow pace southward along the New Jersey Coast. The fish in this area now are at least a month behind schedule. The most impressive striper brought in was a 51.9 pound lunker landed by Storm Ockels, while trolling a white tandem off Cape May. The 48 1/4 incher had a massive 30 inch girth, and was just shy of Ben Smith's 52 pound DE State Record fish caught in 2012. Other noteworthy rockfish included a 48.4 pounder for Dew Mayhall, a 44.3 by Patrick Staggs, Mike McCauley's 42.7 pounder, a 42.5 pound bass for Matt Amber, Dylan Baker's 41.9 pound trophy, a 41.3 rock for Dave Houck, Matt King's 41.2 pound citation earner, a 40.3 pound bass for Collin Birl, and Lee Abel's 40.2 pounder. Jay Leibforth landed a 39.5 pound linesider, Taylor Deemer decked a 39.1 pounder, and Sean Kane captured one weighing 39 pounds. Andrew Schneider bucktailed a 38 pound bass, Michael Jablonski muscled in a 37.6 pound rock, Burton Moore managed a 37.8, Captain Brian Wazlavek boated a 35.1 pounder, Richard Laing reeled in a 34.5 pound rockfish, Matt Jester trolled up a 34.4, Jesse Billings bested a 34.2 pound bass, Drew Schelling scored stripers weighing 32.3 and 30.6 pounds, and Otto Evans got a 32.1 pound fish. Wayne Demarco wound in a 31.3 pound striper, David Hoke had a 30.6, Bill Zolper boated a 30.3 pounder, and Roger Miersch reeled in rock weighing an even 30 pounds. Stripers were located on the lumps off Bethany Beach Sunday morning, and boaters had some good fish while trolling the usual assortment of plugs and parachutes there. Bottom bouncers did pretty good with tautog on Sites 6 and 7 in Delaware Bay, and at Site 10 in the Ocean. Sea bass action is still happening in Del Jersey Land. Captain Brian on Lil Angler II set up there Saturday, and limited out his party in just three hours. In addition, they boated several big bluefish to over 14 pounds. Captain Brent's guys on Katydid fished deep water structure for their limit of seabass, plus a limit of Blueline Tiles, several blues and some triggerfish. Chip Graves checked in an impressive 4.07 pound sea bass he pulled from some deep rocks aboard the Sea Tiger.

Striper Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/7/2015 12:00:00 AM

Several customers made the run across Delaware Bay and up the New Jersey coast to connect with stripers during the week, since action at Delaware Bay's entrance remained spotty. Boaters trolling Mojos, tandem parachutes, shad umbrellas, bucktails, spoons and Stretch plugs did well with bass feeding on bunkers of various sizes, often given away by the presence of working whales and birds. Productive areas included Wildwood Lump, offshore of the big Ferris Wheel, the beachfront off Stone Harbor's water tower, and the Stone Harbor and Peacock Lumps, just inside the Three Mile Line. By Sunday, numerous bass were reported just off Cape May. As the day progressed, anglers found bass working bait in the triangle between Overfalls, North Shoal and Prissy Wicks. There was a good bite in the afternoon for trollers, and guys casting bucktails also hooked plenty of fish. Bass turned on again this morning, and a customer called at 9am saying his crew had already caught several stripers off the Cape May Lighthouse, and was on the way home with a limit. Anglers fishing the Jersey Ocean should be aware that they need a Saltwater Registry number, and that they must abide by that State's Regulations when in those waters. Their regs allow anglers 1 fish at 28 inches to less than 43 inches and 1 fish 43 inches or greater. However, keep in mind, if you're bringing fish back to Delaware, they must measure between 28 and 37 inches, or 44 inches and greater, so, even though those 37 to 44 inchers are legal in NJ, you cant return through Delaware waters with them in possession. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament finished up yesterday. With just 45 minutes left on the clock, Bill Vernon brought in a 39.3 pounder to secure a First Place finish. Brina Seglem scored Second with his 34.4 pound striper. Also during the last day, Chad Tingle took Third Place with a 21.9 pound bass. We appreciate all Tourney participants who stuck with it, even though the fish were way behind schedule, and many thanks to all anglers who helped make the annual event a success. The blackfish bite has been decent most days. Bay water temps have been hovering near 50 degrees, and togging along the Outer Wall slowed down. However, reef sites 6 and 7 produced good numbers of keepers. Capt. Pete hosted D.J. Park and the Tautog Assassins for a trip to Bay structure Saturday aboard Top Fin, and those anglers returned with a limit of 25 chunky tog. Dave and Joe Walker fished the Brown Shoal reefs for their 10 tog limit Wednesday, then tried a little trolling at Overfalls. That's where Joe landed a 37 pound striper that ate a Cotton Candy Bomber CD25, to top off their take of tautog. The Walker brothers were back at it Sunday. Joe boated a bruiser blackfish weighing 12.3 pounds on that trip. Ocean snags also yielded tog. The Wednesday regulars on Katydid put together a boxful of 35 blackfish to 7.5 pounds. Sea bassing continued productive for crews that ran to Del Jersey Land. The Radford Wreck held plenty of keeper bass. Bill Hughes joined Captain Brent and Mate Chris on Katydid Saturday for a boat limit of bass. The deep reef also attracted some pretty porgies, like the 2.62 pound citation earner decked by George Durant, aboard Port-A-Bella. Slammer bluefish also roamed the reef, targeting struggling sea bass being reeled to the surface. Andrew Schneider scored an 18.6 pound alligator that grabbed a bass he was bringing in. Rocks inshore of Wilmington Canyon have also started to yield quality sea bass. The crew of Sea Tiger went deep there Saturday for a boxful of impressive blueheads, plus blueline and golden tilefish. Matt Baker boated a 4.5 pound bass, Brooke Baker had a 3.6 pounder, Nate Evans nailed a 3.5 pounder, and Chip Graves got one 3.4 pounds.

Stripers off South Jersey

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

More stripers kept getting closer over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. A few have turned into Delaware Bay, like the 34.4 pounder Brian Seglem hooked trolling a Stretch 25 at Overfalls on Tuesday. That fish landed Brian in the current lead of this season's Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament, which runs through December 6th. Joe Walker trolled up a 37 pound bass at Overfalls on a Cotton Candy Bomber today, but unfortunately, was not entered in the Tourney. The bulk of the migrating body of bass has been moving slowly along the south Jersey coast. There was a good bite the past several days for trollers towing Stretch and Bomber plugs, along with Mojos, parachute tandems and spoons off the Wildwood Ferris Wheel. Ray Nabb nailed a 33 pounder with a Stretch 25. Chess Hedrich and Mike Eckert pulled Stretch plugs for their brace of 30 pound bass. Dave Moon checked in an 18.8 pound rock that ate a Stretch. Bob Persch and Dylan Newnam had twin 16.1 pounders while pulling Mojos. Captain J.W. Hocker's crew aboard Miss Caroline had their limit of ten linesiders trolling off the Ferris Wheel today. Hopefully rockfish will hang around awhile when they reach the Delaware Bay entrance. Better late than never. Surfcasters caught a handful of striped bass. Dave Furio found a 29 incher while soaking cut bunker in the suds near Cape Henlopen. Sea bassing remains good on twenty fathom structure. Captain Brent's crew returned Wednesday with a boat limit of 165 sea bass, from their trip to Del Jersey Land aboard Katydid. Captain Evan on the Regulator and the Fishin' Falgowski family also had their 120 bass limit Wednesday at DJL. Courtney Falgowski battled a 10.3 pound slammer blue to take big fish of the day. The group also had some impressive porgies, including Evan's 2 pounder, and Corky Falgowski's 2.35 pound scup. Tautog catches have been okay on Bay reefs 6 and 7, and at ocean Site 10. Wednesday regulars on the Katydid togged ocean structure for their limit of 35 blackfish to 7.5 pounds.

State Record Bluefish, First Stripers- FINALLY!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/22/2015 12:00:00 AM

Big news of the week was a new State Record Bluefish. Dr. Luis Mispireta was wreck fishing in Del-Jersey Land aboard Katydid, with Captain Brent Wiest, when he landed the 24.8 pound alligator. Luis had been winding in a sea bass caught on a butterfly jig when the 43 inch slammer grabbed the bass and became hooked itself. The previous record blue weighed 21 pounds 15 ounces, and was taken by Bill Thoroughgood in 1980. Congratulations to Dr. Luis and the crew of Katydid. Sea bass action has been good on twenty fathom structure, when boats could get there. Monday was the only fishable day for most. Bassers aboard Katydid that day kept a boat limit of 150, plus blues, porgies and triggerfish. Area anglers have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of migratory striped bass, after hearing reports of good bites along the New Jersey coast, as fish slowly worked their way down the beach. Rockfish are way behind schedule due to warm temperatures and the abundance of bait up north, but we were encouraged to finally have the first stripers hit the dock this weekend. Chip Graves and Matt Baker trolled in gnarly sea conditions with northeast wind Saturday, but did manage a pair of keeper rock weighing 16.7 and 15.1 pounds, and one short while pulling white Mojos between the Eights and Overfalls during flood tide. Hopefully those linesiders were within the leading edge of a body of bass moving into Delaware Bay. Surfcasters working the suds between Cape Henlopen and the Navy Jetties told of some throwback stripers while soaking bunker and clams Saturday. Legal sized fish will likely come from the surf soon. The Lewes Harbour Marina Striper Tournament has been extended through December 6th, due to the lack of fish earlier, so you still have time to sign up. Bay tog catches were okay when conditions were decent. The supply of blackfish seems to have thinned out along the Outer Wall, but catching has picked up over the artificial reefs. Toggers on Pirate King II took home some nice fish while working sites 6 and 7 Saturday.

No Stripers Yet

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/16/2015 12:00:00 AM

Blustery wind put a damper on fishing activity much of the week, but when boats did make it out, they found sea bass still cooperative in twenty fathoms. The Triple Wrecks and Del-Jersey Land produced decent numbers of fish for those willing to take the ride. Captain Brent's bassers on Katydid boated a boxful of blueheads Monday, returning with their limit of 150. They also had bluefish, and one lone flounder. Tog fishermen had fewer keepers from the Outer Wall, compared to previous weeks. However, Bay reef structure yielded more tautog recently. Sites 6 and 7 were fairly productive, but it seemed blackfish didn't bite the whole way through a tide. They would turn on for a short while, then slack off. Katydid worked the Brown Shoal Reefs Thursday, where Captain Brent's patrons put together a catch of 17 chunky tautog. Captain Pete's Sunday group on Top Fin took home 21 keeper tog. Dave Furio decked an 8.78 pound citation earner Sunday on Katydid. Dave Walker and Robert Karpovich captured their limit of ten tog Sunday while anchored up on Bay reef structure. Still no confirmed catches of keeper stripers at the mouth of Delaware Bay. The main mass of bass has been working slowly south along the New Jersey coast, and the right conditions could push them in at any time. Commercial fishermen reported masses of baitfish, terns and gannets 8 to 10 miles off Indian River, and said there were stripers and big blues feeding in the area, so some fish have already made it into our region, and more will hopefully pass through inside the three mile line soon.

Waiting For Stripers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/8/2015 12:00:00 AM

After receiving reports of hot striper action off the south central New Jersey coast, customers have been jonesing for migrating rockfish to show at the mouth of Delaware Bay. Water temps are still near 60 degrees, but hopefully a combination of the Veterans Day New Moon, east winds and the presence of bunker will prompt bass to move into our area. Usually, the first fish to arrive are among the largest of the fall. Anglers should keep in mind Delawares current regulations that state keeper striped bass must measure from 28 to 37 inches, or 44 inches and greater. Fishermen may retain two daily in any combination of those sizes, but its likely a lot of linesiders will be released, because they fall within the 37 to 44 inch slot. While waiting for stripers, boaters continued to bounce bottom for sea bass and tautog. Captain Brent took his bassers aboard Katydid to twenty fathom structure Monday and Friday for boat limits of blueheads both days, plus bluefish up to 11 pounds, porgies and a few flounder. Captain Evan Falgowski and his crew on the Regulator took advantage of nice sea conditions early in the week, and ran to Del Jersey Land two days in a row. The result was boat limits of bass to 3 pounds both trips. Geoff McCloskey and the boys on Tutta Benne hit DJL Monday for a boxful of bass and a bonus flounder. Joe and Dave Walker, and Robert Karpovich had their limit of sea bass Tuesday, then stopped inshore for a dozen tog to top off their take. Togging in Delaware Bay remained pretty good. Blackfish were still caught along the Outer Breakwater, but the number of keepers had fallen off from last week. Joel Bullard and his buddies fished The Wall aboard Top Fin Wednesday, and brought in a limit of blackfish. Joe Pergeorelis and Ray Ganc toggled in at the Wall Wednesday for their 10 hefty keepers. Jim Meyers, Bill Wiest and Dave Popovich returned from the Wall Friday with 15 chunky tautog. It took all afternoon Friday, but Bill Marshall and Vic Gross finally ended up with their limit of tog to nearly seven pounds from the Wall. Mike Behney, Curt Stephens, Will Wiedmann and Drew Stuchlik anchored at the Breakwater Saturday, and assembled a cooler full of 14 quality tog to 6 pounds. Bay artificial reefs have finally started to produce decent catches. Sites 6 and 7 yielded some nice fish. Captain Carey's groups on Grizzly boxed a boat limit of 40 blackfish Thursday, and 28 tog to 7.5 pounds Friday. Anglers on Katydid captured 22 keepers over reef structure Friday. Drew Messick decked the days largest, weighing 6.8 pounds. Young fisherman Chase Maggs landed his limit on Katydid Saturday, including a 6.2 pounder.

Tog Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/2/2015 12:00:00 AM

It was a tough weather week for toggers trying to get in the last few fishing days of this year's Lewes Harbour Marina Tog Tournament. Wind and heavy surge at the Breakwater made it difficult to be on the most productive spots. Conditions improved Saturday, but dirty water still hampered the efforts of tautog fishermen during the final Tourney day. There were no challengers for the leaderboard, and Charlie Breitenbach held onto his lead to finish First in the event with a 10.42 pound bruiser. Randy Jensen hung onto Second with his 9.9 pound beauty, and Robert Faries wrapped up Third with an 8.7 pounder he boated at the Breakwater aboard Grizzly. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament has started, and runs through November 24th. Striped bass were reported up the beach a ways, in north and central Jersey, but could show up at the mouth of Delaware Bay any day now. In seasons past, many of the largest stripers were landed during the first week of November. Water temperature is still near 60 degrees, and both blackfish and bass action should pick up as that reading falls. The tog bite over inshore wrecks and reefs will get better with Bay and Ocean cooling, but the Breakwater remains the best bet for blackfish for now. Some of the nicer tautog checked in from the Wall over this past weekend included a 7.6 pounder for Mike Piasecki, and a personal best 7.05 pound citation earner for Matt Fetters. Sea bassing has been pretty good for boaters making the run to Del Jersey Land, and other structure in twenty fathoms. The Radford and Poole Wrecks, plus other snags in 100 to 130 feet seemed to be holding good numbers of keeper bass. Evan, Corky, Kyle and Phil Falgowski and Brian Seglem ran to a wreck Saturday, and returned with their limit of 75 quality bass, plus a bunch of bluefish. Captain Brian's bassers on Lil' Angler II boated over a hundred keepers to nearly three pounds, along with a load of blues, while working a wreck Saturday.

Sea Bass Season Reopens

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/26/2015 12:00:00 AM

Bottom bouncers were glad for the reopening of sea bass season. Boaters targeted reef structure at Site 11, and Del Jersey Land, and found decent numbers of keeper sized bass among numerous throwbacks. The Triple Wrecks area, including the Dry Docks, was also productive. Captain Brent on Katydid fished opening day, and said he made several stops, but did manage to put together a boat limit of 120 knotheads for his patrons. Bluefish, porgies and a lone legal flounder were mixed with the bass. Butch Warrington and Charlie Ruggiero stopped by with 29 quality sea bass they boated over the Radford Wreck. Brent was back out for bass on Sunday, and his group put together a limit of 150 bass, plus blues and a 24 inch flounder. Matt Baker, Chip Graves and Jeff Drury fished a wreck in 130 feet Sunday, and limited out with 45 beautiful blueheads, including Jeff's impressive 4.64 pounder. Black sea bass action should hold up through the coming weeks as fish move and stage on structure in the 15 to 20 fathom corridor. Tog catches remained pretty good along the Outer Breakwater at the mouth of Delaware Bay. However, winds from the north to east quadrant made it unsafe to toggle in on the outside many days. Dirty water plagued toggers too, and best bites occurred during limited sections of the tides, when clarity was okay. Captain Brent hosted a group of Baltimore firefighters Tuesday on Katydid, and they returned from the Wall with 21 keeper tautog, including a 7.37 pound citation earner for Stephen Schultz. On Wednesday, Dr. Luis Mispireta muscled in a 9 pounder, and Bob Murphy managed a 7.76 pound tog at the Wall on Katydid. Joel Bullard and his crew fished with Capt. Pete on Top Fin Tuesday, and brought back 18 tog, including Joel's 6.85 pounder. Captain Pete Haines hooked a 6.95 pound tautog at the Wall Wednesday. Joe and Dave Walker, and Tony Vansant worked the Wall Wednesday for their limit of 15 stout tog. Bill Dorey decked an 8.36 pound bruiser blackfish at the Wall Thursday morning. Larry and Barry McDonald checked in with 8 chunky tog from the Wall Thursday. Mike Buczik bested a 7.67 pound blackfish at the Breakwater Saturday. Don Ward decked an 8.93 pound brute over an Ocean wreck aboard Katydid Saturday. Aimee Bunting boated her first ever blackfish at the Wall Sunday. That trophy tog weighed in at 8.64 pounds. Wayne Brzoska boated a 7.4 pound tog Sunday, and Braydon Cichocki captured a 7.07 pounder. Tautog sharpie Randy Jensen braved questionable conditions on the outside of the Wall Saturday, but was able to stay in position for a short time before the surge and wind forced him to move. His attempt paid off with a 9.9 pound bruiser blackfish that landed him in the lead of this season's Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament. That position didn't last long, since Charlie Breitenbach pulled a 10.42 pounder off the Wall Sunday to take over First Place. Current standings show Charlie at the top with his 10.42 pound tog, Randy in Second with his 9.9 pounder, and Robert Faries rounding out Third with an 8.7 pound tautog. The Tourney runs through October 31st, and interested anglers can sign up and pay by the day at Lewes Harbour Marina, prior to fishing during the last week. Surf casters had blues at 3Rs Road. Cut mullet on float rigs resulted in snappers ranging from 10 to 16 inches. No word of migratory stripers at the mouth of Delaware Bay, but resident rockfish have been active in Lewes Canal and local tidal creeks. They could be caught by tossing surface plugs and swimming soft plastics, or bottom fishing with clams, bloodworms or squid heads. Brian Smith brought in his limit of two 28 plus inch rock he hooked with poppers in Broadkill River Saturday.

Toggin' In The Wind

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/19/2015 12:00:00 AM

Tog action was pretty good all week along the Breakwater. Some days were challenging, with northerly winds, strong currents and surge making it difficult to stay in place on the Wall. Toggers should be very cautious when anchoring around the rocks. The situation can become dangerous quickly if a line slips or a rogue swell pushes your vessel into the structure, so boaters should always be aware of their surroundings and exercise care at all times. Water temperatures have dropped to near 60 degrees, and clarity has improved since last week's northeast blow. Seems the better bites have occurred at the end of incoming tide, and that's usually when the Bay is cleanest. Crunchy crustaceans remain the favored baits, but green crabs have sometimes been hard to come by in recent weeks, so anglers have been employing a variety of other critters as well. Asian Shore Crabs, Calicos, Jonahs, Blue Crabs, Fiddlers, Hermits and Spider Crabs will all take tautog. Sand fleas, shrimp and clams also get bit. Most fishermen use a traditional short leader bottom rig, but jigs can be quite productive at times. Flat, lima bean like heads sink quickly in current, but banana shapes work on the rock bottom too. Weights varying from 1/2 to 4 ounces are used, depending on current flow. Impaling a chunk of crab or sand flea on the hook and presenting the lure with a spinning outfit is an effective and fun way to catch tog. Hookup ratio is usually good because strikes are easier to detect with a direct connection to the hook. Captain Brent's toggers on Katydid had good trips during the week. His Columbus Day crew took home 32 keepers. Wednesday's group wound up with twenty. Bill and Charlotte Hughes fished on Katydid Friday for their limit. Captain Pete hosted the gang from Hidden Acres Sawmill Wednesday aboard Top Fin, and they returned with 30 nice tautog. Captain Brian's Monday anglers boxed 17 aboard Lil Angler II. Joe Ryan and Joe Jelks teamed up to take home their limit from the Wall Wednesday. Dave Walker, Jeff Monaco and Mike Delio worked the Wall Wednesday for their limit of tautog too. Rich Ressler, Larry Hughes Sr. and Jr., and Ted Garman got into tog at the Wall Friday, and iced their limit of 20 stout specimens. Despite a chilly wind, John Leader, Dan Lauer, and Rick, Todd and Ted Garman took 20 plump tog to over 6 pounds at the Wall Saturday. Andy Nowakowski nailed a 7.11 pound citation blackfish while togging the Wall. Seth Harnish had a 7.5 pounder aboard Grizzly. The Leader Board for this year's Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament is shaping up. Currently, Larry Hughes holds First with his 8.2 pounder. Bob Murphy has Second with a 6.79 pound tautog, and Robert Karpovich is in Third with a 6.55 pound tog. The Tourney runs through October 31st. Sea bass enthusiasts are looking forward to the reopening of that season on October 22nd. Anglers will be able to keep 15 black sea bass per person at a minimum length of 12 1/2 inches. Bass should be available on reef structure at Site 11, and in Del-Jersey Land.

Good Tog Action At The Wall

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/12/2015 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay was fishable a couple days at the end of the week. However, the Bay remained dirty, even through several tide changes, after weeks of constant northeast wind and days of rain. Water temperature had fallen to 64 degrees, and tautog started to be more active around the Outer Breakwater. Captain Brent on Katydid tried the rocks Thursday and Friday, and returned with 7 keeper tog one trip, and 9 on the other. Jackson Aeo boated a 7.9 pound sheepshead Friday aboard Katydid. Captain Pete Haines, Rainer Haines and Dave Schellenger fished the Wall Friday aboard Top Fin, and put nine keepers in their box. Rainer was top hook with his 5.21 pounder. Charlie Breitenbach was on the LHM Tog Tournment board for awhile with blackfish weighing 5.38 and 5.35 pounds, that were part of his five tog limit from the Wall in Saturday morning's wind. The Lewes Harbour Tautog Tournament runs through October 31st. Interested anglers must sign up at Lewes Harbour Marina prior to fishing. Sea conditions were much better Sunday morning, and despite murky water, tog bit good at the Wall first thing, during the end of flood tide. Randy Jensen and his friends did well on blackfish, limiting out with 30 keepers, including a 6.23 pounder that put Charlie Breitenbach back on the Tourney Leader Board, in Third Place. Rich Ressler reeled in a 6.43 pounder at the Wall that placed him in Second. Robert Karpovich captured a 6.55 pound tog at the Wall Sunday that made him the current Tournament leader. Robert, Dave Walker and Tony Vansant had a limit of tog at the Wall, with the best bite early in the morning. Captain Pete and his crew on Top Fin limited out with 20 tog to 6 pounds at the Wall Sunday. Captain Brent's Sunday gang on Katydid kept 22 tautog while anchored at the Wall. Saad Soliman, Josh Boucher, Joe Mcneal and Fred Robinson toggled in at the Wall Sunday to score 18 quality keeper blackfish. Geoff McCloskey muscled in a citation tog weighing 7.47 pounds at the Wall Sunday. There were a handful of legal tog pulled from Bay Reef Sites, but the catching was better along the Breakwater. Dave Hazzard had a 7.5 pound sheepshead at Site 6 Sunday aboard Thelma Dale IV. Ocean wrecks are starting to show signs of life. Captain Don's patrons on the Angler caught several short tog on some snags outside the Bay Sunday, but took home only a handful of keepers. Matt Baker and his buddies did land 11 keeper tautog from an Ocean wreck Sunday. Stripers have been feeding in Lewes Canal. Casting artificials around the drawbridge and train bridge produced strikes, and rock responded to cut baits and clams on the bottom as well. Most bass were between 18 and 25 inches, but some above the 28 inch minimum were hooked. Gene Laskowski landed a 30 inch Canal striper Sunday. Surf casters at Herring Point reported spotty catches of snapper blues, puppy black drum, kingfish and blowfish. Folks on the Pier at Cape Henlopen still had a few flounder at night under the lights, while working jigs tipped with Gulp or shiners. The offshore bite was still going on in Washington Canyon. Captain Shawn Gallagher and his guys on Free Spool overnighted there Thursday for a swordfish, a 30 pound wahoo, a yellowfin and three dolphin.

Nice Sheepshead

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/5/2015 12:00:00 AM

It went from one stretch of bad weather to another. The only window was at the beginning of the week, when tog season opened on Tuesday. A few boaters ventured out on Delaware Bay, and did find some willing tautog along rocks of the Outer Breakwater. There was still a big swell outside the Wall from relentless northeast wind, so Randy Jensen and Charlie Breitenbach anchored on the inside, and picked at blackfish during a stretch of clean water during the first of ebb tide. They ended up with eight keepers by using Asian shore crabs for bait. Dave Walker tried the base of Brandywine, and reported not much in the way of tog action. However, he did land a 6.7 pound sheepshead. Matt Shoup was also fishing Brandywine when he connected with a 13.24 pound trophy sheepshead. That big porgy fell for a fiddler crab. It was back to strong northeast wind the remainder of the week, putting a halt to the efforts of any boaters attempting to try for tog. Surf casters were able to get a little beach time in between blows. Anglers on the sand from Cape Henlopen to Herring Point hooked small bluefish, puppy black drum, and the occasional kingfish while baiting with fresh mullet, bloodworms and clams. Mullet were still in the area at the beginning of the latest storm, but its questionable if any will remain after it settles down this time. Same goes for offshore tuna action. Crews that ran to Washington Canyon Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday found good numbers of yellowfins while chunking during the daytime. But, who knows what the combination coastal noreaster and passage of Hurricane Joaquin will do to that bite.

Relentless Northeast Wind

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/28/2015 12:00:00 AM

I don't remember a stretch of strong northeast wind like the blow that occurred this past week. Small craft advisories were posted every day since last Sunday, and brought fishing to an abrupt halt for boaters who had hoped to get in a few final cracks at migrating flounder in Delaware Bay and the Ocean. It was still howling as this was written Sunday, and conditions were not predicted to be much better over the coming week. Many anglers were looking forward to the opening of fall tautog season on September 29, but access to blackfish spots will be questionable until the weather settles. We do have fresh green crabs if the opportunity arises for toggers to get out. Current tog regulations allow five blackfish at a 15 inch minimum size per person to be kept daily. Bay and Ocean water is still in the mid to upper 60s, and tog will probably not be too active anyway until temperatures cool down. The annual Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament begins October 1st, and runs through October 31st. Interested participants must sign up at Lewes Harbour Marina prior to fishing. Entry fees collect in a cash pool, and are split among the three heaviest blackfish weighed in by registered anglers. Shorebound fishermen did find a few flounder still lingering in Lewes Canal. We had a customer with three keeper fluke from the Town Dock in a couple afternoons during the week. Another diehard reported he was rewarded for standing out in the wind with a 37 inch Canal striper. Surf casters at Cape Henlopen did have decent numbers of small bluefish on cut mullet. Kingfish were still available in the wash as well. Finger mullet had been moving along the Ocean beach, but it's uncertain if many will remain following the extended pounding from the northeast. It wont be long until the Autumn run of stripers materializes in our area. Some of the biggest striped bass show up first, at the end of October and beginning of November on shoals at the mouth of Delaware Bay. Keep in mind new striper regs that went into effect earlier this year. Anglers can keep one fish from 28 inches to 37 inches, and one 44 inches or greater, or any combination of two striped bass within those size slots. Trolling has been a top method for taking trophy rock the past few seasons, and we've already put in plenty of Stretch and Bomber plugs, plus a good selection of Mojos, rigged tandems, umbrellas and shads. Stop by and stock up to get ready.

Big Flounder Still Here

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/21/2015 12:00:00 AM

Some of the nicest flounder this season were caught by crews working Ocean bottom the past week. Bill Keefer brought in a brace of beauties weighing 8 pounds and 7 pounds 5 ounces. Those oversized mats fell for Gulp! grubs Bill was drifting aboard Thelma Dale IV. It took Kyle Falgowski a long time to catch his first citation flounder, but the wait was worth it when he hooked a 7.93 pounder on Reef Site 9 Tuesday. Nine year old Caden Stoner captured his first citation fluke Wednesday. He landed the 7.01 pound slab while fishing near DB Buoy aboard Lil Angler II. Karl Heckman handled a 7.83 pound flounder on Site 9 Saturday aboard the Angler. Fresh off a 7 plus pound citation earner last week, Steve Kiibler added another doormat to his credit this weekend. Steve scored an 8.7 pounder aboard Thelma Dale IV Saturday. The 28 inch specimen fell for a 6 inch white glow Gulp! grub. Ed Kim caught a 7.43 pound trophy Sunday aboard Katydid. Anglers continued to find good numbers of flatties as well as those of impressive size. Captain Brent's flukers on Katydid limited out with 32 keepers Tuesday. The regular Wednesday hot rods on Katydid did it again, returning with a boat limit of 44 more flatfish. On Friday, Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Brent and Chris on Katydid to assemble their 16 fish limit in short order. Ken Seltzer and his crew were back for another flounder foray on Katydid Saturday, and took home a limit of 32 fine flatties. On Sunday, a group of Katydid regulars got their 32 flatfish limit. Captain Brian's guys on Lil Angler II had quite the combo trip Thursday. They boxed a limit of quality fluke near DA Buoy, and had some bonus mahi in the same area. Clay Dankewich decked an impressive 19.6 pound dolphin along with the flounder during that outing. Dave Walker, Bobby Flemming and Robert Karpovich put together their limit of a dozen chunky fluke from Ocean structure Thursday. Gusty northeast winds are forecasted most of the coming week, and at this time of year, the blow may prompt a major movement of flounder. It will be interesting to see where the fish end up when it settles down. Triggerfish made a good showing on structure at the mouth of Delaware Bay. Jack Henriksen and Ricky Mills got on the big triggers while anchored over a snag Saturday. They boxed a dozen chunky fish to 3.81 pounds. Top Fin Captain Pete was also on top of the triggers. His Friday group had a bucketful, including a pair weighing 3.71 and 3.73 pounds for Dennis Gentzyel. Petes Saturday anglers also had nice triggers to 3.65 pounds, plus flounder, sea bass, croakers and a 1.14 pound porgy for Petes son Rainer. Snapper bluefish have been working over silversides in current rips off Cape Henlopen. They can be caught by tossing small flashy metal jigs, or bucktails tipped with squid or a shiner. Surf casters along the Ocean Beach between the Cape and Indian River connected with small blues, kingfish and little black drum. Bloodworms and fresh mullet were the favored offerings. Theres been a pretty good run of mullet gathering for their southward migration, but the northeast blow this coming week may push them out of the area. There's also been a lot of bait in the Ocean, and boaters reported whales feeding among large schools of bunker near DA Buoy. Thresher sharks were also spotted airing out over bunkers in the area. Bruce Carlson and Ron Miller had a cool shark experience. They were drifting Cape May Reef Saturday when a big blacktip grabbed a strip of squid on a bottom rig. The circle hook on 30 pound mono luckily lodged right in the corner of the shark's mouth, out of the way of slashing teeth, and after quite a tussle on light tackle, the guys were able to land the 72 pounder. Offshore action was decent. Captain Brent ran Katydid to the Baltimore Thursday, where his anglers got busy boating 55 mahi, a limit of blueline tiles, 30 rosefish, 50 mackerel, 8 jacks, plus a bunch of yellowfin bass and streamer bass. Mike Ambler and John Markey found a weedline full of floating junk inshore of the Baltimore Friday, where they bailed a limit of 20 beautiful dolphin from 6 to 12 pounds. Captain Carey took his patrons aboard Grizzly for a long ride to Washington Canyon Friday afternoon, but the trip was worth it. They deployed a sea anchor to control their drift at night, and chunked with sardines to bring fish around the boat. The guys baited with live squids and vigorously worked jigs for steady action with tuna. They ended up with a limit of yellowfins, plus several skipjacks and some nice mahi.

Flatties Hanging On, Surf Action Picking Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/14/2015 12:00:00 AM

It may sound like a broken record, but Ocean flounder catching remained steady again this past week. Artificial structure at Sites 9 and 10 held staging flatties, but fluke continued to move along open natural bottom between DB Buoy and DE Light as they get ready for a fall migration offshore. Seems like flounder have started to push out of Delaware Bay. Captain Ted of Anglers Fishing Center said he intercepted fair numbers of flatfish mid week in The Valley area at the Bay Mouth, between #8 and #8A Buoys. He also mentioned numerous croakers had gathered in deep water at the head of The Pit, between #4 and #6 Buoys, which is normally a sign they're preparing for a movement as well. Captain Brent found more fish for his flounder pounders on recent trips aboard Katydid. Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Brent and Chris Tuesday to assemble a limit of 16 quality fluke from the Old Grounds. The Wednesday All Stars have been on a streak, and this outing was no different. The Katydid regulars boxed a boat limit of 44 flatfish to bolster their stock of freezer fillets for the winter. On Thursday, Captain Brent's flukers surpassed the 2000 keeper mark for this summer when they put 29 in the cooler. Conditions were a little tough Saturday, but Ernie Stone and his gang ended up with 21 to take home from their trip on Katydid, topped off by Ron Mistretta Jr's 6 pounder. On Sunday, seas were a little lumpy again, but the guys on Katydid captured 20 keeper fluke and a dozen nice bass. Steve Kiibler took big fish honors with a 7.06 pound citation earner, plus another weighing 5.5 pounds. Wes, Shane and Sean Olson endured rough water on the Old Grounds Sunday, but returned with their limit of flatties to 4.5 pounds. Boaters told of sea bass mixed in with flounder on structure, and were glad to have a few more for the table before bass season closes September 18th. In Delaware Bay, a mix of late season small species including croakers, spike trout, kingfish, blowfish, spot, porgies, pigfish, lizardfish, banded rudderfish, snapper blues and triggerfish was available around Reef Site 8. Wade Guinn got a 3.34 pound trigger at Site 8 Saturday aboard the Angler. Other anglers told of some hefty hardheads around the Ice Breakers, and bluefish off Cape Henlopen Point. Snappers could be seen crashing through pods of silversides and anchovies in current rips, and would strike at flashy lures like Kastmasters or Stingsilvers, and bucktails tipped with shiners. Folks at the rails of the recently reopened Cape Henlopen Pier reported croakers and snapper blues on bloodworms and fresh mullet. Mullet have started to move along both the Bay and Ocean beaches, and gamefish in the region have been keying in on mullet as forage. Not much in the way of sizeable predators, but 10 to 15 inch blues, and kingfish were beached by surf casters soaking mullet baits at Herring Point. Quite a few small black drum have been roaming the wash too. The 6 to 12 inch puppies bit on clam, bloodworms, Fishbites or shrimp on small float rigs fished close to the beach.

Cape Henlopen Pier Reopens

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/6/2015 12:00:00 AM

Ocean anglers continued to enjoy good flounder action. Flatties came from Reef Sites 9, 10 and 11, as well as natural bottom between DB and DA Buoys. Divers report most inshore wrecks are surrounded by fluke as well. Flatfish responded to offerings of squid strips or other fresh cut baits, usually combined with smelts or shiners. Gulp! soft artificials have proven deadly, especially when added to bucktail jigs. Jig and teaser rigs have been responsible for many nice fish, and work well on either heavy structure or open bottom. Lots of undersized flounder were released by boaters during the week, but some very respectable specimens were brought in. Whopper of the week was landed by Mary McElhone. She wrestled her 8.54 pound doormat from Ocean structure while drifting aboard Katydid. Burt Betts boated a 7.9 pound beauty at Site 11. Mate Chris Vann took a little break from his duties on the deck of Katydid and pulled in a citation worthy 7.7 pound fluke. Joe Ryan jigged a bucktail and Gulp! combo at Site 10 to put an impressive limit in the box, including three mats weighing 5.6 pounds each and a fourth scaling 7.4 pounds. Dan McGeady managed a 6.4 pound flattie on Katydid Wednesday. The crew from Hazzard Electric joined Captain Carey on the Grizzly to harvest a limit of flounder Tuesday, including three citation fish over 7 pounds, plus two more over 6. Croakers remained thick between Site 10 and DB Buoy. Flounder diehards considered hardheads a nuisance, but those looking to put lots of eaters in the cooler loaded up on tasty panfish. More legal sized sea bass showed among catches. They were mixed in with flatties on Old Grounds structure, and at Site 11. Bottom bouncers still sent back loads of shorts, but the ratio of keepers seemed better. Sea bass season will shut down on September 18th, then start up again October 18th. In Delaware Bay, fishermen had to contend with strong tidal currents, and it was the same old story. A few flounder came for Reef Sites 6,7 and 8, but bites were limited to the very beginning and end of the tides. A mix of croakers, puffers, porgies, kingfish and snapper blues gathered around Reef Site 8. The largest hardheads hung tight to reef rubble. Clams, squid, bloodworms, shrimp and Fishbites were favored baits. Snapper blues were hooked around the Ice Breakers by those tossing bucktails tipped with squid, or flashy metal jigs. Land based casters got good news. The Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier reopened September 4th, just in time for Labor Day Weekend. The first phase of repairs to 108 pilings was recently completed, and the pier was considered safe for traffic again. The second phase, which entails decking replacement, plus work on the superstructure and fencing, is scheduled to be done during the winter.

Crushin' Croakers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/31/2015 12:00:00 AM

Croakers came on strong in the Ocean. Hardheads were really thick around Reef Site 10. Many flounder fishermen remarked that it was difficult to get a bait past the ravenous panfish and keep it on bottom long enough for a flattie to find it. The abundance of croakers pleased headboat patrons, and folks aboard the Angler loaded their coolers Saturday. In areas where croakers werent as plentiful, boaters did continue to have decent catches of flounder. Reef Site 11 held numerous flatfish, but most were shy of the 16 inch minimum. Flukers also found fish staging on natural bottom of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys. Captain Brent on Katydid worked Ocean structure during the week for more good flattie action. Mondays crew captured 40 keepers, topped off with a 6.2 pounder landed by Luis Mispireta. Bill, Charlotte and Jordan joined Brent Tuesday for 16 keepers. On Wednesday, the regulars were back at it for a 44 flattie limit. Conditions were a little tough Thursday, but Lawrence Coughlin and his group got 18 good flounder and a 2.5 pound sea bass aboard Katydid. Things shaped up Friday, and Brent's anglers put a limit of 32 keepers in the box. Saturday saw another 44 fish limit for Ernie Stone and his buddies. Captain Carey on the Grizzly got into flounder again this week. On Monday, his flukers kept 18 fine fish, including twin citation doormats weighing 7.25 pounds each for Carey and Don Watson. Sunday's gang on the Grizzly got a limit of 28 fluke to 7 pounds plus a batch of keeper sea bass. Bucktail specialist Max Maxwell stopped by with a 6 pound beauty he jigged up aboard Thelma Dale IV Monday. Jen Miebauer managed a 4.7 pound flounder, and Mike Thompson took home a 4.4 pounder from their trip on the Thelma Dale IV. Wayne Demarco and his crew consisting of Daryl, Joe, Diana and Sheree drifted the Old Grounds Friday for their limit of quality fluke to over 24 inches. Delaware Bay flounder seekers had a tough time with full moon tides. Some fish came from reef structure at the beginning and end of running currents. Dave Walker and his buddy Mike did put together an 8 fish limit of chunky flatties to 5.2 pounds at Sites 6 and 7 Thursday afternoon. Other Bay bottom bouncers found croakers, kingfish, puffers, porgies and spike trout around the reef sites. Silversides and anchovies have been numerous in the Bay, and bunches of snapper blues could often be seen crashing through baitfish around structure and in current rips. Snappers hung out along the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers and could be caught by casting bucktails, metal jigs and swimming or popping plugs.

First Swordfish

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/24/2015 12:00:00 AM

Flounder action continued to capture the attention of Bay and Ocean anglers. Reef Site 11 had yielded numerous flounder in previous weeks, but boaters found better catching recently on natural bottom between DB and DA Buoys. Inshore Sites 9 and 10 also produced flatties. Flukers relied on the usual arsenal of offerings to get the job done. Rigs sporting hair teasers in white, green or orange sweetened with a small whole squid, strip of squid, cut bluefish, robin or croaker, smelt or shiners, or any combination of these were popular. Bucktailers did well using 3 to 6 jigs with a teaser of a lighter bucktail, vinyl squid, or hair skirt tied to a dropper up the leader in front of the main lure. The addition of Gulp! greatly increased effectiveness. Many times, those using the revolutionary soft artificial with its powerful scent outfished others employing natural baits by a wide margin. Old Grounds anglers preferred 5 and 6 inch sizes, in colors such as pearl, chartreuse, pink shine, new penny, glow, and the super popular nuclear chicken. Flounder pounders on Katydid enjoyed another good stretch. Monday's morning group gathered a boat limit of flatties. Bill and Charlotte Hughes and Steve Thompson joined Captain Brent in the afternoon for another limit, including Charlotte's 6.25 pounder. Terry Euston and his crew captured a 40 flatfish limit Tuesday. Bully Bob and the every Wednesday gang did it again, returning with another limit of 40 flatties. It was pretty windy Thursday, but Frank Felbaum and his gang persevered to put 20 keepers in the box aboard Katydid. Paul Jackson and his party put together a catch of 10 nice keepers despite Fridays questionable weather. Paul boated his personal best fluke, a hefty 6.5 pounder. On Sunday, Randy and his friends took home their limit of 20 keepers off Ocean structure from their trip on Katydid. Captain Carey's anglers on the Grizzly also got into flounder. His Wednesday group brought back 32 fish. Flukers on the Indian had 13 nice flatties Wednesday. Joe Walker, Bill Wiest, Tony Vansant and Tom Coyle took their limit of 16 flounder Tuesday near DB Buoy. Mike Thompson checked in a chunky 5.14 pound flatfish he caught Tuesday at the Old Grounds. Joe and Dave Walker and their buddies limited out Wednesday while working the bottom near DB Buoy. Joe scored a 5.75 pounder. Evan Falgowski and his family fished Site 9 Sunday morning for a couple hours and put a dozen keepers in the box. Young Kale Falgowski celebrated his birthday by decking a 4.5 pounder during the outing. Aaron Brommer brought in a 4.85 pounder he caught with squid and shiners at the Old Grounds aboard Thelma Dale IV Sunday. In Delaware Bay, flounder were still hanging around sites 4,5,6,7 and 8, but the best window for a bite happened during the last hour of flood tide, or first of the ebb. Joe Walker, Bob Murphy and Dan McGeady hit the reef circuit Monday for 10 stout keeper fluke. Other bottom bouncers trying around the artificial reefs found croakers, kingfish, blowfish, triggerfish, trout, porgies and snapper blues. It blew hard northeast Saturday, but slacked off in the afternoon, and Tony Little, Jason Rutt and Maverick Rutt fished Site 8 for a couple hours aboard the Fish Hawk to capture 60 croakers. Bluefish have also been feeding around the rocks of the Ice Breakers and Outer Wall, and would respond to a bucktail tipped with a squid strip or shiner. Slot stripers remain in season until August 31st, and those seeking stripers in Lewes Canal and Broadkill River had success drifting eels around the drawbridge and train bridge. Casting surface and swimming plugs and soft plastic artificials along the marsh banks at dawn and dusk also produced rockfish. Canal anglers caught spot and croakers too using bits of bloodworm on small hooks. Ocean surf casters at Herring Point had a few kingfish, small blues and spike trout with bloodworms and Fishbites. The white marlin bite is starting to shape up offshore. Billfish were reported in decent numbers near the Triple Zeros of South Poor Mans. Dolphin have been plentiful around floating stuff in Baltimore Canyon. Matt Wright muscled in a 20.2 pound mahi while trolling in the Baltimore aboard Lil Angler II. Rob Jarboe and his crew aboard Ella Belle spent a rough Saturday night in the Baltimore Canyon, but were rewarded with a nice swordfish. Scott Hicks handled the 93 pounder after it ate a live croaker in 1800 feet of water. The guys also released a pair of white marlin trolled up in the daylight.

Improved Offshore Action

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/17/2015 12:00:00 AM

Local boaters reported better offshore action at weeks end. Billfish, tuna and mahi came from the Baltimore and Washington Canyons. Ian Binnersley brought in a 26.3 pound bull dolphin trolled up in the Baltimore aboard Griffin. The crew iced several other mahi and also released four white marlin on Thursday. Andrew Seipp scored a 54.2 pound wahoo while trolling ballyhoo through 70 fathoms, inshore of Baltimore Canyon. Mike Fritz had his hands full Friday when a bigeye grabbed the lightest rig in the spread, but all went well, and the 136 pound eyeball ended up in the bag. The crew also landed several dolphin, and topped off the take with blueline and golden tile by drifting bottom in the deep of the Baltimore aboard Snow Goose, with Captain Ed Sigda. Joe Ruger reeled in a 27.8 pound mahi while trolling the Baltimore Sunday on the Port-A-Bella. Shawn Gallagher and his crew aboard Free Spool overnighted in the Washington, where they boated a dozen keeper yellowfins at night, drifting with sardines and jigs. Shawn said the sharks were terrible, and they lost several tuna to large toothy critters. The guys also trolled up a 25 pound wahoo. Rob Jarboe and his gang on Ella Belle ran to the Washington and had fun with tuna at night. The guys decked 6 yellowfins by livelining squids on light tackle. Wilkie Jarboe battled a nice swordfish that ate an eel on a spinning outfit for quite awhile before it finally got hung up in the running gear. The boys also had a white marlin, and jumped off a blue one, for a great offshore experience. Back inshore, flounder continued to please Ocean bottom bouncers at Sites 10 and 11, and on the Old Grounds. The Wednesday regulars aboard Katydid made Captain Brent look good again, bringing back a boat limit of 40 flatties plus some bonus black bass. Thurday flukers on Katydid had their limit of 40 fish by 10:30 am. Ken Seltzer and his crew captured 40 keepers Friday on Katydid. Deanna McGovern had big fish honors for her 5.87 pounder. Mate Chris Vann's birthday trip on Katydid produced a 44 flatfish limit for him and his buddies during their Saturday celebration. Ernie Stone had the hot hook that day, and bested everybody with his first citation fluke weighing 7.44 pounds, and another that went 6.92. Bill and Charlotte Hughes enjoyed a great Sunday of flounder action aboard Katydid with Captain Brent and Mate Chris. They returned with the boat limit of 16 fish, including Charlotte's 5.25 pounder. Scott Riniker and his crew captured their 16 flattie limit from Ocean structure Saturday. On Friday, Bob Horton, Todd Mills, Jack Henriksen and Pastor Fred fished Site 11 for their limit of fine flounder. Bob boated the biggest, a 6.36 that ate a squid and smelt sandwich. Brian Seglem boated his personal best flounder Thursday at Site 11, weighing 5.64 pounds. Larry and Joe Coyle landed their limit of 8 nice fluke while working Ocean structure Thursday. On Sunday, Tony Vansant decked a doormat weighing just under 8 pounds while drifting an Ocean reef. In Delaware Bay, flounder fans who were on reef sites 6, 7 and 8 at the beginning and end of the tides had decent fishing. On Monday, Joe and Michael Walker and Bob and Robert Karpovich made the reef route and assembled a catch of 13 keepers, including a brace scaling 5 and 5.5 pounds. On Thursday, Bob Bryant just missed earning a citation with his 6.9 pounder from Reef Site 5. Bob was at it again Sunday. He and his crew on the Nervous Wreck had their limit of 20 keepers in just a couple hours, at the end of the flood on Upper Bay structure. John Schnaitman stuck a 5 pounder on that trip.

Northeast Wind

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/10/2015 12:00:00 AM

Strong northeast winds wiped out the weekend for most boating anglers, but up until Friday, flounder action remained pretty good. Ocean structure continued to produce decent numbers of flatties for fishermen drifting Site 10 and natural bottom of the Old Grounds, between DB and DA Buoys. Bucktails with Gulp! were responsible for many fluke, but strips of squid, shiners and fresh cut sea robin, croaker or bluefish on hair teaser rigs got the attention of flatfish as well. Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Brent and Mate Chris on Katydid Monday for their limit of 16 flounder to 5.5 pounds, plus triggerfish to 3.2 pounds. They topped off the box with a limit of 40 blues. Neill and Colby Erdessy traveled from Colorado Springs to fish with Craig Jennings of Rehoboth on Miss Kirstin, and the three generations of flounder pounders put together their limit of a dozen keepers Monday at the Old Grounds. The Wednesday regulars aboard Katydid showed their stuff again by icing their limit of 28 stout fluke. Wednesday flukers on Miss Kirstin took home 20 flatties. The Thursday crew on Katydid captured their limit of 28 flatfish. Mike and Norm Buczik nailed five quality fluke on the Old Grounds Thursday. Charlie and Tom Malewski, Dave and Kevin Haldeman, and Rob Keaveney worked the Old Grounds Thursday for 18 nice keepers on the Outcast. Senior group member Charlie showed he's still got it by decking a 6.6 pound doormat. John Yoder pulled a 6.8 pounder off the Old Grounds Thursday by jigging a Spro bucktail aboard Thelma Dale IV. The Old Grounds yielded a flounder limit to Thursdays gang on the Grizzly. Back in Delaware Bay, currents diminished somewhat following the full moon, allowing flounder seekers a little more bite time during the tides. Bob and Bobby Bryant, along with Al Riberio hit Site 5 Thursday afternoon at the top of flood tide, and limited out with 12 chunky flatfish during the first two hours of the ebb. Captain Brent stayed in the Bay Sunday because of northeast wind, but his flukers still put together a batch of 14 keepers. Ty Becker was Top dog with his 5.9 pounder. Joe and Michael Walker, and Bob and Robert Karpovich captured 13 plump flatties Sunday while working Reef Sites 6,7 and 8. Other Bay bottom bouncers found croakers, snapper blues, spike trout and kingfish around Reef Sites 8 and 5. Drake McGregor checked in a 1.01 pound citation king he captured aboard Lil Angler II. The nicest croakers around have taken up residence in Lewes Canal, and anglers soaking bloodworms, Fishbites, clams or small strips of squid connected with hefty hardheads to over a pound. Canal anglers continued to take advantage of the summer striper season as well, reporting slot rockfish responding to eels, bloods, clams and a variety of artificials including RatLTraps, Zara Spooks, Storm Shads and Gulp! Some flounder were still located along Lewes Beach. Alvontae Drummond landed a 3.91 pound fluke while tossing a Gulp! Swimming Mullet from shore near the Ferry Jetty. Inshore trollers encountered dolphin. On Thursday, Captain Brian's crew on Lil Angler II trolled up a nice catch of mahis to 10 pounds east of Site 11. It's wahoo time, and trolling boats targeting the speedsters over traditional grounds have connected with tasty scombrids. The corridor between Delaware Light and the Twenty Fathom Line has been holding hoos. Captain Jeff Hoepfl pulled Braid Marauder plugs and ballyhoo skirted with Joe Shutes over bottom changes east of DE Light Thursday aboard his Joint Venture. Thats where Matthew Hoepfl boated a 47.2 pound wahoo, and Lee Abel landed a 22.1 pounder. Captain Alan's guys on Big Herring had a 25 pound wahoo Thursday. Congratulations to some Lewes Harbour regulars who did well in the recent White Marlin Open. Scott Joseph took Second heaviest wahoo with his 44 pounder from the Baltimore with Kenny Gray and his crew aboard Just Right V. Andy Shelton scored the heaviest dolphin with a 46.5 pound bull.

Good Ocean Fluking

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/3/2015 12:00:00 AM

Hard running currents around the recent Blue Moon were an issue for Delaware Bay fishermen, but Ocean anglers fared well with flounder at Reef Sites 9, 10 and 11, and on natural bottom of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys. The best bites seemed to occur during morning flood tides. Flukers reported success using squid and other fresh cut baits such as sea robin, bluefish and croaker, plus shiners and smelts. Gulp! Swimming Mullets and 6 inch Grubs, especially in Nuclear Chicken color were quite effective, either on a bottom rig or a bucktail jig. Tandem rigged bucktails with Gulp! or cut baits worked well. Flounder specialist Captain Brent on Katydid was dialed in on flattie action during the week. His Monday group had a limit of quality fish, including Jim Osborne's 6.55 pounder. Tuesday's gang got their limit of 28, with Bill York's 5.5 pounder on top. The Wednesday regulars reeled in 22 keepers. Brent boated a citation worthy 7.27 pounder himself. On Thursday, flukers from Harrisburg scored a limit of 36 chunky flatfish aboard Katydid. Frank Felbaum fought a 6.81 pounder. The flounder were chewin' hard Friday morning, and patrons on Katydid returned early with their limit of 40 flatfish. Kathy McClune broke in her new rod and reel with a pair weighing 3.8 and 3.9 pounds as part of her limit. Saturday saw another 36 keeper limit for Katydid anglers. Larry McDonald landed a 6.6 pounder for top honors. A 40 fish to 6 plus pounds limit finished out the weekend on Sunday for Katydid. Fluke fans fishing with Captain Carey on Grizzly had nice catches during the week too. Friday's group on Grizzly took home their limit of 24. Carey's young son Josh Evans is a real chip off the old block when it comes to flounder fishing, and put a brace of beauties weighing 5.5 and 6.25 pounds in the boat Wednesday. Jason Beakes deployed a whole squid while drifting aboard Grizzly Saturday to tempt a 7 pound fluke. Bob Kauffman had an unusual flounder experience Thursday while bouncing bottom off Bethany aboard the Last Dollar. He had a double header of fluke weighing 5.03 and 3.28 pounds on the same hook of a Capt. Joe's Tinsel Rig. Not just the same rig, the same hook! Joe and Michael Walker, Bill Wiest and Robert Karpovich worked Site 10 for their limit of keepers Saturday. Robert reeled in his personal best flounder that trip, a 7.18 pound citation earner. Joe, Michael and Dave Walker and Robert Karpovich went back to Ocean structure Sunday for another limit of 16 flatties. The Old Grounds yielded some impressive flatfish recently. Whopper of the week went to Billy Talbot for his awesome 10.2 pound doormat decked aboard the Thelma Dale IV. Despite hard running currents in Delaware Bay, there were windows when fish bit. Bob and Buckwheat Bryant , Bobby Fleming and Al Riberio drifted Site 4 in the Upper Bay all by themselves Tuesday for 14 chunky flatties. Flounder also came from Site 8 at the beginning and end of the tide. Joe Walker and Tony Vansant limited out at Site 8 Monday. Croakers were a little finicky, but Captain Dave put together a catch of 45 nice hardheads for his group aboard the Indian Saturday afternoon on the northeast corner of the Star Site. Croakers continued to come from Lewes Canal, along with a few flounder and slot size stripers. Donna Muller was fishing the Canal for croakers when a 4.13 pound flounder pounced on the small piece of bloodworm she was using for bait. More spot of varying sizes are starting to show in Lewes Canal. Good news for guys who like to catch and stockpile them for flounder and striper baits.

Pending Record Gray Tile

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/27/2015 12:00:00 AM

Summertime flounder action has been good. Anglers reported catching numerous fish on Delaware Bay and Ocean structure, however, a lot of the fish have been short of the 16 inch minimum. Although, we've seen several of this seasons biggest fluke over the past week. Jim Davidson decked a dandy 9.25 pound doormat, while drifting cut bait over Delaware Bay structure Saturday aboard the Grizzly. John Yoder used a 6 inch Nuclear Chicken Gulp! to tempt his personal best 8.64 pound fluke form Ocean bottom Saturday on the Capt. Bob II. Mike Eastman managed a 7.5 pound citation earner Saturday on the Old Grounds. Steve Price used squid and minnows on a B2 Squid rig to hook the 6.84 pound flatfish he pulled from a wreck outside the mouth of Delaware Bay. John Schnaitman scored a 6.64 pounder over reef rubble at Site 10. George Durant decked a 6.25 pound flattie on the Old Grounds. Captain Brent's flukers on Katydid enjoyed fine fishing all week. Mike Surowiec and the Monday regulars limited out with 32 keepers. The every Wednesday crew on Katydid returned with 39 fluke, topped off by Ron Mistrettas 5.65 pounder. Captain Brent hosted a group of junior anglers Thursday afternoon , and they did a great job, returning with 13 keeper fluke. A gang of flounder poundin' locals fished on Katydid Friday, and put together their 32 flatfish limit. Pat Irelan had big fish honors with his 6.25 pounder. Ken Seltzer and his crew had a great Saturday on Katydid, bringing back a boxful of flatfish. Sunday's morning flukers on Katydid returned with a limit of 24 keepers, and the afternoon group took home 27. Dave Walker, Matt Shoup, Bill Wiest and Kyle Fagowski worked Bay rubble Thursday for their limit of 16 stout fluke. Wayne DeMarco, Joe Pergeorelis and Doug Mickowski bucktailed Site 11 Tuesday for their limit of a dozen flatties. Wayne, Doug, Harry Hudson, Daryl Mergenthaler and Doug Mickowski did Site 11 again on Friday for their limit of 16 keepers. Bob Bryant and Michelle and John Schnaitman jigged up 10 keepers to 6.6 pounds at Site 10 Tuesday. Bottom bouncers seeking panfish in Delaware Bay found croakers, kingfish and blowfish at Reef Site 8. Some of the biggest hardheads continued to come from Lewes Canal. Jason Miller had a 1.46 pound croaker in the Canal that he hooked on a small bucktail with a piece of Fishbites Sunday. It seems all the big black drum hadn't dropped out of the Bay yet. A couple anglers tangled unexpectedly with boomers while trying for other species. Brad Sokso was fishing for croakers at the Ice Breakers with a small piece of Fishbites on a size 4 hook when a big fish grabbed his rig. The boomer broke his light rod during the battle, and busted his net at boatside, but Brad finally landed the 35 pounder. Dillon Talley was working a bucktail tipped with Gulp! near the Ice Breakers Friday when he had a heavy hit. After quite a tussle, Dillon decked what turned out to be a 49 pound drum. Slot sized striped bass were active in Lewes Canal and Broadkill River. Drifting eels near the bridges or casting plugs and soft plastics along marsh banks produced keepers. Rich Kline Sr. and Rich Kline, Jr. fished the Canal all week, and had limits most days by deploying eels. Brayden Coverdale used a Gulp! to get his first Canal keeper striper. Offshore boaters chunked up small yellowfins at the 19 Fathom Lump, but had to contend with swarms of bluefish that invaded the area. Best bites were early in the day, and often, anglers had to use light fluorocarbon leaders to get tuna to eat a hook bait. Trollers working between the 19 Lump, Massey's Canyon, Chicken Bone, Hambone and Hot Dog connected with dolphin and wahoo. Ted Garman landed a 60 pound wahoo while trolling ballyhoo at the Hambone Saturday. Billfish action was decent in 100 Fathoms of the Baltimore, with whites and blues reported. Canyon deep dropping was productive. Adam Lovenguth celebrated his 30th birthday by dropping in the Wilmington Saturday with Matt Baker, Chip Graves and Jeff Drury aboard the Sea Tiger for 10 golden tile and 50 big blackbelly rosefish. With nice conditions Saturday, John Schneider ran his Patient Lady to the Norfolk Canyon for some tilefishing. That's where Jesse Kegley landed a potential new Delaware State Record Blueline Tilefish. The big Gray weighed in at a whopping 21.8 pounds. Bill Fintel boated the current 19.7 pound Blueline in the Baltimore just two months ago.

Chunk Bite At 19 Fathom Lump

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/20/2015 12:00:00 AM

We checked in a real nice mako Saturday. Ed Sigda and his crew aboard Snow Goose drifted 82 degree water in the deep of Wilmington Canyon Friday night. They deployed a chum slick of ground tuna and bunker, and baited with false albacore fillets, using 20/0 circle hooks on 400 pound mono. Mike Fritz hooked up a shark, and boated the blackeye after an hour battle. The circle hook mono rig had done its job, lodging right in the corner of the jaw. Back at Lewes Harbour, the male mako was weighed in at 272.5 pounds. At the cleaning station, a deteriorating longline J hook on mono was discovered lodged in the back of the stomach. Evidently the shark swallowed and bit off the bait some time ago. Had a circle been used, the hook would likely have ended up outside the cutting teeth. Wilmington Canyon trollers hooked bigeyes while pulling ballyhoos behind Joe Shutes and Iland Lures between 6 and 11 pm. Other offshore reports told of a chunk bite for bluefins and yellowfins at the 19 Fathom Lump. Captain Brent's Sunday crew on Katydid chunked the 19 to bring home 11 yellowfins. Captain Carey set up Grizzly there as well Sunday, and his chunkers put a 45 inch bluefin, 7 yellowfins and a 16 pound mahi in the box. They also released several small yellowfins. Evan Falgowski chunked the Hot Dog Sunday, and said light fluorocarbon leaders were necessary to get bites. Finesse fishing paid off for Evans crew with three yellowfins to 50 pounds and a pair of gaffer mahis. Trollers picked up a few tuna and good numbers of mahi around Massey's Canyon, the Hambone Hot Dog and the Fingers. Back inshore, flounder action was decent on the Old Grounds, and over Reef Sites 9, 10 and 11. S&S Bucktails with Gulp teasers, and hair skirted rigs sporting strips of fresh meat like cut sea robin, bluefish or croaker have worked well. Smelts and shiners were also popular baits. Captain Brent's flukers on Katydid had quite a catch of quality flatfish while working Ocean structure Saturday. They put 34 keepers in the box, with several between 5 and 6 pounds. Ron Mistretta added a 7.33 pound citation earner, and Tom Wood topped the take with his 8.19 pound doormat. Conditions were tough Friday, but persistent anglers on Katydid managed 20 keepers. Wednesday's regular "atheletes" had an early bite for 24 keepers aboard Katydid. Flounder poundin' brothers Joe, Dave and Michael Walker teamed up to bring back 10 fine flatties to 4.75 pounds from Ocean structure Wednesday. On Monday, Joe Walker, Ron Mistretta and Bob Murphy made the circuit of Sites 9, 10 and 11 to assemble their limit of 12 flounder to 5 pounds. Captain Ted took Pirate King II to the Old Grounds Monday, and returned with 18 good keepers for his party of flounder seekers. On Sunday, Joe Pergeorelis, Josh Wilkers and Doug Mickowski drifted the Old Grounds for their limit of flatties to 4.5 pounds. Fred Robinson, Joe McNeal and Daryl Mergenthaler decked their limit of 12 fine fluke by bucktailing the Old Grounds Sunday. In Delaware Bay, boaters had to contend with hard running currents, but caught some flatties at the end of the tide around Reef Sites 5 and 8. Alex Robertson reeled in a 20 inch flounder, and her Uncle Kirk Robertson captured a 22 incher during their morning trip to Site 8 on Lil Angler II. Landon Burkhart and Dalton Stanley scored four flatfish to 23 inches drifting Nuclear Chicken Gulp over Site 5 at the beginning of flood tide Sunday morning. Wes Grove and his guys pulled 5 chunky keepers off Bay structure Sunday. Bob Bryant and his crew drifted Bay reefs Sunday to capture 10 stout flounder to nearly 5 pounds. Croakers and kingfish continued to come from reef rubble as well. Roosevelt inlet is still giving up flatties. Larry Taylor and Lou Chudnofsky had five keepers fishing minnows during incoming tide Saturday morning. Mike Buczik boated a 23 inch fluke while working a pink Gulp in Broadkill River. Some of the nicest croakers around came from the Canal. Edward and Jason Miller had a batch of 12 plus inch golden beauties while using small bucktails tipped with Fishbites, between the Drawbridge and the Train Bridge. Slot striper action has been good on the Canal. Drifting eels or bottom fishing with squid heads and clams near the bridges works. For those who prefer artificials, casting swimming and topwater plugs and soft baits along the marsh banks is also effective. Jake Mundok stopped by with his two rockfish limit that fell for Yozuri plugs. The first few spot were caught in Lewes Canal on bloodworms and Fishbites. Tautog season was off to a slow start. Only a handful of keepers were taken by toggers along the Inner and Outer Walls and Ice Breakers.

Inshore Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/13/2015 12:00:00 AM

Inshore action with tuna and dolphin was decent. Trolling ballyhoo, spreader bars and Flippy Floppy Things over traditional structure between Twenty and Thirty Fathoms produced a mix of yellowfins and bluefins. Good numbers of dolphin were mixed in. The first wahoo checked in at Lewes Harbour hit the dock Tuesday. Rick Barker, Julie Nelson, Chris Dispoto and JoeBeaudet trolled pink and white skirted ballyhoo at the Hambone aboard Triple Play to connect with the 24.2 pound hoo, a 40 pound bluefin and four gaffer mahis. Bill Swords and Donna Floyd made a quick trip to the 19 Fathom Lump in the Upper Dumpsite Monday morning aboard Swords Fish. Shortly after deploying spreader bars, they got bit by bluefins. They landed a 45 pounder, and released another, then headed back to port in time for lunch. John Caplinger and crew trolled the Chicken Bone aboard Grizzly for their two under bluefins and some nice dolphin Saturday. Matt Baker boated a 20.1 pound bull dolphin at the Hot Dog. Sean Hickey scored a 16.1 pound mahi while trolling at the Chicken Bone Saturday. Mike Ambler managed a pair of yellowfins Saturday afternoon while trolling east of Masseys Canyon. Offshore canyon crews encountered billfish. Ryan Short reported he fished the Wilmington Saturday with Captain Billy Hein on the Stacey, where anglers aboard released two blue marlin and one white. Back inshore, bottom bouncers concentrated their efforts on flatfish. Flounder were found on natural structure of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys, and at artificial reef sites 10 and 11. S & S Bucktails with Gulp! teasers worked well, as did fluke killer rigs baited with squid, shiners, smelts or fresh cut strips of bluefish, croaker or sea robin. Captain Brents regular Wednesday fluke fanatics aboard Katydid had a fantastic trip, putting together a boat limit of 40 keepers. Brent boated a 5.9 pounder himself while jigging from the bridge. Thursdays crew on Katydid kept 27. Because of wind on Friday, Brent anchored closer to the beach, and his anglers took a boat limit of bluefish, plus triggerfish to over three pounds and 15 flounder. Local flounder pounders landed some quality fish Saturday on Katydid. They had two over 5 pounds and several over 4 pounds among the 26 they brought back. Wayne Demarco, Joe Pergeorelis, Ray Ganc and Joe Pergeorelis, Jr drifted the Old Grounds for their limit of 20 fine flatties. Jen Petkus fished minnows near DB Buoy to put a 23 inch flounder in the cooler. In Delaware Bay, strong currents made drift conditions difficult for flatfishermen. There were windows of catching at the end of the tides. Laura Kemper landed a 5.1 pound fluke at Site 8. Jack Henriksen had a 3.9 pounder from Site 8 as well. Croakers, kingfish and blowfish also hung out at Site 8 and Site 5. Croakers and flounder continued to come from Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and Roosevelt inlet. The first spot finally arrived in the Canal and along Lewes Beach. Slot stripers were caught floating eels around the bridges. Rock responded to surface plugs and Storm Shads worked along the marsh banks too.

Slot Stripers and Inshore Bluefins

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/6/2015 12:00:00 AM

Area anglers took advantage of the Slot Striper Season opening up, and worked Lewes Canal and Broadkill River for keepers within the 20 to 25 inch legal range. Dustin and Brad Schell checked in with their limit of four rockfish landed by drifting eels around the drawbridge. Mike Slaughter and Charlie Booth brought in some nice slot bass as well. Zach Belcher and Spencer Brooks bucktailed bass and bluefish at Canary Creek. Tony and Diana Vansant limited out on slots drifting eels at the drawbridge during the end of flood tide Sunday. Other fishermen told of success with stripers while tossing Zara Spooks, Chug Bugs, Pop Rs, and other surface plugs along the marsh banks. Swimming Storm shads, Gulp! and RatLTraps also took their share. Rigs on the bottom with clams, squid heads or cut bunker caught bass for bait soakers too. Croakers have been numerous in Lewes Canal, and would bite bloodworms, clams or Fishbites. Flounder continue to come from the Canal, as well as off shallow water structure along Lewes Beach and inside Cape Henlopen. Steve Warren scored a 3.5 pound Canal keeper while jigging a Nuclear Chicken Gulp! from the Town Dock. Marty Riley was casting a Storm Shad near the train bridge for stripers, but it was inhaled instead by a 4.5 pound flatfish. Garrett Stryzs got his 2.5 pound Canal flattie with a white Gulp! Craig Goebel drifted the Canal three times during the week for a total of 10 keeper fluke, while using squid, minnows and cut croaker. Jack Ostroski used Gulp! to tempt a 22 incher from the Canal. Small boaters drifting around the pilings of Cape Henlopen Pier encountered flatties. Young kayakers A.J. Wiles and Colby Bealing had five fine keepers one trip while deploying minnows near the Pier. A.J. went back another day, and returned with his limit of four keepers. Julie Stevenson used her canoe to get close to Pier structure, and pulled in a pair of 20 plus inchers. Near shore rock piles also yielded fluke. Rob McMann said Gulp! outfished everything else he threw at the Ferry Wall, and put three nice keepers in the box for him Wednesday evening. Kyle Falgowski landed his limit of four at the Ferry Wall Friday morning with Gulp! and minnows. Bay Reef Sites held flounder, but conditions were tough around the full moon. Captain Brent about wore out the shifters keeping Katydid over rubble Tuesday, but his flukers managed 15 quality fish, including a 5.43 pounder for Greg Kratzer. Josh Bauman boated a 5.22 pound fluke aboard Katydid Thursday. Emmy Fibelkorn got a brace of flatfish to 22 inches at Site 5 Friday. Bay artificial reefs also produced croakers, kingfish, blowfish, snapper blues and spike trout. Spot haven't shown up yet, but some better sized croakers have been caught. Anchoring right on reef debris was best for bigger fish. Chaz Tennermann checked in a 1.25 pound croaker from Site 5. Some other species showed on structure as well. Andrea Monetti managed the first triggerfish from the Outer Wall, a 2.65 pounder. Diane Foster fought an 8 pound black drum while fishing for croakers at the Star Site aboard Lil Angler II. Ocean bottom bouncing has been pretty good. A group of Katydid regulars decided to try for sea bass Monday, since most boats had recently been concentrating on flounder. The decision paid off, and they returned from their wreck trip with a pile of big knothead bass, ling, codfish and flounder. Another gang of frequent flyers on Katydid fished Ocean structure with Captain Brent Wednesday for 26 fine flatties, including a 6.25 pounder for Lou Pennella, plus a 7.21 pound lunker for Joe Lee. Wilson brought a 6.8 pounder over the rail of Katydid Friday. John Christopher captured a 7.25 pound citation earning fluke from the Old Grounds Tuesday aboard Grizzly. Dave Walker, Bob Bryant and Al Riberio drifted Ocean wrecks Wednesday for their limit of 12 chunky flatties, including Als 5.5 pounder. Junior flounder pounders E.J. and Josh Hopkins used minnows and squid to take 6 good keepers off the Old Grounds Friday. Captain Carey's Sunday group aboard Grizzly had a great catch on the Old Grounds. They limited out with 32 keeper flatties. Dave Angstadt decked the heaviest fluke of the week, a 7.9 pounder he boated over the Old Grounds aboard Thelma Dale IV. A ball jig with a 6 inch Nuclear Chicken Gulp! was responsible for the downfall of that dandy doormat. Good water quality on the Old Grounds offered up some bonuses for boaters, with fish not usually found in close. There were several reports of mahi mahi among flounder fishermen, and some crews spotted schools of bluefins busting in the area. Jack Henriksen landed a 7 pound dolphin while fluking the Old Grounds Sunday. In addition, Jack, Ricky and Todd Mills and Bob Horton brought in 7 nice flounder from that trip. Tuna action was pretty good between Twenty and Thirty Fathoms. Mostly bluefins, and some yellowfins mingled at Massey's Canyon, 19 Fathom Lump, the Tea Cup, Hambone and Hot Dog. Trolling Flippy Floppy Things, spreader bars, Green Machines and skirted ballyhoos enticed tunas to bite. Cory Falgowski trolled up a 55.2 pound yellowfin near the Dog Thursday. Ed Sigda and his crew aboard Snow Goose pulled spreader bars between the 19 Fathom Lump and Masseys for their two forty pound bluefins and a yellowfin. Keith Beebe, Chuck Gooding and Taylor Deemer trolled spreader bars at the Tea Cup Thursday for three bluefins and a mahi. Captain Brent's trollers on Katydid boated two 40 pound bluefins for the box Friday morning by trolling ballyhoos with Ilanders. Keith Orendorf and his gang aboard Miss Five O trolled up several bluefins at Masseys Canyon Friday, keeping a 45 pounder. In addition, they decked 5 gaffer dolphin. Geoff McCloskey and the boys on Tutta Benne were at the 19 Fathom Lump first thing Sunday morning, and trolled up 3 bluefins while towing Flippy Floppy Things. They put a 40 pounder in the cooler and released the others. Captain Jeff Hoepfl and his trollers aboard Joint Venture also hit the 19 Fathom Lump Sunday morning for plenty of bluefin action. They boxed their pair of under 47 inchers, and released others. Bill Swords and his crew on Swords Fish worked Baltimore Canyon Friday, where Brandon Brown boated a 20 pound dolphin. They also deep dropped for a nice batch of Golden Tile, including Brandon's 30.2 pounder. Bigeyes have been frequenting the 800 Square in Washington Canyon. Pods of whales have been working over schools of squid in the area, and boaters that found feeding whales, often hooked tuna lurking below. Best bites occurred in the evening, with eyeballs attacking trolled offerings well into the darkness. Charlie Horning and his crew on Fish Whistle trolled until 11 pm Thursday, and boated a pair of bigeyes in the 150 pound class. Ballyhoos dressed with Joe Shutes did the trick. Larry McDonald and his buddies had a terrific trip to the Washington Monday afternoon aboard Pumpin Hard. They trolled up four eyeballs with a total weight of more than 900 pounds. The heaviest tipped the scales to 296 pounds. Seven gaffer mahis topped off their catch. Congratulations on an awesome excursion!

Summertime Flounder

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/28/2015 12:00:00 AM

It seems like summertime flounder action is off to a good start. Flatties continued to come from Lewes Canal and Broadkill River. Art and Bill Inden fished a couple hours of ebb tide on the Canal Monday afternoon, and returned with five nice keepers taken while drifting minnows. Chad Wentworth and Nick Psaroudakis, creator of the popular Nicks Rigs, used that custom tied gear to capture their eight Canal flounder limit in short order during outgoing tide Thursday. The rigs were tipped with minnows and shiners. Hudson Keller checked in early Friday morning with a pair of flatfish to 21 inches he had while kayaking Roosevelt Inlet. A Spro bucktail sweetened with Gulp! did the trick. Delaware Bay structure also yielded flounder. On Monday, Jack Henriksen, Ricky Mills and Bob and Greg Horton had 8 keeper fluke and a pile of croakers at Site 8. Greg had big fish honors with his 4.75 pounder. Air temperatures were hot Tuesday, and so was catching for flukers on Katydid, who brought back 22 from the Bay. Panfish catches have been good for Delaware Bay bottom bouncers. Plenty of croakers were found around Reef Sites 5 and 8. Kingfish and blowfish were mixed in. Croakers moved into Lewes Canal in good numbers, and anglers fishing from the bank or the Town Dock hooked numerous hardheads while baiting with bloodworms or clams. Ocean fluking has also been pretty decent. Captain Brent took his Wednesday regulars on Katydid to the big pond for 27 keepers. Wayne Demarco, Joe Pergeorelis, Ray Ganc and Daryl Mergenthaler worked Site 11 for their limit of quality flounder. Daryl decked a 7.2 pound doormat during that excursion. Mike Davis drifted the Old Grounds with cut bait Wednesday for his limit of nice flatties. Thursday flukers on Katydid put 23 in the box. Levi Byler boated a 7.11 pound citation earner on the Old Grounds Thursday aboard the Adventurer. Stripers roamed Lewes Canal, and could be caught by drifting eels around the drawbridge, or casting a variety of artificials along the marsh banks. The summer striped bass slot size season is effective from July 1st through August 31st. During that time, anglers may retain two striped bass between 20 and 25 inches per day. The reduced size requirement applies only to Delaware Bay and it's tributaries. There was a good inshore tuna bite early in the week, with a mix of yellowfins and bluefins reported at the Hot Dog and Tea Cup. However, heavy boat traffic from trollers spread out the fish by weeks end, and catches dwindled. Bill Swords and Bill Wiest boated a 45 pound bluefin and an 18.4 pound dolphin at the Hambone Thursday. Herb Guest and the guys on Port-A-Bella got a pair of yellowfins near the Dog. Ed Sigda's crew on the Snow Goose trolled up two yellowfins and 4 mahi in twenty fathoms. Shawn Gallagher used a Flippy Floppy Thing to tempt the 44 inch dolphin he landed aboard Free Spool.

Possible Record Tilefish

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/21/2015 12:00:00 AM

After the new moon, tidal currents started to let up in Delaware Bay, and flounder catches improved. Flatties were reported from Site 5 in Broadkill Slough, and from Reef 8, the Star Site. On Monday, Captain Brent's flukers aboard Katydid kept 14 nice fish. Captain Brent's Wednesday crew captured 16 keepers. On Saturday, anglers on Katydid limited out with 24 flatfish taken while drifting squid and shiners over Bay structure. On Saturday, Captain Walt Wilson checked in a pair of fluke to 23 inches he boated while bouncing strips of cut croaker across the Star Site. Taylor Myers and Rob Homrighausen had 7 keeper flounder at the Site 8 Saturday aboard Martha Marie. Jack Henriksen and Ricky and Todd Mills took advantage of good conditions on the Star Site Saturday, and put together a fine catch of six nice keeper flatties. Croakers, kingfish and spike trout also hung around Sites 5 and 8. Anchoring right on the piles of rubble produced better sized hardheads than drifting the fringes. Clams, squid strips, bloodworms and Fishbites were favored offerings. A few larger trout were pulled off lower Bay rockpiles. Frank Kossek caught a 27 inch weakfish by tossing a D.O.A. Terroreyz at the Inner Wall. Anglers around Roosevelt, and in Lewes Canal and Broadkill River continued to hook flounder, and increasing numbers of croakers. Young Mathew Popovich hooked his first ever flounder this week, a plump 19 incher that grabbed a squid and minnow sandwich in front of Lewes Yacht Club. Ethan Poore also had his first keeper flattie this week in Broadkill River. Jim Malone and Michele Brandli stopped by with flatties to 17.5 inches they pulled for Boadkill River. Rick Wyatt wound in a 21 incher that couldnt resist a squid and minnow combo in the River. Ocean flounder action was decent as well. Captain Brent's gang aboard Katydid limited out, with 24 fluke to 5.5 pounds at Site 11 Saturday. West Sarver checked in with some flounder to 3.3 pounds from the Old Grounds. Rick Lawson landed a 5.1 pound flattie on the Old Grounds as well. Wes Grove and his buddies bounced natural bottom inshore of DB Buoy Friday for their dozen fluke limit, including the near citation 6.85 pounder boated by Wes. Offshore anglers encountered tuna, dolphin and billfish. Best recent action happened inshore of Poor Mans Canyon, between the 990 line and the 000s, from 30 to 50 fathoms. Whales signaled the presence of bait in the area, and crews that found whales or bunches of bait early and late in the day usually got bit by yellowfins in the 30 to 50 pound class. Flippy Floppy Things and squid spreader bars were the weapons of choice. Jeff Hoepfl and his crew on Joint Venture trolled up four good yellowfins and two dolphin there Saturday, but a giant tiger shark clipped off one tuna behind the head before they could get it in the boat. Captain Carey's group on the Grizzly had three yellowfins below the Triple 0s Saturday. Rick Thompson reeled in and released a White Marlin that attacked a Flippy Floppy Thing towed behind Katydid in that area Friday. Rick's gang also returned to the dock with a pair of yellowfins and some mahis. Tyler Freeman, Kevin Rakoski and Bob and Scott Love landed a 63.5 pound yellowfin and four dolphin to 10.5 pounds while trolling the Baltimore Friday. Canyon deep droppers did well with bottom dwellers. Captain Brent's bottom bouncers put a big batch of blueline and golden tiles, plus rosefish, ling and sea bass in the box at the Wilmington Tuesday. In addition, they took home a nice yellowfin and three gaffer mahis. Geoff McCloskey and his crew captured a 32 pound golden tile among others they got in the Baltimore, along with a nice yellowfin, aboard Tutta Benne. Ed Sigda and the boys on Snow Goose had a good trip to the Baltimore Friday. Mike Fritz released a white marlin during the outing. After trolling, the guys switched to deep dropping. That's when Bill Fintel muscled in a double header of blueline tiles that nailed bluefish chunks at the bottom. The largest fish tipped the scales to 19.7 pounds, and has been submitted for consideration as a new Delaware State Record for Blueline Tilefish.

Flounder Still Inside

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/21/2015 12:00:00 AM

Decent numbers of flounder continue to come from Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and Roosevelt Inlet. Most productive times seem to be at the beginning and end of flood tide. Joe Kuhn and family worked the Canal and inlet during the week for several keepers, the largest being Pam Kuhn's 5.16 pounder that pounced on a minnow. Terry Neighbors nailed a 3.66 pounder in the Canal. Jeff Becker boated a 6.55 pound beauty of a doormat in Broadkill River yesterday afternoon. Shallow water along the Ferry Jetty and Inner Wall also yielded flatties. Jim and Chris Donaldson waited until the crowds thinned out to do their Father's Day thing. They worked white Gulp! around the Inner Wall Monday for their limit of flatfish to 4.92 pounds. Steve and Dylan Sheffy decked 4 keeper fluke to 3.33 pounds from the Cape Shores pier yesterday using Gulp! Ocean flounder action has been improving, but success depends on good conditions. Captain Brent's flukers on Katydid drifted the Old Grounds Wednesday where they boxed 17 keepers. Ron Mistretta reeled in a pair of 5 pounders on that trip.

Ocean Flounder Action

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/15/2015 12:00:00 AM

Ocean flounder action is on the upswing. Boaters working natural bottom of the Old Grounds and artificial structures at Reef Site 11 recorded decent catches during the week. One of the most notable came for flukers with Captain Brent aboard the Katydid on Wednesday. His group ended up with their limit of 44 flatties to 5 plus pounds while drifting Site 11. Ernie Stone checked in Friday with 4 fluke to nearly five pounds from his trip to Ocean structure on Thelma Dale IV. The subway cars are still giving up sea bass, ling and cod. A group of hard fishin' locals loaded up with bass, hake, codfish and fluke there on the Katydid Thursday. Matt Mundok took big fish honors with his 5.75 pound flatfish. Anglers on Katydid took 9 keeper flatties to 5.5 pounds Saturday, and 14 more Sunday. Rick Lawson landed a 5.11 pound flounder while drifting a minnow and squid sandwich on the Old Grounds Saturday. Farther offshore, tuna trollers found yellowfins and bigeyes in the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons. Its been all about "That Flippy Floppy Thing"! Crews pulling the crazy daiseys created by Bill Pino at Squidnation report the chain's radical action drives fish wild, and both tuna and billfish find the lures irresistible. Shawn Gallagher and his guys on Freespool trolled between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons Wednesday for eleven nice yellowfins. Captain Brent's Friday group aboard Katydid worked the Wilmington for 3 keeper yellowfins from 36 to 41 pounds, and two that were released. Travis Clouse landed the 41 pounder. The guys also had some gaffer mahis, including a 17.9 pounder for Jay Clouse. Geoff McCloskey and his crew aboard Tutta Benne took a single yellowfin while trolling the Baltimore Sunday, then switched to deep dropping and put 4 pretty golden tile to nearly 32 pounds in the box. Back inshore, Delaware Bay anglers encountered croakers, kingfish and blowfish around the artificial reefs. Sites 5 and 8 were productive. Patrons on the Angler Headboat had good catches through the weekend. New moon currents created tough drift conditions for Bay flukers, but there was a small window of opportunity at the end of ebb tide around reefs 5 and 8. Captain Carey put together a limit of eight quality fluke from 3 to 4 pounds for Robert Willin and Liz Despard in just a short period of time Saturday. Small boaters and kayakers paddling through shallow water on Henlopen Flats between the pier and the Point found flatfish. Justin Gracely used Gulp Sandeels to secure three keeper flounder on the flats. Steve and AJ Wiles fished minnows near the burned out part of the pier from their two man kayak for five nice keepers. Josh Stevenson used his canoe to get pier and capture a 22.5 inch fluke. Flatties also continued to come from Broadkill River and Lewes Canal. Walt Clark put Kate and Steve Simons on their first ever flounders Saturday morning in the Broadkill. Paul Francks pulled a 21 incher from Canary Creek. A shiner on a pink Nicks Rig resulted in a 20.5 inch flounder from the Canal for Eilene Euston. Drew Holladay decked a 22.5 incher drifting Gulp in the Canal. Steve Warren landed three fine flounder to 5 pounds while casting a Nuclear Chicken Gulp from the Town Dock. Rockfish roamed the Canal as well. Joe Huk spent the day sharking but didn't get enough fishing in, so he made a couple casts when he got back to the Canal. A 32 inch striper was waiting for him and inhaled the chunk of mackerel he soaked on the bottom. Matt Slauch scored a 16.4 pounder by jigging a bucktail near the drawbridge. Boaters tossing Bomber plugs along the Outer Wall at dusk and dawn hooked keeper rock too.

Ocean Flounder Action

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/15/2015 12:00:00 AM

Ocean flounder action is on the upswing. Boaters working natural bottom of the Old Grounds and artificial structures at Reef Site 11 recorded decent catches during the week. One of the most notable came for flukers with Captain Brent aboard the Katydid on Wednesday. His group ended up with their limit of 44 flatties to 5 plus pounds while drifting Site 11. Ernie Stone checked in Friday with 4 fluke to nearly five pounds from his trip to Ocean structure on Thelma Dale IV. The subway cars are still giving up sea bass, ling and cod. A group of hard fishin locals loaded up with bass, hake, codfish and fluke there on the Katydid Thursday. Matt Mundok took big fish honors with his 5.75 pound flatfish. Anglers on Katydid took 9 keeper flatties to 5.5 pounds Saturday, and 14 more Sunday. Rick Lawson landed a 5.11 pound flounder while drifting a minnow and squid sandwich on the Old Grounds Saturday. Farther offshore, tuna trollers found yellowfins and bigeyes in the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons. Its been all about That Flippy Floppy Thing! Crews pulling the crazy daiseys created by Bill Pino at Squidnation report the chains radical action drives fish wild, and both tuna and billfish find the lures irresistible. Shawn Gallagher and his guys on Freespool trolled between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons Wednesday for eleven nice yellowfins. Captain Brents Friday group aboard Katydid worked the Wilmington for 3 keeper yellowfins from 36 to 41 pounds, and two that were released. Travis Clouse landed the 41 pounder. The guys also had some gaffer mahis, including a 17.9 pounder for Jay Clouse. Geoff McCloskey and his crew aboard Tutta Benne took a single yellowfin while trolling the Baltimore Sunday, then switched to deep dropping and put 4 pretty golden tile to nearly 32 pounds in the box. Back inshore, Delaware Bay anglers encountered croakers, kingfish and blowfish around the artificial reefs. Sites 5 and 8 were productive. Patrons on the Angler Headboat had good catches through the weekend. New moon currents created tough drift conditions for Bay flukers, but there was a small window of opportunity at the end of ebb tide around reefs 5 and 8. Captain Carey put together a limit of eight quality fluke from 3 to 4 pounds for Robert Willin and Liz Despard in just a short period of time Saturday. Small boaters and kayakers paddling through shallow water on Henlopen Flats between the pier and the Point found flatfish. Justin Gracely used Gulp Sandeels to secure three keeper flounder on the flats. Steve and AJ Wiles fished minnows near the burned out part of the pier from their two man kayak for five nice keepers. Josh Stevenson used his canoe to get pier and capture a 22.5 inch fluke. Flatties also continued to come from Broadkill River and Lewes Canal. Walt Clark put Kate and Steve Simons on their first ever flounders Saturday morning in the Broadkill. Paul Francks pulled a 21 incher from Canary Creek. A shiner on a pink Nicks Rig resulted in a 20.5 inch flounder from the Canal for Eilene Euston. Drew Holladay decked a 22.5 incher drifting Gulp in the Canal. Steve Warren landed three fine flounder to 5 pounds while casting a Nuclear Chicken Gulp from the Town Dock. Rockfish roamed the Canal as well. Joe Huk spent the day sharking but didnt get enough fishing in, so he made a couple casts when he got back to the Canal. A 32 inch striper was waiting for him and inhaled the chunk of mackerel he soaked on the bottom. Matt Slauch scored a 16.4 pounder by jigging a bucktail near the drawbridge. Boaters tossing Bomber plugs along the Outer Wall at dusk and dawn hooked keeper rock too.

June 15th Fishing Report

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/15/2015 12:00:00 AM

Ocean flounder action is on the upswing. Boaters working natural bottom of the Old Grounds and artificial structures at Reef Site 11 recorded decent catches during the week. One of the most notable came for flukers with Captain Brent aboard the Katydid on Wednesday. His group ended up with their limit of 44 flatties to 5 plus pounds while drifting Site 11. Ernie Stone checked in Friday with 4 fluke to nearly five pounds from his trip to Ocean structure on Thelma Dale IV. The subway cars are still giving up sea bass, ling and cod. A group of hard fishin locals loaded up with bass, hake, codfish and fluke there on the Katydid Thursday. Matt Mundok took big fish honors with his 5.75 pound flatfish. Anglers on Katydid took 9 keeper flatties to 5.5 pounds Saturday, and 14 more Sunday. Rick Lawson landed a 5.11 pound flounder while drifting a minnow and squid sandwich on the Old Grounds Saturday. Farther offshore, tuna trollers found yellowfins and bigeyes in the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons. Its been all about That Flippy Floppy Thing! Crews pulling the crazy daiseys created by Bill Pino at Squidnation report the chains radical action drives fish wild, and both tuna and billfish find the lures irresistible. Shawn Gallagher and his guys on Freespool trolled between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons Wednesday for eleven nice yellowfins. Captain Brents Friday group aboard Katydid worked the Wilmington for 3 keeper yellowfins from 36 to 41 pounds, and two that were released. Travis Clouse landed the 41 pounder. The guys also had some gaffer mahis, including a 17.9 pounder for Jay Clouse. Geoff McCloskey and his crew aboard Tutta Benne took a single yellowfin while trolling the Baltimore Sunday, then switched to deep dropping and put 4 pretty golden tile to nearly 32 pounds in the box. Back inshore, Delaware Bay anglers encountered croakers, kingfish and blowfish around the artificial reefs. Sites 5 and 8 were productive. Patrons on the Angler Headboat had good catches through the weekend. New moon currents created tough drift conditions for Bay flukers, but there was a small window of opportunity at the end of ebb tide around reefs 5 and 8. Captain Carey put together a limit of eight quality fluke from 3 to 4 pounds for Robert Willin and Liz Despard in just a short period of time Saturday. Small boaters and kayakers paddling through shallow water on Henlopen Flats between the pier and the Point found flatfish. Justin Gracely used Gulp Sandeels to secure three keeper flounder on the flats. Steve and AJ Wiles fished minnows near the burned out part of the pier from their two man kayak for five nice keepers. Josh Stevenson used his canoe to get pier and capture a 22 1/2 inch fluke. Flatties also continued to come from Broadkill River and Lewes Canal. Walt Clark put Kate and Steve Simons on their first ever flounders Saturday morning in the Broadkill. Paul Francks pulled a 21 incher from Canary Creek. A shiner on a pink Nicks Rig resulted in a 20 1/2 inch flounder from the Canal for Eilene Euston. Drew Holladay decked a 22 1/2 incher drifting Gulp in the Canal. Steve Warren landed three fine flounder to 5 pounds while casting a Nuclear Chicken Gulp from the Town Dock. Rockfish roamed the Canal as well. Joe Huk spent the day sharking but didnt get enough fishing in, so he made a couple casts when he got back to the Canal. A 32 inch striper was waiting for him and inhaled the chunk of mackerel he soaked on the bottom. Matt Slauch scored a 16.4 pounder by jigging a bucktail near the drawbridge. Boaters tossing Bomber plugs along the Outer Wall at dusk and dawn hooked keeper rock too.

Monster Thresher

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/8/2015 12:00:00 AM

Crappy weather put a crimp in fishing activity most of the week. It was fishable on the Bay last Monday, and boats that ventured out found a mix of croakers, kingfish and blowfish in Broadkill Slough. The best concentration of fish was found on Reef Site 5. Patrons aboard the Angler had good catches of hardheads Monday, and then again when the weather let up Saturday and Sunday. Some flatfish activity has started in Delaware Bay as well. Flukers aboard the Martha Marie returned with 7 keepers to 24 inches, after drifting Bay structure Saturday. Small boats were able to fish Lewes Canal and Broadkill River despite the weather. Some flounder were pulled from the waterways at the end of flood tide and the first of ebb, when the water was clean. Nicks Rigs tipped with shiners and minnows, or Gulp! on a jighead were popular offerings. John Mitchell stopped by Monday with his limit of 4 keeper Canal flatties taken with Nicks Rigs. Joe Pergeorelis pulled a 5.7 pound fluke from the Canal Friday. Matt King captured his limit of flatties Saturday while working white Gulp from his kayak, near the Ferry Jetty. Canal anglers also found some stripers around the bridges. Casting RatLTraps, Storm Shads or Zara Spooks at the top of flood tide generated rockfish bites. Bottom fishing with clams or cut bunker in the evenings also produced stripers. Tom Stachorowski was trying to catch a flounder in the Canal, but a 28.5 inch keeper striper grabbed his fluke killer tipped with squid instead. When striped bass aficionados made it to the Outer Wall at dawn or dusk, they connected with keeper and short rock by casting Bomber plugs. Prior to all the wind, action with sea bass and cod was decent at Site 11. Some flounder have begun to bite on Ocean bottom of the Old Grounds too. Scott Ayars and Liz Short had exact twin 4.49 pound flatties to take the pool on Judy V Saturday. Offshore bottom bouncers targeting tilefish should be aware of regulations changes that went into effect June 4th. MAFMC implemented an emergency measure to temporarily constrain fishing effort and reduce mortality on Blueline Tilefish, while a long term management plan is established. Through December 1, 2015 in waters north of the Virginia/North Carolina border, the possession limit for anglers on private or charter and party boats will be seven Blueline Tilefish per person per trip. The possession limit for Golden Tilefish remains at eight per person per trip. Recreational fishermen returning to Delaware ports through State Waters may retain a limit of each species per trip. However, Maryland and Virginia may have different regulations regarding a combination of the two, so it would be best to check with enforcement agencies in those states before landing a catch. Sharking has been pretty good. Herb Guest and the guys on Port-A-Bella drifted a depression near Site 11 Saturday to tangle with a 212.5 pound Thresher during the Mako Mania Tournament. Captain Ted Moulinier's sharkers aboard the Indian returned with the largest Thresher seen in quite some time. Mark and Mitchell Butler, Dan McCoy and Michelle Ballance, Cameron Powell and Chris Huk teamed up to tame a 509.5 pound monster along the channel edge north of DB Buoy. The big whiptail ate a mackerel fillet and was brought to the boat an hour and a half later. It took awhile to get home since the shark had to be towed alongside, because the crew wasn't able to muscle the massive critter over the rail and into the boat.

Flounder, Drum, Croakers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/31/2015 12:00:00 AM

Bottom fishing in general was pretty good during the week. Water quality improved in Lewes Canal, and flounder catches were better as a result. Donnie Nauman checked in with a limit of flatties to 21 inches he took from the Canal with shark belly and Gulp! Cheryl Davis decked a 21 inch fluke while drifting minnows in the Canal. Matt Mitchell, Spencer Brooks and Zach Belcher had three flounder and some chopper blues while working Gulp in the Canal near Roosevelt Inlet. Shea Lindale and Terry Algier used minnows, shiners and Gulp for a nice catch of flatfish from the Canal. Ed Yingling and Dave and Bobbi Jo Lorah drifted Nicks rigs with minnows for a half dozen plump keepers Friday. Matt Purnell pulled in a 23 inch flounder by jigging a Gulp at the base of Roosevelt Inlet. Ron Noll and Kenny Robinson used Speck Rigs tipped with Gulp in the Canal for three keepers to 20 plus inches. John Mitchell and his family managed seven nice keepers from the Canal Sunday while deploying Nicks Rigs baited with minnows, shiners and Gulp! Best bite occurred in clean water at the beginning of ebb tide. Bottom bouncers in Delaware Bay reported better action with panfish. More croakers have shown up, along with kingfish and blowfish. Boats drifting or anchored at Site 5 in Broadkill Slough or Reef 8, the Star Site, hooked a tasty assortment of bottom feeders using clams, bloodworms and Fishbites. Patrons on the Angler had a good catch of kings and hardheads Saturday. Roberto Campitelli and Mark Maggs were using croaker rigs on light tackle at the Star Site aboard Katydid Sunday, and tangled with black drum weighing 30 and 40 pounds that grabbed small pieces of clam meant for hardheads. Big bluefish continued to hang out inside Cape Henlopen, and could be found feeding on bunkers most days between the Fishing Pier and Cape Henlopen Point. Captain Pete on Top Fin had a group of Canadians in town for the Nascar race who wanted to squeeze in a little fishing. He took them to shallow water inside the Cape where they had a blast tangling with slammers to 13 pounds while casting bucktails. Blues have remained in the area for over a month, and its unusual to have a spring run like weve experienced this year. Perhaps theyll stay all summer, and at least, well hope for a return of choppers next season. Striped bass have been active in Lewes Canal. Most were shorts, ranging 18 to 25 inches. Theyll eat clams fished on the bottom, or a variety of artificial. Casting bucktails or Storm Shads around the drawbridge results in rockfish bites. Live eels drifted around the pilings usually get the attention of larger bass. Tossing topwater lures to the marsh banks is a fun and productive way to fish Canal stripers. Zara Spooks, Chug Bugs and Rebel Pop-Rs are popular and effective offerings. Catsing plugs at the Outer Wall during low light at dawn and dusk produced some keeper linesiders. Sommer Falgowski scored a 14.4 pound striper by swimming a Mother of Pearl Bomber along the Wall. A few rockfish roamed the surf as well. Drew Stuchlik got up extra early Thursday to get in some surf casting before work. He walked the beach at Herring Point tossing a white bucktail, and connected with a 14.7 pound bass. In addition, the bucktail produced three quality flounder to 5.5 pounds. Drew was back at the cleaning table by 7am, and still made it to his job on time. Other surf anglers had success too. Bluefish of varying sizes were hooked using cut bunker or mullet along the Ocean beach. Andy Lano landed several kingfish, blowfish and burrfish using bits of clam in the suds near Gordons Pond on Friday. Black drum continued to come from Delaware Bay. Boomers were located on the Coral Beds inside Broadkill Slough, and near the submerged piles off Fowler Beach. However, it seemed there were more fish found in the Brandywine area, between 14 Buoy and the Pin Top. Drummers on the Grizzly caught 16 fish there Friday night. Six were iced down in the box, and the other 10 released. Kylie Hinch and Tom Maracle had come to the area to take in the race at Dover, and decided to get in some drum fishing on Miss Kirstin Friday. They returned with a pair of nice boomers scaling 30.5 and 39.2 pounds. Nathan Gemberling got a 61 pound drum earlier in the week on Miss Kirstin. Brian Hafer boated a 61 pounder on the Pirate King. Kyle Moore muscled in a 71 pounder aboard Lil Angler II. Captain Carey remained on the Delaware side of the Bay Saturday evening, where drummers on the Grizzly kept five fish from the Coral Beds. Ocean bottom bouncers reported plenty of short sea bass, but noted that keeper sea bass were thinning out over wrecks and reef structure. However, persistent crews that made multiple stops during the day ended up with decent numbers to take home. Anglers have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of codfish in the area this spring, and adding a few of them to the cooler really rounds out a catch of bass. Some cod have been quite sizable. Jomarr Hatten boated the biggest brought in so far on Friday. He had a 30 pounder while fishing over the Subway Cars aboard Katydid. That same trip produced a dozen other cod for the box, pollack, ling and 86 keeper bass. Monday anglers with Captain Brent kept 3 cod, some ling and about a hundred bass. Thursdays group on Katydid had 8 cod, along with several big ling and a limit of sea bass. On Saturday, regulars aboard Katydid captured 10 cod, a bunch of big ling and a boxful of quality bass. Mike Surowiec managed a 3.14 pound citation size knothead during that outing. Offshore bottom droppers encountered tilefish in the deep. Jon Bixlers crew on the Bix drifted Poor Mans for seven pretty Goldens. Corey Crout caught the heaviest tile, a 32.1 pounder that ate a jig worked on the sea floor. Some anglers traveled south try for cobia at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. Butch Warrington heard the bite was on at Cape Charles, and headed for Latimer Shoal. He returned with a 50 pound cobia he caught there while baiting with clams.

Flounder Tournament Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/19/2015 12:00:00 AM

This year's Canal Flounder Tournament generated the largest turnout so far. More than 400 flattie aficionados fished the event. Weather was much better than last year's scheduled date, when hurricane-like conditions forced postponement until the following day. Although Canal water was murky from wind during preceeding days, flukers picked away at fish during most of the outgoing tide. The largest specimens were landed in the afternoon, near the end of the ebb. There didn't seem to be a concentration of flatfish in any single location, and catches were reported from several different spots. Avid flounder pounder Mickey Payne was the big winner. His 6.2 pound mat inhaled a Nuclear Chicken colored grub at Roosevelt Inlet, and earned him top prize and major bragging rights. Defending Champ Chad Mitchell scored Second Place 5.29 pounder with a custom white jighead rig and shiner combo while drifting past Gordon's Pond ditch. Brian Beebe boated the Third Place 4.3 pound flounder near the drawbridge, using a chartreuse teaser with a shiner. A pink Gulp! jigged by the Town Dock was responsible for Chris Huk's Fourth Place 3.81 pounder. Matthew Mitchell drifted a custom chartreuse jig rig and shiner between the bridges to take Fifth with his 3.63 pound flattie. Bob Brullo boated his Sixth Place 3.63 pounder while working a white Gulp! near the Sea Gypsy Pirate Boat. Shane Townsend took Seventh with a twin 3.63 pound fluke that ate a minnow on an icy blue teaser, also near the Sea Gypsy. More than $2000 of entry money will be donated to Camp Awareness. We at Lewes Harbour Marina, and the Dewey Beach Lions Club extended congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all who participated to make the day fun, and a great success. The Black Drum bite came on strong on the New Jersey side of Delaware Bay, following the new moon. There was a big fleet anchored up in Bayshore Channel, above the Canal entrance Saturday evening, where many big boomers were landed. Don Zeiset decked a 60.6 pounder, and Vernon Zeiset got one weighing 55.8 pounds there aboard Miss Kirstin. Captain Brian's crew on Lil' Angler II kept five drum, the largest was a 55.7 pound fish fought by Mike Hojda. Kevin Martzal's group on the Pirate King II brought back 11 drum, including a 53 pounder landed by Leon Martzal. Scattered reports of drum came from the Delaware side. Jack Ostroski had a 63.2 pound boomer and Mason Newsham nailed a 34.3 pounder while fishing with clams on the Coral Beds. Mike Thompson checked in a nice drum he pulled from the Broadkill Beach surf. Drum action should hold up through the full moon at the beginning of June. The shop will be carrying surf clams, but we suggest calling ahead, early in the week, to reserve baits. The opening of Sea Bass Season resulted in good catches. Boats that ran to Twenty Fathom structure did ok with bass, but had surprising numbers of cod. Captain Carey's bassers aboard Grizzly boxed 58 blueheads and 24 keeper codfish. It actually seemed like sea bass catches were better inshore, at Site 11. Captain Brent's Saturday group on the Katydid had their limit of 120 quality bass, including Luis Mispireta's 3.71 pound knothead. Dr. Mike Junck and his gang had a nice mess of bass and cod on their wreck trip aboard Top Fin. Mike managed a 3.92 pound bass on that outing. Offshore bottom bouncers did well in deep water. Matt Baker, Jeff Drury and Chip Graves dropped in Wilmington Canyon Friday for 21 beautiful Golden Tilefish to 27 pounds. A few more stripers showed up. Harry Doherty checked in a 32 incher he beached using bunker in the surf at Faithful Steward Crossing. Because of new slot size regulations, Dave McGirk released a 40 inch linesider he hooked using clams at Herring Point. Matt Mundok managed a 14.6 pound rockfish and a pair of shorts while tossing Bombers at the Outer Wall Sunday morning. Boaters and jetty jocks at Indian River inlet had stripers during evening incoming tides on bucktails and Storm Shads. The bluefish run in Indian River was ridiculous this week, with slammers terrorizing schools of bunker in a feeding frenzy. Guys casting from the rocks or drifting in boats hammered the choppers with bucktails and metals. Wes Grove, Kevin Grove and Todd Macentee were drifting for flounder in the inlet when big blues attacked their minnows. After landing several choppers, they did boat a 4.64 pound flatfish. Blues thinned out inside Cape Henlopen at the end of the week. But, some remained in Broadkill River. Buzz Morrow, Brian Morrow and Jeff Weaver bucktailed a bunch of big bluefish at Oyster Rocks Saturday. D.J. Rawley caught his biggest bluefish ever while flounder fishing in the river Sunday with "Pop Pop" John Halsey, who did get a nice 3.2 pound flattie.

Bluefish Fever!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/8/2015 12:00:00 AM

Big bluefish continue to capture the spotlight. This spring's showing of choppers has been the best most anglers in the area remember for a long time. It's surprising how far blues have pushed up into the back bays and tidal rivers, and how long they've remained there. Slammers were encountered way back in Indian River, and common catches at Massey's Landing. They moved through Roosevelt Inlet and into Lewes Canal and the Broadkill River. Surprisingly, they've been thick at Oyster Rocks Road Landing on the River, which is almost to Route One. Guys have been standing on the bank hooking slammer blues there steadily for more than a week. Soaking cut bunker and mullet worked, however, anglers tossing lures caught more fish. Chartreuse twister tails or Gulp! on leadheads were effective in the murky water, but bucktails tipped with a strip of cut bait worked well too. Spoons and plugs took blues as well. Many of the blues were of impressive size. Whopper of the week was a 17.1 pound slammer landed by Scott Aiken. Patrick Musser muscled in a 15.5 pounder, and Frank Payton put a 14.4 pound citation earner in the cooler. Other blues came from the Beach Plum Access area on Broadkill, where anglers could fish either the River or the Bay beach. Blues surprised flukers in Lewes Canal too. Dave Monnett and Mike Massey were drifting bucktails tipped with minnows for flounder in front of Lewes Harbour Marina, and caught three big choppers. Roosevelt Inlet also yielded blues, and fish hit Lewes Beach on high tide Sunday Morning. Luca Miller landed an 11.7 pounder in the flurry. Fisherman on the sand next to the Henlopen Pier caught lots of big big choppers soaking bait and throwing lures like spoons, plugs and bucktails. Guys wading the flats between the Pier and the Cape also hooked plenty of fish. Kayakers and boaters did very well on schooling blues working over bait just off the Cape beach, between the inner lighthouse and the point. The blues attacked a varity of artificials or cut bunker and mullet. Mason Newsham nailed a 15.8 pound alligator blue on a jig, inside the Cape. Hope the bluefish stick around awhile longer. It's been great seeing people so excited about catching these hard fighters. Surfcasters at Herring Point released a few short stripers. Jeff Sherwood beached a 21.7 pound bass while soaking a clam in the suds at Broadkill. Kerry Lodish landed a 26.2 pound striper while working a Storm Shad from the rocks at Indian Ribver Inlet. New striper regulations take effect May 11th. Anglers will be allowed to keep two fish per day, but they must be from 28 to 37 inches, or over 44 inches. Togging was pretty good on the Walls and Ice Breakers, as well as Sites 6 and 7 in the Bay, and #10 in the Ocean. Fred Robinson reeled in an 11.63 pound tautog, and Mike Surowiec scored an 8.16 pounder aboard Katydid. Jim Meyers managed a 7.35 pound tog and Bob Meyers boated an 8.58 pounder while working Site 10. With nicer weather, flounder bit better in Lewes Canal. Chris Moody drifted minnows in fron of the shop for a pair of keepers to 22 inches. Tom Stack landed a 6.07 pound doormat that grabbed a strip of squid at Roosevelt. Howard Bowden bested a 5.3 pound beauty by drifting a Nick's Rig dressed with shiners. Young Brayden Coverdale checked in his first flounder on Tuesday. He got the 2.89 pounder while drifting the Canal with his Dad Larry. Don't forget, the CANAL FLOUNDER TOURNAMENT takes place Friday May 15th. Anglers can sign to fish the event with a $25 cash entry fee at Lewes Harbour any time before the 7am start time on the 15th.

Big Blues!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/25/2015 12:00:00 AM

Area surf anglers have been pleasantly surprised by the appearance of numerous bluefish this past week. It's been quite awhile since we've enjoyed a run of springtime blues. There has been an abundance of bunker in the area, and evidently choppers keyed in on the local bait supply, and have been feeding eagerly along both Ocean and Bay beaches. Casters on Broadkill Beach did well Tuesday through Thursday, using bunker as bait. Many of the fish have been of slammer proportions, over 30 inches. Big blues were also caught by fishermen soaking baits from the sand beside Cape Henlopen Pier. Choppers were reported as well by guys working the Indian River Inlet jetties, and at 3R's Road. Hopefully, they'll stick around for a couple weeks. There's plenty of bait around, but it's hard to say how soon the blues may move on. However, it's about time for black drum to come into shallow water between Slaughter and Broadkill Beaches. Good numbers of drum were landed by surfcasters on Broadkill the past couple springs. Most ranged 10 to 20 pounds, but some sizeable boomers to 50 pounds were mixed in. Fresh surf clams were the offering of choice, but live peeler crabs also proved irresistible to drum, if you could get them. The first flounder came from Lewes Canal at the end of last week. Jeff Purdy took his four flattie limit while drifting minnows and shiners in front of Lewes Harbour Marina Thursday. Other anglers caught a few flatfish as well, but cold wind and dirty water prevented Canal flukers from doing much the past few days. Flounder were caught in Indian River, from the VFW Slough. Even though Cape Henlopen Pier is closed, the lights remain on after dark, so nighttime anglers casting from the beach alongside the structure should be able to find some fluke there. The annual Canal Flounder Tournament takes place Friday May 15th. Those interested in fishing the event can sign up with a $25 cash entry fee at Lewes Harbour Marina. Tournament T-Shirts are available now. Tautog action improved this past week, but wind kept toggers at the dock most days. Crews had been runing to the Ocean for blackfish, but recently, Delaware Bay Reefs started yielding tog. Sites 6 and 7 were productive. Wrecks at the Bay mouth gave up tog too. Captain Brent's Saturday and Wednesday groups aboard Katydid scored limits of tasty tautog. Tog action along the Breakwaters should pick up soon.

Bring On The Season

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/17/2015 12:00:00 AM

Tax Day is behind us, and water temps are creeping up after a long, extra cold winter. It's time to bring on the season. Surface temperatures at Delaware Bay's mouth range between 48 and 50 degrees, while DE Light registered 47 degrees. Even though it's warming at the top, it's likely still pretty chilly on the bottom. An indication of how cool the water remains is the presence of codfish in the area. During recent headboat trips to Ocean structure, patrons with Captain Ricky Yakimowicz boxed several keeper sized cod.(The federal minimum length on cod is 22 inches. Cod have been found all the way into Reef Site 10, but are likely to be hanging out on deeper stuff, such as the rubble of Site 11 and Del Jersey Land. Tautog action has been improving, but has not turned on full force. Reef Site 10 recently gave up blackfish. Over the weekend, Captain Brent's anglers on Katydid brought back tog and cod. We haven't been able to get green crabs yet this spring. Water remains low up north, and commercial crabbers have had little success in getting greenies to pot. White Legger crabs have been available in New York, but they're currently in a molting stage, and very fragile, so transporting them down here for live bait doesn't work. We have had fresh clams, and they definitely work. It actually seems that tog respond better to a soft bait, like clam or shrimp, in cold spring water. Captain Ricky fished the mouth of Delaware Bay yesterday, and had a pretty decent batch of blackfish. Those tog all took clam. That's the first report we'd received of tautog in the Bay. Could be that they'll start biting around the Breakwaters soon. Bunker have mad a good showing along the Oceanfront as well as up in the Bay. The presence of baitfish should prompt stripers and weakfish to start feeding. Commercial netters out of Slaughter Beach and Bowers Beach encountered rockfish and trout in their gear set in the shallows. Stripers have been landed by surfcasters working Broadkill Beach using bloodworms, clam and bunker. Most of the bass have been shorts, but there were some keepers. Stripers have been hooked in Lewes Canal too. Marty Riley released 2 rockfish this morning while tossing Storm Shads near the Freeman Highway bridge. Keep in mind the new striped bass regs that just went into effect. Anglers may retain two fish per day in any combination from 28 to 37 inches, or 44 inches and greater. We've heard reports of flounder in Indian River, but have not yet seen any fluke from Lewes Canal. Last year, the first Canal flattie checked in at our store was caught April 12th. With some extended warm weather, the bite could commence soon. Shallow water around the Cape Henlopen Pier usually produces plenty of early season flatfish, but since the Pier is closed for repairs, anglers will only have access to that area by wading or small boat. Flounder regulations remain the same, allowing flukers to keep four per day at a 16 inch minimum. The 2015 CANAL FLOUNDER TOURNAMENT will take place Friday May 15th. Entry fee is $25 cash, payable at Lewes Harbour Marina. White perch fishing has been pretty good in tidal areas. Petersfield Ditch off Rt 16 was productive. Prime Hook Refuge and the spillway at Milton yielded perch too. Small minnows, grass shrimp or worms on little jigheads did the trick.

Stripers South

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/15/2014 12:00:00 AM

The wind started blowing last weekend, and didn't let up until yesterday. Just when striped bass finally made a strong showing off the Delaware Coast, another stretch of blustery weather set in, and hardly any anglers made it out all week. A few rockfish were reported by crews trolling between Cape May and Fenwick the past couple days, but boaters to the south found plenty of bass on the Gull Banks off Ocean City, especially early and late in the day. Often, rockfish were outside the Three Mile Line, but pods of bunkers inshore of the boundary attracted stripers within the legal zone too. Maryland DNR and the Coast Guard patrolled actively to keep bassers honest. Trolling Mojos, tandem parachutes, Crippled Alewive spoons and Stretch, Bomber and Rapala plugs produced bites. Some crews utilized planer boards to get offerings away from the boat when bass proved finicky. Andrea Monetti managed a 17.3 pound linesider, and Matt Simeone scored a 19.8 pounder while trolling Mojos off Ocean City Sunday aboard Katydid. There may still be some straggler stripers passing by our shores, but it seems the bulk of migrators may have sneaked by when nobody could get to them, pushed through by stiff northerly breezes. Water temps are in the low 40s, and tautog action has been pretty good at Reef Site 10, when boats can get there. Nice blackfish were pulled from the rubble by toggers using green crab baits. Sea bass should be available at Del Jersey Land until the season shuts down December 31st.

It's About Time!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/8/2014 12:00:00 AM

Finally, some striped bass fishing worth talking about. Now, weather is the issue, and strong winds all week will keep boaters from getting to the fish that are here. Hopefully those fish won't blow through while everybody's tied to the dock. Striper action this past week was the best of the season yet. Bass made appearances at the Bay mouth, and staged for short periods on Overfalls and at The Eights, but many were shy of legal size, and they weren't caught with any regularity. John Joe Kabino trolled Bomber plugs at Overfalls Monday for 12 short stripers and one keeper. On his next trip to the area, he didn't catch any. Mark Muzzleman, Brian Tinsley and Tom Howard trolled Stretch 25s at Overfalls Wednesday for 3 good keepers. Todd Diener and Rick Lawson checked in a nice pair of rockfish they caught trolling parachutes and Stretch 30s at 8B Buoy Saturday. Structure across the mouth of the Bay entrance yielded bass off and on to trollers and guys drifting eels or spot through the week, but the most reliable and productive fishing took place in the Ocean. Crews had stripers as far up the beach as Sea Isle City, and on down to Fenwick Island. Boaters reported schools of bunker scattered along the coast from one to three miles off, with gannets, and sometimes even whales working over the groups of baitfish. Migratory striped bass keyed in on the menhaden movement, and boaters who found the bait, often found feeding bass. Last Sunday, Joe Celano and Sean Nowell trolled Stretch 25 plugs off Sea Colony for a 26.5 pound striper, a big blue and three flounder to 3.5 pounds. Captain Pete on Top Fin encountered stripers on the way in from a tog trip Monday, and his guys bucktailed 3 bass to 28 pounds to top off their limit of tautog. Captain Carey on the Grizzly also found foraging rockfish on the way home from his Monday wreck trip, and his anglers added their limit of 12 linesiders to the limit of blackfish already in the box. Captain Brent on Katydid came across stripers inshore of Reef 9 as well while returning from his bottom bouncing charter Monday, and his patrons capped off their limit of tautog with 4 quality rock to 25 pounds. Captain Tom and his crew on High Hook trolled Mojos 2.5 miles off Indian River Monday to put 9 big bass to 29 pounds in the boat. Butch Warrington and Charlie Ruggiero pulled tandem parachutes off Cape May Monday afternoon for 3 hefty keepers. Greg Davis got his personal best bass off Bethany Wednesday, a 27.2 pounder that ate a trolled red head Stretch 30. Captain Pete Haines deployed a bucktail to tempt a 28.7 pound linesider aboard his Top Fin Wednesday. Ziggy Zigman and his buddies trolled Stretches south of Indian River Wednesday for 5 rock to 21.3 pounds on the Fish Hawk. Dave and Joe Walker and Robert Karpovich towed Rapala plugs between Rehoboth and Indian River Wednesday to connect with 5 stout stripers and a big blue. Captain Brian's bassers on Lil' Angler II connected with 8 fine rock while trolling Mojos and tandems off Indian River Wednesday. Trolling Mojos off Sea Colony Wednesday produced a pair of 25 pounders for Dave Lynam. Kenny Derr decked a 30.75 pounder while pulling white Mojos south of Indian River. On Friday, Captain JW ran around the corner up to Wildwood to troll up 5 hefty stripers for his group aboard Miss Caroline. Captain Brent trolled off Rehoboth Friday to put 5 bass to 25 pounds in the box on Katydid. Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II was dialed in on rockfish Friday, and trolled up 13 keepers off Indian River using Mojos and tandems. Captain Ted trolled in front of Dewey Beach Friday to capture 7 nice bass aboard the Indian. The largest was Mac McNaught's 33.5 pound lunker. John Hazzard, Johnny Mancuso and Lee Abel fished Friday afternoon for 5 rock to 20 plus pounds while pulling plugs off Dewey. Blake Reed, Kevin Parker, Henry and Josh Sharp and Matt Millman headed up to Wildwood Saturday morning, and trolled Mojos and tandem parachutes to ice their 10 fish limit, most between 20 and 26 pounds. They released 5 others, and were still back at the dock by lunch time. Ralph and Ryan Short towed Mojos and Bomber plugs off North Shores Saturday for their four bass to 25 pounds. Dave Haldeman and his crew used tandem parachutes off Rehoboth to take 6 fine rockfish. In addition to striped bass, area anglers also had success with sea bass and slippery bass. The Falgowski family hit Del Jersey Land on Saturday and returned with their limit of 105 plump blueheads. Chip Graves, Matt Baker and Adam Lovenguth fished the same region Saturday for a nice batch of bass, plus a bonus big bluefish. Captain Chuck of First Light Charters anchored over an inshore wreck Saturday and put together a catch of 17 keeper tog to 5 pounds for Ryan Glauser and friends. Captain Brent worked structure Saturday aboard Katydid to score his toggers 30 keepers and a lobster...yes, a lobster!

Striper Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

Striper action for the most part has been slim this Fall, with just a few fish a day recorded by boaters working Delaware Bay structure. Not many bass have been caught for the amount of effort exerted, but those landed were large. Most from the first couple weeks of November averaged around 30 pounds. Trolling Stretch and Bomber Plugs on Overfalls Shoal produced most of the fish, but drifted eels and spot also got bit. Good amounts of bunker were around earlier, but not as plentiful now, and sand eels didn't show like last year. Different groups of migrating stripers have been reported along the New Jersey coast in past weeks, but it seems they end up staying offshore when they go past the entrance to Delaware Bay. Rockfish have already been caught near Ocean City, MD and off the eastern shore of Virginia, indicating they missed us and went right on by. Recently, numbers of bass were caught under birds between Sea Isle City and Wildwood, but those stripers never rounded Cape May into the Bay. Just this past weekend, boats bassing off Brigantine did very well, and moving fish were seen at other locations along the South Jersey coast. So there's still hope we'll get a crack at them. Crews running out for sea bass encountered stripers at the Five Fathom Bank and between the shipping lane and Reef Site 11, so it seems a big portion of the migratory stock travels outside the Three Mile Line. I can't help but be optimistic that with a little help from Mother Nature in the form of easterly winds and moderate temperatures we still could squeeze out a striper season here in Delaware. Some of the nice striped bass that have been checked in include Ralph Short's 32.8 pounder, a 36.4 pound trophy for Joe Wilkinson, Bong Jae Kang's 34.2 pound rock, James Bowden's 30.6 pound bass, and the 20.5 pound linesider trolled up by Lee Abel. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament finished up November 25th. Jacob Webb's 44.8 pound cow hung in to take First Place. Evan Falgowski held onto Second with his 40.8 pound beauty, and John Joe Kabino wrapped up Third with a 36 pounder. Congrats and braggin' rights until next Fall go to the winners. Thanks to all who participated. Sea bass fishing has been good in twenty fathom areas such as the Triple Wrecks and the Del Jersey Land Reef Site. Bassers had to cull through loads of shorts, but limits of keepers were common. Bluefish of varying sizes hung out over the same structure as sea bass. Delaware Bay togging has slowed, with not many blackfish coming from the Walls or Reefs, but inshore Ocean action was good. Certain spots on Site 10 were quite productive. Captain Carey's guys on the Grizzly put 33 tautog in the box there Saturday. Toggers aboard Katydid had a group limit of 40 fish Sunday. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Big Stripers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/13/2014 12:00:00 AM

Stripers finally rounded the corner into Delaware Bay with last week's big moon, and although there have only been a few caught each day, most were big. Mason Newsham was trolling a Bomber plug on Overfalls during the end of ebb current aboard Local Girl when he connected with a 35.6 pound bass. John Joe Kabino was working that same area when he hooked a 36 pound rockfish on a Bomber. Paul Matthews pulled a Stretch 25 there for his 31 pounder. Jacob Webb jumped into the lead of this year's Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament when he trolled up a 44.8 pound lunker at Overfalls. Fred German drifted an eel through the rips on Overfalls for his 30.6 pound striped bass. Mark Lobach landed a 37 pounder, and Chuck Meyer captured a 24 pounder while eelng aboard Lil' Angler II. J.D. Miller was on Overfalls first thing in the morning, and tempted a 26.2 pound rockfish into striking a Cabo Sunset Stretch 25 plug. John Tkacz trolled a chartreuse Stretch 25 at Overfalls for a 36.7 pounder. Dennis Jester drifted a live spot at Overfalls for his 34.6 pound linesider. Trolling a chartreuse Stretch 25 at the end of flood tide on Overfalls did the trick for Todd Conner, who had a 31 pound bass. Drew Messick, Josh Chubb and Pat Irelan pulled plugs at Overfalls and 8B Buoy for three linesiders to 26.4 pounds. Evan Falgowski fought a 40.8 pound cow to slide into Second Place of the LHM Striper Tourney. The Tournament continues until November 25th. Tautog catches have been decent when conditions are ok. Ernie Stone scored a 12.59 pound bruiser white chin along the Outer Wall. Mike Ditton muscled in a 9.21 pound tog at the Wall. Bill Marshall bested an 8.1 pounder. David Schellenger decked a 7.62 pound tautog at the Inner Wall. Joe and Dave Walker and Mike Dileo limited out with 15 chunky tog from the Wall. Tom Martone took a 7.72 pounder aboard Katydid. Cameron Boldaz boated a 6 pounder while togging on the Indian. Sea bass action has been good at Site 11 and Del Jersey Land. Spiny dogfish have gotten thick at Site 11 and most inshore areas, and have been a real nuisance for bottom bouncers. Sharks didn't seem quite as bad in twebty fathoms, and boats bassing Del Jersey Land weren't bothered as much by pesky spinys. However, chopper bluefish chewed up a lot of sea bass on anglers' hooks. Captain Brent's patrons aboard Katydid enjoyed fast catching during a recent trip to DJL. They ended up with a boat limit of 150 bass, even after sacrificing several to ravenous blues. Most bluefish were of jumbo proportions. Maggie Lingo tangled with a 14.2 pound blue, and Bill Hughes had a 16.2 pound slammer. Along with big blues in the box were bonus flounder and triggerfish.

Tog Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

Nice tautog came in during the week, and the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament leaderboard looked pretty respectable when the contest ended Friday. Carl Blust bested the bunch and finished First with his 11.25 pound bruiser from the Outer Wall. Randy Jensen's 10.58 pound brute of a blackfish, also from the Wall, took Second. Jim Meyers managed a 7.97 pound citation tautog for Third Place, and that fish came from the Wall as well. Thanks to all who participated in the event. Congratulations to the winners, and enjoy your bragging rights until next October. Togging in general was pretty decent. Mr. Kim and his group fished on Top Fin Monday for 15 tautog and a sheepshead, then again Friday for 26 more tog. Captain Brent's toggers aboard Katydid captured 25 keepers Wednesday, 32 on Thursday, and 24 on Friday. Captain Vince's crew had a dozen chunky tog Friday on Miss Kirstin. Ted Garman and Patti Lush landed their limit of 10 plump blackfish at the Outer Wall Wednesday. Otto Evans checked in his personal best tog weighing 6.5 pounds. Bill Marshall boated a stout 8.75 pound tautog at the Wall Friday. With strong northwest wind over the weekend, Bay temps had fallen through the mid 50's, and blackfish should become even more active on structure in cooler water. Stripers were reported on the move along New Jersey's coast, and hopefully changing weather and dropping temperatures will prompt them to make the turn into Delaware Bay. Full moon occurs November 6th, and the first big push of bass into the Bay usually takes place during that lunar phase. Our shop is stocking live eels and spot, plus a selection of Stretch plugs and trolling lures, along with S&S Bucktails in anticipation of a good rockfish run. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament is on now, and runs through November 25th. The Tourney offers cash prizes, and interested anglers can sign up at the Store before fishing. Sea bass catches were good when boats could make it out. Reef Site 11 yielded plenty of keepers, as did the Del Jersey Land site outside the Triple Wrecks. Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Brent and Mate Chris for some bottom bouncing at Del Jersey Land Monday aboard Katydid. The result was a limit of 60 bass, plus some flounder and triggers, and a 10.5 pound slammer bluefish.

Sea Bass Good... When You Can Get Out

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

Conditions allowed sea bassers to get to Ocean structure early in the week, but wind kept them at the dock again until Saturday. Captain Brent was able to make it off to where bass lived Monday and patrons aboard Katydid put together a limit of 150 chunky knotheads, including Bill Petka's citation 3 pounder. They also had several bluefish and flounder. Those flatties raised the total number of keeper fluke brought in aboard Katydid this season to over 1700! Brent got out again Tuesday before the wind blew, and his group returned with another limit of bass, plus more blues and flatfish. Boaters fishing for seabass Saturday told of success at Reef Site 11, as well as obstructions in 15 to 20 Fathoms and at Del Jersey Land. A load of life was reported in the Ocean between Site 11 and the upper end of the shipping lane. Numerous whales were spotted, and clouds of gannetts signaled baitfish below. Could be all that activity indicates a migratory movement. May be bluefin tuna, may be striped bass. If it's stripers, let's hope some of them end up inside the Three Mile Line. Blackfish action had started to shape up in Delaware Bay, but again, a relentless breeze and strong currents around the new moon made for murky water and tough togging. On days with clean water around the breakwaters, toggers picked at fish and ended up with fair catches. Jonathan Masten, Scott Jost and Ed Borys had an unusual experience while tautog fishing at the Inner Wall Monday. A four point buck swam from shore and made it's way up onto the rocks, then hung out near them for quite awhile. Hard to figure what was on that deer's mind. Captain Pete's toggers took home 27 keepers from their trip on Top Fin Monday. Merwyn Arms muscled in a 6.28 pounder as his first ever tautog, on that outing. Bandy Timmons Parker and friends fished with Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II Tuesday, and put 13 chunky tog in the cooler. Captain Pete had a group of tautog regulars Saturday aboard Top Fin, and they iced 18 plump keepers. Captain Brent looked for cleaner water in the Ocean Saturday, and managed 14 tog and two hefty triggers for his guys on Katydid. Captain Vince set up his anglers aboard Miss Kirstin over Bay structure Saturday, where they captured 13 tog and a triggerfish. Because of quite crappy conditions, Miss Kirstin was the lone boat to beat it's way to Bay structure Sunday, and the salty fishermen on board earned every one of their group limit of tautog. Jess Jamieson found out all the big black drum hadn't left Delaware Bay yet. He was togging near the Outer Wall Lighthouse Saturday when he hooked a 54.2 pound boomer on a piece of green crab. The Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament runs through October 31st, and the Leaderboard showed some changes when folks were finally able to get out on the water again Saturday. At this writing, Bob Meyers held First Place with a 7.94 pounder from the Outer Wall. Sean Whiteford was Second with a 7.17 pound tog he also pulled from the Wall. Charlie Breitenbach hung in at Third with his 5.94 pound tautog. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament began October 25th, and goes on through November 25th. The annual contest offers a cash pool that's split among the three heaviest striped bass checked in by pre registered anglers. The more people who enter, the bigger the prizes. Interested anglers can sign up at Lewes Harbour Marina in advance of fishing. Some of the season's largest stripers are among the first to show up, and that could happen soon.

Wind, Wind, Wind!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/19/2014 12:00:00 AM

Anglers had to deal with more wind last week, but during days when conditions allowed boaters to get out on Delaware Bay, they found better blackfishing than in past weeks. Water temperatures remained in the 60's, however, tog seemed more active, and crews recorded some decent catches. Captain Pete on Top Fin hosted Mr. Hong and his group for a trip to structure, where they put 28 tautog and a big sheepshead in the box. Mr. Jin and his toggers joined Pete Saturday for some fine togging, and retuned with a 35 fish limit, plus a 10 pound black drum. Captain Ted said there was a good tog bite at the Inner Wall when he was there Saturday morning with the Indian. Captain Vince togged Bay structure Saturday, and his gang aboard Miss Kirstin rounded up 29 tautog, 2 triggerfish and a keeper sea bass. Friday, Captain Brent's patrons on the Katydid put together a batch of 33 blackfish and one trigger. Randy Jensen, Billy Lantz, Mike Ditton and Charlie Breitenbach have become pretty proficient at working the Outer Wall, and showed their skill Friday with a limit of 20 chunky tog. Randy offered an observation that helped their take. He said when the fish didn't bite in close to the rocks, they dropped back a fair distance away from the Wall and found tautog feeding where scattered boulders off the main breakwater met the sand bottom. At this writing, Charlie was holding First and Third Places in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament with fish of 5.94 and 5.88 pounds. Randy had Second with his 5.89 pounder. The Tourney runs through October 31st, and offers cash prizes. Colin Boteler wished he had signed up for the Tournament before he went to the Wall Saturday morning. He boated a citation earning 7.72 pound blackfish that would have put him in the lead. Larry Hughes also missed a shot at placing since he hadn't entered before he landed his 6.4 pounder. There's still plenty of time, and last year's Contest was won on October 30th with a massive 20 pounder! In addition to blustery weather, boaters had to contend with area closures on Delaware Bay. The Coast Guard established safety zones where Naval exercises were scheduled October 16th through 24th, and the regions were closed to boat traffic from 8am until 8pm on those days. Reefs 6 and 7 fell within the zone, so fishing those sites was off limits. Sea bass season reopened over the weekend, but stiff breezes prevented most boats from getting out to the Ocean grounds. Reef Site 11, Del Jersey Land and wrecks in 90 to 120 feet should offer good bassing on days when sea conditions permit getting there. The season is set to stay open until the end of December. There still have been no reports of migratory striped bass showing up at the mouth of Delaware Bay, but resident backwater rockfish have been around. Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and creeks emptying out of the Great Marsh held good numbers of small to medium sized stripers. They could be tempted into striking 3 to 4 inch swim shads and other soft plastics, along with swimming and topwater plugs. Keepers were available too. Dave Walker and Robert Karpovich drifted eels around the Drawbridge for three legal bass between 29 and 31 inches. Greg Wagner fished near the Bridge one night during the week, and told of a 33 inch rock. Surf casters continue to encounter small blues at Cape Henlopen Point. The mullet run is about done, so fresh bait has become hard to come by, but frozen still produces. An occasional short striper, kingfish or blowfish mingled with snappers in the suds.

Tog Action Shaping Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/7/2014 12:00:00 AM

We've enjoyed a fantastic summer of flounder fishing, but the bulk of flatties in the area have moved out. Before they got too far away, Captain Brent made one last long run southeast and intercepted batch of fluke on their way offshore. Tuesday's group of fluke fanatics aboard Katydid returned with their limit of 40 fish to finish off the season. Many anglers have now shifted their efforts toward tautog. Tog action has been shaping up along the rocks and reefs, but wind and dirty water has often presented problems. Toggers report windows of catching with clean water, but once it gets murky, the blackfish get lockjaw. Captain Pete was able to locate some clean water along the Wall Saturday, and his toggers on Top Fin took a limit of 35 keepers. They capped the box off with a bonus 14.6 pound sheepshead. Several big sheepshead have been caught recently, probably since more anglers are working rockpiles and other hard structure in search of tog, and that's where the big porgies hang out. Craig Moore captured a 15.5 pound trophy sheepshead aboard the Grizzly Sunday. Charlie Breitenbach's 16.7 pound bruiser would have broken the State Record had Dave Walker not caught his 17.1 pound monster last Monday. That fish has been verified, and declared as the new Delaware State Record. Triggerfish and black drum continue to mix with sheepshead and tog on Bay structure. Some of the drum have been quite sizeable. Todd Garman was togging near the Lighthouse of the Outer Wall when he hooked behemoth boomers of 65.4 and 67.1 pounds using fiddler crabs the size of a thumbnail! Just goes to show, elephants do eat peanuts! Drew Williams and his buddies joined Captain Brent on Katydid Thursday and put a pair of drum, a nice mess of tog, triggers, trout and croakers in the box. Trout are still hanging around in fair numbers and it's great to see their resurgence in Delaware Bay. Captain Brent's anglers had their limit of weakfish during a short afternoon run to reef rubble Friday afternoon. On Monday, Captain Brent's three man group had 14 tog and 15 triggers. Triggers will start to thin out with cooling temps, but tog should become more active. The Inner and Outer Walls, Ice Breakers, reef sites and Lighthouses should all give up increasing numbers of blackfish in coming weeks. Keep in mind, if you fish Brandywine Light, you must adhere to New Jersey size and creel limits, since the structure sits in that state's waters. Anglers are limited to one tog at a 15 inch minimum until November 15th. The Annual Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament is on now through October 31st. The event offers cash prizes for the three heaviest tautog weighed in by registered contestants. Entry fee is $25 per angler, allowing you to fish as many days as you want through the Tourney. Or, you can pay $3 each day you fish. You must pay in advance of fishing. All entry monies collect in a pool and the top three tog split it 50%, 30% and 20%. So, the more entries, the bigger the prizes. As of this writing, the standings show Randy Jensen in First and Third Places with tog weighing 5.89 and 5.49 pounds. Mike Ditton has Second with his 5.58 pounder. Things will likely change as the month goes on and bigger fish are on the move. "Yul" Benner ended up winning last year at the very end of the Tournament with an enormous 20 pounder! Surf casters have been picking at snapper bluefish all along the Ocean beaches. Sue Sokira stopped by with a nice catch of blues and kingfish takaen with mullet in front of the radar tower at Cape Henlopen.

Record Sheepshead

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/30/2014 12:00:00 AM

Tautog season reopened yesterday, allowing anglers to keep 5 tog per person per day, at a minimum size of 15 inches. Water temps are still around 70 degrees, and although some blackfish were caught around the Walls and Bay reefs, action will improve as it cools off. Even though the emphasis was on tog, big sheepshead stole the show on opening day. Captain Brent on Katydid was togging Bay structure when his anglers connected with four of the oversized striped porgies. Mike Nauman nailed a 10.3 pounder, Tom Geiger got an 11.9 pound specimen, and Frank Felbaum fought fish of 6.6 and 12.5 pounds. Dave Walker, Rob Karpovich, Bobby Bryant and Al Rebierio worked a rockpile Monday for a nice batch of tog, triggerfish, trout and three black drum in the 15 to 25 pound class. Highlight of their day was the monster sheepshead decked by Dave. It was 28 inches long and weighed a whopping 17.1 pounds! The existing Delaware State Record is a 15 pound 11 ouncer caught by Chris Wentz in 2012. Dave's fish eclipsed that mark, so proper steps were taken to qualify it for Record consideration. It was weighed on Lewes Harbour's certified scales, then a DNREC officer was called in to verify the reading. It takes a little while to go through the system, but it should be deemed a new Record. Major congratulations to Dave for an awesome catch. Triggerfish are still hanging around Bay Reef Sites. Jonathan Masten managed an impressive 4.68 pound trigger aboard Lil' Angler II. Captain Vince anchored Miss Kirstin over Reef Site 7 Saturday, and his anglers put 11 big triggers in the box, the heaviest being Troy Miller's jumbo 5 pounder. In addition, they had bluefish, croakers, puffers and kingfish. Croakers and chunky spot are still hanging out in Lewes Canal, and can be caught with bloodworms or Fishbites. Stripers are raoming the Canal too. A couple customers were crabbing near Gordon's Pond when rockfish started busting around the boat. They switched gears and began casting Calcutta Shads, and hooked numerous bass. Most were 15 to 20 inches, but a blast to catch and release. So the guys had a bunch of fun, and three dozen plump crabs to take home for a feast. Some keeper stripers were caught. Marty Riley checked in a 32 inch 12 pound rock that took a Storm Shad along the marsh bank near the railroad bridge. Fishermen on the rails at Cape Henlopen Pier caught a few small rockfish, but mostly had snapper blues, spot and hardheads. Mullet have been moving out of the backwaters, and along the Bay and Ocean beaches. Their migration has attracted gamefish into the surf, and casters using cut mullet caught snapper blues, flounder and kingfish inside Cape Henlopen, and on the Oceanfront between the Point and the Towers. Ocean flounder have been on the move offshore, and boaters have had to run farther to find them. Captain Brent on Katydid has been following them on their way out. He made a long run to some spots off Ocean City Sunday, but the ride paid. His flukers put together a boat limit of 40 late season flatties. Canyon anglers haven't done much with tuna. Captain Carey's group abaord Grizzly overnighted in the Wilmington Sunday. They released a small swordfish and a very large hammerhead. They also boated a dozen nice dolphin.

Flounder Finally Thinning Out

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/21/2014 12:00:00 AM

Flounder are still hanging around, but not in the same numbers as previous weeks. They've been thinning out on the Old Grounds, but on days with good conditions, anglers continue to put together decent catches. Bob Fitzwater and his crew worked the Grounds Monday, and returned with their limit of 20 fluke. Captain Brent has been pushing farther off to find numbers of flatties for his groups on Katydid. It took a long ride and a lot of boat handling over strucuture, but Bully Bob Trento and his gang of athletes ended up with their limit of 40 flounder, plus 23 chunky sea bass Wednesday aboard Katydid. Bob Cannon and his buddies fished with Brent Thursday for 21 flatfish and a couple dozen bass. Delaware Bay reef sites continued to yield some flounder, but it seems the majority of fluke are starting to move out. With breezy conditions on the ocean Saturday, Captain Brent opted for the Bay, and concentrated his efforts on Sites 6 and 7. His patrons aboard Katydid managed to 5 keeper flatties to 5 pounds in the box, but the triggerfish and blowfish bite was on, and they also iced 17 triggers, including Eric Butler's 4 pounder, and 25 puffers. In addition, they had sea bass, trout and croakers. Boaters at the mouth of the Bay found craokers, spot, trout and kingfish near #4 Buoy. Bluefish were still plentiful around the Outer Wall, feeding on silversides, Bay anchovies, butterfish and peanut bunkers in the area. Anglers also encountered some surprises. Joe Lamanna was drifting a minnow and squid combo near the Oueter Wall in search of flounder when he hooked into something larger than what he bargained for. When the battle was over, he boated a 52.1 pound black drum. Surf casters along the Ocean beaches did pretty well with snapper bluefish. Anglers using mullet or cut spot around the point of Capae Henlopen and near the Herring Point jetties had decent numbers of hookups. Offshore aficionados have not had much success with tuna, but did find dolphin. Wilkie Jarboe brought in a 21.2 pound mahi he caught in Baltimore Canyon aboard Ella Belle. Katydid deep deep dropped in the Baltimore Friday for a box full of tilefish, then hit some floating gear for 27 bailer dolphin. Billfish action has been hot in Norfolk Canyon. Captain Billy Hein and his crew on the Stacey trolled 70 to 100 fathoms to release 12 white marlin during a trip there this past week.

Flattie Action Continues

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

This summer's flounder action was the best in recent memory, and it has carried through right into September. Providing there are no severe weather fronts to push them out prematurely, anglers should enjoy a few more weeks of good fishing as flatties stage on structure during their movement offshore. Fluke continue to be found on Reef Sites 9, 10 and 11, the Old Grounds, and on bottom features surrounding DB and DA Buoys. Captain Brent worked over the flounder pretty good during the week with groups aboard Katydid. He returned early Tuesday with a 32 fluke limit that included Charlie Jammer's 6.65 pounder. Bully Bob and his crew of "atheletes" joined Brent Wednesday, and put together a limit of 40 quality flatfish. Thursday was another 40 keeper day, highlighted by Bob Fleming's 9.24 pound doormat. A bunch of regulars boarded Katydid Saturday, and brought back a boat limit of 36 flatties. Among the take was a 6.28 pound fluke for Ron Mistretta, and Bob Crossley's 3 pound sea bass. That catch raised the total number of keeper flounder landed aboard Katydid this season to more than 1500. Plenty of nice batches of fish came to the cleaning table this week as well. Bob Horton and his buddies took advantage of good conditions and limited out three trips in a row while working Site 11 and the Old Grounds. Jim Meyers was dialed in on big fish at Site 10. Tuesday, he scored a pair of fluke scaling 6.83 and 8.01 pounds. He topped them Friday with an 8.36 pound citation earner. Wayne Brady boated a 5.3 pound flounder from the Old Grounds aboard Miss Kirstin. Jon Bixler drifted squid on the Old Grounds for his 5.9 pounder. Harry Glembocki had his limit of flatties Thursday. Half of it was a keeper double header that included a mat weighing 6.08 pounds. Vince Budnavage checked in his best flounder yet. The 6.84 pound beauty fell for a squid and minnow sandwich on the Old Grounds. Joe Crowley captured a pool winning 5.95 pound fluke on Thelma Dale IV Saturday. Scott Ayars wasn't far behind with his 5.7 pounder. Anglers reported success using a variety of baits including squid, smelts and shiners. Live offerings like minnows and spot worked, but weren't necessary. Cut meat was quite effective. Fresh strips of bluefish, croaker, spot, mullet or sea robin were gobbled up by feeding fluke. A 3 to 6 ounce Spro bucktail sweetened with cut bait or Gulp! produced numerous flatfish, and frequently performed better than traditional bottom rigs. Jigging often causes a reactive strike from otherwise uninterested fish. Besides flounder, Ocean bottom bouncers encountered some big croakers between Site 10 and DB Buoy.Captain Vince had several in the 15 inch range mixed with flounder there on Wednesday. In Delaware Bay, some flounder and assorted panfish were available at the Star Site. That mix included jumbo spot, hardheads, kingfish, puffers, triggers, sea bass, spike trout and snapper blues. Clams, bloodworms, squid, shrimp and Fishbites got bit. Snapper blues have been active in the lower Bay and could usually be found beneath working birds. The rip on the shoal just off the Outer Wall's north end attracted numerous snappers. They could be hooked there with cut baits on bottom rigs, or cast bucktails and metal jigs. Bluefish also roamed the Ocean surf, especially since more mullet have shown up. Beach casters caught small blues using fresh mullet from inside Cape Henlopen on down to the Towers. Decent numbers of kingfish were still in the suds, and would respond to pieces of bloodworms or Fishbites on small float rigs. Lance Cochran landed 25 kings while soaking fresh mullet at Keybox Road Saturday. Offshore trollers found white marlin and dolphin. Steve Fleming and his group trolled the Baltimore Thursday for a nice batch of dolphin. Shawn Gallagher and the guys on Free Spool released a white from 50 Fathoms inshore of Poor Man's Friday. Captain Chris Thurman's crew had 3 white marlin and 9 mahi trolling Poor Man's Saturday aboard Quintessa. The bigeye bite was off and on in the Wilmington Canyon. Charlie Horning had three eyeballs while trolling the East Side Thursday evening on his Fish Whistle. Captain Brian's gang on Lil' Angler II trolled up some nice dolphin in the Wilmington Saturday. Brandy Parker put 15.9 pounder in the box.

Last Big Weekend

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/29/2014 12:00:00 AM

Looks like the weather should be decent for the last big weekend of summer. Wind made things tough for boaters this past week, but he forecast for Saturday through Monday seems ok. Croakers have started to gather at the mouth of Delaware Bay. Hardheads were located near 4 Buoy, where a trench leads out towards the Ocean. Trout, kingfish and snapper blues were mixed in. Chloe Collier checked in a 1.16 pound kingfish she caught there aboard the Angler. Bluefish have also been roaming the rip over the shoal outside the Outer Wall. They've been chasing silversides to the surface during many moving tides. The little choppers are a blast on light tackle, and will grab a shiner or piece of cut mullet on a bottom rig. Bucktails or metal jigs cast and retrieved at a fast clip will get bit as well. Blues have shown up in the surf too. Snappers were reported at different spots all along the beach between Cape Henlopen and Fenwick. Jeff Sherwood was soaking mullet in the suds at the Navy Crossing and landed his limit of blues. A few tog and triggerfish came from the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers, but tautog season closes August 31st. Triggerfish congregated on wrecks just outside the Bay. It was blowing hard ENE Monday, but Captain Brent was able to make it to a snag outside the Bay, and returned by noon with a box full of 37 triggers, plus sea bass and porgies for his anglers on Katydid. Drift conditions were difficult much of the week, but Captain Brent made a long run into the Ocean Wednesday, and his flukers worked structure to put 39 quality flatfish to 6 pounds aboard Katydid. With a kinder Ocean and more boats out and about, flounder should continue to be found on the Old Grounds and bottom changes between DB and DA Buoys. Inshore trolling is starting to produce some false albacore and dolphin. Captain Les on Martha Marie pulled ballyhoo and plastics between Site 11 and the Twenty Fathom Line to take a 50 pound wahoo for Ryan Graver, plus a pair of gaffer mahi and some false albacore.

Flounder In The Bay

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/22/2014 12:00:00 AM

Most anglers seeking flounder have chosen to work Ocean structure the past couple weeks because of strong currents in Delaware Bay. However, since the passing of this month's full moon, conditions have improved, and crews trying Bay Reef Sites were pleased to find flounder action coming back to life. Captain Carey on the Grizzly had good fluking at the Brown Shoal Reefs this week. Captain Brent's fishermen on Katydid also returned with limit catches of flatties after working Sites 6 and 7 recently. In addition to flounder, Bay bottom bouncers found plenty of croakers on the Star Site and at Site 5 in Broadkill Slough. Kingfish, trout, puffers and snapper blues were mixed in. Bluefish were also found in the rip on the shoal just outside the Outer Wall. During moving tides they chased silversides to the surface, and diving gulls and terns gave away the feeding activity. A bucktail jig or spoon cast among the fish would usually generate a strike in short order. The scrappy snappers are a blast on light tackle, and lots of fun for young anglers. Captain Pete Haines took son Rainer to the bluefish rip for his first fishing trip the other day aboard Top Fin. Rainer reeled on blue after blue, and was definitely hooked by the fast snapper action. Jumbo spot continue to inhabit Lewes Canal. Many are over 10 inches. They're suckers for a piece of bloodworm or Fishbites. Good sized croakers swam the Canal too, and bank fishermen near the Railroad Bridge hooked into some of the largest specimens. Slot striper season runs through August 31st, and rockfish within that size range were found by folks drifting pencil eels around the drawbridge, or those bottom fishing with clams or peeler crabs. Speckled trout aren't too common in our area, but they're around if you know where to look. Brian Smith was casting an Electric Chicken Bass Assassin to the marsh bank on Broadkill River and connected with a beautiful pair of specks weighing 3.5 and 5.4 pounds. Ocean flounder fishing remained real good. Inshore sites 9 and 10 were productive, as well as Site 11 outside the shipping lane. Live bottom and structure changes of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys also gave up plenty of fluke. Chris Vann works as a mate on the Katydid, but recently he invited his buddies on board to fish with him in a birthday celebration. The crew took a limit of 40 quality Ocean flounder, and was back at the dock early. Total weight of only the five heaviest tallied 27.5 pounds. Ron Mistretta decked the largest, a 7.33 pound doormat. Geoff Klopp and Mason Newsham had flatties of 5.1, 5.95, and 5.96 pounds as part of their limit from Site 10. Bert Long landed a 6.1 pounder aboard Miss Kirstin. Chris Ragni checked in a 6 pounder he caught on the Quintessa at the Old Grounds. Dave Walker wound in a near citation 6.77 pounder. Ocean water quality has been very good, and many flounder fishermen have encountered dolphin while drifting Site 11 and the Old Grounds. Marc Levinrad landed an 11.5 pound mahi to add to his limit of flatfish to 4.5 pounds while bucktailing aboard the Thelma Dale IV. Jack Henriksen had a 12.5 pound dolphin grab a flounder rig he was reeling up from the bottom of the Old Grounds.

Sounds Like A Broken Record

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/15/2014 12:00:00 AM

It may sound like a broken record, but flounder fishing has been about as good as it gets over the past couple weeks. Conditions were tough in Delaware Bay around the recent full moon due to strong currents, but Ocean anglers did well on structure where lunar and tidal effects were less severe. Flatties came from inshore reefs 9 and 10, as well as Site 11, east of DB Buoy. Live bottom of the Old Grounds, southeast of DB and northwest of DA also yielded plenty of flatfish. Limit catches were commonplace on days with good drifting. Not only were flounder numerous, but several sizeable specimens have been checked in. On Saturday, Price Lindsay and Steve Friend were working Site 10 using rigs baited with mackerel strips and Gulp!, and compiled quite an impressive limit of fluke. Among the fish was a 9 pound trophy for Price, and Steve's awesome 10 pound doormat. Steve said it was his personal best, and a replica mount may be in his future. On Monday, Wayne DeMarco and his crew limited out with quality flounder form the Old Grounds. Wayne was jigging a bucktail sweetened with cut bait and landed an 8 pound beauty. Captain Brent has been running Katydid to Ocean Structure on a regular basis, and returning with boat limits most trips. The most memorable was last Saturday, when flukers on board captured a 40 fish limit that pushed the number of keepers for Katydid this season to over 1000. Some other nice fish to hit the dock included a 6.9 pounder for Captain Pete Haines, Art Shapiro's 6.07 and Scott Ayars' 5.25 pounder, all taken Saturday on Top Fin. Renee Pergeorelis was on a roll with big flatties, and limited two days in a row, including specimens weighing 5.5 and 5.63 pounds. Joe Walker, Kyle Falgowski, Bob Karpovich and Mike Delio drifted Site 10 Monday for their limit of chunky fluke to 6.45 pounds. Croakers have also been plentiful on Site 10, and often proved bothersome to boaters targeting flounder by constantly nibbling on baits and stealing them before flatfish get a crack. Anglers seeking croakers in Delaware Bay found plenty around the Star Reef and the Broadkill Reef. Kingfish, spike trout, blowfish, snapper blues and triggerfish were mixed in. Tog action was slow in general, but a few tautog and triggers were taken along the Outer Wall and Ice breakers on sand fleas. Snapper bluefish have shown up in good numbers in the rip over the shoal just outside the north end of the Outer Wall. They often chased siversides to the surface, and fed ravenously beneath clouds of diving terns and gulls. A bucktail or small metal jig tossed into the melee got bit in short order. In Lewes Canal, croakers were a popular catch. Seems they were bigger than a lot of fish out in the Bay. The Canal held spot of jumbo proportions too, some of which were 10 to 12 inches long. The panfish preferred bloodworms and Fishbites. Stripers were still caught around the drawbridge by small boaters drifting eels or bottom fishing with clams. The slot striper season ends August 31st. Offshore, tuna were located in the Wilmington Canyon. Daytime chunking among whales produced good sized yellowfins. Geoff McCloskey, Andrew White, Mike Zeccola and Vic Mattia had yellowfins of 56, 68 and 69 pounds while fishing live spot at dusk in the Wilmington Saturday. On Sunday, Captain Brent ran Katydid to the Wilmington, where his group deep dropped for tilefish. They loaded up with grays to 15 pounds, and goldens to 25 pounds. Brent saw signs of tuna in the afternoon, and stopped to chunk up 5 stout yellowfins to 73 pounds. With the fish boxes full, the crew headed back to the dock in anticipation of a long night at the cleaning table.

Pounding Flounders

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/3/2014 12:00:00 AM

Flounder fishing is still the most popular game in town. Delaware Bay reefs yielded fluke, but the bite was limited to tide changes. Flatties bit best at the end of slack water through the first half hour of moving current. Barry Gerhard and his grandson Sam Hazlett had 7 nice keepers to 4.4 pounds at Reef 8 Thursday. Jigging Spro bucktails sweetened with a strip of fresh cut croaker was the key to success. The rest of the Hazlett family hit Site 8 Friday to score another good catch. Ella Hazlett hooked a 4.5 pound flounder, and Melissa Hazlett handled a pair of flatties weighing 4.0 and 4.4 pounds. Elijah Brown boated a 5 pounder while fluking the Bay aboard Lil' Angler II. Sunday started out as a crappy weather day, so Captain Brent left the dock late and decide to stay in the Bay. He ran Katydid to the Brown Shoal reefs, where his anglers put together a 32 fish limit. So, what began bad, ended up good. Ocean flounder seemed to cooperate during more of the tide than those in the Bay. Many flatfish came from Reefs 9, 10 and 11. Word of the good fishing drew quite a crowd of boats at the Sites on fair weather days, so sometimes maneuvering on the structure was tricky. Open bottom of the Old Grounds continued to be productive as well, with spots southeast of DB Buoy and northwest of DA Buoy giving up fluke. Rigs sporting hair teasers baited with squid, shiners, smelt or strips of fresh cut croaker or sea robin were favored offerings. Bucktail jigs sweetened with 5 or 6 inch Gulp! artificials proved deadly for flatties. Captain Pete hosted the gang from Hidden Acres Sawmill Monday aboard Top Fin, and they jigged up a limit of 28 quality keepers at Site 10. Seven of the fish were over 5 pounds. Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Vince Keagy and Mate Bert Long for their limit of 16 flounder from Site 10 Tuesday on Miss Kirstin. John Lymaster checked in a 5.32 pounder he landed aboard Martha Marie. Captain Brent's Tuesday crew on Katydid returned with a boat limit of flatties. Bent took big fish of the day with a 7.73 pound doormat he caught from up top on the bridge. Wednesday's regulars on Katydid rounded up their limit of 40 keepers while drifting Ocean structure. Lou Pennella and Chris Vann each caught 7 pounders. Larry and Joe Coyle, along with Tyler Brown took their limit of flatfish Wednesday at Site 10. Joe landed the heaviest, weighing 6.37 pounds. Bill Hughes fished again Wednesday on Miss Kirstin and boated a 5.4 pound fluke. Wayne DeMarco, Joe Pergeorelis, Josh Wilkers and Doug Mickowski worked the Old Grounds Wednesday for their limit of flounder. Dave Walker took Matt Shoup, Amy and Patrick Conroy, and Clara Hollingsworth to Site 10 Wednesday to capture and bring back 20 flat ones. On Thursday, local flukers aboard Katydid put 28 keepers in the box, including John Gudknecht's 5.4 pounder. Katydid was back over Ocean reef rubble Friday, and returned with a full limit of 36 fluke to 4 plus pounds. Bill Hughes fished again Friday on Miss Kirstin for his limit that included specimens of 4.3 and 4.4 pounds. Captain Carey said fishermen aboard the Grizzly limited out with 24 flounder Friday at the Old Grounds, and were back at the dock early. In addition to flounder, bottom bouncers connected with plenty of croakers in Delaware Bay. Reef sites 5 and 8 and the edge of The Anchorage near G Buoy held hardheads. Kingfish, spike trout, puffers and sanpper blues were mixed in on reef structure. Croakers and big spot were also caught in Lewes Canal, Roosevelt Inlet, and in Broadkill River all the way up past Oyster Rocks. Rockfish roamed the Canal too. Slot stripers were caught around the drawbridge using pencil eels. Boaters working the rocks of the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers had some tog, triggerfish, sheepshead and spadefish. Rodney Shoemaker and "Booker" Bookwalter kept 9 chunky blackfish at the Wall Friday. Booker battled a citation tautog weighing 7.44 pounds. Bob Meyers tempted a 3 pound trigger from the Outer Wall with sandfleas. Offshore anglers encountered yellowfins,longfins and billfish in the Wilmington. Charlie Horning on the Fish Whistle trolled Wilmington's East Notch Tuesday evening, pulling ballyhoo skirted with Joe Shute lures, and landed 4 bigeyes. The crew laid over and went one for two on eyeballs at first light Wednesday. Back at the scales, the tuna ranged between 137 and 194 pounds. Inshore trollers found some pretty decent dolphin and a few white marlin at the Hot Dog. Nick Strait and Ethan Davis decked mahis of 15 and 18 pounds at the Dog aboard Chasin' Tail.

Plenty Of Croakers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

Croakers have been plentiful on Delaware reef sites in recent days. Most of the hardheads are in the 9 to 11 inch range, but larger specimens were taken by boats that anchored right on reef rubble piles early and late in the day. Clams, bloodworms and Fishbites were best baits. Kingfish, puffers, spot and spike trout hung out in the same spots as croakers. Some of the biggest croakers and spot seen this week came from Lewes Canal. Hardheads to 13 inches and spot to nearly a foot long were pulled from the Canal and Broadkill River as far up as Oyster Rocks Road. Slot striper action was also good on the Canal. Boaters drifting pencil eels around the drawbridge during the last of incoming tide caught bass within the 20 to 26 inch limit, and also released larger fish. Casting artificials along the marsh banks and around bulkheads and docks also produced rock. Gulp! Swimming Mullets, Storm Shads, Bass Assassins, RatLTraps, Zara Spooks and Chug Bugs all got bit. An occasional decent sized weakfish and even a few speckled trout were hooked by casters working the same assortment of lures along the Roosevelt Jetty. Even though water temps have risen, some flounder still were found in the Canal and other shallow areas. Dan Bramble bested a 5.55 pound flounder from the Canal. Richard Roberts reeled in a 5.26 pound fluke while fishing with Gulp! from the Port Lewes Pier. Flounder were caught around Delaware Bay artificial reefs during the week, but Ocean fluking seemed more reliable. Mike and Drew Ambler checked in with their limit from the Old Grounds Tuesday. "Flip" Flipping fished the Old Grounds for his limit of flounder up to 4.32 pounds. Larry and Joe Coyle and Dillon Holdren had a limit of flatties on Site 10 Tuesday. Andrea Monetti managed a 5 pound fluke on her trip to the Old Grounds. Lou Pennella put a 6.3 pound flatfish in the box as part of a 20 keeper catch from Site 10 aboard katydid on Wednesday. Joe Walker, Tony and Diana Vansant, Barry Gerhard and Pete Riberio rounded up a limit of fine flatties Wednesday at Site 10. Shane Townsend and his buddies drifted the Old Grounds Friday on Katydid to take home 19 flounder and 5 triggerfish. Nate Townsend had big fish honors with his 5.46 pounder. Offshore tuna catches were spotty. Bluefins were located at Massey's Canyon, and trollers there early and late in the day found mostly under 47 inch fish by pulling spreader bars, Green Machines and cedar plugs.

Tog Season Reopens

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/18/2014 12:00:00 AM

Tog season opened back up July 17th, and several toggers took off for the Outer Wall on Thursday. The bite was fair, but there were some decent catches. Rob, Tom and Shane Roth, Dan Fisher and Paul Grimsey ended up with their 25 fish limit, including Shane's 6.05 pounder. Triggerfish were also taken along the wall by toggers using sand fleas or green crabs. The first sheepshead of the season also showed up. Cyndi Jannuzzio tempted a 4.75 pound sheepshead from the Ice Breakers with a sand flea. Greg Biener was diving along the Outer Wall when he encountered and speared a 12 pound sheepshead. Fred Quashne hooked a pair of sheepshead at the Wall, the largest weighing 10.75 pounds. Drew Biener was surprised when something big inhaled a sand flea he was using for bait at the Outer Wall. Drew battled what turned out to be a 44.3 pound black drum for almost 2 hours before putting it in the boat. In other bottom fishing action, nice sized croakers and big spot have been plentiful in Lewes Canal. Bloodworms and Fishbites were favored by both. Slot stripers also cooperated for boaters drifting eels or tossing plugs around the drawbridge. Last of incoming tide was best, especially early and late in the day. Artificial reefs in Delaware Bay attracted good numbers of croakers, spot, kingfish, puffers, spike trout, triggerfish and snapper blues. Reefs 5 and 8 were good places to try. Fish could be caught by drifting, but it seemed the largest ones hung tight to structure, and anchoring on the rubble was the better choice for success. Clams, bloodworms, squid and Fishbites all got bit by panfish. Bay reefs also held flounder. Sites 5, 6, 7 and 8 all produced flounder, but the bite usually occurred at the very end or beginning of the tide. Joe and Dave Walker, Robert Karpovich and Bill Yeager ran up the Bay to Sites 3 and 4 Sunday, and returned with 11 nice keepers. Katydid continued a catching spree. Captain Brent's Sunday group kept 30 from Sites 3 and 4. Monday's patrons had another 30. Bob Bryant and his gang joined Brent Tuesday for 18 flatties. Flukers on Katydid Tuesday captured 22, including a 6.92 pounder for Bob Murphy, and Dan McGeady's 7.24 pound doormat. Friday's fishermen on Katydid took home 20 keepers. Ocean bottom bouncers found flatties on the Old Grounds. The Angler had a great trip last Saturday, boxing 21 keepers. Tom Horner had a 7.18 pound citation earner. Tony and Diana Vansant, Robert Karpovich and Joe and Michael Walker had a limit of 20 from Ocean structure Sunday. Diana outdid the boys with her 6.1 pounder. A recent trip to the flounder grounds aboard Grizzly yielded 24 keepers to 6.75 pounds for Captain Carey's anglers. Wayne DeMarco, Joe and Mike Pergeorelis limited out on Old Grounds structure Friday. Boats running offshore in searech of tunas found a mix of Bluefins and Yellowfins by trolling ballyhoo and spreader bars between the Hambone and Hot Dog. Yellowfins and dolphin roamed the West Wall of Baltimore Canyon. Mike and Mason Newsham, Geoff Klopp, Jim Baker and Jordan Giuttari trolled white spreader bars at the Hambone and in the Baltimore for their over and under bluefins to 92 pounds, plus yellowfins of 48 and 57 pounds. The Candy's Choice crew released a white and a blue marlin in the Baltimore Canyon, and put 2 chunky yellowfins in the box. They bailed 22 dolphin and bottom dropped for 20 tilefish to round out the trip. Captain Ed and the guys on Snow Goose trolled a pair of bluefins at the Dog, then overnighted there to release 2 makos and a 200 pound dusky. Ed subdued a 20.5 pound dolphin that ate a shark bait during the darkness. Trolling the Baltimore produced a 59 pound yellowfin. Jimmy Yingling chunked a 57 pound bluefin at night on the Hambone aboard Joint Venture. Brian Ludwig and Jeff Snyder pulled ballyhoo and Ilanders at the Hambone for their 70 pound bluefin. Captain Brent ran Katydid to the Hot Dog Thursday and returned with yellowfins weighing 48 and 58 pounds and a 20 pound dolphin. Connor McMahon caught a 24.4 pound bluefin while trolling aboard his Uncle Bill's boat at the Hambone. Wayne Meyer, Joshua Meyer, Mitchell Deniswicz and Dillon Goguin traveled from Wisconsin for some Delaware offshore action, and tangled with yellowfin tuna weighing 44, 48 and 56 pounds at the Hot Dog and in the Baltimore aboard the Reel Tease.

Summer Time Flounder and Tuna

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/12/2014 12:00:00 AM

With Summer in full swing, flounder fishing continues to be hot. Ocean fluking on the Old Grounds has been very good, and Delaware Bay Reefsites gave up plenty of fish during the week. However, strong running currents around the full moon made for difficult drifting in the Bay at week's end, so many flukers opted for the Ocean approach, where tidal effects were less severe. Once the moon wanes, Bay reefs should light up again. The 16 inch minimum has made it easier to get keepers, but sizeable specimens have ended up in coolers as well. Captain Brent on Katydid has been dialed in on flatfish action, and recorded several limit catches recently. Last Sunday's group brought back 28, including a 6.18 pound mat for the Big Man, "Chewy". Monday's trip produced 28 keepers. Blake Reed reeled in a 5.67 pounder, and Jeff Trench took a 5 pound flounder. On Tuesday, Joe McNeal got a 5.78 pounder as part of a 22 fish catch aboard Katydid. Wednesday's group had 36 quality faltties, and was back at the dock by lunch time. Captain Brent and Tony Gargurevich boated twin fluke that weighed exactly 6.21 pounds each. Matt Shoup was top dog on Thursday, with fish weighing 4.79 and 5.05 pounds, among the catch of 23. On Friday, Brent fished the Ocean because of hard running Bay tides, and it was a good move. Anglers on board limited out with 32 beauties. The weight of just the five heaviest flounder totaled nearly 35 pounds! Cecelia Spinelli scored an 8.1 pounder, Brian LeClair landed a 7.51, and Captain Brent put a 7.41 in the box. Captain Carey on Grizzly drifted the Old Grounds Thursday for a boat limit of flatties up to 6.25 pounds. Dave and Joe Walker and Robert Karpovich started of their season of Bay flounder fishing off right Sunday with their dozen fish limit from Reef structure. The largest was Dave's 7.26 pound citation earner. Dave and Joe Walker, Bob Karpovich and Tom Coyle worked reef structure Wednesday for their limit of 16 fluke, including Dave's 6.5 pounder. Buckwheat and Bobby Bryant, John Schnaitman and Al Rebierio drifted upper Bay sites 3 and 4 to bring back 16 flounder limits Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. George Finn caught only one flounder at Site 8 Sunday, but it was a good one, tipping the scales to 7.5 pounds. J-Rod Johnson put a 5.07 pounder aboard the Indian Sunday. Lily Baker used a custom Mason's Mauler bucktail at Site 5 for her 3.71 pound flounder. Wayne DeMarco and his crew had a nice catch Friday. Daryl Mergenthaler had the heaviest with his 8.15 pound doormat. Gary, Curt and Steve on the Sea Devil had 5 nice keepers and several shorts at Site 10 Friday. Decent fish were still coming from Lewes Canal. Fred "Beaver" Ruff landed a 5.31 pounder from the dock right in front of Lewes Harbour Marina. Bill Regnault had a 4 pound fluke in the Canal. Pat McQuate was casting from Canary Creek bridge when she connected with a 5.34 pounder. Croakers have been plentiful in Broadkill River, all the way up to Oyster Rocks Road, and could be caught with bloodworms, clams or Fishbites. Hardheads were also found around the Bay Reef Sites. Matt Baker said they were really thick on Site 5 Friday evening, but he only kept bout a dozen and a half for some croaker tacos. Triggerfish have started to show around the reefs and the Outer Wall too. Tautog season reopens July 17th, and anglers targeting tog along the Wall will probably encounter triggers. Slot Stripers hung out around the Canal Drawbridge, and were hooked early and late in the day using pencil eels. Offshore boaters found both tuna between the Hot Dog and Hambone Thursday and Friday. Trolling ballyhoo, Green Machines and spreader bars attracted both yellowfins and bluefins.

Hot Fluking

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/4/2014 12:00:00 AM

Flounder have been the main game recently, and catches have been quite good. With favorable conditions, crews working Ocean structure on Site 11 and the Old Grounds did well. Shallow water flukers continued to pick away at flatties in Lewes Canal, Broadkill River, Roosevelt Inlet, near the Ferry jetty and Inner Wall, and around the burned out section of Cape Henlopen Pier. The best news is that Delaware Bay Reef Sites have turned on, allowing for shorter boat rides to productive grounds. Some respectable specimens have come from both deep water and near shore areas Gary Ebling was drifting a white Gulp! and minnow combo near DB Buoy when he had a distictive bite from a flounder that didn't commit He dropped back, and some seconds later, the fish couldn't resist returning for another bite of the tasty offering. That's when Gary drove the hook home, and fought the big fluke to his boat. Gary was fishing by himself, and said the one handed net job was a little scary, but all ended well. The 8.47 pound trophy joined three other keepers in the box, and Gary headed back to Lewes Harbour Marina sporting a big smile. Pat McGovern also had a good fish story. Pat had spent all day in search of flounder to no avail, so he wrapped it up and ran back to his slip on Lewes Canal. After tying the boat up at the dock, he decided to make one last cast with a white Gulp! Swimming Mullet, and BAM!, it got grabbed by a 7.2 pound doormat. Pat might not even untie the mooring lines next time he decides to go flounder fishing. Mala Teeter made her first trip of the season on Lewes Canal with husband Chris, and as lady luck(or skill) would have it, she landed a whopping 7.93 pound lunker flatfish. Other quality fish were checked in as well. Dion Bryan boated a 6.75 pound fluke, and Todd Sizemore took a 5.9 pounder while drifting the Old Grounds aboard Martha Marie. Captain Brent Wiest wound in a 5.15 pounder, and Mike Crouse captured a 4.65 pound flattie as part of a catch of 11 keeper flounder, 11 triggerfish, 5 spadefish and 25 kingfish from an Ocean wreck aboard Katydid. Dave Furio usually fishes the surf, but proved he could catch from a boat too, with fluke of 5.3 and 5.5 pounds from the Old Grounds. Steven Miller managed a 5.8 pound fluke by deploying a 6 inch chartreuse Gulp! Grub and minnow sandwich over Old Grounds bottom on the Adventurer II. Ron Mistretta took home a 5.08 pounder as part of his limit aboard the Adventurer II. John Yoder Limited out with flat ones to 4.5 pounds on the first drift across the Old Grounds with Captain Ricky Yakimowicz. Mike Davis decked a 4.78 pound flattie while drifting a 6 inch Gulp! near DB Buoy. Pink Gulp! was the downfall of a 4.75 pounder Ryan Womax reeled on in the vicinity of DB. Captain Carey on the Grizzly reported fine fishing on the Old Grounds A recent trip yielded 17 keepers, four of which were over 5 pounds. On another day, the Guys from Lighthouse View Bait & Tackle took home 15 flounder to 5.5 pounds. Captain Chuck Cook of First Light Charters hosted Ralph and Deborah Mast and Philip Glendenning for some fluking on the Old Grounds. That group returned with a limit of 12 chunky flatties to 45 pounds. Daryl Mergenthaler, Steve Kiibler, Wayne Demarco, Joe and Paul Pergeorelis and Doug Mickowski worked Ocean structure for 16 keeper fluke. There were also some decent flounder catches in Indian River. A Gulp! grub and jighead, sweetened with a strip of cut croaker was popular and effective for inlet flatfish. Andy Nowakowski nailed a pair of fluke weighing 4.91 and 2.61 pounds with that bait. Flounder still hung out in Lewes Canal. James Dent drifted a minnow in the Canal for his 581 pounder Chris Teeter took a 4.44 pound specimen using chartreuse Gulp! Matt Morse tossed an artificial Zoom Fluke at Roosevelt Inlet to catch a real 4 pound fluke. Jacob Webb fooled a 4.4 pounder into eating a Gulp! at the Ferry Wall. Delaware Bay Reefs really came to life this week. Sites 5, 6, 7 and 8 all produced. Jack Henriksen and Ricky Mills pulled 5 keepers of the Star Site during a quick trip Monday. Captain Brent's fluke fanatics aboard Katydid had a fantastic morning Wednesday. The entire group limited out with 36 quality fish, and was back at the dock before 11:30 am. Bob "Smelts" Murphy had the pool winning near citation 6.92 pounder. Young Alex Daskalakis was top hook on Top Fin Thursday morning, with a pair of flatties to 4.4 pounds. Croakers, kingfish, spot, puffers, spike trout and small blues also came from Bay Reefs. Guys working early morning tide changes at Roosevelt Inlet hooked a few good weakfish. Adam May connected with a 29 inch, 6.06 pound tiderunner while tossing a white Gulp! Swimming Mullet from the jetty rocks. Stripers were plentiful in Lewes Canal. Slot season is open now, and anglers may keep 2 striped bass between 20 and 26 inches from Delaware Bay and it's tributaries per day. Floating eels around the Savannah Road drawbridge, bottom fishing with clams, or casting plugs, jigs and soft plastics along the docks and marsh banks is the way to get a couple rockfish for dinner. Marty Riley was casting a Storm Shad in the Canal, and connected with a 25 inch red drum. Offshore action has been spotty, but scattered catches of tuna, dolphin and billfish came from the Baltimore and Poor Man's. Jon Bixler and his crew captured 26 mahi to 16.6 pounds in the Baltimore. Charlie Horning and his buddies trolled Washington Canyon Monday evening for bigeyes weighing 182, 201 and 253 pounds. The eyeballs ate ballyhoos skirted with Joe Shute Lures. Captain Brent's fishermen aboard Katydid bounced bottom in the Baltimore for a big pile of gray tile, and several good goldens to 25 pounds.

Offshore Action

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/25/2014 12:00:00 AM

Offshore action has been pretty good. Both Poor Man's and Baltimore Canyons yielded yellowfins to crews trolling a mix of plastics and ballyhoo. Geoff Klopp and Frank Stiles fished with Captain Chris Irelan aboard April First Friday. They pulled green spreader bars on the Bltimore's West Wall for 7 hefty yellowfins from 50 to 64.6 pounds. Geoff noted there were several hammerheads in the area, and whenever the boat was near a shark on the surface, they got a tuna bite. Captain Ed Sigda, Mike Fritz and Bill Fintel overnighted on the East Wall of Baltimore Canyon Friday aboard Snow Goose. They trolled up 3 yellowfins at dusk and into the darkness. At night, tinker mackerel were incredibly thick around the boat, and the guys tangled with hammerheads which they released, and a 108 pound mako subdued by senior crew member Bill. Bill also boated a 50 pound yellowfin that grabbed a live tinker on a spinning rod. Jim Short, Kyle Hamilton and the guys on Not Right laid over on the West Wall of Baltimore Canyon Friday night for a 108 pound mako. They also reported ridiculous numbers of tinkers. In addition, they released another mako and a hammerhead. There was a good tuna bite from first light until 7am, and trolling produced 4 yellowfins to 60 pounds. Charlie Boyles battled a 100 pound mako, and Vincent Dimenco decked a 50 pound yellowfin in the Baltimore Saturday while fishing with Captain Cory Walker. Matt Baker released his first white marlin in the Baltimore Saturday. Captain Bill Swords and his buddies on Swords Fish trolled Baltimore's Bight Sunday afternoon, where a pack of yellowfins pounced on Green Machine spreader bars in the boat's wake. Bill, Chris Gaswirt, Tommy Fitgerald and Douglas Miles ended up with 4 tuna in the 50 to 60 pound range, and released 2 white marlin. Tony Vansant, Steve Millman and Mike Zorzi released a good sized blue marlin Saturday in the Baltimore. Canyon Bottom bouncing was consistent. Ronnie Baker, Brad Clark and Jim Clark drifted the edge of the Baltimore to put 18 golden tiles to 25 pounds in the box. Geoff McCloskey, Joey DelAversano, Bill Coates and Steve Mtthews dropped in the Baltimore Saturday for a nice catch of Goldens to 27 pounds. Captain Brent's Saturday group on Katydid bounced bottom in the Baltimore for a big load of Blueline Tiles, along with some of the Golden variety. Tom Birago boated an impressive pair of Gray Tile weighing 15.1 and 16 pounds. Back inshore, flounder fishermen had mixed results on the Old Grounds and at Site 11. Days with good drift conditions served up some decent catches. Wes Grove and John Santana worked jigs tipped with cut bait over the Old Grounds Saturday for their limit of chunky flatfish. Katydid returned to the Ocean Sunday, where Captain Brent's anglers put together a fine catch of 23 keepers while drifting structure. Michael Walker carried on in the tradition of his Dad, consummate flounder specialist Joe Walker, limiting out and landing heaviest fish of the day, a 4.47 pounder. Ricky Mills and friends fished the Old Grounds Sunday to put 14 flat ones in the box. Ricky also reeled in a monkfish, for a little bonus "poor man's lobster" to go with his flounder dinner. Shallow water fluking is still producing. Flounder pounders Mike Hoffman, Nick and Paige Psaroudakis drifted minnows in Lewes Canal Saturday for a limit of 12 quality flatties. Barb Sweikert celebrated her birthday Sunday by catching 3 keeper flounder to 4.24 pounds in Baker's Cahnnel, near Massey's Ditch. Andy Nowakowski used strips of cut croaker in Indian River Inlet for fluke scaling 2.61 and 4.91 pounds. Small stripers have been plentiful in Lewes Canal. Casting Storm Shads, Chug Bugs, Zara Spooks and RatLTraps along the marsh banks was an effective method that got the attention of rockfish feeding on shrimp and shiners. Eels drifted around the drawbridge, or clams fished on the bottom were responsible for some legal bass. Striper slot season goes into effect July 1st, allowing anglers to keep 2 striped bass between 20 and 26 inches per day from Delaware bay and it's tributaries. Striper aficionados found a few keepers in Indian River Inlet. Carl Swinn scored a 6 incher while tossing a live eel from the jetty at night. Brandon Keller drfited live bait in front of the Coast Guard station for a plump keeper linesider.

First White Marlin

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/14/2014 12:00:00 AM

Offshore action has been off to an early start this season, despite the cool spring. Bluefin, Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna have already shown in good numbers, and Jason Massey reported the first couple longfins from Baltimore Canyon Thursday. Most exciting news this week was the first White Marlin release of 2014. Captain Hank Draper and the guys on "Prime Hook" trolled 71.5 degree water in 80 fathoms of Baltimore Canyon on June 11th, where the billfish was hooked on a blue and white Ilander and ballyhoo combo. Angler Aaron Hood fought the fish to the boat where it was brought aboard for a photo op, and discovered that it carried a Billfish Foundation tag. The tag was clipped off before the 61 incher was returned to the Ocean. It was later determined the fish had been tagged last September off Oregon Inlet, NC. Because it was his first billfish, Aaron went overboard for the obligatory ceremonial dunking. Mark Layton and Will Emmert were also on board for the trip, and in addition, the crew had 5 yellowfins to 50 pounds for an awesome day! Boaters trolling Poor Man's Canyon yesterday got into yellowfins, but best catching occurred late in the day. Seems the afternoon bite has been better all week. Green Machine and squid spreader bars and ballyhoos combo'd with Joe Shute's or Iland Lures were popular and effective offerings. Back inshore, bottom bouncers in Delaware Bay had success with croakers, kingfish, blowfish, spot, snapper blues and spike trout. Many of the croakers have been small, but anchoring on rubble of Reef Sites 8 and 5 produced bigger hardheads. Clams, bloodworms, shrimp and Fishbites were good baits. A few black drum lingered around the same structure where croakers hung out, and provided a surprise for anglers using small hooks and light tackle for panfish. Ray Woods wound in a 24.1 pound drum and Amanda Saxton landed a 33.3 pounder aboard the Angler Tuesday. Dan, Drew and Cole Simpson teamed up for a nice drum on Katydid Thursday. Karen Maull managed a 9 pound drum with a croaker rig on a light rod Friday. Flounder haven't turned on in the open Delaware Bay yet, but continue to come from Lewes Canal, Broadkill River, and shallow water along Lewes Beach and near Cape Henlopen Pier. Shea Lindale and Chris Donaldson fished shallow water under a dreary sky Thursday for 5 good sized keeper flatties. Terry Hornberger took home 3.42 pound fluke caught in the Canal. Andy Lano landed a 21 inch flounder and a 21 inch trout while working Tsunami soft plastics in Broadkill River prior to Friday's storms.

Shark Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/6/2014 12:00:00 AM

Thresher sharks captured the spotlight this week among inshore anglers. Threshers aren't usually caught at night, but the one Captain Brian and his crew on Lil' Angler II landed Monday didn't get the memo. They headed down the Buoy Line around midnight and set up over some wrecks west of DE Light about 2am. Brian located a temperature break from 58.5 degrees to 61 degrees that was holding a school of bunkers, and figured that was a good place to set up. The guys deployed a slick of mackerel chum, Aquatic Nutritions Bloodstream and Voodoo Menhaden Milk. Within a short time after setting out lines baited with butterflied mackerel, they had a bite. They hooked up in the dark, and after a 45 minute battle, Joshua Chubb landed a 221.5 pound Thresher Shark, with the help of Mike Trestka and Aaron Jost. They were back at our dock way before lunch time to check in the first shark of the season. Greg Wagner had his sights set on a Thresher, so Captain Brian from Lil' Angler II had the day off, and offered to tag along on Marie Ann for some guidance and a Busman's Holiday of sorts. The boys headed towards DE Light, but stopped short when they saw a free jumping Thresher. They set up, and got bit at 6:50 am. Forty minutes later, Greg put a nice whiptail aboard with help from Chris Wagner and Ron Steen. Back at Lewes Harbour's scales, the shark weighed 144.5 pounds. A little farther offshore, Dustin Schell, Trevor Paradyscz and John Kenyon were trolling Baltimore Canyon when an 85 pound mako pounced on the Ilander and ballyhoo combo they had intended for tuna. Back inshore, sea bass fishermen worked hard for keepers. Captain Brent anchored Ktydid many times on wrecks in 100 to 130 feet Wednesday, but the work paid off. His anglers ended up with 111 bass and 22 ling. There has been an early showing of fluke on the Old Grounds, but the bite has been good one day, and off the next. Kind of the same deal back in the Bay. Croakers appeared sooner than normal, and have been caught many places, but the biggest concentration seemed to be around the Coral Beds. Kingfish, spot and puffers were mixed in. Hardheads came from Roosevelt Inlet, along with some nice trout. K.B.Brittingham was tossing a MirrOLure there when he connected with a 5.16 pound weakfish. Flounder are still frequenting Lewes Canal. Young Flounder Pounder Andrew Wertz checked in keepers of 16 and 18 inches, and released 6 others while fishing minnows near Roosevelt Inlet. Jeff Weaver used a Gulp!/minnow combo for his 4.5 pound Cnal flattie. Ricky and Todd Mills returned from their Canal outing with 7 legal flatfish. Delaware Bay drum action is fizzling, but a few were captured during the week. Trevor Gouert got a 57 pounder on the Angler.

Good In General

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/31/2014 12:00:00 AM

Fishing in general was good during the week, with a variety of species available to area anglers. It's been exciting to see the return of nice sized sea trout. Tiderunners have shown at many of their old haunts. Casting a white Gulp! in the rain from Cape Henlopen Pier paid off for Brian Hebel. He hooked and landed a 6.33 pound weakfish. Mike Slaughter and Charlie Booth worked purple grubs in Roosevelt Inlet for trout weighing 6.32 and 3.58 pounds, plus a bonus 6.39 pound red drum. Jonathon McCabe, Derek Swafford and Zachary Morris managed three fine trout of 5.74, 5.11 and 4.64 pounds while tossing Bass Assassins to the Ferry Wall. Frank Hornberger was fishing in Broadkill River when he connected with a 5.33 pound weakie. Jason Hall, Paul Caras, and Matt Purnell put three pretty trout weighing 5.33, 5.66 and 4.7 pounds in the box Friday night near the Ferry Wall. They also kept 4 nice fluke. It seems like we can look forward to more action with quality trout as their numbers continue to increase. Drumming held up over recent days. Shallow water off Broadkill Beach, a couple miles northwest of Roosevelt Inlet was productive. Drumfish also came from the submerged piles off Fowler Beach and the Coral Beds. Beckki Price boated a 76 pound boomer aboard the Indian. Robert Reinhart reeled in 59,9 pounder on the Pirate King II. Johnny Blatt bested a 77 pound black drum, Earl Snyder scored a 60 pounder, and Daryl Lehew landed a 68 pound drum aboard Miss Kirstin. Scott Campbell caught a 78.4 pound behemoth, Robert Barrett boated a 71.3 pounder, and Stephanie Kearns captured a 64.2 pound drum on the Martha Marie. Ryan Johnson checked in a 71.2 pound drum. Donald Barnes decked a 70.5 pounder, and West Sarver wound in a 59.9 pound specimen. The Bayshore Channel on the other side of Delaware Bay recently gave up numerous drum. Captain Carey on the Grizzly said fish really chewed Friday night, and again through Saturday afternoon. His drummers iced 13 near #8 Buoy. Three of them were over 60 pounds, and the largest, landed by Terry Swope, weighed in at a whopping 80 pounds. Flounder catches were decent in Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and around Cape Henlopen Pier. The reduced minimum size of 16 inches has resulted in more keepers for most anglers. Minnows, shiners and Gulp! wee favored offerings among the flounder crowd. Clayton Morgan captured a 4.2 pound flattie using minnows. Calyton and Ed Yingling ended up with 5 flatties in the box after a couple hours of Canal drifting. Fred Smith edged out Todd Meredith by 1/4 inch with his 20 3/4 incher for the longest fish in Friday's Probation and Parole Flounder Tournament. Young Dylan Churchill was dialed in on Canal Flounder. He outfished his Dad, Capt. DJ Churchill with a pair of 18 inch keepers. Bottom bouncers in Delaware Bay have had fun with hardheads, kingfish, blowfish and spot while anchored and baiting with clams and bloodworms over the Coral Beds. Folks on the rail at Cape Henlopen Pier have been enjoying the arrival of spot, and got into good numbers of the tasty panfish Saturday using bloodworms. Nighttime anglers on the Pier did pretty well with flounder jigging speck rigs and Gulp! Surfcasters along the Ocean beach encountered some small bluefish, kingfish, blowfish and the occasional striper. Dave McDaid got a 36 inch rockfish while soaking bunker in the suds at 3Rs Road. Stripers made a showing in Indian River Inlet during the week, and jetty jocks tossing Bomber plugs, Storm and Tsunami Shads and bucktails had success during evening and early morning incoming tides. Justin and Don Hallacher, along with Chris Raezer fished the Inlet Memorial Day morning for bss of 15.8, 11.5 and 14.9 pounds. Boaters seeking sea bass found legal fish on inshore wrecks and snags in 100 to 130 foot depths, although, there were may shorts. Captain Brent's bassers aboard Katydid had a limit of quality knotheads and 22 ling Friday. Adam May and Maggie Lingo landed jumbo bass weighing 4.94 and 3.25 pounds respectively. Charles Edwards iced a 3.5 pound sea bass during a previous trip on the Katydid. The Old Grounds are starting to come alive. Patrons fishing with Capt. Ricky on Thelma Dale IV Saturday had over 20 keepers and released many others. Saad Soliman kept 3 fluke to 24 inches while working a white bucktail tipped with pink Gulp! Early offshore action continues to please tuna aficionados. Reports of yellowfins and bluefins came from various locations including the Wilmington, Baltimore and Poor Man's Canyons, as well as The 461 Lump. Jon Bixler trolled 67 degree water in 500 fathoms of the Baltimore for 3 yellowfins Sunday. Bill Swords and his buddies pulled spreader bars and ballyhoo 65 degree 65 fathom water inshore of the Baltimore Tuesday for their over and under bluefins to 65 pounds, plus three yellowfins in the 35 to 40 pound range.

Sea Bass Season Open. Tuna Offshore.

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/24/2014 12:00:00 AM

Memorial Day Weekend already, what happened to Spring? Sea bass season reopened Monday, and boaters targeted bass throughout the week. Catches came from 20 fathom wrecks and the Del-Jersey Land reef site, for those willing to make a long run. Fish were also found a little close to home on inshore snags and Reef Site 11. Most bassers hoped spots would be loaded up after sitting unpressured all winter, but limit catches were uncommon. There were plenty of small fish, less than the 12.5 inch minimum, but big numbers of keepers were hard to come by. Crews that found stuff not hit too hard or made many different anchor drops during the day did end up with decent catches. Captain Brent has been bassin' regularly aboard Katydid. He said each trip he has to work a little harder for numbers, but usually ends up ok. Opening day, his group took home 87 bass, 37 ling and 2 cod. The "Fishin' Bitches" scored big Tuesday with 105 bass, 25 ling and a cod. Bobby Kauffman and his crew caught 82 keeper bass and 4 ling Friday. Captain Carey's bassers on Grizzly returned Monday with 101 knotheads, 24 ling and 7 nice codfish. Moses Whitehurst and his buddies bassed with Captain Pete on Top Fin for 76 keeper sea bass to 3 pounds. Offshore enthusiasts were pleased to see good water between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons. That early shot of 64 to 67 degree stuff produced the first yellowfins of the season Terry Layton and his crew on the Nontypical. They boated 5 in the 40 pound class while trolling skirted ballyhoos there. 0ther reports of yellowfins and bluefins came from the edge of that warm water as it moved south. Sharks were present too. Phil Williams and friends had a mako and a bluefin inshore of the Baltimore. The Marine Electric wreck southeast of Ocean City yielded Makos, Blue Sharks and Threshers. Kenny Gray and the Boys on Just Right V battled big Thresher for nearly 5 hours last weekend. The big whiptail ate a mackerel between Site 10 and DB Buoy. They gutted the shark for the ride home, but back at the dock, it still weighed 270 pounds. Back in Delaware Bay, black drum action was good. Drum were caught around the submerged piles between Fowler's Beach and Slaughter Beach and on the Coral Beds. There was also a bite in close to Broadkill Beach, just 2 miles north of Roosevelt Inlet. Captain Ted did some drumming on the Indian Tuesday night, and took home boomers of 24, 25, 54.3, 59, 59.8, plus the largest, a 67 pounder boated by Chuck Coverdale. Kathy Rodgers reeled in a 58.1 pound citation drum, while fishing with her husband Captain Jack Rodgers. Freddy Zabala fought a 65 pounder aboard Miss Kirstin. Late afternoons and early evenings with the end of flood tide and beginning of ebb seemed most productive. Drum anglers also hooked some croakers and kingfish. Folks fishing from shore at Roosevelt Inlet also caught croakers, along with flounder and trout. John Davis tossed a chartreuse Gulp from the rocks for his 1.62 pound trout and 18 inch flattie. Dave Steele scored a 7.61 pound weakfish at Roosevelt on a Swaggertail Shad. Boaters at Roosevelt, and in Lewes Canal and Broadkill River also caught flounder, trout and stripers. Garrett Stryzs got a pair of fluke weighing 2.6 and 2.7 pounds there. Leon Zimmerman landed a 5.62 pound tiderunner using pink Gulp! Patrons on the Pier at Cape Henlopen had flatfish, trout and stripers as well. Surfcasters at Herring Point got into 12 to 20 inch blues, and the occasional puppy drum or striper.

Canal Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/18/2014 12:00:00 AM

After being rescheduled due to Friday's nasty weather, the 2014 Canal Flounder Tournament took place Saturday. Over 290 anglers participated to make the event a success. We thank all who took part, especially those who juggled schedules to fish the later date, and our sponsors the Dewey Beach Lions Club, and Martek of MD Marine Electronics. Conditions were much better than on Friday, and there were a decent number of keepers caught. Chad Mitchell earned bragging rights and big bucks for the heaviest flounder checked in, with his 4.33 pound winner. Tim West took Second with a 3.98 pounder. Shane Townsend's 3.76 pound flattie secured Third. Ty Sherwood wound up Fourth with his 3.69. Alvin Layton landed a 3.6 pounder for Fifth Place. Matt Purnell put a 3.59 pounder on the board for Sixth. Gene Stalls got Seventh with his 3.44. Julie Gentile represented the lady anglers with her Eighth heaviest 3.27 pounder, and Jimmy Joseph took home the prize for Ninth with a 3.25 pound flatfish. A donation of $1450 from entry fees will be donated to Camp Awareness.

Ocean Surf Starting To Produce

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/16/2014 12:00:00 AM

Surf casters had success this past week while working Ocean beaches. Chris Vann fished from the sand at South Bethany Tuesday, and caught several decent blowfish. Chris and Jack Austin returned to that spot Wednesday, where they landed 14 bluefish using mullet. Chris tried 3Rs Road the next trip, and captured more bluefish, including a 31 inch chopper. Surf anglers on Broadkill Beach also got into fish. The black drum bite was not as good as in the past week and a half, but some boomers continued to be taken. Drum were landed Thursday evening by guys who dug sand fleas on the spot and used them for bait. Dustin Schell scored a 37 inch striper from Broadkill Beach while baiting with bunker. He also mentioned that croakers were caught from the beach there. Seems early for hardheads, but we're glad they're here. Other shorebound anglers had action at Roosevelt Inlet. Ryan Kroh was casting a Storm Shad from the Roosevelt rocks when he connected with a 4.56 pound trout and a nice bluefish. The Cape Henlopen Pier produced as well. There was a pretty good flounder bite last night at the Pier for folks fishing with minnows, shiners and Gulp! One patron landed a 37 inch rockfish that ate a chunk of bunker. Paul Hazzard and Amanda Frey were jigging pink Zoom Flukes from the Pier and decked a pair of weakfish weighing 4 and 5 pounds. Black drum have started to spread out from shallow water into Broadkill Slough. Danny Selby and Larry Taylor limited out with 6 drum, including Larry's 70.5 pound behemoth. Gracie Fetterman fought a pair of drum weighing 33.8 and 34 pounds, despite the cast on her arm. Flounder action has been fair on Lewes Canal. Bill Farrall boated a 5.24 pound flatfish while drifting a chartreuse Gulp! and minnow combo near the Yacht Club. Eileen and Gary Smith used 6 inch white Gulp for their 4 keeper fluke to 21 inches. Larry Coverdale landed a 3.56 pounder from the lower Broadkill River using shiners and Gulp! Jenny Mitchell celebrated Mother's Day with her kids Faith and Hunter by fishing the Canal, and they ended up with 3 flatties to 21 inches. The 16 inch minimum size for Delaware flounder is now in effect. Spring Tautog season closed May 11th, but before the shutdown, anglers took home many nice tog. Mona Allen muscled in a 12.75 pound blackfish while togging on the Grizzly. Tog season reopens July 17th.

Canal Flounder Tournament Postponed Until Saturday May 17th

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/15/2014 12:00:00 AM

We've decided to postpone the Flounder Tourney until Saturday May 17th because of the bad forecast. Keeping safety in mind, we wouldn't want any issues due to weather hazzards. We also realize sompe people will not be able to fish because of scheduling conflicts, and we apologize to those who arranged for vacation time on Friday. However, we want it to be a fun event, and feel it would be safer and more enjoyable for most anglers by moving the Tourney back a day. If you cannot attend, we will gladly refund your entry fee, but please let us know before the 7am start time Saturday. Also, if anyone has not registered yet, but wants to participate Saturday, they can sign up at our store Friday from 6am to 7pm, or Saturday morning from 5am until 7am. It was a difficult decision and we're sorry that it may not work for everyone, but we thank you for understanding.

Flounder Tourney Next Week

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/9/2014 12:00:00 AM

The Annual Canal Flounder Tournament takes place Friday May 16th. This year's sponsors include the Dewey Beach Lions Club and Martek Marine Electronics. This is a flounder tournament only, and all State and Federal Regulations regarding fishing and boating apply. A cash entry fee of $25 per angler is to be paid at Lewes Harbour Marina Bait & Tackle Shop before 7am May 16th. Five dollars of each entry will be donated to the Camp Awareness Youth Program. Boundaries are from Rehoboth Bay Canal entrance to Roosevelt Inlet entrance, and Broadkill River to Oyster Rocks Road. Anglers must fish from a boat that is not moored to land. Fishing time is from 7am to 3pm Friday May 16, 2014. All fish weighed must have been caught on hook and line by a registered contestant. Fish must be weighed at Lewes Harbour Marina's scale any time after 7am, but no later than 4pm by Lewes Harbour Marina's clock. It is recommended that contending fish be weighed soon after they're caught, preferably alive. In the event of a tie for weight, the fish weighed earliest takes the higher prize. A Lewes Harbour Marina Official has the right to disqualify a fish if evidence suggests it was not caught during the Tournament. Value of the cash prizes is determined by the number of entrants. Anglers continued to pick away at flounder during the week through tides with clean water. Some of the more notable catches included Melanie Bowden's 7.34 pound citation winner, Chuck Hazel's 6 pound doormat, Kara Teat's 5.2 pounder, Mike Cannon's 4.35 pound fluke, and Ed Yingling's 4.19 pound flattie. The minimum size for flounder in Delaware will drop to 16 inches on May 11th. More trout have shown in recent days. Marty Riley got a 6 plus pound tiderunner on a Storm Shad at the Railroad Bridge. Paul Hazzard had a 5 pound weakfish, and Amanda Frey decked a 4 pounder while pitching pink Zooms from Cape Henlopen Pier. Cary Rutherford used a chartreuse Gulp! to tempt a 4.74 pound trout from Roosevelt's north jetty. Paul Weckerly wound in a 3.15 pound weakie, and Bruce Carlson captured a 4.2 pounder in the Canal. Black drum have started to turn on. There was a real good surf bite for those fishing clams and sandfleas from Broadkill Beach. Harold and Dan Martin and Dave and Lois Rehkamp checked a limit of 12 drum to 35 pounds from the Beach Sunday morning. Boaters have also started to have success with drum. Bob Zak and Cecil Bailey kept a limit of 6 to 24 pounds and released 6 others while anchored in the tip of Broadkill Slough. Danny Selby decked a 59 pound drum Friday, then teamed up with Larry Taylor today to take a limit of 6 boomers, including Larry's behemoth 70.5 pounder. Josh Buchalter was drumming in Broadkill Slough yesterday, and reported catching several croakers, the first hardheads of the season. It's encouraging to see them this early. Spring tog season ends Sunday May 11th, so tog aficonados have been hitting the Walls hard to put some in the freezer. The bite has been good, as tautog feed aggressively prior to spawning. Limit catches were common from the Inner and Outer Walls, as well as from Bay Reef Sites. Bob Meyers brought in an 8.03 pound blackfish. John Little landed a 7.22 pounder on Katydid. Jesse Rodriguez reeled in a 7.16 pound citation tautog aboard the Indian.

Tog, Flounder, Stripers, Drum

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/3/2014 12:00:00 AM

There's been a good tog bite recently in Delaware Bay. Nice catches have come from reef sites 6 and 7 at Brown Shoal, and the Inner and Outer Walls. Best action occurred during tides with clean water. Crabs, clams and shrimp were choice baits. Using a jighead tipped with bait is a fun and effective way of fishing for Spring tautog. Tossing a jighead with a chunk of crab to the warmer shallow areas along the Inner Breakwater produced some quality blackfish. Captain Pete on Top Fin said it was fast and furious at the Outer Wall this morning. Mr. Jin and his group had a limit of tog averaging 4 pounds by 7:30am. Captain Carey on Grizzly limited his anglers out early today as well. Joe Jelks and Joe Ryan stopped by with their limit to 7.9 pounds, culled from about 30 they caught at the Inner Wall this morning. Captain Brent's toggers on Katydid took a 30 fish limit in short order this morning. The 15 inch minimum size and 3 fish per person limit will remain in effect until the season closes May 11th. Lewes Canal anglers continued to pick at flounder during the week. Isabella Robinson reeled in a 21 incher from the Canal. Ed Yingling landed a 21 inch fluke and a 4.19 pounder. Ron Roark had a 3.27 pound flattie from the Canal, Mike Cannon captured a 4.35 pounder. John Davis took a 4.38 pound flattie from the Roosevelt Inlet rocks while working a chartreuse Gulp! The current minimum size for flounder is 17 inches, but as of May 11th, the size will drop to 16 inches. The Canal Flounder Tournament will take place Friday May 16th from 7am to 3pm. Entry fee is $25 per angler, $5 of which is donated to the Camp Awareness Youth Program. Those interested can sign up at Lewes Harbour Marina in advance of the event. Complete details can be found on Lewes Harbour Marina's Facebook Page, or by calling 302-645-6227. Steven Thompson had an unexpected surprise while drifting the Canal Sunday. Something heavy grabbed the minnow and pink Gulp! combo he was using for flounder, and after quite a battle on light tackle, the big fish was splashing boatside. Two anglers on a nearby boat noticed Steven didn't have a net, so they pulled up close and one hopped aboard his boat with their net, then scooped up what turned out to be a 24 pound striper. After congratulations were exchanged, and cheers went up from spectators on the dock in front of Lewes Harbour Marina, the Good Samaritan dipper got back on his boat and motored away. Some keeper stripers were caught in the surf. Curt Stephens was soaking bunker during the first of incoming tide at Herring Point when he connected with a 23.7 pound striped bass. Other casters along Broadkill Beach caught keepers too using bloodworms, clams and bunker. Broadkill Beach anglers also caught black drum from 15 to 50 pounds with clams.

Trout Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/25/2014 12:00:00 AM

The dogwoods are beginning to bloom, the Laughing Gulls have returned, and normally those events signal that weakfish will be caught on hook and line. Commercial netters have had sea trout in shallow water near Delaware Bay's shoreline the past couple weeks, but true to form, we had the first trout taken by surf fishermen brought in this week. Chris Burke and his nephew 8 year old Tom Burke were casting from Broadkill Beach just before dark Monday evening when they connected with a pair of beautiful tiderunners that weighed 6.1 and 6.2 pounds. Hopefully that's a sign of what to look forward to when the water finally warms up. Broadkill Beach fishermen also found a few stripers willing to bite bloodworms, bunker and clams. Small stripers have been active at night around the Cape Henlopen Pier. Anglers on the rail caught rock ranging 12 to 22 inches while working a variety of artificials, including speck rigs, Fin-S-Fish and Gulp! Short striped bass were also caught along the Lewes Canal marsh bank by tossing 3 and 4 inch Storm Shads during early morning tide changes. Some decent flounder were pulled from Lewes Canal on days when the water was clean. Jesse Billings brought in a pair of nice flatties he hooked using pink Gulp! Rod Ross reeled in a 3.5 pounder that also fell for a pink Gulp! Anglers on the rail at Cape Henlopen Pier also had flounder while working speck rigs and other small jigs tipped with fresh cut bunker or shad at night. The Canal Flounder Tournament takes place Friday May 16th. Check the Lewes Harbour Marina Facebook page or call 302-645-6227 for complete details. Tautog action has been pretty good at Reef Site 10 in the Ocean, but Delaware Bay toggers have started to enjoy success over the past week. Reef Site 6 at Brown Shoal was productive, but blackfish have finally started to bite along the Breakwaters too. Captain Brent's toggers on Katydid captured a 21 fish limit in short order at the Wall this morning. The largest was Ken Seltzer's citation 7.1 pounder. Larry Frati landed a 10.34 pound brute of a tautog on a recent trip board Katydid.

First Flounder

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/17/2014 12:00:00 AM

Winter just will not let go. It's been cold and blustery in recent days, and we even had sleet and snow night before last. However, there are signs of hope. Following some warm days at the end of last week, Dave Chappell checked in the first flounder of the season. He caught the 19 incher Saturday while drifting a Gulp! lure in Lewes Canal. A few other short flounder were reported by fishermen working Cape Henlopen Pier at night. Some anglers have gotten a jump on flattie action while fishing to the south, on Virginia's eastern shore. Brett Jackson brought in a 6.83 pound doormat he took from Folly Creek Sunday morning. Local water temps remain in the 40's, but flatfish should become active once things warm up. Stripers should also begin to cooperate with rising temps. Bunker have been plentiful in the mid and upper bay, so there's plenty of forage available for migrating rockfish. Anglers fishing out of Collins Beach told of a good striper bite over the past weekend along the channel near 6L Buoy while soaking cut bunker. Perhaps rockfish will come on for surfcasters at Broadkill Beach soon. Commercial netters had good sized trout near there, so there's a possibility of some hook and line caught weakfish in that area soon too. Ocean bottom bouncers had success with tautog at Reef Site 10. Ernie Stone scored a 7.23 pound citation tog there aboard Katydid. Mr. Jin's group togged Saturday on Top Fin, and put 16 quality blackfish in the box. The largest was a 12 pound bruiser boated by Cho Seunghyun. Captain Carey's toggers on the Grizzly got limits of tautog to 8 pounds both Saturday and Sunday. No tog have come from the Outer Wall yet, but fish will likely bite on Delaware Bay structure soon with rising temperatures.

Getting Started

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/10/2014 12:00:00 AM

Happy Spring to all! We're back in the store full time, and this marks the start of regular weekly reports. Water temps have been slowly rising after the harsh winter, and are now in the mid 40's. Anglers trying Broadkill River this past weekend hooked white perch and short stripers using bloodworms. Catfish were plentiful, and took clams or cut bunker. Popular spots included the mouth of Petersfield Ditch, Oyster Rocks and the Route One bridge. Not much hs been happening in Delaware Bay, but Ocean bottom bouncers connected with tautog on reef sites 9 and 10. Captain Carey anchored Grizzly over reef structure Sunday where his patrons put 15 keeper blackfish in the box, and released 35 others. We're carrying green crabs for tog bait throughout the spring season, that runs until May 11th. We also have clams and shrimp, and some days, especially with cold water, tautog respond better to soft baits such as those. The current daily creel limit for tog is three per person with a 15 inch minimum size. Flounder should become active in shallow water around Cape Henlopen Pier and Lewes Canal soon. This year's annual Canal Flounder Tournament is set for Friday May 16th. Entry fee is $25 per angler, payable in cash, in advance, at Lewes Harbour Marina. Five dollars of each entry will be donated to the Camp Awareness youth program. Last year's Tourney had the largest number of participants so far, and we're taking signups already at the store for the 2014 event. Stripers and black drum should be showing along the Broadkill Beach surf in coming weeks, and possibly some weakfish too. I recently spoke with Dewayne Fox, who's been conducting sturgeon research in the Ocean off Bethany Beach. A few days ago, he released three very large striped bass from his net, the heaviest weighing 68 pounds. Wow, what a rockfish! He said the fish were still full of roe, and likely on their way to spawning grounds. It's cool to hear about such big bass, and anglers will have the chance for a trophy like that as they migrate through the Bay.

Where Did The Year Go?

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/29/2013 12:00:00 AM

Hard to believe it's the end of December already. The year has flown by. There's still fishing activity when weather permits. Yesterday, Captain Carey on the Grizzly set up at Site 10, where his anglers put 27 tog in the box, and released several more. Captain Pete's toggers on Top Fin also had a good trip to Site 10 yesterday, returning with 22 keepers. Captain Brent togged at 10 the day before, and his guys aboard Katydid captured 23 keeper blackfish. Brent squeezed in one last seabass run yesterday, before the season shuts down December 31st. His bassers picked through a bunch of undersized fish, but ended up with 45 good sized blueheads. Sea bass fans will miss out this winter, since the season will be closed, but tog will provide opportunities inshore, and cod and tilefish will be available for offshore bottom bouncers. Captain H.D. Parsons at Fisherman's Wharf has special headboat trips lined up most weekends throughout the winter. You can check the schedule at 302-645-8862. Steve Kiibler and Daryl Mergenthaler fished one of the excursions yesterday, and combined for 26 beautiful bass and a blueline tile. Stripers are still moving down the coast, but there hasn't been much going on with rockfish in Delaware Bay the past couple weeks. Ocean going linesiders have been located under kamikaze Gannets within a couple miles of the beach as they make their way south. Rock continued to stage on structure between Indian River and Fenwick, although they were often found working on bunkers in open water. The lumps off Sea Colony remained productive, but the fish don't seem to be as thick there as in weeks past. Mike and John Davis trolled Stretches and Mojos off Bethany yesterday for 3 quality striped bass, including John's 32.4 pounder. Before Christmas, Stanley Smith and Jeff Griffin intercepted a school of stripers pushing bunkers to the south, north of Indian River, about 2 1/2 miles off the coast. They pulled Stretches and umbrellas among diving birds for their 4 bass limit, and released 10 others before calling it a day. If water temps don't drop too much, rockfish might be in the area much of the winter. Anglers have plenty to look forward to in the coming new year. Weakfish seemed to be making a comeback, and trout of varying sizes were taken throughout Delaware Bay. There were more red drum around than ever before. A couple bountiful year classes produced a bumper crop of redfish, and they seem to be pushing farther north in search of forage each season. Lewes Canal produced some decent flounder action, and the 2013 Canal Flounder Tournament had the largest turnout ever. The date for the 2014 Canal Tourney has been set for Friday May 16th. Although flounder fishing in Delaware Bay was kind of disappointing, boaters who learned how to present bucktails and bottom rigs on the Old Grounds in the Ocean between DB and DA Buoys had a banner summer with flatties. Croakers were small this past year, but spot of jumbo proportions were extra plentiful, and those tasty panfish will certainly be welcomed back. The same goes for kingfish. There was a resurgence of kings, and many Delaware Bay anglers enjoyed double digit catches of these delicious members of the drum family while anchored on Bay coral and other live bottom. Black drum didn't seem as thick this past spring, but Broadkill surf casters and boaters anchored on the Coral Beds still caught good numbers. Some real heavyweights were landed on light tackle when the big boomers grabbed small baits intended for trout. The largest we checked in tipped the scales to 93 pounds. Tuna fishermen were treated to some of the best action in a long time. Yellowfins hung out with bait and whales in Washington Canyon for most of the summer, and the bigeye bite was the hottest in recent memory. It was not uncommon for crews to boat multiples of the titanic tunas between 150 and 300 pounds while trolling at first light and just before dark. The offshore crowd will certainly get excited with the prospect of that happening again in 2014. Stripers were late in arriving in great numbers at the Delaware Bay entrance this November, but when sandeels got thick mid month, so did the rockfish. There were many quality trophies caught, and trollers seemed to do better than bait fishermen. All three winning fish in the 2013 Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament weighed over 40 pounds. Evan Falgowski's 47.2 pounder took the top prize. Mike Ambler landed the largest of the season, a mammoth 50 inch 49 pound bass, but he unfortunately wasn't entered in the Tourney. Quite an accomplishment none the less. The anticipation of all the fishing possibilities ahead will help get anglers through the doldrums of winter. Amanda, Phoebe and I are doing our own doldrum prevention thing by heading for the Florida Keys to do some fishing ourselves. We'll hopefully have some good catch pictures to share in the website photo gallery, and on our Facebook page, so stay tuned. I'll resume regular web fishing reports when the store reopens full time in April. Lewes Harbour Marina will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the winter. The Saltwater Fly Anglers Of Delaware meet every Saturday for a fly tying session at the shop, where members, and guests, swap tips and techniques and, of course, fishing tales. Stop in and check them out. Thanks for following us this past season, and we wish you the best of success in the coming New Year!

Ocean Togging Shows Promise

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/19/2013 12:00:00 AM

Cold wind has kept boats at the dock many days, but when conditions were fishable last weekend, Ocean togging showed signs of promise. Tog activity in the Bay had slowed down, and toggers had been trying Ocean Sites the past couple weeks, hoping those spots would turn on. Seems they're now starting to produce. Captain Brent took Katydid to Site 10 last Friday, where his anglers put 20 keepers in the box. He returned to the reef Saturday with a group of tautog regulars, and they proceeded to limit the boat out with a catch of 50 blackfish. Inshore water temps are in the low to mid 40's, and tog should start settling in on their normal wintertime haunts. It's been slim pickin's for striped bass at the Delaware Bay entrance over the past week. Striper fishermen continue to have success in the Ocean south of Indian River. Bottom structure from 1 1/2 to 3 miles offshore between Bethany and Fenwick has been holding rockfish. Their presence is often given away by flocks of dive bombing gannets. Chris Huk worked the area Monday for a limit of keepers in the 29 to 31 inch range, and released several others. He said the birds were thick, and when you found the birds, you got fish. Trolling Stretch 25 and 30 plugs worked well, as did pulling Mojos or tandem shad rigs. Captain Chris on Quintessa had 3 nice keepers while trolling off Sea Colony Saturday. Brandy Timmons Parker and her crew fished the Ocean City Marlin Club Rockfish Tournament with Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II Saturday. They pulled Cabo Sunset Stretch 25s off the Condos to secure 7 keeper stripers to 16 pounds, plus a bonus flounder. With warmer air temperatures and moderate winds forecasted for the weekend, there will likely be several crews on the water in search of some pre-Holiday stripers as the fish are moving south between Indian River and Ocean City. Merry Christmas and Good Fishing to all!

Another Cooldown

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/12/2013 12:00:00 AM

Cold, windy weather has caused Bay water temperature to fall to 41 degrees, and striper action that was so good last week, cooled off as well. Masses of sandeels had been holding linesiders in the area, but it seems the schools of baitfish have thinned out. Rockfish are still being taken, but a majority have been below the 28 inch minimum. Captain Brent on Katydid trolled Overfalls Monday. His guys caught 20 bass, however only 3 were keepers. Ralph Short fished Overfalls yesterday and reported that the water was clean with well defined rips. Even though conditions looked good, Ralph's efforts resulted in just one 31 incher and a single throwback. Migratory stripers will probably continue to stage at the Bay entrance over the coming weeks, but it's tough for boats to get out every day to keep track of their movements, because of blustery weather fronts. Ocean bassers have been following fish down the coast, looking for working birds to indicate the presence of bass below. A few fish came from Hens and Chickens Shoal, but lumps off Sea Colony at Bethany Beach held better numbers. Nick and J.T. DiGuglielmo stopped by Friday with four quality linesiders they captured while trolling Stretch 30 plugs in that area. Other structure between Fenwick and Ocean City gave up rockfish too. Trolling Stretch and Bomber Plugs, Mojos, umbrellas or tandem shads was the popular method for taking stripers. When moving stripers were located, feeding under birds, casting lures was a fun way to hook up. Sandeel imitatitions from Savagear, Tsunami and Storm were effective. Tube tailed diamond jigs, Gulp! Sandeels on leadheads, and bucktails also got bit. Keep in mind, it is still illegal to keep stripers outside the three mile limit, and the boundary at many popular spots is patrolled by the Coast Guard to ensure fishermen play by the rules. Beach fishermen intercepted a few decent bass, but there hasn't been a relible run in the surf. Andy Lano landed a pair of real nice rockfish while soaking bunker near Herring Point Saturday. Other catch reports came from spots south of Indian River, such as 3Rs Road.

Been A Good Week For Bassin'

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/5/2013 12:00:00 AM

Stripers have been moving through the area, staging at the Bay mouth for short periods to fill up on sandeels that are unusually plentiful this fall. Anglers working structure by trolling diving Stretch and Bomber plugs did well. Tides have been exaggerated around the recent new moon, and wind in combination with strong currents made for dirty water a lot of the time, so savvy fishermen realized the cleanest conditions occurred at the end of flood current through the slack. That's when catching was best, especially first thing in the morning when boat traffic was light. Fish didn't seem to bite as well with a fleet running through the rips. Boats often vied for the same choice spot on the face of a shoal, making for close quarters, and sometimes bad tempers. Common sense and courtesy go a long way in making things work for everybody. Guys who tried lumps away from the crowds often caught better. Rockfish were also taken by drifting eels and casting bucktails and plastic or metal jigs that imitate sandeels. Katydid Captain Brent had success trolling plugs on structure at the Bay mouth. Jack Austin and his group limited out with 10 good bass aboard Katydid Saturday. On Sunday, Katydid regulars burned the bass, keeping a limit of 16 to 37 inches, and releasing 22 others. Tommy Isaacs and his boys crushed big rock aboard Katydid Monday, bringing in a 14 fish limit, most of them over 20 pounds. The heaviest weighed 29.6 pounds. Tuesday's group on Katydid decked another limit of 16 up to 26 pounds. Other nice fish checked in during the week included John Joe Kabino's 29.4 pounder, Daniel Green's 24.2 pounder, Bobby Fitzwater's 24 pounder, and Matt Urban's 24 pound bass. Chad Beitler boated a 25.7 pound rock, and Jim McLaughlin muscled in a 25.5 pounder aboard Miss Kirstin. Patrick Staggs took home his first striper, one weighing 24.5 pounds. Adam Sammons scored a 22.4 pound striper. Matt And Danny Baker, Nate Evans, Chip Graves and Jeff Drury trolled Stretches at Brown Shoal for a limit of 10 hefty rockfish in the 20 pound class this past weekend. Ocean trolling boats got into bass too. Some were caught along Hen and Chicken Shoal, but more reliable action came from lumps one to two and a half miles offshore between Indian River Inlet and Fenwick Shoal. The area off Bethany's Sea Colony condos was productive. Sometimes gannets and other birds gave away the presence of schools, other times, boaters just marked bait and fish on the sounder. Stretch 25+ and 30+ plugs, Mojos, umbrellas and tandem shad rigs all did the job on rockfish. Mike Behney and his buddies fished off Bethany with Keith Orendorf on Miss 5-O, where they trolled up a 14 bass limit. Fischer Edmonson celebrated his Eighth Birthday on that trip by boating a 21.9 pounder. Another excursion to that spot also produced a limit for Keith and a different crew, but in addition, they landed a bonus 8.6 pound doormat flounder that grabbed an 11 inch long Stretch 30+ plug. Matt Wiedmann and his guys towed tandem shads and chartreuse Mojos for their limit of 8 chunky rock off Sea Colony. Many sizeable stripers came from the area. Chris Dawson decked a 35 pounder yesterday while pulling a Stretch 30+. Jay Huss hooked his 32.2 pound rock with a Stretch 25+ plug. Marks Dunn put a 24.5 pounder in the box. There's been some activity in the surf. Andy and Anthony Lano landed their limit of bass to 20 pounds from the beach at Herring Point last Saturday using bunker. Dave McGirk got a 15 pound rock at Cape Henlopen Point Tuesday, then did it again Wednesday with a 25 pounder. Dave Furio landed a keeper red drum at 3R's Road Tuesday. Glen Felker was surprised by a nice redfish from the suds at the Navy Crossing today.

They're Here Now!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/28/2013 12:00:00 AM

Striper action really kicked into gear the past few days. What's likey a fresh batch of bass has been working over scads of sandeels schooled up at the Bay mouth. Anglers report stripers coughing up sandeels when brought aboard, with stomachs stuffed full of the slender lances. Several flounder were caught with stripers, and the flatties had bellies packed with sandeels too. Captain Ted on the Pirate King told me that when the current slacked up Tuesday, stripers pushed sandeels to the surface southeast of Overfalls, and bass were boiling on the baitfish. He instructed his customers to cast unweighted eels into the feeding frenzy, and they were immediately gobbled up by hungry rockfish. His group ended up with a boat limit of 20 big rock. Captain Brian's bassers aboard Lil' Angler II drifted eels in the Overfalls area late Tuesday afternoon to capture a limit of 10 quality keepers. Captain Brent's crew on Katydid trolled Stretch 25+ plugs to take home their limit of 14 linesiders to 25 pounds Tuesday. There was a good troll bite at 8B Buoy Tuesday morning. J.D. and Connie Miller, and John Whelen towed chartreuse Bomber CD25s there for a quick limit of 6 bass to 27.9 pounds. Dave Potter fished up the Bay a little ways at Brown Shoal both Monday and Tuesday, remarking that there were other boats around. Stripers were active there due to light traffic and pressure, and Dave's guys enjoyed good catching both trips. On Tuesday, they kept 7 fish to 39 inches and released several others while pulling Stretches. There were signs that things were about to bust loose at the end of last week. After a little shot of northeast wind, boaters were able to get back on the Bay Friday, and there seemed to be more fish around than in previous days. Keith Orendorf and the boys on Miss Five O found a school of stripers on structure south of Overfalls Friday, and proceeded to troll up their limit of 8 big beauties. Mike Trestka drifted spot at Overfalls Friday to take a 28.6 pounder. Tom Kirk was eeling at Overfalls Friday when he hooked a 27.6 pound rock. Bill McMahon braved marginal conditions on Overfalls Thursday, but ended up boating a 42.8 pound trophy using an eel. Tom Lobozzo used a jumbo spot to tempt a 41.5 pound whopper from 8B Buoy Friday. Bruce and Josh Buchalter, Alex Wartman and Jerry Wert chunked bunker near #2 Buoy for 3 bass to 20 pounds Friday. Just when things were shaping up, cold temps and strong winds shut down activity over the weekend. It was still quite chilly and breezy Monday morning, but diehard John Joe Kabino made his way out to the rips, where he had his hands full with hungry stripers. There were no other boats around, and fish pounced on his trolled Stretch plugs, even during slack water. John Joe said often he had two or three bass on at a time, and figured he'd caught 25! News of the wild bite was welcomed by other anxious anglers after the windy weekend. As noted earlier in the report, many fishermen got out Monday and Tuesday to take advantage of the fish that are here now. Another front blew in Wednesday, and it's still crankin' 20 knots out of the WNW as I'm writing this Thanksgiving morning. But, good weather is forecasted for Friday through Monday, and with the word out, the Bay mouth will be a busy place! It might be beneficial to check out lumps and rips where there's not as much boat traffic. Jig fishing should be good with all the sandeels around. Diamond jigs mimic sandeels, and tube tailed AVA 27 or 47 models are favorite choices. Soft plastic imitations by Storm or Savagear should be effective, as should jerk shad or Slug-Go style plastics, with their slim profile. A sandeel-like teaser fly on a dropper rigged ahead of a bucktail should get a look from stripers too. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament ended up November 26th, and here are the final standings. Evan Falgowski finished First with his 47.2 pound bruiser bass. Brian Seglem secured Second with a 41.6 pound slob. Tom Lobozzo landed a 41.5 pound lunker to wrap up Third. Congratulations, and of course, bragging rights, go to the winners, and many thanks to all who competed. Striped bass have been getting most of the attention, but tautog are still available too. A recent trip with Captain Pete aboard Top Fin produced a 30 tog limit for Mr. Chung and friends. Captain Carey's toggers on the Grizzly also returned with a limit of 30 keepers last Friday. There's plenty of fishing left this fall, so get out when you can to put some fillets in the freezer. They'll taste especially good this winter. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Another Windy Weekend

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/21/2013 12:00:00 AM

It looks like we're in for a blustery Saturday and Sunday. Supposed to blow northwest 15 to 20 knots Saturday, then 25 to 30 Sunday. We've lost a lot of days to wind, and this weekend might be a blowout too. There have been reports of a real good striped bass bite off Barnegat the past couple days, in spite of wind. Sounds like there's a load of bait inshore, with butterfish, sand eels and bunker right on the beachfront. Limit catches were common among crews working metal jigs. Maybe some more stripers have slipped into Delaware Bay after yesterday's northeast? When it's been fishable, anglers had some beautiful bass, just not many of them. Whopper of the week was a 49 pounder, boated by Mike Ambler. The 50 inch long behemoth inhaled a live spot at 8B Buoy Saturday. Striper specialist Evan Falgowski had linesiders of 35, 40.2 and 47.2 pounds while trolling plugs at the end of last week. Rick McCoy managed a 32.7 pounder while eeling aboard the Quintessa. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament runs through November 26th, and as of this writing, Evan Falgowski had the First and Third place spots with his rock weighing 47.2 and 40.2 pounds. Brian Seglem held Second with a 41.6 pound fish. The chunking fleets up the Bay have been anchoring in Tussey's, the Horseshoe, Miah Maull and the Egg Island Flats, and catching considerable amounts of stripers, but almost all of them have been undersized. They're probably resident fish, and as more migratory bass move in, keeper sized specimens should go in the box. We're expecting a delivery of fresh bunker this morning for guys who want to try some bait fishing. Togging has also been affected by wind. The boys on Katydid braved crappy conditions yesterday, and returned from the Brown Shoal reefs with 13 keeper tog, including Bob Murphy's 6.7 pounder and Dave Walker's 8.7 pounder. On days with decent conditions, tautog action was pretty good. Mr. Hong and his group of tautog regulars fished with Captain Pete on Top Fin Sunday, and put together a limit catch of 30 chunky blackfish. Toggers on the Grizzly had 29 keepers during Friday's trip. With Bay water temps in the upper 40's, tog should cooperate for awhile yet. Surf fishermen have not had much success along the Ocean beach, although, we had a customer in over the weekend who had a 32 incher and several shorts while using cut bunker from Broadkill Beach.

Big Cool Down

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/14/2013 12:00:00 AM

A strong cold front blew through the area over the past couple days, with gusty winds and sub freezing temperatures at night. Water temp had fallen to 44 degrees. Light southwest winds began warming things back up today, and several boats were out trying for both tog and stripers. We already weighed in one trophy striper this morning. Brian Seglem brought back a 41.6 pounder he captured while trolling a pink Stretch 25 plug at Overfalls during ebb tide. There were a few other reports of rockfish caught by crews drifting eels and spot on structure at the Bay mouth this morning. Brian's big bass moved him currently into First Place of the Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament. Jacob Webb holds Second with his 39.8 pounder, and Evan Falgowski's 35 pound striper has Third Place. Tautog action has been pretty good on days with decent conditions, and clean water. On Monday, ahead of the frontal system, toggers aboard Katydid put 32 keepers in the box while fishing the Brown Shoal reef sites. Scott Levering landed a 7.6 pounder on that trip, and captain Brent Wiest wound in one weighing 9.2 pounds. Bert Long anchored on the Star Site Monday, where he hooked a 9 pound citation winner. Joe McNeal nailed a 7.2 pound tog on the Katydid Sunday. On Saturday, anglers on Katydid kept 26 tautog and released 52 others. Captain Carey's patrons on Grizzly took home 26 tog on Monday. Saturday's group on Grizzly had 25 blackfish and a striper. George Cyhan caught an 8.23 pound blackfish aboard Lil' Angler II on Saturday. Paul Hertzog was togging with Captain Ted on the Angler Monday when he had a 7.62 pound citation tautog. Tog came from the Inner and Outer Walls as well as from the reef sites. Jim Meyers and Sheila Stohler fished the Outer Wall Saturday for their limit of plump tog. Jay Lightner pulled a 10.34 pound blackfish off the Inner Wall Sunday. Still not much from the surf, but we did see quite an impressive bluefish caught in the suds between Herring Point and Gordon's Pond Sunday. J Ehrlich beached a 38 inch long slammer there that weighed 17.8 pounds.

First Big Stripers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/7/2013 12:00:00 AM

The first few big striped bass have been taken from structure at the mouth of Delaware Bay in recent days. Those crews proficient in trolling rips on Overfalls Shoal hooked some real nice fish. Mann's Stretch 25+ and Bomber CD25 plugs have been the weapons of choice. The lures dig in and go where rockfish are living, and their wobbling action often causes a reactive strike from fish, even if they're not actively feeding. Popular color patterns have included Cabo Sunset, Chartreuse, Red Head, Gold and Black, and Pink. Jacob Webb was pulling a plug on the Shoals yesterday when he connected with a 39.8 pound linesider that put him in the lead of this year's Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament. Evan Falgowski trolled plugs to capture the first lunker striper weighed in for the contest Saturday. It tipped the scales to 35 pounds, currently putting Evan in Second Place. Ryan Falgowski captured a 34.8 pounder while trolling Overfalls which put him in the Third spot for now. Trolling plugs has produced striper action up the Bay too. Burt Betts towed Stretch 25's near Miah Maull lighthouse for 6 keeper stripers, and several shorts. Catching should pick up soon for chunkers and live bait fishermen too as more rock make the right turn into Delaware Bay on their way down the coast. Water temp now is 57 degrees. Stripers have been active in Indian River Inlet. Dave Sallac drifted spot there yesterday and landed a 30 inch keeper, plus several shorts. There haven't been any legal striped bass reported from the surf yet. Last year, there was a run of rockfish on the beach around November 15th, so maybe they'll show then. Togging has been up and down, depending on favorable conditions and clean water for success. Water was dirty along the Walls yesterday until the end of flood tide. Nate Evans said he and his buddies had a window when there was clean water on the tide change at the Inner Wall, and they capitalized by putting 10 keepers in the box. Reefsite action was spotty yesterday too, but tog fishermen on the Pirate King also managed 10 keepers. Captain Pete's toggers on Top Fin took home 14. Jesse Byler's group had 23 tog on Top Fin the day before. Sea Bass season reopened, and despite lumpy seas, Captain Brent worked some inshore snags in search of bass Tuesday. The result was a limit of 125 knotheads, plus triggerfish, bluefish, porgy and an Atlantic Bonito.


Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/31/2013 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay tautog action has been good this week, and many nice tog have been brought to the dock. However, none quite compare to the bruiser that hit the scales yesterday. Claude "Cool Yul" Benner was togging aboard the Angler with Captain Ted Moulinier when he boated the blackfish of a lifetime. While baiting with green crabs at Reef Site 6, Yul hooked and landed a 32 inch long behemoth that weighed 20.0 pounds. It was a real Togzilla, just in time for Halloween. The Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament finishes up today, and Yul sits comfortably in First Place. Another brute of a blackfish caught yesterday on the Angler by Kenny Greigg, and weighing 11.20 pounds, holds Second Place. As of this writing, Charlie Breitenbach's 8.85 pounder has the Third spot. Some other quality tautog taken recently include Alex Levantovsky's 8.83 pounder, and an 8.68 pound specimen for Tony Zdrojewski, Jr. Captain Carey on the Grizzly reported consistent tog catching on reef sites in the Bay, with limits or near limits for his patrons each trip. Captain Brent on Katydid told of similar results, with boat limits common. His group of regulars returned with 50 quality keepers yesterday. The rock breakwaters have been productive too. Chip Graves, Nate Evans and Aaron Hurd fished the Outer Wall yesterday morning. They had their limit of 15 plump tautog in the box by 8:30 using green crabs. Several crews have been trying for stripers at the Bay mouth the past few days by trolling Stretch Plugs and livelining eels and spot, but no keepers have been checked in here. It could turn on any time now. Stripers have been plentiful in Indian River Inlet. Dave Sallac drifted live spot there yesterday to catch 18 bass, two of which were legal size. Surf casters had a few small blues. Mike Flemming hooked a couple keeper flounder and several short stripers while tossing jigs in the suds near the Gordon's Pond jetty.

Cooling Off

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/24/2013 12:00:00 AM

With nighttime lows in the 40's recently, Bay water temperatures have dropped to 60 degrees. This cooldown should prompt tautog to feed more actively, and also move stripers along in their Fall migration. There have been some decent tog catches in the past week form the Inner and Outer Walls and the artificial reefs. Captain Carey's Sunday group on the Grizzly put 26 keepers in the box. Jim Thomas took home the lunker of the trip, a near record sheepshead weighing 14.5 pounds. Toggers on the Grizzly captured 28 tog Monday. Captain Pete's anglers on Top Fin kept 17 tautog Sunday. Mark Stover was togging at the Outer Wall Monday when he hooked into an impressive sheepshead that weighed 14.5 pounds, exactly the same as the one caught on Grizzly Sunday. With conditions starting to change, Captain Brent on Katydid tried three different Ocean wrecks Tuesday, and found blackfish chewing at each spot. His crew of regulars culled through many tog during the day, and ended up with a limit of 50 keepers. The Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament finishes up October 31st. Currently, Dave Walker is in First with an 8.83 pounder. Brent Wiest's 7.56 pound tautog was bumped to Second. Rodney Shoemaker has Third with a 7.50 pound tog. Although no migratory have shown at the Bay mouth, they should soon. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament begins October 26th and runs through November 26th. Resident stripers have been active in Lewes Canal and Broadkill River. Some of legal size were caught around the drawbridge on live pencil eels. Short stripers were often seen busting on baitfish along the marshbanks of the Canal and River, and could be tempted into striking RatLTraps, small poppers, Storm Shads and other plastic swimbaits. Stripers mixed with good sized white perch in Petersfield Ditch. Small minnows, grass shrimp and bloodworms were effective for both. Some big spot remain in the River and Canal. Red drum are still around too. Harry Aiken worked shallow water of Rehoboth Bay Saturday with MirrOLures and caught 5 puppy drum, 5 short stripers and a surprise 8 pound flounder. Boats that made it offshore still found tuna, wahoo and dolphin. The boys on Not Right trolled 100 fathoms between the 175 and 190 lines south of the Baltimore Saturday. They reported bait everywhere in 71 degree water. The result was one yellowfin, 4 longfins to 41 pounds and a wahoo cutoff. Chris Adkins and his crew fished around some lobster gear in Poor Man's Canyon Tuesday, where they captured 18 mahis.


Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/18/2013 12:00:00 AM

After more than a week of relentless northeast wind, the weather finally broke, allowing fishermen back out on the Bay the past few days. Water temps have not dropped much, with readings still 64 to 65 degrees. Clarity has improved, compared to roiled conditions following the blow. Tog catches have been getting better each day. Blackfish were taken from the Walls and Ice Breakers, and also off the artificial reefs. Wes Olson and Barney Gallagher worked the Inner and Outer Breakwaters yesterday for 7 keeper tautog and a nice triggerfish. Captain Brent's toggers aboard Katydid put 38 tog and a sheepshead in the box Wednesday while anchored over some mid Bay rubble. Reef structure yielded a limit of 50 tog to Brent's group on Katydid yesterday. Captain Carey's guys on the Grizzly got 27 keeper tog and a black drum Wednesday. Anglers on the Grizzly harvested their limit of 40 blackfish yesterday, including Billy Guzman's 6.33 pounder. They also had a bonus 9.25 pound sheepshead. With increased fishing activity, standings shifted around in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament. Brent Wiest is still on top with a 7.56 pound tog, but Billy Guzman's 6.33 pounder got him the number two spot. Dave Walker is currently Third with his 6.23 pound tautog. It's likely rankings will continue to change as more folks fish through the end of the contest on October 31st. Bigger tog seem to be more active as the water cools down. Mullet have been scarce since last week's wind, but spot were still caught in the Bay and Lewes Canal. Kingfish and trout were still around too. Migratory stripers haven't reached the mouth of Delaware Bay yet, but big bass were reported between Long Island and north central New Jersey. Effects from today's full moon and approaching cold fronts could push the rockfish our way soon. Some resident rock remain in Lewes Canal. Harry Sheing checked in a 29 inch linesider he hooked near the railroad bridge. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tourney starts October 26 and runs through November 26.

It Blows

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/10/2013 12:00:00 AM

We've had hard northeast wind the past few days, it's blowin' a gale again today, and the forecast calls for more rain and 20 knots of northeast through the weekend. Needless to say, fishing activity has come to a halt. This weather will likely push the remaining mullet out of the area, and spot and croakers might be hard to come by after it gets out of here as well. It's possible the consistent northeasterly flow may prompt migratory stripers to start their move, and keep them closer to the beach. Rockfish normally show after the October full moon. Some of the season's largest bass stage on shoals at the Mouth of Delaware Bay during the last week of October and first week of November. Their arrival offers up some good opportunities for crews trolling Stretch Plugs or drifting live baits to connect with some lunker linesiders. Bunker chunkers begin to get into big fish too in mid bay sloughs. Once the winds subside and Bay water clears up, the tog bite should resume. Blackfish should be available on the Breakwaters and artificial reef sites. Don't know if triggerfish will stick around. Saturday was one of the last fishable days, and Captain Brent took Katydid to the Wall and wrecks for some togging. The take included 23 tautog, 4 triggerfish and an 11.5 pound sheepshead landed by Ed Winkler. Tog came from the Wall Sunday, ahead of the weather change. Dan Lauer wrestled a 10.4 pound bruiser from the rocks then. Current standings in the annual Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament have Brent Wiest in the Lead with his 7.56 pounder. Dave Walker's 6.23 has Second, and Charlie Breitenbach holds Third with a 6.15 pound tautog. The contest runs through October 31st. Red drum have been more and more common over the past two years, and there have been fair numbers around this Fall. Some were caught on artficials in Roosevelt Inlet and on cut mullet in the surf. Drum came from Rehoboth Bay and Indian River inlet as well. Matt Brittingham and Tyler Bryan were casting Storm Shads in Assawoman Bay Sunday, and captured 7 beautiful keeper puppies in the 25 inch range. Offshore anglers will be anxious to get back out and see what's available after the blow subsides. Perhaps tuna fishing may be even better...

Tog Season Is Open

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/5/2013 12:00:00 AM

Tautog season reopened last Sunday, and toggers have been working the Walls off Lewes in search of tasty blackfish. Catching has been decent, but will improve as water temperatures drop from their present readings in the mid 60's. Triggerfish and sheepshead are still mixed with tog. Bay wrecks and reef sites have started to give up tautog, but fish only bit for a short time due to strong running currents around the new moon. Captain Brent on the Katydid fished a wreck last Sunday, and his patrons took home 26 triggers, 12 tog and 2 bass. The trip also produced keeper flounder number 801 of the season, a 6.5 pounder landed by Dr. Luis Mispireta. On Wednesday, Katydid captured 27 tog and 12 triggers while wreck hopping. Captain Brent did a four hour trip to the Wall Thursday for 15 tog and 2 triggers, and the Wall yielded 22 tog to Brent's Friday group. He said the best bite was during the slower parts of incoming tide. Brent currently leads the annual Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament with a 7.56 pounder. The contest runs through October 31st. Barry Downs boated an 8.75 pound bruiser blackfish aboard the Angler, but he wasn't entered in the Tourney. Bay bottom bouncers are still finding a mix of trout, spot, croakers, blowfish and kingfish. Lewes Canal continues to give up jumbo-sized spot. Snapper blues have been active around the Outer Wall and in the Cape Henlopen surf. Guys casting Bass Assassins and other soft artificials from the Roosevelt Inlet rocks had a few weakfish, speckled trout and red drum. Ryan Kroh checked in a 4.25 pound trout he got at Roosevelt using a strip of squid. Ocean flounder action has faded, but a handful of nice fish were still landed on the Old Grounds and at Site 11. Michael Davis decked a 5.54 pound flatfish near DB Buoy yesterday. Sea bassing has been fair, but hopefully they'll be more keepers in the latter part of the season. Offshore fishermen are still enjoying success with tuna. Ron Baker said he and some buddies had an awesome trip to the Washington Canyon Tuesday aboard the Restless Lady with Captain Todd Kurtz out of Ocean City. They chunked up 21 yellowfins in the afternoon using spinning gear and other light outfits. Then they trolled just before dark, and boated bruiser bigeyes weighing 227 and 310 pounds! Wes and Shane Olson chunked 6 yellowfins in the Washington yesterday. Geoff McCloskey and his crew trolled 100 fathoms along the 150 line between Poor Man's and Baltimore Canyons yesterday. They scored 7 longfins, incluing a 36.7 pounder for Mark Spence, plus 20 dolphin. True albacore have shown in the Wilmington too. Jerry Schmidt landed a 36.1 pound longfin and Stan Twardus took a 33.4 pounder during a recent trip on Lil' Angler II. That outing also yielded a 21.7 pound dolphin to Jeffrey Pinero. Ed Sigda and his guys trolled the Baltimore yesterday for a pair of longfins and some dolphin. They finished the trip with some deep dropping that produced tilefish and a not so common 14 pound snowy grouper for Mike Fritz.

Fall Action Offshore and Inshore

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/26/2013 12:00:00 AM

Autumn officially arrived this past Sunday, and with it, the promise of continued good fishing both offshore and inshore through the coming weeks. As long as we don't have any hurricanes, wicked nor'easters or strong northwesterly fronts, anglers should be able to take advantage of a multitude of species making their way into and out of the area during Fall movements. Sounds like a broken record, but the Washington Canyon tuna bite just keeps going. Best recent action has occurred during daylight hours, as opposed to nighttime catching that was better before. Boaters sought out pods of whales still working over squid in the region, and concentrated their efforts in those locations. Most of the whales and tuna hung out around the 800 Square of the Canyon edge, and a little farther down along the eastern side. Whales didn't seem to be as numerous as in the past, but hordes of skipjacks have been frequenting the same spots, and their presence was a good indicator that yellowfins were there too. Chunking with butterfish, sardines, peanut bunkers, finger mullet and anchovies got the attention of tuna. Pieces of the same cut baits on fluorocarbon leaders ranging 20 to 50 pounds got bit. Some days, especially bright, sunny or calm days, the lighter the leader, the better. Many times when tuna wouldn't take a a baitfish chunk, a small whole squid would do the trick. On average, the tuna ranged 20 to 35 pounds, with an ocasional 40 plus. They're a great size to fight on spinning outfits or lighter conventionals. Jigging with Butterflies and other metals can generate reaction strikes from tuna too. Captains Brent and Dave made the long run from Lewes to the Washington yesterday. The ride was worth it, and their patrons returned with a limit of 21 yellowfins that they chunked up during the daytime. Captain Carey on the Grizzly chunked Washington Canyon Friday evening, and his group harvested 17 yellowfins to bring back home. Chris Ragni and his buddies limited out with a dozen yellowfins in the Washington Tuesday afternoon. Catching took place between the Canyon and the beach as well. The boys aboard Not Right were on their way home from offshore when they encountered a barrell floating in thirty fathoms. The find yielded a jackpot including a 45.4 pound wahoo caught on a jig, and 17 big dolphin to 24.8 pounds. Captain Jeff Stewart's crew aboard Ocean City Girl landed a whopper wahoo at the Hambone. The humongous 'hoo tipped the scales to 98.6 pounds. Shawn Gallagher and the guys on Free Spool hit the Hot Dog for 25 false albacore, then trolled the Chicken Bone where they boxed 14 gaffer mahi and a yellowfin. Closer to the beach, flounder were still being taken at Reef Site 11 and the southern old grounds. Flukers have had to ride farther and weed through more throwbacks, but still ended up with some flatties for the table. Captain Vince hosted Bill and Charlotte Hughes aboard Miss Kirstin for some flatfishing at Site 11 Tuesday, where they managed 3 keepers out of 55 caught, plus a dozen and a half nice sea bass. Last Sunday, Captain Brent's fluke aficionados on Katydid put 29 legal flounder to 5.7 pounds in the box. The fishin' Falgowski family was at it again Saturday, icing 19 keepers to 6.5 pounds on the Katydid. The mullet run is happening, and inshore species have been keying in on schools of the silver baitfish as they migrate through. Jacob Webb deployed live mullet around the rock walls off Lewes to capture a 17.6 pound striper, a 4.5 pound flounder, and some chunky bluefish on Saturday. Jacob joined Evan and Kyle Falgowski and Brian Seglem for a Wednesday afternoon jaunt, when they fished live mullet to score a 20.4 pound striper, four 25 inch red drum, a 3.5 pound flounder and 25 plump bluefish. Mason Newsham used cut fresh mullet in the Cape Henlopen Surf to beach a 23 inch redfish. Other surfcasters at the Cape baiting with mullet got into snapper blues and an occasional short striper. Jack Henriksen and John Deiner worked a wreck at the Bay mouth Wednesday for a keeper trout and 8 big triggerfish. Other Bay structure continues to yield a variety of species as well. The western edge of the Star Site and live coral bottom of The Shears held croakers, spot, kingfish, blowfish, porgies, bluefish and trout. Captain Ted's patrons on the Angler, Indian and Pirate King have done well with good numbers of keeper trout, plus other panfish. Captain Jack's group on the Fish Hawk kept a nice batch of 40 puffers, trout, spot, snappers, kingfish and hardheads yesterday. The Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and Cape Henlopen Pier have produced jumbo spot. Those slab sided goodies can't resist a piece of bloodworm or Fishbites. Tautog season reopens Sunday September 29th, when toggers will be able keep 5 blackfish with a 15 inch minimum, per person per day. The shop will be stocking sand fleas, green crabs and box crabs as tog baits.

Flounder On The Move

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/20/2013 12:00:00 AM

There's been some great flounder fishing on the Old Grounds over the past several weeks, but a blast of northeast wind early this week may have prompted fluke to start moving out. Boaters plying the Grounds in recent days report keeper flatties harder to come by. Flounder will continue to stage along channel edges as they migrate offshore, offering flukers a few more shots at good catches, but the bulk of the best action is probably behind us. Prior to the blow, Captain Brent's anglers on Katydid scored 26 keepers to 6 pounds on a trip to the Old Grounds last Thursday. On Sunday, Michael Davis decked doormats of 7.08 and 6.08 pounds, and "Beaver" Ruff reeled in a 6.01 pounder near DB Buoy. Adam Legg, "Striper Killer" Steve Kiibler and Scott Riniker limited out on quality flounder while drifting the Old Grounds Sunday. Captain Carey's flukers aboard Grizzly put 20 keeper flatties in the box Sunday. Mason Newsham nailed a 7.4 pound trophy fluke Sunday on Local Girl, with his dad, Captain Mike Newsham. Doug Mickowski brought in the whopper of the week, an 8.25 pound beauty he boated Sunday near DB Buoy. Early week wind dirtied Delaware Bay water, and slowed the bottomfish bonanza that had been taking place all summer. Croakers continued to be caught around the various artificial reefs, but not in the volume of past weeks. Big spot remained plentiful in Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and around Cape Henlopen Pier. Mullet are active along Lewes Beach and the Ocean shoreline. Castnetters have been stocking up on fresh bait, and a supply for the freezer. Snapper bluefish have been roaming the surf working over schools of the shiny baitfish. Some legal trout came from the Bay surf, around the Walls, and on the Reefs for anglers using cut fresh mullet. On the offshore scene, the tuna bite just keeps on going in Washington Canyon. Whales have been working on squid and baitfish there for the last several weeks, and bigeyes and yellowfins have been feeding with them. Nighttime chunkers, and recently those fishing in the daytime both did well. The trick to catch tuna in daylight was to use light fluorocarbon leaders. Butterfish, sardines and peanut bunkers were effective offerings. The same worked after dark, but crews were usually able to catch live squids to use for bait as well, which tuna found irresistable. Jig fishermen also had good success with yellowfins. Often in the daytime, skippers marked fish on their machines 100 feet down below the whales. Butterfly and diamond jigs could be dropped right into the zone by counting seconds, watching metered line colors change or seeing the jigs fall on the depth recorder. The erratic motion of the lures forces a reaction strike and is deadly on tuna. It has been one of the most amazing bigeye seasons most offshore anglers ever remember. Crews that are able to be on the scene for the last hours of daylight or at dawn seem to do best. Some boats are really dialed in on eyeballs. Jim Hukill said he and the guys aboard No Quarter caught their 20th bigeye of the summer this past week. Steve Moore mentioned that he fished with Captain Chad Meeks on the Playmate Wednesday afternoon for some incredible action in the Washington. Between 6 and 9 pm, they trolled up 4 bigeyes to 226 pounds. At 9, they set up to chunk, and by 10 pm had put their limit of 24 yellowfins in the box and were headed back to the dock. Billfish and true albacore also made appearances in the canyons. Hank Draper and his crew trolled 76 degree water in 70 fathoms along the 090 line of Poor Man's Sunday. They released a 108 inch Blue Marlin estimated at over 400 pounds. The fish had been previously tagged and Hank retrieved the tag to find out the marlin's history. The boys also boated 4 longfins and 5 gaffer dolphin. Ed Sigda and his group on Snow Goose iced 3 longfins while trolling in the Baltimore Sunday. On a sad note, the local fishing community lost a well respected friend with the passing of Joe Walker. Joe was a regular at the dock every summer, in pursuit of his passion, catching flounder. Through many years of learning by paying attention to elements that make fish bite, Joe had become a very proficient angler. His intuition put him where he needed to be at the prime time, telling him to stop the boat "when the water was right". Joe's skill led to many citation-size fluke each season, earning him the reputation as a Flounder Guru. His most prized accomplishment was landing a 32 inch, 13.6 pound flounder from a Delaware Bay reef site back in July of 2006. Even though Joe dished out a little good natured ribbing to his fishing buddies when he'd have the biggest flattie of the day, he was a modest man, willing to share knowledge he'd gathered. Joe cherished his family and friends, and was quite generous. His sons Joe, Dave and Michael benefited greatly from the example of their father. Joe honored and loved his wife and daughters. He enjoyed countless good times with his fishing and hunting cronies "Uncle Tom" Coyle and Bobby Bryant. Joe delighted in taking his grandchildren fishing, even when they were no longer little kids. He fretted whenever he invited members of his Gun Club for a day on the Bay, trying to make sure everything was taken care of so they'd experience the best trip possible. Joe's attention to details made him a very successful business person too. His family run Marcus Hook Florist has always received praises from customers who describe it as exceptional in every respect. Joe will truly be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. And, there just might be a record flounder out there Joe hadn't gotten to yet, sighing with relief.

Record Swordfish

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/12/2013 12:00:00 AM

The big news around our dock this past weekend was a potential new Delaware State Record swordfish. The Guys aboard Candy's Reel Choice had an awesome offshore adventure. They overnighted in Washington Canyon Friday, where they chunked up 11 yellowfins and a mako. The crew headed to Poor Man's Saturday and deep dropped for 11 golden tilefish to 20 plus pounds. Just before dark, Captain Pete Floyd set up in about 2000 feet of Poor Man's and proceeded to put out his swordfish spread. He deployed the first bait, a skipjack belly dressed with a dolphin colored skirt, 300 feet down beneath a balloon. Within moments, a tell tale bounce of the rod tip indicated something was about to happen. The hook was set, and Kurt Lorenz battled the big fish for 2 hours and 50 minutes on 80 pound tackle before it was subdued. Mark Avon, Rusty Smith, Chris Ragni and Brian Garancheski all played a part in making sure the trophy would be coming home with them. Back at Lewes Harbour's scales, the bruiser sword weighed 358 pounds. The massive swordy measured 140 inches overall with a 48 inch girth. The existing Delaware record of 276 pounds 12 ounces was set in 1978. DNREC Officer Shea Lindale verified the catch, and citation paperwork was submitted, so it's likely the swordfish will be declared a new State Record. In other offshore action, bigeyes were caught in the Wilmington Saturday by boats trolling among pods of whales in the waning daylight of early evening. Traffic was heavy as many crews vied for position where the tunas were likely to pop up. The Boy's Toy had a pair of bigeyes, 9 yellowfins, and a longfin during a weekend overnighter. The crew also released two white marlin. Fish Whistle returned with a 241 pound eyeball. Yellowfins were also caught by those vigorously jigging cedar plugs or trolling Drone spoons behind planers. True albacore made an appearance in the Canyons too. Quintessa had a pair of longfins trolling between Poor Man's and the Washington Sunday. The anglers also got 3 makos on the troll, after spending the previous night in the Washington, where they chunked up four yellowfins. Billfish were present as well. Geoff McCloskey and his buddies released a white marlin and put a 61.1 pound wahoo in the box while working the Baltimore Saturday. Chunking in the Washington Saturday night produced 7 yellowfins for Wes Olson and his gang. Captain Mike Faust and the boys on Chasin' Tail released 2 whites in the Washington Sunday, and Jimmy Yingling brought in a 133 pound mako there just before dark. Last night, Greg and Chris Wagner and crew chunked up 8 yellowfins in 500 fathoms of the Washington. On the inshore scene, flounder catching remains good on the Old Grounds and other bottom structure along the edges of the shipping channel between DB Buoy and Delaware Light. Bottom rigs with squid, smelts and shiners worked, as did bucktails sweetened with a strip of cut spot, bluefish or sea robin. Wayne DeMarco and "Striper Killer" Steve Kiibler limited out with quality fluke Saturday Between DB and Site 11. The largest was Wayne's 7.16 pound citation doormat. Flounder catching has been slim in Delaware Bay, but guys concentrating on heavy structure are still managing a few flatties. Shea Lindale and Nate Evans drifted live spot near the rocks of the Inner Wall Wednesday for their limit of 8 chunky fluke. Nice bluefish in the 2 to 4 pound range have been roaming the Outer Wall and would respond to a bucktail and squid strip combo or metal Gotcha Plug. Bottom bouncers continue to enjoy a panfish bonanza. The croakers are still just about everywhere, but bigger specimens in the 12 to 15 inch range showed up between the Lower Middle and Brown Shoal. Kingfish, puffers, trout, porgies and spot were plentiful around reef site 8 and on The Shears. Jumbo spot were pulled from Lewes Canal and Broadkill River by anglers using bloodworms and Fishbites. The Cape Henlopen Pier was productive for big spot too. Clyde Gardner captured 75 slab sided spot from the Pier Tuesday, and 72 more Wednesday.

Good Overnight Tuna Bite

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/6/2013 12:00:00 AM

Washington Canyon has offered up good action most of the summer. Large pods of whales worked the area all season, attracted by loads of bait. Boats trolling among the whales connected with numerous tuna. The Bigeye bite has been the best that many captains remember, with multiple eyeballs per trip common earlier in the season. Crews that invested in Greensticks, or fine tuned the use of dangler rigs caught impressive numbers of yellowfins. A lot had to be measured and went back, but even a limit of BLTs produced plenty of tuna steaks. Fifty and sixty pounders mingled among smaller fish, and ended up in coolers for a nice mix. The overnight bite has been hot too. Squid and tinker mackerel were quick to come to the glow of spreader lights, and hungry tuna soon followed. Catching had cooled off the past couple weeks, and wasn't reliable every night, but picked back up recently, and crews once again were returning to the dock with full boxes. Captain Carey ran Grizzly to the Washington Wednesday evening, where his anglers were rewarded with an excellent catch of yellowfins. The finder screen lit up with fish 100 feet down in the water column, and his guys had a blast catching tuna on spinning gear using hammered diamonds and butterfly jigs. Within three hours, they put a limit of 27 tuna aboard. A pesky mako shark hung around and ate a couple of the yellowfins, but the crew finally hooked and landed it to add to their take. Captain Brian and his buddies on Lil' Angler II took a busman's holiday to get in on the bite and put some tuna in the freezer. He also made the long run to the Washington from Lewes on Wednesday afternoon, but brought back a limit of 12 yellowfins Thursday morning. Other recent offshore reports tell of spotty tuna catches in Wilmington Canyon. Robert Jarboe and his crew on Ella Belle trolled there among whales on Friday, landing a 110 pound bigeye out of 4 that bit. They also released a 64 inch white marlin and a mako taken on the troll. The guys also put a gaffer dolphin in the box while crossing 30 fathoms near the Tea Cup. Shawn Gallagher and his group on Free Spool released a white while trolling the Wilmington Friday as well. It's wahoo time, and the speedsters normally show on structure between 20 and 30 fathoms this time of year. Kevin Fink connected with a 40.8 pounder while trolling the Elephant Trunk aboard Bottom Line. Steve Rogers scored a 41.9 pound 'hoo at the Hot Dog on the Kingfish. Back inshore, fine flounder fishing continued on The Old Grounds. Wayne Demarco, Joe Pergeorelis, Daryl Merganthaler and Doug Mikowski worked the bottom between DB and Site 11 Saturday for their limit of 16 flatties to 5 pounds. Captain Carey's flukers on the Grizzly put 16 keepers in the box at the Grounds Monday. Theresa Coughlin Pauley caught her biggest flounder ever while fishing with Captain Brent on the Katydid Monday. Her fished tipped the scales to 5.83 pounds. Captain Brent was back after flounder on Wednesday, and collected 15 keepers for his fares, among many, many other flounder that were just shy of minimum. Wes Olson and Barney Gallagher drifted a favorite flattie haunt southeast of DB Thursday, and limited out on quality flounder to 6.75 pounds. Keith Orendorf and his crew fished near DA Buoy Thursday for 7 keepers to 23 inches. Mike Newsham and a buddy fished between DB and DA Buoys Thursday for a limit of nice fluke. The day before, Mike and two friends limited out with a dozen, a couple over 6 pounds. In Delaware Bay, there's still an abundance of bottomfish. Little croakers are everywhere, but boaters who anchored on wrecks or the heaviest reef site structure caught nice hardheads to 14 inches. Good sized kingfish are still around. Jackie Shafer checked in a 1 pound king she caught on the Angler. Corky Falgowski weighed in a 1.04 pound citation kingfish. Other panfish rounding out the mix available included blowfish, spike trout, porgies, pigfish and spot. The Lewes Canal has been home to some jumbo spot. Anglers fishing with pieces of bloodworms or Fishbites on sabikis or small hook bottom rigs got into plenty of slab sided spot. Casters at Roosevelt Inlet had a few legal flounder, along with some spot, croakers, snapper blues, small trout, short stripers and an occasional puppy drum. Triggerfish remain here in the warm late season water. They are hanging around the Ice Breakers and Bay wrecks, and will eat a sand flea, piece of clam or shrimp, or a small chunk of pink Gulp! Remember that Tog season is now closed until September 29. The striper slot season is also over, and striped bass must currently meet a minimum size of 28 inches.

Open Bottom Flounder, Bigger Croakers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/29/2013 12:00:00 AM

Ocean flounder action has been good for boaters drifting the Old Grounds and edges of the shipping channel between DB Buoy and Delaware Light. Captain Brent's flukers on Katydid worked the grounds last Friday for 20 keepers to 6.1 pounds. Wes Olson and Barney Gallagher fished a favorite spot southeast of DB Buoy Friday to put 8 flatties in the box, the heaviest just under 6 pounds. Don Hoffman was in search of flounder Saturday when he connected with his 7.25 citation earner aboard the Grizzly. Captain Brent's Saturday group had a great trip over Ocean bottom. The ended up with 37 quality keepers, six of which were over 5 pounds. On Wednesday, Wes Olson and Barney Gallagher were back at it again on the Old Grounds, and returned with 6 nice flatfish. Ocean reef structure produced flounder too. Site 11 yielded some decent sized ones. Despite strong northeast breezes today, Katydid made it to Site 11. The guys shortened their trip because of rough seas, but they landed 10 for the box before heading back. Captain Brent boated the largest, a 7.4 pound citation fluke. On Tuesday, Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Vince Keagy and Mate Bert Long aboard Miss Kirstin to get in on an afternoon fluke bite at Site 11. They returned with 11 chunky flatfish. Delaware Bay flounder catches were sparse, but some continued to come from reef rubble. Jack Henriksen hooked a 5.25 pounder drifting a squid strip and smelt combo at Site 8 today. Bay bottom bouncers did see an increase in bigger croakers. Hardheads up to 14 inches were taken by anchoring on the heaviest cover of Reefs 6,7 and 8. Kingfish, snapper blues, puffers, porgies, pigfish, triggerfish and spot mingled with croakers. Lewes Canal has been home to some jumbo spot. Bits of bloodworm or Fishbites on sabikis or other small hook rigs caught lots of the plump and tasty panfish. Offshore, white marlin were hooked at the Hot Dog early in the week. Other billfish catches were reported from Poor Man's Canyon. Boats fishing way south from Virginia Beach and Oregon Inlet experienced very good white mrlin action at the Triple O's. Captain Charlie's crew aboard Tranquila overnighted in the Wilmington Sunday into Monday. They went 2 for 4 on bigeyes that struck ballyhoos with pink and white skirts Sunday evening. Nicholas Hawrylchak boated a 146.8 pounder, and Chris Stoner subdued a 140.9 pound eyeball.

Bottomfish Abound

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/22/2013 12:00:00 AM

Plenty of panfish continue to please bottom fishermen in Delaware Bay. Small croakers are just about everywhere. Bigger hardheads were hooked by anglers who anchored right on heavy reef rubble or wrecks. Nice sized kingfish are still being taken on the Star Site and Broadkill Reef Site 5. Daryl Plotcher decked a 1.38 pound king on the Angler, Dorothy Wright wound in a 1.22 pounder, Nathan Porter nailed a 1.13 pounder aboard the Fish Hawk, and Reilly Burnett boated a 1.2 pound kingfish on the Indian. Blowfish, spike trout and spot also hung out on Bay structure. Lewes Canal held lots of spot, many of jumbo proportions. Slot stripers and some other surprise fish also cruised the Canal between the drawbridge and train bridge. Jeff Drury checked in a 5.53 pound red drum that ate a live killifish he was drifting there. After being absent most of the summer, schools of snapper bluefish showed up long the Outer Wall. The scrappy snappers could be found slashing through groups of silversides and anchovies under diving terns. Tossing a small Kastmaster, Stingsilver or bucktail into the melee would result in plenty of action. Using ultra lite tackle made for even more fun. Flounder fishing in the Bay was challenging around the full moon due to strong running currents. There were only short windows at the beginning and end of each tide when anglers could drift properly. Sometimes, anchoring allowed boaters to stay on productive structure, and work jigs or rigs where flounders lived while the current was running hard. Some decent catches did come from the Bay on days with ok conditions. Last Thursday, Captain Brent's group on Katydid put 19 keepers in the box at Site 7. Brent boated a citation worthy 7.1 pounder himself. Bill and Charlotte Hughes joined Captain Vince on Miss Kirstin to capture their limit of nice flatties. On Saturday, Captain Brent worked Bay structure for 26 fine fluke. Geoff McCloskey and his buddies bounced Brown Shoal reef rubble for 8 good flounder Saturday. Katydid went back up the Bay Monday, and returned with 16 keepers for Bobby Bryant and friends. Captain Les on the Martha Marie hit Site 5 Tuesday, where his patrons iced 8 nice fluke. With full moon currents causing drift problems in the Bay Wednesday, Captain Brent chose to take Katydid to the Old Grounds in the Ocean, and the decision resulted in 18 keeper flounder to 6.25 pounds for his group. Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II fished the Old Grounds Wednesday as well, and ended up with 8 in the box. The largest was an 8.5 pound doormat landed by Joe Lucyk. Wayne Demarco and his fishing partners beat up the bottom between DB and Site 11 Wednesday for their limit of 16 flounder to 24 inches. Bucktails tipped with smelts were the downfall of many of the flatties. Offshore bottom bouncing was productive too. Jason Burris and friends had a nice catch of golden tilefish in the Baltimore Canyon yesterday. Shawn Gallagher and the guys on Free Spool overnighted offshore. They trolled a 52 pound yellowfin in the Wilmington, and caught and released sharks in the dark. They finished off the trip with a nice batch of Golden Tiles from the Baltimore. Wes and Shane Olson ran their center console to the Washington Canyon and spent the night. They chunked up a limit of 6 yellowfins and released as many others before heading back to shore.

Picking At Fatties

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/15/2013 12:00:00 AM

Flounder fishermen have had fair catches in both the Ocean and Delaware Bay, but they've had to work them. The best concentrations of flatties continue to be found around heavy cover, such as the artificial reefs and wrecks. Go prepared to lose tackle when you work these areas because the fish are right among the rubble. Bucktail jigs with a teaser or short leadered bottom rigs are effective, and a little less likely to get snagged. Adding a Gulp! Swimming Mullet, Jerk Shad or Belly Strip to jigs enhances their effectiveness. Strips of fresh cut bait such as bluefish or sea robin, and squid, smelts and silversides are favorites of flatfish too. In the Bay, sites 6 and 7 at Brown Shoal yielded some fluke at the beginning and end of the tide. Brian Logue bucktailed a 6.57 pounder from Site 7 on Sunday. Nate Evans nailed a 6.54 pound fluke Sunday. Katie Malin captured two quality keepers at Site 8 aboard Quintessa Monday. Joe Walker and friends had 9 keepers at the Starsite Tuesday. Ocean reef structure at Sites 9, 10 and 11 held flounder, and rough, live bottom of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys was productive too. Captain Brent's flukers aboard Katydid on Sunday scored 18 beautiful keepers, including specimens of 6.1 and 6.9 pounds. The largest of the trip was a 27 1/2 inch 8.4 pound doormat landed by Jason Lhamon. Wayne Demarco and Joe and Paul Pergeorelis drifted near Site 11 Sunday for their limit of a dozen flatties, including Paul's 5.31 pounder. Scott Ayars checked in yesterday with 3 keepers to 3.61 pounds he caught at the Old Grounds aboard Thelma Dale IV, despite blustery winds. Bottom bouncers in the Bay are still finding croakers just about everywhere. Better sized ones hung out near the Ferry Jetty and right in the heaviest reef cover. Hardheads up to 2 pounds were found near the Gypsum Prince wreck off Cape Henlopen. Plenty of spot, kingfish, blowfish and spike trout rounded out the mix available to anglers. Triggerfish were taken along the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers. Alex Joseph was surprised when a 67.2 pound black drum grabbed the strip of squid he was drifting past the Haystacks for flounder. Evan Falgowski got a 6.4 pound sheepshead from the rocks. The offshore bottomfishing remains good for those venturing to the canyons. A group of deep droppers aboard Katydid returned from the Wilmington Tuesday with an impressive haul of 200 blueline and golden tilefish. A few yellowfins and wahoo were reported by trollers in 30 fathoms between the Elephant Trunk and Hot Dog Notch. Nighttime chunkers in the Washington got into good number of yellowfins. Pete Mohacey battled and released a 98 inch blue marlin in 70 fathoms of Poor Man's Sunday aboard Tranquila.

White Marlin Open Week

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

The White Marlin Open has been the talk of the Tackle Shop this week. 262 boats participated in this year's event. As of this writing, with one fishing day left, an 83 pound White Marlin is at the top of the leaderboard. Strangely, four individual whites weighing 77 pounds each were weighed in to fill the other top spots. No qualifying blue marlin have hit the dock. Some large tuna were weighed in as well. A 261.5 pound bigeye holds first in that category. Nice dolphin, wahoos and makos are also in the running for prize money. It will be interesting to see how things end up. In other offshore action, yellowfins continue to come from the Washington Canyon. Crews deploying baits with greensticks have racked up some impressive catches. Creative anglers using plastic squids on danglers from their outriggers also got bites. Overnight catching has been good in the Washington. Jason Massey, Matt and Wil Weidman and Drew Stuchlik spent the night there recently aboard Tighten Up. Jason said there was alot of life in the deep, with scads of squids and tinker mackerel in the lights. They hooked more than 35 tuna, some on spinning gear. The guys kept their dozen fish limit, and released the others. Most were in the 30 inch range, but they did have 4 yellowfins between 50 and 55 pounds. Bigeyes popped up from time to time in Wilmington Canyon during the week. Offshore deep dropping has been productive. Captain Chris on the Quintessa dropped in the Wilmington Tuesday for 6 big golden tiles from 20 to 35 pounds. On Wednesday, Chris went back Wednesday and brought in 15 quality gray tiles to over 15 pounds. Captains Brent and Dave fished the Wilmington Tuesday aboard Katydid to capture a yellowfin and a box full of nice blueline tilefish. Inshore bottom fishing has been pretty good. The fishin' Falgowski family joined Captain Brent for an Ocean outing on Katydid Friday, and returned with 24 keeper flounder to 5.6 pounds. Mike Schreiber fished Site 11 Friday aboard the Sea Note, and caught his personal best flounder, weighing 5.8 pounds. Captain Carey on the Grizzly hosted Joe Shaffer and family Saturday, when they put 16 flounder, triggerfish, sea bass and all the crokers they wanted in the box. Captain Les on Martha Marie had 11 keepers for his patrons while working Bay reefs Saturday. Captain Pete on Top Fin hit Ocean Reef Structure Saturday for 9 keeper flatties. Wayne Demarco drifted ner Site 11 Sunday for his limit of fluke to 5.34 pounds. A bucktail and smelt combo was the key to success. Captain Vince ran Miss Kirstin to the Brown Shoal reefs where Bill and Charlotte Hughes had their limits of both trout and flounder. Captain Brent's flukers aboard Katydid had 23 keeper flatties on Bay reef structure today. The bottomfish bonanza continues in Delaware Bay. Hardheads have been plentiful just about everywhere, but remain small for the most part. Some bigger ones can be found on heavy structure. Anchoring on reef rubble resulted in some better specimens. Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II set up on a wreck for a load of croakers to 2 pounds, porgies and triggerfish. There are spike trout, hand sized spot and kingfish mixed with croakers at most locations. Many of the kings have been respectable. Alice Harness had a 1.43 pound citation earner, Audra Babb boated a 1.17 pounder, Joe Hacay got a 1.16 pound king, and Eric Thompson landed a 1.09 pound kingfish, all on Angler headboat trips. Sam Cregar captured a 1.02 pound king on the Indian, and Jo Ann Droege decked a 1.11 pounder on the Pirate King.

Inshore Flounder, Offshore Tuna

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/1/2013 12:00:00 AM

Ocean bottom fishing has been pretty good. The Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys continue to give up nice flounder and some keeper sea bass. Reef Sites 9 and 10 produced flatties too, but Site 11 outside the shipping lane offered up better catching. Captain Brent's flukers on the Katydid worked 11 Monday for a boat limit of 32 fine flatfish. Ron Mistretta put a citation worthy 7.72 pounder in the box as the day's heaviest. Katydid drifted the Old Grounds Monday to capture 13 keepers. Hang Soo had a pair scaling 5.5 and 5.6 pounds. Jack Henriksen decked a 5 pound flounder and a 2.1 pound sea bass. On Sunday, patrons on Katydid took home 15 flounder. Captain Vince on Miss Kistin hosted Bill and Charlotte Hughes Wednesday for a trip to the Old Grounds. They returned with a limit of flatfish to 5.43 pounds. Captain Carey on the Grizzly reported that anchoring over inshore wrecks was productive for his customers. He hooked up to a snag Saturday for a boxful that included 104 seabass, 62 ling and a 9.4 pound cod. Captain Brian ran Lil' Angler II to Del Jersey Land where he set up on the Radford for a good catch of knothead sea bass Saturday. The Quintessa drifted site 11 Saturday for a nice batch of flounder, including Eric Meck's 5.9 pounder. In Delaware Bay, bottom bouncers are still finding loads of croakers in the 8 to 10 inch range, with a few over 12 mixed in. Plenty of spot, kingfish, blowfish and spike trout round out the assortment of panfish. Leon Zimmerman told of catching several nice trout while tossing pink Gulps along the Outer Wall. Flounder action in the Bay has been spotty at best. Bites have been limited to the beginning and end of the tide around the reef sites. Captain Pete's guys on Top Fin bucktailed 7 quality keeper fluke while anchored on Site 5 Saturday. Steve Friend checked in 3 fat fluke to 6.01 pounds he caught at Roosvelt inlet with Gulp! Closer to shore, lots of spot and croakers were caught from the Cape Henlopen Pier and in Lewes Canal.Emily Wilber wound in her limit of two 25 inch slot stripers from the Canal while baiting with live spot. Offshore bottom action was good too. The boys aboard Candy's choice captured 14 golden tile in the Wilmington Saturday. The guys on Sword's Fish boxed 6 golden tile plus a 41.3 pound wahoo and 41 mahi Wednesday. Katydid set up on the Hot Dog Saturday for a 107 pound slob yellowfin. The crew also iced a 75 pound bluefin, then moved offshore for a mix of 93 blueline and golden tilefish. Tranquila trolled the Teacup Tuesday to boat a 40 pound yellowfin and 6 mahi to 16.7 pounds. The offshore bite down south has been real good. Jason Massey and his buddies aboard Tighten Up overnighted in the Washington for more than 35 yellowfins. Scott Stapleford and friends kept a limit of yellowfins from many they caught while towing single bulb squids in the Washington.

Tuna And Triggers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/25/2013 12:00:00 AM

Bluefin tuna have been hanging around the Hot Dog the past couple weeks, and trolling boats have had success with fish that range mostly from 50 to 90 pounds. Larger specimens up to 200 pounds have also been taken. The bite has been better some days than others in clean green water in the upper 70's, but crews that were on the scene at first light usually hooked up. Tuna were drawn to spreader bars pulled from the riggers, or ballyhoos skirted with Joe Shutes, Ilanders or Bluewater Jags towed way way back. It was not uncommon for charter boats to score their over and under fish at the Dog, then move offshore in search of yellowfins or bottom dwelling tilefish. Anglers were also able to jig fish that were grouped on the edge of the lump. Savvy captains that kept an eye on the sounder while trolling were able to hang a few extra tuna by dropping diamond jigs or Butterfly Jigs when marks appeared on the screen at midwater. Yellowfins mingled with bluefins and were also caught by trolling and chunking. On a recent trip to the Hot Dog, Katydid trolled up their under 47 inch bluefin, and an over 47 inch 72 pounder for Sam Hazlett. The guys released 7 other big tuna. In addition, they boated three dolphin, including a 13.7 pound mahi for Steve Gerhard. Port A Bella worked the Dog for Tim Hendrickson's 69 pound bluefin and a pair of yellowfins. Tranquila trolled the Hambone, where Frank Procipio put a 45.7 pound wahoo in the box. That group had 4 gaffer dolphin to 14.7 pounds as well. The offshore bigeye bite shifted back and forth between the 800 square of Washington Canyon and the Norfolk Canyon. Boats towing greenstick rigs did very well on yellowfins in the 50 pound class in the same areas. Congratulations to Captain Charlie Horning and his crew aboard the Fish Whistle. During a late afternoon foray to the Norfolk, they battled and successfully boated four quite impressive eyeballs weighing 178, 192, 271 and 271 pounds! The jumbo tunas fell for ballyhoos behind Joe Shutes and Hawaiian Eyes. Inshore bottom fishing produced decent flounder action on the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys. Katydid drifted Site 10 Sunday for 14 keepers. Fred Robinson reeled in a 6.03 pound doormat, and Captain Brent bested a 5.82 pounder. Katydid returned to the flounder grounds Monday for 19 keepers, including a 5.57 pound flattie for Richard Adams. Inshore wrecks yielded some good catches. Captain Carey's group on the Grizzly anchored over a snag Wednesday for 39 sea bass to 3.75 pounds, 45 ling and a pair of bonus dolphin. An earlier wreck trip on the Grizzly produced 21 triggerfish, 2 tog and 2 trout. Delaware Bay structure showed signs of giving up some flounder once the full moon currents subside. Joe Walker, Joe Walker, Jr and Tom Coyle took seven keepers off Reef Site 7. Bobby Bryant and his flukers captured 10 keepers when conditions got right on Site 5 Monday. Flounder were also pulled from Roosevelt Inlet. Jason Mowery and Travis Habecker used Gulp! to score 3 keepers to 20 inches. Lewes Canal held plenty of spot and croakers, and slot stripers were caught between the Drawbridge and the Train Bridge. Croakers, spot kingfish, blowfish and spike trout remain plentiful on Site 8 and The Shears. Lou Papp checked in a citation weakfish weighing 3.04 pounds. The Outer Wall and and Ice Breakers attracted tog and triggerfish that would bite sand fleas, green crabs or box crabs. A piece of pink Gulp! also proved an effective bait for triggers. William Breasure took a 3.65 pound trigger at the Wall on Katydid. Joe Schneider scored a 7.67 pound blackfish at the Wall as well. Paul Hazzard was dunking sand fleas at the Ice Breakers when he hooked an 8.36 pound sheepshead. Some black drum were caught at the Breakers too.

Tog Season Reopens

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/18/2013 12:00:00 AM

Delaware's Tautog season reopened July 17th, and anglers found blackfish willing to bite along the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers. It was a good opening day for David Ruta, David Ruta, Jr and Mike Ruta. They returned from the Haystacks with their limit of tog to 7 pounds, plus some nice triggerfish. Dave Ruta, Jr decked a 7.02 pound citation earner. Shane Roth checked in a 5 pound blackfish he got at the Wall Wednesday, and a 5.92 pounder Thursday. Spadefish were also at the Wall with tog and triggers. Todd Manning hooked a 4.77 pound spade at the Inner Wall. Bottom bouncers in the Bay continued to do well with kingfish, croakers, spot, blowfish, and spike trout around reef sites 5 and 8. The Angler Headboat had some great days on kings recently. Flounder action in the Bay was so so. Bites usually occurred only during the last couple hours of flood tide, and first of the ebb. There have been a few decent catches. Last Friday, flukers on the Katydid captured 20 keepers on a Bay reef. Charlie Zukowski had the heaviest, a flattie weighing 6.3 pounds. On Saturday, the crew aboard Katydid kept 16 flounder. Joe Walker pulled a 6.2 pound flatfish from Bay structure Sunday. Charles Small, Jr scored a 4.96 pounder on the Martha Marie. On Monday, the guys aboard Katydid put 13 keeper fluke in the box. Ocean flounder pounders found some cooperative flatties on rough bottom between DB and DA Buoys. Scott Ayars had his limit there yesterday while drifting aboard the Thelma Dale IV with Captain Ricky. Kevin Maskell muscled in a pair of flounder weighing 4.9 and 3.4 near DB. Captain Pete's gang on Top Fin took home 9 keepers from Site 10 Saturday. Peter Geng got a 5.31 pounder and Kyle Peterson put a 7.35 pound citation fluke in the box. Matt Baker used a live spot at Site 9 to tempt the largest flounder brought to the dock this summer. Matt's doormat tipped the scales to 8.75 pounds. Buckwheat and Bob Bryant and Joe Walker worked Site 10 Tuesday for 9 keepers to 23 inches. Offshore tuna fishermen have had some good trips. Last Saturday, Bill Swords, Jon Bixler and friends trolled a 50 inch bluefin and a pair of gaffer dolphin at Massey's Canyon. They then moved off to the Baltimore where they dropped for 8 golden tiles, and bailed 15 more mahi. On Sunday, Jason Burris and his buddies trolled an 85.2 pound bluefin at Massey's and finished their day dropping for golden tile in the Baltimore. Mike and Mason Newsham, Geoff Klopp and Coy Johnston had a 60.5 pound bluefin trolling in Masseys, and tilefish to 31.4 pounds in the Baltimore. The Katydid trolled the Dog early Sunday for a 72 pound bluefin. The guys spent the rest of their day dropping in the Baltimore for a big load of gray tiles to 17 pounds, plus several goldens to 21 pounds. On Tuesday, patrons on Katydid trolled 2 yellowfins and George Durant decked a 77.4 pound bluefin. Later in the day, the guys dropped for 39 tilefish. Tom Smiga and friends had 3 yellowfins and a mahi during a recent trolling trip to the Hot Dog aboard the Grizzly. Wesley Davis landed a 13.2 pound cobia that grabbed a trolled Black Bart lure at the Dog aboard Swords Fish. Yesterday, Mike and Mason Newsham, Richard Bloom and Chris Irelan put an 80.1 pound bluefin aboard Local Girl while trolling the Hot Dog. Ron and Danny Baker, Sam Connors and Rob Coulbore were trolling the Hambone when they connected with a 64.9 pound whopper wahoo. They also boated a 68.4 pound bluefin and a some mahi to 16 pounds. There has been quite a bigeye bite in the 800 square of Washington Canyon. Best of it is at first light or just before dark. Last Friday, it was dark and rainy offshore and the eyeballs bit all day. Twenty nine bigeyes were weighed in during the first day of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament. The crew of No Quarter captured three of the oversized tuna weighing a total of 644 pounds. The heaviest was a 253 pounder reeled in by Bill Schatzman, which ended up taking First Place in the Tournament.

Bruiser Bluefins

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/11/2013 12:00:00 AM

Good sized bluefins have come from traditional tuna structure such as Massey's Canyon, the Chicken Bone, Hambone, Nineteen Fathom Lump and Hot Dog. Most boats have been trolling spreader bars and skirted ballyhoos, but chunkers have started to take some fish as well. Last Thursday morning, Bill Swords and his buddies aboard Swords Fish ran to the northeast corner of the Dog, and before the third trolling line was in the water, they were hooked up. The tuna nailed a pink and white Joe Shute Lantern and ballyhoo combo, and after a lengthy battle, the 135 pounder was brought aboard. The boys were back at the Dog the next day for a repeat performance. As they were letting lines out, three tuna crashed the spread, and one came tight, again on the pink and white. Andrew Earle kept the pressure on for over four hours before the 72 1/2 incher was put in the boat. Back at Lewes Harbour the brute weighed 200.1 pounds. Bobby Bryant and his buddies trolled the Hot Dog Sunday aboard Katydid. John Schnaitman wrestled with a 75.2 pound bluefin, and the guys released two other 50 plus inch tuna. Tom Richardson reeled in an 11.8 pound dolphin. Canyon trollers encountered a good number of bigeyes in 75 degree water at the 800 Square of the Washington. The crew of Moore Bills landed a 247 pounder there Sunday. The area also held yellowfins and dolphin. Deepwater bottom bouncers had catches of Blueline and Golden Tilefish. Brandon Brown battled a 37.3 pound Golden from the depths of Poor Man's Canyon on Swords Fish. Inshore bottom action was decent too. Continuous southwest winds mad for challenging conditions some days, but the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys yielded a fair number of flounder. John Yoder was fishing there with Captain Ricky on the Thelma Dale IV and returned with his limit, including flatfish of 5.17 and 5.5 pounds. A ball jig with 6 inch Gulp! was John's ticket to success. Steve Kiibler kept a 6.04 pound fluke from the Grounds on Lil' Angler II. Mike Octavio got a 5.03 pounder on Martha Marie. Reef Sites 9 and 10 also produced flounder. Last Friday, flukers on Katydid captured 32 keepers up to 6.76 pounds. Katydid went back to the rubble Saturday and came in with a limit of 28 flatfish, including a 6.1 pounder that captain Brent put in the box himself. On Monday, anglers aboard Katydid had 22 keeper fluke while drifting structure. Ricky Mills managed a 4.93 pound flattie from Site 9. Tony Vansant took a 6.15 pound doormat off Site 10. The inshore wrecks harbored a variety of summertime species. The gang on Katydid worked some inshore snags Tuesday for 37 triggerfish, 3 spadefish and 80 kingfish. With hot weather, triggerfish have shown up around the Outer Wall. Andrea Monetti and Mike Surowiec anchored near the lighthouse Tuesday for a great catch of 31 triggers to nearly 3 pounds. Sandfleas were the bait of choice. Aaron Brommer hooked a 2.96 pound trigger at the Ice Breakers on Martha Marie. Tim O'Connell was casting a pink bucktail with light spinning gear along the Outer Wall for trout he felt a heavy hit. Three hours later, he boated a 65.6 pound black drum. Warm weather has attracted other exotics to the Bay. Bud Posey had the uncommon catch of a 7.61 pound cobia aboard the Pirate King II. Bay boaters contiuned to enjoy good catching with croakers, spot, kingfish, blowfish and trout. Reefs 5 and 8 and The Shears held plenty of the scrappy panfish. The hardheads have been small for the most part, but some 12 plus inchers are mixed in. Bloodworms, Fishbites and clams as baits ensured lots of bites. Flounder catches have been improving on Bay reefs. Captain Carey reported 11 keeper fluke, 4 legal trout and all the croakers you wanted during a Bay trip Tuesday. He said they released many good sized brown sharks too. Captain Brent's group on Katydid kept 14 nice flounder in the Bay today. Flounder are still coming from Lewes Canal. Fred Robinson tempted a 4.3 pounder and 2 other keepers from the Canal with pink Gulp! Kenny Dear captured a 24 inch 5.48 pound flatfish in the Canal using minnows. Stripers are active in the Canal too. Slot size fish were concentrated between the drawbridge and train bridge and could be caught with pencil eels, clams, Rat-L-Traps, soft plastics and swimming plugs. Working poppers along the marsh banks also resulted in bites from rockfish. Tautog season reopens July 17, and we'll have green crabs and sand fleas on hand for baits.

Canal Stripers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/4/2013 12:00:00 AM

The slot size striper season kicked in July 1st, and until August 31st striped bass between 20 and 26 inches may be kept from Delaware Bay and it's tributaries. Anglers are allowed to retain 2 per person per day. The minimum size along the Ocean coast and in Indian River remains at 28 inches. Lewes Canal is home to numerous summertime stripers, and many fall within the slot size. Most of the waterway is sheltered and can be fished even in windy weather, so it's a good plan B if you can't get out on the Bay due to strong breezes. Boaters drifting pencil eels around the drawbridge and train bridge did well with rockfish. Rock were also caught on clams, RatLTraps and Storm Shads. Bass were active at daybreak and could be tempted with topwater poppers. Last of incoming tide and first of outgoing were usually best times to try. The Canal continued to produce flounder. William Rybinski reeled in a 2.83 pound flattie he hooked from the Town Dock on a chunk of soft crab. Other fluke were caught by guys using Gulp! and minnows at Roosevelt Inlet. John Giblin was casting a white Gulp at Roosevelt when he connected with a 3.67 pound weakfish. Spot and croakers were plentiful in the Canal and also along Lewes and Broadkill Beaches. Bloodworms and Fishbites were most effective. Spot and hardheads were found out in the Bay on structure as well. Reef Site 8 and live bottom on The Shears held them, along with kingfish, blowfish and spike trout. Collin Delauten checked in a 1.2 pound citation kingfish he decked on the Indian. Samuel Key kept a 1.02 pound citation king on the Fish Hawk. Grant Bobbit was surprised when he landed an 18 pound black drum while fishing for croakers at Site 8 aboard the Grizzly. George hanstein had a 5.75 pound flounder on the Grizzly. Ocean bottom fishing was pretty good. The inshore wrecks yielded a good mix. On Monday, Captain Brent's group on Katydid worked some snags close to the beach for a boxful of triggerfish, spadefish and kingfish, plus a 4.86 pound lunker sea bass landed by Mike Surowiec. Captain Brent's Saturday group of flukers aboard Katydid captured 7 keeper flatties from the Old Grounds. John Yoder used a Tsunami Ball Jig tipped with a 6 inch Gulp for his limit of fluke while fishing the Old Grounds on Thelma Dale IV Saturday. His two heaviest weighed 5.17 and 5.5 pounds. Ernie Stone also limited out with nice flounder Saturday on the TDIV. Tuna trollers took some big bluefins while pulling skirted ballyhoos way back at the Hot Dog and Hambone.

Southwest Wind Makes It Tough

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/27/2013 12:00:00 AM

Continual southwest wind has made it tough for tuna fishermen. Catching had been good along the edge of the canyons, but several days of southwesterly flow broke up warmer water that had been holding baitfish and gamefish in the Wilmington, Baltimore and Poor Man's. Inshore water turned green, and offshore water became void of life. Up until this weather event, trolling boats had done well with yellowfins. Last Friday, Hank Draper and his buddies had 7 yellowfins to 40 pounds in the Baltimore. Captain Ed and his crew on Snow Goose overnighted in the Baltimore Friday where they tangled with sharks during the darkness. They released a large scalloped hammerhead, an oversized blue shark and a half dozen big duskies. They also put 5 yellowfins to 58 pounds in the box and let go 4 others while trolling the East Wall. Geoff McCloskey, Phil Falgowski, Josh Loose and Mark Spence had hot trolling action in the Wilmington Saturday. They hooked 28 yellowfins, keeping a limit of 12 to 69 pounds, and releasing the other 16. Captains Brent and Dave trolled the Baltimore Saturday for six tuna to 40 pounds, then capped the day off by dropping for a mix of 35 blueline and golden tiles. Inshore bottom fishermen found sea bass and ling on the Del-Jersey Land Reef Site. Site 11 held bass too, but the quality of fish and number of keepers was better at DJL. Gladdy Dcruz decked a 4.16 pound knothead there aboard Martha Marie. Before all the southwest breeze and the effect of the recent full moon, Site 11 yielded some decent flounder. Bob Kauffman and his group fished there with Captain Brent on Katydid last Thursday and returned with 18 keeper flatfish to 4.9 pounds. Brent took the Katydid back to 11 on Saturday, but only ended up with 8 in the box, however, the largest was a 6.33 pounder that Brent boated himself. Captain Pete on Top Fin worked Sites 9 and 10 Saturday and brought back 12 flatties to 4.5 pounds. The Old Grounds southeast of DB Buoy has been producing some flatfish too. Captain Ricky on the Thelma Dale IV has been drifting that region for fluke and sea bass and he reported that there were schools of small mackerel all over the place. He's been deploying sabiki rigs to catch the little macks whenever he sees them on the screen. The mini mackerels make excellent bait, and are candy to flounder and other species as well. In Delaware Bay, croakers, spot, kingfish, blowfish and spike trout were caught on the rubble of Reef Sites 5 and 8. Strong currents from the big moon made flounder fishing challenging, but some flatties came from artificial structure. "Fishin' Ricky Mills" and Jack Henriksen had 3 keepers to 22 inches at Site 5 Monday. Flounder continue to come from Lewes Canal. Eileen and Gary Smith had keepers of 18,19,20 and 22 inches using 6 inch white Gulp Saturday. Eileen used a speck rig with pink Gulp to tempt a 4.57 pounder Sunday. Cris and Mala Teeter took home 4 fluke from the Canal using pink Gulp Saturday. Chuck Hazel checked in yesterday with a limit of nice flatfish he caught in the Canal using minnows and shiners on "Nick's special rigs". Stripers were also roaming the Canal. Keepers were caught around the drawbridge by boaters using eels or clams. The striped bass slot limit goes into effect July 1st. Anglers will be able to retain 2 rockfish between 20 and 26 inches per day in Delaware Bay and it's tributaries until August 31st. The minimum size for the Ocean and Indian River remains at 28 inches.

Tuna in the Canyons

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/20/2013 12:00:00 AM

Offshore trollers have had success with tuna. Yellowfins were reported scattered along the edge, with catches coming from the Wilmington Canyon, the West Wall of Baltimore Canyon and the 800 square of Washington Canyon. Willie and Art lodge teamed up for the heaviest yellowfin brought in to Lewes Harbour so far this season. They boated the 77.7 pounder after it pounced on a squid chain in the Bight of the Baltimore. Bubba Hastings checked in with his report of 5 yellowfins his crew caught while trolling ballyhoo in 70 to 80 fathoms inshore of the Baltimore Bight. In addition to tuna, billfish have shown up. The first white marlin of the year was released Saturday from the charter boat No Quarter, out of Ocean City, in 1000 fathoms outside of Poor Man's Canyon. Tim Hawn had the honor of winding on the highly coveted first whitey. Offshore bottom bouncing was good for tilefish. Last Saturday, the gang aboard Katydid scored a load of gray tiles to over 15 pounds, plus a bunch of rosefish and several golden tile. Sam Scott landed the largest golden, that tipped the scales to 36.4 pounds. Bill Swords and his buddies on Swords Fish also enjoyed good deep dropping Saturday, putting a nice batch of golden tile in the box. Inshore bottom fishing has has been pretty good too. On Tuesday, Captain Brent's group on Katydid had 120 sea bass, several ling and three nice flounder. Flounder have been roaming the Old grounds southeast of DB Buoy. Mike Newsham and friends had 10 keepers in 80 feet of water there on Monday. Fluke activity has also improved in Delaware Bay. Flukers aboard Katydid captured 20 keepers to 3.6 pounds while drifting Site 5 on Wednesday. Some flatties continue to come from Lewes Canal and Broadkill River. Eilene Euston and Peg Proctor checked in with 4 flounder from the Broadkill caught using pink Gulp and smelts. Mike Smith and Mike Smith, Jr celebrated Father's Day by taking 4 quality flatfish betweeen 3 and 4 pounds from the Canal with Gulp! Panfish are plentiful in Delaware Bay. Croakers and spot seem to be just about everywhere, and will hit bits of bloodworm or Fishbites on small hooks. There have been more kingfish in the Bay than there have been for some time. They are concentrated on live bottom along the western edge of The Shears and on the Coral Beds, but casters on Lewes and Broadkill Beaches, and in the Cape Henlopen surf have also encountered kings. Striped bass are hanging out in Lewes Canal. Rock were hooked using clams or peeler crabs on bottom rigs. Boaters casting eels, RatLTraps or Storm Shads around the drawbridge also got bit.

New Flounder Regs

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/13/2013 12:00:00 AM

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission approved a coastwide recreational summer flounder harvest limit that allowed for changes in Delaware's flounder regulations. As of June 11, anglers catching summer flounder in Delaware waters will be able to retain smaller fish, with no closed season. Under previous regs, legal flounder had to be at least 18 inches long. The new minimum size is 17 inches, and anglers may keep four fluke per day. This should mean more in the box for summertime fishermen, and less wear and tear on the flounder population, since anglers won't have to cull through and handle as many fish prior to releasing them if they don't meet minimum size. Flatties continued to come from Lewes Canal and Broadkill River. Terry Euston and Scott Proctor stopped by with 5 nice keepers caught with smelts and chartreuse Gulp!. Chris Teeter was casting a chartreuse Gulp! from Lewes Beach when he connected with a 4.4 pound flounder and a 15 inch trout. Delaware Bay structure is also yielding some flatfish. Captain Brent's afternoon group put three in the box yesterday, along with a bunch of croakers, while working reef 5. Matt Adams managed the largest flounder, which weighed in at 4.63 pounds. The resurgence of weakfish has been a bright spot this spring, and many good sized trout have come from the same spots that produced years ago. The submerged jetties at Roosevelt, the Ferry Wall and Inner Wall were likely haunts. Soft artificials like Gulp!, Bass Assassins and paddletail worms were effective offerings. Francis Walsh was tossing a Pink Ghost Bass Assassin Shad at the Ferry Wall when he hooked a beautiful 4.05 pound weakie. Dustin Schell captured a 4.1 pound seatrout while working a jig and bunker strip combo from a pier inside Cape Henlopen. Kingfish are another Bay species that seem to more plentiul this year. Numerous kings have been caught on live bottom in The Shears and on the Coral Beds, and also from Broadkill Beach. Bloodworms, Fishbites and bits of clam were favorite baits. Patrons on the Angler headboat have done well with kings, returning with buckets of the tasty panfish. The Bay is also holding plenty of spot, croakers and blowfish. These should offer great action for anglers of all skill levels this summer, especially kids. Some uncommon species have made an early appearance in the Bay this spring. Taylor Deemer spotted a big Spadefish swimming around the pilings of Cape Henlopen Pier, and tempted the 4.72 pound beauty with a small piece of clam. Striper fishing has been good in Lewes Canal. Guys baitng with clams or peeler crab on bottom rigs got into bass. Many were shy of the 28 inch minimum, but some were keepers. "Rick" weighed in an 11.9 pounder he took from the Canal using frozen peeler. Drifting eels or casting RatLTraps around the drawbrdge resulted in legal rockfish too. The 20 to 26 inch slot limit for stripers goes into effect July 1. Sea Bassing was fair at Site 11, but better for those willing to travel farther off to structure in 120 foot depths. On Sunday, bassers aboard Katydid had a banner trip. They boxed 240 quality blueheads, and nearly 60 ling. Bernie Smelstoys and friends had their limit of 140 bass and 26 plump ling Sunday on the Grizzly. Offshore trollers found yellowfin tuna in the past few days. On Monday, the charterboat Moore Bills out of Ocean City returned to the dock with 15 yellowfins they landed while trolling 200 fathoms in the Baltimore Canyon. Other crews reported tuna catches from 50 to 70 fathoms of the Washington.

Shark, Sea Bass, Drum And Trout

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/6/2013 12:00:00 AM

Twenty fathom structure looks pretty sharky so far this season. Good numbers of Threshers have been reported from The Fingers over the past two weeks. Several have been sizeable specimens, over 200 pounds. Captain Ed Sigda and his crew aboard the Snow Goose drifted Massey's Canyon Friday for plenty of action with toothy critters. They battled a big Thresher for an hour before bringing it to the boat. When it was along side, the shark's fork length measured over 8 feet. They stuck a tag in the big girl and estimated her weight between 400 and 500 pounds before cutting her loose. They also released 16 blue sharks during the day. Captain Jeff Stewart sharked the Chicken Bone and Hambone Tuesday. His anglers hooked four makos. They fought and released 3 of the Blackeyes, and boated the largest, a 200 pounder. Regarding other Ocean opportunities, sea bass were available on reef and wreck structure between 100 and 150 feet of water. Captain Brent on Katydid said bass had been spotty since the season opening, but they finally showed signs of starting to stack up around certain spots. Brent bassed yesterday, and his nine guys returned with their boat limit of chunky knotheads, many close to 2 pounds. They also had several quality ling. A few days earlier, Captain Brent hosted the fishin' Falgowski family for a wreck trip. The group came in with 105 bass and 20 ling. Kenny Luckanish stopped by to weigh a 3.95 pound citation sea bass he decked aboard the Thelma Dale IV. Offshore bottom bouncers had success too. Captain Pete and the boys on Candy's Reel Choice deep dropped in Baltimore Canyon for 15 golden tilefish to 30 pounds, plus a mix of sea bass, ling and black belly rosefish. Back in Delaware Bay, drum fishing held up well through the past week. Fish continued to come from the Coral Beds area, but a good bite also developed northeast of Brandywine. Captain Carey had a one man charter there Friday evening aboard Grizzly. Wild man Jim Weidman wound in 14 drum by himself during a crazy bite. He kept one, and released the rest. Carey hosted Steve Henry and family for some drumming Saturday night, when they harvested 6 drum and released 4 others. The Knotts family from West Virginia fished on the Katydid Saturday evening. That's when young Karley Knotts captured her first black drum weighing 36.1 pounds. Captain Vince's drummers on Miss Kirstin decked 4 drum Saturday night. Lucas Stawarz landed a 51.7 pound drum on the Indian while visiting Delaware from Japan. James Jones got his 59.8 pounder aboard the Pirate King II. Madison Tober managed a 64.2 pound drum during an afternoon outing on the Angler. Some nice drum hit the deck aboard Local Girl. Zach Jackson got a 52.5 pounder, Brandon Jackson boated a 58.1 pounder, and Darby Klopp battled a boomer weighing 55.3 pounds. Robert Orton weighed in a 53.2 pound drum he hooked at the Coral Beds. Drum should be available through this new moon, but catches normally fade out by mid June. The return of weakfish continues to please Delaware Bay fishermen. Numerous seatrout have come from the submerged jetties at Roosevelt Inlet, the Ferry Wall and Inner Wall. Soft artificials such as Gulp!, Bass Assassins and paddletail worms worked well. Jeff Purdy used a purple and pink paddletail on a red jighead to tempt a 5.6 pound trout from the Ferry Wall. Not to be outdone, Jeff's Dad Vince Purdy took a 5.3 pound trout and a bonus 1.9 pound speckled trout using the same jig and paddletail combo at the same spot the next day. Glenn Barrett brought in a 3.5 pound weakie that swallowed a spot he was reeling in from the Cape Henlopen Pier. Chris Huk had a 28 inch trout that blasted a topwater plug he was working along the grass in Lewes Canal. Flounder catches in the Canal improved the last few days. Some flatties were also caught along Lewes and Broadkill Beaches. Karen Revis stopped by with a pair of keepers to 19 inches she got drifting minnows in Broadkill River. Croakers and spot have been plentiful around the Henlopen Pier and along Lewes Beach and will jump on pieces of bloodworms or Fishbites on small hook rigs. Kingfish and blowfish have been caught in the Ocean surf with the same baits.

First Mako

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/30/2013 12:00:00 AM

The season's first mako hit the dock this week. Wes and Shane Olson and Barney Gallagher were drifting 59 degree water in the tip of Baltimore Canyon when they hooked and landed the 84 pounder. Wes said they had just finished putting the first line out when the blackeye bit. Captain Steve Moore's crew aboard the All In, out of Ocean City Fishing Center, took a 201 pound mako from 30 Fathoms outside the Hot Dog. Other sharkers found threshers in The Fingers and at the Twin Wrecks. Threshers should be caught along the Delaware shipping lane soon. Strong winds kept most boats in Saturday and Sunday over the Holiday weekend, but seas laid down Monday, allowing Katydid to head off to the Del-Jersey-Land Reef for a sea bass trip. The results were good, and patrons returned with 114 bass, 99 ling, a bucket of cunners and a pair of nice codfish. Lou Pennella landed a knothead bass scaling 4.7 pounds. One of the cod, which Brent himself boated, weighed 22.7 pounds and was the largest we've seen in some time. It's great that cod have staged a comeback off Delaware's coast in the past few years. Captain Carey's bassers aboard Grizzly had a productive trip Monday. John Mattson and friends put a mix of 121 seabass, ling and cod in the box. Wesley Bernard checked in the unusual combination of a 4.2 pound cod and a 4.2 pound flounder he caught while reef fishing on the Dana Lynn. Structure of the Del-Jersey-Land Reef Site, that includes wrecks of the Radford and Gregory Poole, has yielded good action, but bass also came from Site 11, closer inshore. Striped bass catches have been good during nighttime incoming tides at Indian River Inlet. Jetty jocks and boaters had rockfish while casting Storm Shads and bucktails. Carl Swinn and Buster Bair stopped by with a trio of bass to 20 pounds they got by livelining eels from the rocks. Stripers were also hooked in Delaware Bay. Guys tossing lures around the Outer Wall got into fish. Bombers, X-Raps, RatLTraps and Stretch 12 plugs were popular. Paul Matthews managed a 22 pound linesider with a swimming plug at the Ice Breakers. Black drum continued to come from the Coral Beds, but the run traditionally tails off through early June. Kevin Parker had his hands full with a 69.2 pound boomer he boated with light spinning gear. Mark Gardenghi and friends drummed aboard the Grizzly for their limit of fish to 68 pounds. Captain Brian's group on Lil' Angler II had plenty of action Sunday night. P.J. Sneeringer muscled in a 73 pound brute. Tara Wiker wound in a 57 pounder and Anthony Wiker wrestled one of 56 pounds. Jackie Robinson reeled in a 55.5 pounder aboard the Angler. Sophie Gressens came all the way from France to catch her first black drum. She's an exchange student and celebrated graduation by boating the 50.1 pounder on the Fish Hawk. Flounder aficionados are still picking flatties from Lewes Canal, along the Inner Wall, and around the Henlopen Pier. Trout have been in good supply too, and those using Gulp! and other soft artificials have had some nice sized weakies. Increasing numbers of spot and croakers are showing up in Delaware Bay. Kingfish have been plentiful on the Coral Beds.

Flounder Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/23/2013 12:00:00 AM

The 2013 Canal Flounder Tournament held May 19th was a great success. This year's turnout was the largest ever. The weather was beautiful, and decent numbers of flatties were caught. Bragging rights for his winning 5.09 pounder go to James Stanley. Charlie Booth secured Second with a 4.24 pounder. Danny Schurman scored Third with a 4.06 pound flatfish. Jesse Steele's 4.04 was Fourth. Gene Stalls got a 3.98 pounder that was good for Fifth Place. Mike Hoffman had a 3.94 pound fluke for Sixth, and Will Wiedmann wound up Seventh with his 3.93 pounder. Twenty percent of the entry fees will be donated to Camp Awareness, which promotes education about the State's natural resources to young fishermen, hunters, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. We thank all who participated to make the day a fun event, and are already looking forward to next year's Tourney. Flounder continued to come from the Canal following the Tournament, though the numbers have dwindled compared to a couple weeks ago. It seems that the fish have started to move out into the Bay. Flukers on Katydid returned with the first nice catch of flounder from the open Bay last Saturday. They had 8 keepers plus a 32.2 pound striper that Captain Brent bucktailed off reef rubble. It's likely we'll see more fluke from structure like the artificial reefs, and inner and outer breakwaters in the coming weeks. Fishermen on the Cape Henlopen pier had flounder on speck rigs tipped with shiners or Gulp! They also reported increasing numbers of spot and croakers. Shore fishermen inside Cape Henlopen and on Lewes Beach also caught a mix of croakers, spot, kingfish, blowfish, bluefish and weakfish. Zach Brown brought in a beautiful 5.66 trout he took while casting a pink Gulp! from the beach. Sea trout have definitely come back in better numbers and sizes than in past seasons, and anglers targeting them around the Roosevelt Jetties, and the Inner and Ferry Walls have done well. Artificials such as Bass Assassins, Fin-S-Fish, Gulp! and paddletail worms were effective. There have been some surprises for trout fishermen tossing jigs around the rocks. Robert Perholtz was working a pink Gulp along the Inner Wall when it was inhaled by a 72.6 pound black drum. Amazingly, he was able to land the brute with the 10 pound test spinning outfit he was using. Just to prove it was skill and not luck, the very next day, Robert boated a 63.3 pounder at the same spot, using pink Gulp! on the same ten pound spinning gear! Those actually trying to catch a drum also got into some big boomers at the Coral Beds while baiting with surf clams. The fleet of New Jersey boats that had been fishing there disappeared, so it's likely they've located some schools on their side of the Bay. Spots such as Brandywine, Tussey's, the Pin Top and Horseshoe usually yield drum. This weekend traditionally offers the best action with boomers. Some of the most impressive specimens to hit the dock this week included a monster 93 pounder boated by Mark Butler aboard the Indian, and an 82.7 pound behemoth taken by Tom Kuzsma on the Pirate King. Richard Hammond had a 68 pounder on the Pirate King, and Chuck Coverdale captured a 67.3 pounder on the Indian. Kathy Rodgers checked in drum scaling 65.4 and 58 pounds. Nick Campbell nailed a 64.5 pounder on Martha Marie. Larry Grim landed a 62.5 pounder, and Scott Dostaz decked a 60.9 pounder, both aboard the Lil' Angler II. In recent days, drum seemed to feed more actively in the late afternoon rather than after dark. A lower Bay striper bite has failed to materialize, which is surprising since it's been so good in the upper Bay. However, there were some nice bass pulled from the surf during daybreak at Herring Point by casters using clams. Wayne Demarco and Wayne,Jr double teamed rock of 15.4 and 25.9 pounds. Martin Kris captured a 33.8 pound lunker rockfish. Andy Lano and Mickey Bremer limited out with 4 linesiders to 24.3 pounds. Robert Baum deployed a chunk of bunker to beach a 25.7 pound bass at Roosevelt Inlet. Sea bass season got off to a lumpy start, with high winds and rough seas last Sunday. Captain Brent on the Katydid pushed many miles offshore despite crappy conditions, and made several anchor stops. He said the structures were not loaded up like he expected, but his anglers picked some keepers at each spot, and ended up with a boat limit. Paul Pergeorelis put a 3.25 pound knothead in the box on that trip. Seas were friendlier Tuesday, and bassers aboard Katydid had a much better time of it. They returned with a 160 bass limit, plus 30 plump ling and a pair of nice cod. Boats working reef site 11 had good numbers of fish, but the majority were shy of the 12.5 inch minimum.

Bass On The Boat

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/16/2013 12:00:00 AM

There were some nice stripers taken from the Cape Henlopen surf early in the week. Guys fishing near the jetties at Herring Point had best success at daybreak, when the tide was low. Clams and bunker were the offerings of choice. Chris Vann and Ernie Stone kept four striped bass from 13 to 19 pounds they caught at first light Sunday. Bert Long brought in a 19.8 pound rockfish Monday. Chris Vann had his limit of bass that same morning, which included a 25.7 pounder. Keith Sherman landed a lunker linesider weighing 31.7 pounds. Surfcasters continued to pick at stripers throughout the week, with most catches occurring during periods of low light at dawn and dusk. Striped bass action in the surf was good this same time last year, so hopefully the catching will continue. Indian River inlet fishermen have also been hooking into rockfish, mostly after dark. Marc Uhde took a pair of stripers weighing 19 and 24.4 pounds from the jetty while casting Storm Shads. Drum fishing has been decent on the Coral Beds off Slaughter Beach. Captain Chris took the Pirate King there Saturday night and returned with 5 boomers in the 25 to 30 pound range. Mike Newsham fished the Beds Tuesday evening and had four drum from 30 to 35 pounds. He said the bite took place at the end of ebb tide and the beginning of flood. Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II got two drum Tuesday night. Traditionally drum catches are best around the May full moon, that this year falls on the 25th. Smaller members of the drum family, croakers, made an early appearance this year, and have been reported by surf fishermen along the Ocean beach, and by bottom bouncers in Delaware Bay. This could be a good sign for those targeting hardheads this summer. Fair numbers of weakfish have also been caught so far this spring, and we should see more as the season progresses. Glenn Parker weighed in a 4.28 pound trout he captured by tossing a white Gulp! from the Cape Henlopen Pier. Lewes Canal continues to produce flounder, but catching wasn't as good on days when the water was dirty. The annual Canal Flounder Tournament takes place tomorrow, so we'll have a rundown on the results in next week's report. Sea bass anglers are anxious for the season opening on Sunday May 19th. The reefs and wrecks should be loaded, and fishermen will be able to keep 25 bass measuring at least 12.5 inches long. Reef Site 11 yielded some quality tog at the end of Spring Season, which was over May 11th. Keith Orendorf caught an 8.3 pounder, Guy Jensen got a 12 pounder, and Robbie Hummel had a 14.6 pound bruiser.

Drum Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/10/2013 12:00:00 AM

Surf fishermen have been hooking into black drum over the past couple weeks, and boaters are now getting in on the game. The biggest boomers to hit the dock so far were brought in yesterday. Mason Newsham nailed a 75.7 pounder, and Richard Bloom boated a 64 pounder. They also had drum of 24 and 36.8 pounds while using clams at the Coral Beds, with Mike Newsham and Geoff Klopp aboard Local Girl. First of evening flood tide was best. Captain Ted had a pair of 40 pounders on the Indian Thursday night. Surf casters along Broadkill Beach continued to catch drum, and a few were beached by anglers working the wash at Cape Henlopen as well. Bert Long landed a 28 inch drum at Herring Point Thursday. Bert also released 7 short stripers, and had the surprise catch of two 14 inch croakers. It's early for hardheads, but hopefully a good sign for the season ahead. Lance Cochran captured a 21.7 pound linesider from the Herring Point surf using bunker. There was a good run of rockfish in the Broadkill surf midweek, when the weather was at it's worst. Cool east winds and damp, dreary conditions held bass in close to the beach. Several fishermen had limits of legal rock. Jack Austin, Tosh Tryon, Chris Vann and Brent Wiest limited out with Bass to 18.5 pounds Tuesday. Jack Austin went back Wednesday and baited with clams to tempt an 18.8 pound striper from the suds. Flounder fishing came on good in Lewes Canal. D.J. Churchill and Bruce Phillips had their limit of 8 nice flatties to 23 inches while drifting minnows and shiners in the Canal Thursday. Bear Berezansky and Art Kitzmiller checked in four fluke to 22 inches plus a plump trout from the Canal. Chuck Hazel had a 5.75 pound flatfish using shiners on a chartreuse colored rig. Donald Lewis was working a minnow on a jig when he connected with a 6.9 pound doormat. John Gudknecht was surprised when a 21 inch trout grabbed the Gulp! he was drifting in the Canal for flounder.Don't forget the CANAL FLOUNDER TOURNAMENT Friday May 17th. Complete details in last week's report. Tautog fishing was good for those squeezing in the last few trips of the Spring Season that closes May 11th. Limit catches were common among toggers at the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers, and reefs 6 and 7. Skip Long scored a 9.42 pound blackfish at the Breakers. Jacob Webb wound in an 8.21 at the Inner Wall. James Kossek caught a 7.69 pound tog at the Wall, and John Shoemaker stuck a 7.06 pounder at the Ice Breakers.

Flounder In The Canal - Upcoming Tournament Details

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/2/2013 12:00:00 AM

Lewes Canal has produced a decent number of keeper flounder in past days. Even with strong currents from last week's full moon, and murky water, flatties fed actively during outgoing tide. Harry Aiken and his fishing partner caught 22 fluke and kept their limit of 8 nice ones during a recent trip to the Canal. Harry said chartreuse hair rigs tipped with shiners and chartreuse Gulp! were the key to success. Joe and Drake Crowley teamed up for a good pair of Broadkill River flatfish scaling 4.79 and 3.6 pounds. Ryan Weiber was casting a white Gulp! at Canary Creek bridge when he connected with a 4.14 pound flounder. Flatties also came from Cape Henlopen Pier. Some of the better catching occurred at night on the edge of the light line. Bob Tripple stopped by with a pair of keepers that fell for a small bucktail tipped with pink Gulp! Fishing should be in full swing for the annual Lewes Canal Flounder Tournament to take place Friday May 17th. Participants may fish from boats or kayaks. Entry fee is $25 per angler to be paid in cash at Lewes Harbour Marina any day before the Tournament begins. No sign ups will be accepted after the 7am start time on May 17th. Five dollars of each entry will sponsor the Camp Awareness Youth Fishing Tournament. The remaining $20 goes into a pool and will be awarded as cash prizes for the six heaviest flounder weighed in by registered anglers during the event. The more entries, the bigger the prizes. Last year, 360 people fished the Tourney. Fishing is permitted within the confines of Lewes Canal from the Rehoboth Bay entrance to Roosevelt Inlet. You may fish in Roosevelt Inlet, but not past the red and green entrance markers. Fishing is also allowed in Broadkill River from Roosevelt to the Oyster Rocks Ramp. Fishing hours are between 7am and 3pm on May 17th. Flounder need to be weighed at Lewes Harbour Marina between 7am and 4pm. It's strongly recommended that fish be weighed live so there are no questions about freshness. In case of a tie for weight, the flounder weighed in earliest will take the higher prize. Therefore, it's beneficial to bring a contending fish to the scale as soon as you can to avoid the fish loosing weight, and to maintain good placement in the standings. All flounder weighed must be caught with hook and line by a registered contestant. The cash pool will be divided among the winners as follows: 35% will be awarded for the Heaviest flounder, 25% for the Second Heaviest, 20% for Third Heaviest, 10% for the Fourth Heaviest, and 5% each for the Fifth and Sixth Heaviest Flounder weighed in by registered contestants. The Seventh Heaviest weighed in by a contestant earns a $100 Lewes Harbour Marina Gift Certificate. This is a flounder tournament only, and all state and federal regulations apply. Drifting boaters are reminded they must give the right away to any vessel underway in the Canal. Thanks to the Dewey Beach Lions Club for their help with the event. Be Safe and Have Fun! Bay surf fishermen continue to hook stripers, drum, blues and blowfish for Broadkill Beach, using bloodworms, clams and bunker. Andy Lano landed a 36 inch striper and a 20 pound drum at Broadkill with clams. After this recent full moon, the first few black drum were taken in the evenings by boaters anchored near the submerged pilings off Slaughter Beach. That action should heat up through May, and peak around the next full moon May 24th. We'll be stocking surf clams, but suggest you call early in the week to reserve baits for the weekend. Togging was good around the Walls and on Reefs 6 and 7 prior to the big moon, but was challenging over the weekend with strong currents. Guys who fished the beginning of the tides did ok though. Doug and Scott Riniker, Steve Kiibler and Scott Haas had their limit of chunky tog at the Wall by 8am Sunday. The bite happened with clean water during the first of flood tide. Hannah Staniszewski checked in a 6.04 pound tautog she pulled from the Ice Breakers. Jay Schlink caught a 7.81 pound citation tog aboard the Martha Marie. Lance and Chad Hitzelberger, Gil Waddington and "Vito" enjoyed a teriffic trip to Site 11 Saturday. They culled an impressive limit of blackfish over 8 pounds from several they caught. Among the take were tog of 9.6 pounds, 10.6 pounds and a 13 pound bruiser. Along the Ocean Beach, surf casters caught few bluefish in the 1 to 5 pound range and an occasional striper near Herring Point. A bright spot has been the number of blowfish in the suds this spring. Anglers report catching lots of tasty puffers in the wash at spots like Keybox Road, the Old Coast Guard Station and 3 R's Road. Bloodworms or bits of clam on small hooks did the trick.

Action On The Beaches

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/25/2013 12:00:00 AM

Surfcasters continued to have success along Broadkill Beach. Better bites have occurred on decent weather days when sunlight warms the shallow water. Baits such as bloodworms, clams, bunker and frozen peeler crabs were popular offerings. Anglers encountered stripers, black drum, bluefish and flounder. Roosevelt Inlet and the adjacent Lewes Beach also gave up some blues in the 2 pound range to those soaking cut baits. Gene Laskowski landed a 3 pound bluefish from the dock right in front of Lewes Harbour Marina. There was pretty good catching during Sunday's flood tide in the Cape Henlopen surf. Guys working the suds at Herring Point had a nice mix including stripers, drum, bluefish and blowfish. Curt Stephens captured a 17 pound striped bass and released many more using clams and sandfleas there. Judah Lynam beached a 17 pound black drum. He also had a bunch of blues, short stripers and blowfish. Jason Massey and Matt Weidman whacked the blowfish a little farther down the beach at Keybox Road. The focus area for toggers has shifted form the Ocean into Delaware Bay. Tog fishermen toggled into the Inner and Outer Walls did well with green crabs. Reef Sites 6 and 7 at Brown Shoal yielded good numbers of blackfish too. Captain Brent's Saturday group on Katydid limited out in short order on Bay structure. Captain Carey's guys on the Grizzly ended up with a real nice catch yesterday after culling through lots of shorts. Flounder are becoming active around the Cape Henlopen Pier. Cut fresh baits like bunker, shad or bluefish presented on small jigs are preferred offerings for fluke at the pier this time of year. A few keeper flatties came from Lewes Canal, and more will come with warming temps and clean water. John Mitchell kept 3 fluke to 3 pounds while drifting minnows and shiners in the Canal today. The annual Lewes Canal Flounder Tournament will take place Friday May 17th. Entry fee is $25 per angler, and $5 of that is donated to Camp Awareness Youth Programs. Participants must register at Lewes Harbour Marina before the Tourney.

Stripers And Drum In The Bay Surf

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/18/2013 12:00:00 AM

Fish have become active in shallow water along Broadkill Beach over the past few days, and surf casters reported catches of Stripers and Black Drum. George Sharp stopped by the shop for bloodworms this morning and was back a couple hours later with a pretty 17.3 pound striper that fell for the bloods. George said he saw other stripers pulled from the wash at Broadkill as well. Mike Dittmann weighed in an 18 pound black drum that ate a clam at Beach Plum Island yesterday. Surf fishermen caught quite a few black drum along Broadkill Beach last spring, so maybe the bite will happen again this season. It's likely the first trout will be hooked by Broadkill surf casters soon. Anglers fishing the Ocean beach have had mostly skates and sharks, with an occasional rockfish. Bert Long released a 21 incher that bit a clam at Herring Point yesterday. Bert also beached an 18 pound black drum there. Lower Bay boaters haven't done much with stripers, but bass were taken in the northern section. Wayne Wilson reported crews anchored near 6L Buoy off Collins Beach got into good sized rockfish. Fresh bunker was the ticket. Tautog catching was good over the past week. Ocean Reef Sites 9 and 10 had been yielding tog, but blackfish began biting along the Inner and Outer Walls as water temps slowly rose into the 50's. Captain Brent on Katydid Brent ran tog trips Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, all resulting in in limits of chunky tog to 7 pounds. Patrons on the Angler had good tautog action with Captain Don Saturday. Dick Yohe and family joined Captain Carey aboard Grizzly for a great outing Sunday. The group scored their limit of hefty tog, including an 8.5 pound citation winner for Adam Yohe. Flounder have been taken from Indian River Bay, and should start cooperating soon in shallow water around the Cape Henlopen Pier, and in Lewes Canal. Brett Jackson managed a keeper fluke in Broadkill River near Oyster Rocks. River fishermen also found white perch, catfish and small stripers while baiting with bloodworms. Petersfield Ditch was a good spot for perch. The annual Lewes Canal Flounder Tournament takes place Friday May 17th. Anglers may fish from boats or kayaks from 7am to 3pm within the confines of Lewes Canal, Roosevelt Inlet and Broadkill River. Entry fee is $25 per entrant, to be paid in cash before the Tournament at Lewes Harbour Marina. Five dollars of each entry will be donated to the Camp Awareness youth program.

Ready For Another Season

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/11/2013 12:00:00 AM

Amanda and I have returned from our winter vacation in the Florida Keys, and we're getting ready for another season. Shipments of tackle, clothing and marine supplies have been arriving over the past two weeks, so we've been busy restocking and reorganizing the store in anticipation of a good fishing year. The weather finally broke, and warm days and nights this week caused water temps to rise, resulting in improved fish catching. Captain Brent's toggers aboard Katydid had a great trip yesterday, returning with a boat limit of 27 tautog. Brent himself boated the biggest blackfish of the day, a bruiser weighing 12.3 pounds. The guys also released numerous other tog while anchored over ocean reef site rubble. Green crabs worked well, but sometimes soft baits like clams and shrimp tempted tog when the bite slowed down. Just a reminder, tog season is open through May 11th, and anglers may keep 3 fish 15 inches or longer per day during that period. Ocean tog fishing has been pretty good, but tautog should also turn on around Bay structure such as the Inner and Outer Walls and artificial reefs as the water warms up. Lots of bunker have been roaming the mid and upper Bay. Net fishermen have had good success with menhaden, and have also caught numbers of stripers, along with some weakfish. It was encouraging to see as many trout as we had last year, and we're looking forward to more sea trout action this spring. The current weakfish limit remains one per day with a 13 inch minimum size. Trout should be taken by hook and line in shallow water along Broadkill Beach in the next couple weeks. Stripers have started to bite in the Upper Bay. Guys using fresh cut bunker near 6L Buoy off Collins Beach have caught big rockfish in recent days. Rockfish activity should pick up in other areas of the Bay soon. A few flounder were taken from Indian River Bay, and with increasing water temperatures, flatfish should come from Lewes Canal before long. The Annual CANAL FLOUNDER TOURNAMENT will take place Friday May 17th. Entry fee is $25, to be paid in cash at our store before the Tourney. Five dollars of the amount will be donated to Camp Awareness youth programs. Boats and kayaks may be used during the event, and fishing time is from 7am to 3pm. Fishing is limited to the Lewes Canal, from the Rehoboth Bay entrance to Roosevelt Inlet, and up Broadkill River to Oyster Rocks Road. Money will be awarded for the 6 heaviest flounder weighed in during the Tournament. The more entrants, the bigger the prizes. Last year, more than 300 anglers participated.

Another Year Gone

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

It's hard to believe 2012 is coming to a close. Fishing activity has been slim over the Christmas Holiday due to family obligations and less than favorable weather. Water temps are around 45 degrees, and stripers should still be available along the coast and in Indian River Inlet. Striped bass catches for the Fall were a little disappointing overall. Hurricane Sandy came at a bad time, and the string of northeast storms following her definitely affected water quality in Delaware Bay, likely keeping many migratory bass away. A bright spot was a new Delaware State Record striped bass taken from the surf. Congratulations to Ben Smith from Bryn Mawr, PA who landed the 52 pound trophy on December 8th. The former 51 pound 8 ounce State Record striper was caught by Betty Rosen from the Indian River south jetty in 1978. Surf and jetty anglers were also surprised by the large numbers of red drum around this year. It was unusual to see so many puppies, but it would be great if they return next season. Tog action had started to pick up on Ocean Reefs and wrecks, and that should continue through the winter. Delaware officials announced that the State sea bass season will open January 1, to coincide with the opening of sea bass season in Federal waters from January 1 through February 28. Most of the effort takes place well offshore, but this will offer another cold weather fishery for anglers hardy enough to brave the chilly elements. This past summer offered up some of the best flounder fishing in quite awhile, and that's certainly something to look forward to next year. More boaters are learning how to work reefsite and wreck structure for flatties, and their efforts are paying off. Some guys are really dialed in and finished the year with impressive totals. Captain Brent on Katydid ended up with over 800 keeper fluke. It was encouraging to have more weakfish around too. There was a spread of spike trout along Broadkill Beach in the Spring, reminiscent of years back. Trout continued to come from Roosevelt Inlet and Bay structure throughout the Summer and Fall, hopefully indicative of a resurgence of the popular gamefish. Amanda and I will be leaving for our winter vacation in the Florida Keys January 1, when we'll finally get to do some fishing ourselves. The store will be open on Saturdays from January through March, with Mac McNaught behind the counter. The Saltwater Fly Anglers of Delaware meet at the shop for tying sessions each Saturday until the end of March to learn new patterns, compare techniques and swap stories over coffee and donuts. It's a great treatment for cold weather cabin fever. Many thanks to all our customers and friends for a great season. We're taking a side trip to Guatemala in February for Pacific Sailfish and marlin. We'll post pictures of our Keys fish and those from our Buena Vista Sportfishing Lodge adventure in the website Photo Gallery, so be on the lookout. Wishing you the best of success, much prosperity, bent rods and smooth drags in the New Year! Joe.

Tog Bite Shaping Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/20/2012 12:00:00 AM

Tautog action started to shape up over the past week. Captain Carey on the Grizzly reported plenty of quality blackfish on recent trips to the rubble of Reef Site 11 in the Ocean. Sunday's excursion resulted in a 40 fish limit that included an 11.25 pounder for John Mattson, a 9.5 pounder for Frand Irwin, plus two others over 7 pounds. The Monday trip produced even more impressive results. Among that limit was a 12.25 pound brute for Mo Wilson, an 11.25 pounder for Don Johnson, and a pair scaling 10.75 and 10.25 for Maurice Wilson. In addition, the group put 5 other tog over 8 pounds in the box. Captain Brent's toggers on Katydid also had some good catching, returning Saturday with 20 keepers, including a 7.7 pounder for Bob Wilson, and a 9.2 pounder for Brent. Sunday's guys brought back 25 blackfish. Steve Kiibler checked in a 13.9 pound bruiser tog he captured while togging on the Bandit. Ocean water temperature remains near 50 degrees, and the tog bite should hold up in the Site 11 area, and on wrecks and other hard structure between 60 and 100 foot depths. Bottom boucers will be glad to hear that the sea bass season will reopen January 1, 2013 and last until the end of February. A daily creel limit has been set at 15 fish per person with a 12.5 inch minimum size. Winter sea bassing is primarily an offshore fishery, and boaters concentrate on wrecks and hard bottom in 30 to 40 fathoms. It hasn't been made known if there will be any sea bass season during the summer or fall of 2013, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed. Stripers were still available at the mouth of Delaware Bay. Trollers pulling Stretch 25+, Bomber CD25 and Rapala Clackin' Magnum plugs continued to hook bass at Overfalls. Bright color patterns with hues of chartreuse or pink were effective. Most of the fish were shorts, but crews who worked rips during the best parts of the tides did end up with a few keepers. A handful of rockfish were also reported by boaters anchored and baiting with cut bunker in 60 Foot Slough, Tussey's Slough and Blake's Channel. Some customers traveled to Virginia to take advantage of the striper action taking place there. Bubba Hastings weighed in a 35.2 pound linesider he landed while floating an eel under a bobber off Cape Charles. Indian River has been yielding numerous stripers. John Hazzard and a buddy had 4 keepers and 11 throwbacks Monday. The next day, John took two more quick keepers to 15 pounds while drifting live spot in the Inlet during morning flood tide.

Mostly Short Bass

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/13/2012 12:00:00 AM

Boaters are still catching stripers at the mouth of Delaware Bay, but keeper sized fish are hard to come by. Crews trolling Stretch plugs at Overfalls Shoal continue to hook rockfish, but most are between 20 and 26 inches. Trollers did manage some keepers there, and also on Hen and Chickens Shoal. Those drifting live spot and eels at 8B Buoy and in The Valley had a few fish too. Guys anchoring in 60 Foot Slough and Tussey's Slough caught stripers using bunker, but again, mostly undersized. Captain Brent on Katydid set up in the 60 last Thursday, kept 4 and released 11. Friday his bassers boxed 3 and put back 11. Toggers up the Bay on reef site 4 had some decent days. Capt. Dave's patrons on Miss Shyanne enjoyed good catches there over the weekend. Capt. Ricky Yakimowicz fished the Ocean Saturday and Sunday, and also had success with nice numbers of tautog to 7 pounds near Site 11. Surfcasters picked at striped bass along the beach. Dave McGirk stopped by with a brace of 15 pound bass he pulled from the wash at Herring Point while soaking bunker during the morning flood tide. Walt from West Marine used bunker in the North Pocket for a keeper rock and 2 shorts. Offshore bottom species didn't mind cooler weather. Bill Swords and his buddies dropped in Baltimore Canyon for a mix of Golden Tiles to 25 pounds, Blueline Tiles and Blackbelly Rosefish.

Some Tautog in the Ocean

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/6/2012 12:00:00 AM

Tog catching has been slow in Delaware Bay the past few weeks, but recently, Ocean togging improved somewhat. Captain Brent on Katydid has been running 25 plus miles to find blackfish willing to bite, but the trips have paid off. On Saturday, his group brought home 37 tog to over 7 pounds. Sunday, toggers on Katydid took 22 keepers. Monday's charter returned with 40 tautog to 7.5 pounds. Tog fishermen on Top Fin put 17 in the box Sunday. Kevin Yim had citation tog of 7.25 and 7.5 pounds as part of 18 keepers aboard the Grizzly on Sunday. Surf fishing has produced some stripers in recent days. Jack Austin checked in a 36 inch striper and a 12.25 pound bluefish he beached at 3 R's Road. Dave McGirk used fresh bunker to tempt a brace of 15 pound bass from the wash at Herring Point during flood tide yesterday morning. Boaters have been finding rock too, but a lot of them are shorts. Trolling plugs at Overfalls and 8B Buoy has yielded decent numbers of fish, but the keeper ratio is low. Chunkers have had better success with legal sized linesiders. Captain Pete anchored Top Fin east of Brandywine Friday for 9 keepers, including a 24.9 pounder for Jeremy Bennett. His anglers released 13 others while baiting with bunker. Captain Vince Keagy finished off his season on Miss Kirstin Sunday with 5 quality keeper bass and 23 throwbacks from 60 Foot Slough. On Tuesday, bassers on Katydid captured 6 chunky rockfish from 14 to 18 pounds, and put back 24 others while using bunker in the Slough.

Chunkers Catching Rockfish

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

Sorry I missed last week's report. Time got away from me over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Striper catches have been fair over the past two weeks, with some days better than others. Trolling Stretch and Bomber plugs on Overfalls Shoal has yielded keepers for some crews, but numerous short fish have been mixed in. Chunkers anchored over structure on the New Jersey side of the Bay fishing cut bunker have also been catching rockfish. The lower end of 60 Foot Slough, Tussey's Slough east of Brandywine, and the Banana Peel east of Fourteen Foot Light have been popular spots. The availability of fresh bunker has been an issue, with changeable weather conditions hampering efforts to obtain bait on a regular basis. Recent reports from chunkers tell of a few nice fish. Yesterday, Katydid returned with 5 good keepers. The largest was a 35.8 pounder decked by Denny Myers. Tom Smiga scored a 28.75 pound linesider, one of 5 keepers landed on the Grizzly yesterday. Captain Pete's bassers on Top Fin took home 4 nice rock yesterday. On Tuesday, Katydid captured 7 keepers and released 15 others. The Grizzly got 3 k's and 15 tb's on Tuesday. Monday's anglers on Katydid enjoyed good chunking, returning with a boat limit of 14 bass to over 20 pounds. Monday was a good day for trollers too. Captain J.W. Hocker on Miss Caroline pulled Stretch plugs at Overfalls for 10 quality fish in the box, and 10 others that were released. Rick and Doc Roberts and Kevin Cross found birds working in the Ocean between Bethany and Fenwick Monday. They trolled the area with Stretch 25s, and limited out with 6 nice rockfish to 18 pounds. The group released other rock, and also iced one big blue. Today is the last day of the 2012 Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament. As of this writing, Evan Falgowski remained in the lead with his 34 pounder. Beau Kemeys held Second with a 29.7 pound rock. John Joe Kabino was still in Third with a 29.2 pounder. Thanks to all who participated in this year's event, and hopefully we'll have more striper catching to come throughout December.

Striper Action Picking Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

Striped bass action has been spotty, no thanks to the string of recent storms, and subsequent relentless northeast wind. However, fishing has showed signs of shaping up in the past few days. This morning, Ralph and Ryan Short, Paul Daisey and Mark Stephens endured rough seas and beat their way to Overfalls Shoal. They trolled Stretch 25 plugs during flood current, and within a couple hours, were back at the dock with their limit of quality linesiders to 25.9 pounds. John Joe Kabino and Rhett Passwaters took a similar thrashing yesterday, but were also rewarded with a limit of 4 rock to 29.2 pounds while pulling plugs. Other crews also reported catching by trolling plugs. Stretch 25+ models in chartreuse, cabo sunset, red and white, gold and black, and pink were popular offerings. Bomber CD25 lures were effective too. Trolling produced for Ocean anglers as well. Stripers were found under flocks of gannets along the beachfront, and trolling plugs or bucktails among feeding fish resulted in nice catches. Ronnie Payne and his crew had bass of 32, 39 and 40 inches while pulling lures under birds 2 miles off Indian River. Kevin and Shawn Cross captured 3 rockfish to 16 pounds and a 9.5 pound blue while trolling inshore of Fenwick Shoal. In addition to trollers, live bait fishermen also hooked stripers. Jacob Ness was drifting an eel in the deep near 8 Buoy aboard Katydid when he boated a 38.1 pound lunker. Hix Gilbert employed a spot at 8B to tempt his 26.4 pounder. Bert Long was eeling at Brown Shoal when he boated a 19.5 pounder on the Miss Kirstin. Ann Gudknecht used an eel for the 35 incher she took aboard Quintessa. Chunkers have had success when fresh bunker is available. Mike Newsham nailed a 24.2 pound striper chunking on the edge of the 60 Foot Slough. Katydid's chunkers had 5 bass yesterday in the 60 foot slough. Today, Captain Brent's bassers chunked an impressive 15 fish to 20 pounds with bunker at the bottom of 60 Foot Slough. Surfcasters started catching keeper stipers. Jack Austin, Tosh Tryon and Jim Wahl beached 5 stripers to 24.9 pounds and a big blue while using bunker near the Herring Point jetties. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament is going on through November 30th. Evan Falgowski still holds the lead with his 34 pounder. Beau Kemeys caught a 29.7 pounder with an eel aboard Quintessa to put him in Second. John Joe Kabino's 29.2 pound rock is currently Third. Reports from the New Jersey coast tell of plenty of stripers to the north, so we should have several more weeks of good bassing as they migrate through.

Another Nor'easter Behind Us

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/9/2012 12:00:00 AM

We were just getting settled in after Sandy's passage when another northeast storm blasted the coast, bearing wind, tidal flooding, rain and snow. Delaware Bay water temperatures have fallen to the mid 40's, after a continued stretch of chilly days and nights. The past couple days have been brisk and breezy, but the forecast looks good for the weekend and early next week, with less wind and warmer daytime highs in the 60's. Conditions have kept boats at the dock most days, and many striper and tog fishermen have been chomping at the bit to get back out and see what's going on. Looks like they'll get their chance this weekend. Rockfish were caught on the few occasions when boaters were able to make it to the grounds. John Joe Kabino trolled up his limit of linesiders scaling 22.7 and 25.4 pounds while pulling Stretch 25+ and Bomber CD25 plugs at Overfalls Sunday. Evan Falgowski fooled a 26.3 pound bass with a plug, and Ryan Falgowski landed a 23.5 pounder. Beau Kemeys captured a 29.7 pound striper while drifting an eel at Overfalls Sunday aboard Quintessa. That fish moved him into Second Place of the Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament, which has now been extended to run through November 30th. We have live eels and spot available, and a good assortment of trolling plugs on hand for the striper crowd. It's been tough to obtain fresh bait, but we'll attempt to have bunker when we can get it. Surf fishermen have had success, despite adverse weather. It's surprising how many red drum remain along the coast. Jack Austin had several puppies from the beach in the Herring Point area in past days. Most were in the 16 to 18 inch range, but he did manage a keeper drum, and a beautiful 22 inch speckled trout from the wash. Numerous short stripers were pulled from the suds as well. Frozen mullet, bunker, sand fleas and live bloodworms got bit. Tog should be avaialble on Bay reef sites. Clean water will probably be critical to catching.

Good Riddance To Sandy!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

It was a tense few days as we braced for and endured one of the worst storms in recent memory. Wind and waves battered the region for days, and relentless rain saturated the area. Tidal surge compounded by a full moon caused flooding along most of the coast. To our benefit, the center of the weather system passed to the north of us, and winds shifting to westerly quadrants prevented more severe flooding. However, folks in New Jersey and New York took a real pounding, and we feel for the families and businesses dealing with the destruction and aftermath. We, personally, had no real troubles. We never lost power at the store, or at home. Tidal levels rose to the edge of the deck out front, but saltwater didn't make it into the walk in freezer or bait tank pump motors. We were very forunate. Bay and Ocean beaches had quite a bit of erosion. Angry waves washed over and leveled dunes between Dewey Beach and Indian River. Tons of sand covered Route 1. The beach at Cape Henlopen actually seemed wider, like more sand had been redistributed there. Lots and lots of freshly exposed whelk shells were visible. I talked with Bert Long, who mentioned some friends fished near the Herring Point jetties yesterday. They said the water was clean, and they caught and released short stripers and puppy red drum while baiting with cut mullet and bunker. Jack Austin also fished the surf there yesterday and today. He released 6 drum and 3 rockfish Thursday, and 6 stripers and 6 drum today. Striped bass also showed up at the mouth of Delaware Bay, on the heels of Sandy. Many bassers predicted their arrival would be brought on by the combination of a strong flow from the northeast, dropping water temps, and the effect of the full moon. Things had settled down enough yesterday for some boaters to give it a try. Striper sniper Evan Falgowski returned with the first big bass after the blow. He weighed in a 34 pounder taken while trolling a diving plug on shoal structure Thursday morning. That fish currenty leads the Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament. More rockfish should arrive daily, and roam rips across the lower Bay. We'll have live bait and a good selection of trolling lures for those pursuing stripers this fall. We also had some customers who attemped togging at the Outer Wall yesterday, but none reported back. Blackfish action should bounce back soon. The Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament finished up October 31st. Rodney Shoemaker took First with an 8.1 pound Tautog he pulled from the Ice Breakers. Brian Wazlavek wound up Second with his 7.5 pounder, and Scott Bucka also boated a 7.5 pounder that put him in Third. Thanks to all who participated in the annual event, and made it success. Some other quality tautog were checked in prior to the storm. Jim Hukill had a 9.9 pound bruiser, Ted Garman got a 7.3 pounder, and Geoff Klopp captured a 7 pound citation winner. Sheepshead were still avaialble prior to Sandy. Bruce Bennett bested a 12 pound brute at the Wall. Large flocks of gannetts have been working of Cape Henlopen the past two days, indicative of baitfish being present. The activity should attract more migratory stripers. Tog action will kick back in soon, so there's plenty of great fishing ahead now that we've said goodbye to Sandy.

Record Sheepshead

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/25/2012 12:00:00 AM

This is the time of year when anglers are treated to the bonus catches of some nice sheepshead, while fishing for tog on the rockpiles off Lewes. The biggest sheepshead so far was brought in recently, and it met the qualifications for surpassing the standing Delaware State Record. Chris Wentz was anchored on the inside of the Outer Wall Saturday when the 15.7 pound jumbo porgy inhaled some sandfleas he was using for bait. Randy Jensen took the current 15.5 pound Record last Fall. Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament rules require that a fish replacing another record fish weighing less than 25 pounds must weigh at least 2 ounces more than the existing Record. A qualified representative from the Division of Fish and Wildlife approved the catch, so if it holds up, the new record will be announced at the end of the year. Tautog fishing has been real fine along the Inner and Outer Walls and Ice Breakers the past few days. Tog still haven't really turned on over reef sites in the Bay, but catching on the rock piles has more than made up for that. The reefs should become productive with cooler water temps. Indicative of the good action yesterday, Captain Ted Moulinier said, "Looks like it was a bad day to be a tog", as his patrons from the Indian added their take to the pile of blackfish from other anglers already covering the cleaning table. Captains Brent and Dave from the Katydid took a busman's holiday, along with Kate Wiest and Bob Murphy, to bring back a limit from the Walls yesterday. Toggers on Katydid boxed a limit of 45 keepers Sunday. "Booker" Bookwalter and Rodney Shoemaker continued their streak of several consecutive days of catching tog at the Ice Breakers. They returned with a box of quality Tautog again yesterday. Rodney took over the lead in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament with an 8.1 pounder he landed Monday. Brian Wazlavek currently holds Second with his 7.5 pounder, and Scott Bucka has Third with a 7.5 pound Tog. Captain Pete on Top Fin has had steady togging. On Saturday, Hwa Park's group limited with 35 tog. Alan Danoff, Ken Brittingham and friends joined Pete Monday for a 30 fish limit. Mr. Kim, "Jesse James" and their party limited out with 35 tautog Tuesday. Aside from tog, decent numbers of trout remain in the area. Trout were taken from Roosevelt Inlet and around the pilings of the Cape Henlopen Pier. Lex Robertson checked in a 2.4 pound weakie he captured in Lewes Canal while using cut spot. Marty Riley hooked a 2.8 pound speckled trout by casting a Storm Shad along the marsh bank of the Canal. Spot continue to be caught in Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and from the Henlopen Pier. Surf fishermen found small blues and an increasing number of short stripers in the wash between Cape Henlopen and Gordon's Pond. Both red and black puppy drum were also pulled from the suds. Legal size stripers were captured in Lewes Canal. Doris Smith scored a 29 incher using mullet, and Dave Walker had a pair of 30 inchers on cut bait. Migratory rockfish should show at the mouth of Delaware Bay soon. They usually appear around the full moon, which is October 29th. Most striped bass addicts have been chomping at the bit for the arrival of their favorite quarry. We'll have eels, spot and fresh bunker, when available. We also have a large selection of Mann's Stretch 12+ and 25+ plugs, along with Bomber CD25 plugs for trolling aficionados.

Drum at Roosevelt

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/18/2012 12:00:00 AM

As mentioned in previous reports, red drum have been unusually plentiful in the area this year. They've been caught from the Ocean and Bay surf, in the Lewes Canal and Broadkill River and in Roosevelt Inlet. Very few have measured between the 20 to 27 inch legal slot size, but it's pretty cool just seeing them here. In addition to red drum, there's been quite a run of small black drum. Good numbers of puppies were landed at Roosevelt Inlet on Sunday. Some anglers scored their 3 fish limit of drum over 16 inches. Most of the fish fell for clam or sand flea baits, and were in the 16 to 20 inch range. A few trout were mixed in. Drum were also caught from the beach between Cape Henlopen and Gordon's Pond, along with snapper blues, kingfish and an increasing number of short stripers. Surf casters had success using cut mullet, clams and bloodworms. Folks on the Cape Henlopen Pier still managed some decent sized spot by using bloodworms and Fishbites. Schools of mullet that had been thick the past few weeks have thinned out. Mullet congregated in Indian River Inlet, but a mojority of the silver baitfish seem to have vacated Delaware Bay. Tautog action was tough the past week. Wind, dirty water and strong new moon currents made for challenging conditions. Some blackfish were pulled from the Walls and Ice Breakers, and Bay Reefs, but catching should improve in coming days. Captain Brian Wazlavek of Lil' Angler II took over the lead in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament with a 7.5 pound white chin he captured at Site 6. Tom Wood moved to Second with his 7.2 pounder, and Clara Hollingsworth has Third with her 6.9 pound tautog. The Tourney continues through October 31st. The annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament starts October 20th. The event will run until November 20th. Striped bass traditionally migrate around the October full moon, which occurs this month on the 29th. If this season is like past years, many of the largest bass are caught at the end of October and the first week of November. Tournament participants can pay to enter each day they fish, or pay a flat fee and fish as many days as they want. Few flounder have been hooked in the past couple weeks, and the season closes October 24th. The sea bass season is closed until November 1st, but fishing was good prior to the Monday shutdown. Scott Ayars stopped by with a nice catch of bass, including the pool winning knothead, he had on a Saturday wreck trip to 120 feet of water with Captain H.D. Parsons. Scott said most patrons had their limits. There were also some big bluefish boated. Fishing should be good after the reopening, since the wrecks will have had a chance to reload.

Bay Reefs Starting To Produce Tog

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/11/2012 12:00:00 AM

Tog catches have been getting better with cooling air and water temperatures. The Ocean reef sites have been pretty good for blackfish. Captain Carey did some pile hopping at Sites 9 and 10 Friday aboard Grizzly for 17 tautog, 14 triggers, plus an assortment of croakers, blowfish and sea bass. Bay reefs are also starting to yield some blackfish. Captain Brent on the Katydid fished Sites 4,5 and 6 yesterday for 17 keepers. He said some of the rubble was loaded with sea bass, but almost all were shy of minimum size. His guys also caught some impressive triggerfish. Fred Nelson nailed a near record 6.23 pounder on Site 6. In addition to the reefs, the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers also produced tog, as long as the water was clean. Some keeper tog were pulled from the Inner Wall as well. Wind and rain have prevented many anglers from getting out the past few days, and there's been no change to standings in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament. Tom Wood still holds the lead with his 7.2 pounder. The Tourney runs through October 31st. Sea bass seekers had success on the Del Jersey Reef Site, over the wrecks of the Poole and the Radford. Other wrecks just inshore of the area gave up bass too. Katydid's crew captured 205 bass while wreck fishing last Thursday. Delaware's sea bass season closes October 15th, but then reopens November 1st. Bottom bouncers in Delaware bay are still finding a few croakers, blowfish and kingfish on natural and artificial structure. Brian Hines boated a 1.2 pound citation kingfish aboard the Fishhawk Saturday. Bluefish remain plentiful in the lower Bay. Snappers were caught in current rips off Cape Henlopen and around the Outer Wall. Casting flashy lures resulted in aggressive strikes from feeding choppers. Some hand sized spot continue to be taken from the Cape Henlopen Pier. Good numbers of trout were hooked at Roosevelt Inlet and in Broadkill River. Fresh cut mullet was a favored bait. Red drum still linger around the inlet and in the Canal. Most have not measured within the 20 to 27 inch slot limit, but it's still pretty cool just seeing them in our area. Cape Henlopen surf casters had bluefish baiting with cut mullet. Offshore fishermen have had a tough time getting out to the canyons. The Quintessa made it to the Wilmington for an overnighter, with a break in the weather last Thursday. The crew returned with a swordfish, a big yellowfin, 26 dolphin and 5 golden tiles. John Gudknecht had the unusual catch of a Cottonmouth Jack. The wahoo bite was decent in 20 to 30 fathoms, with trollers reporting 'hoos at the Tea Cup, Massey's Canyon and the Hot Dog. Ed Sigda and the boys on Snow Goose trolled southeast of the Dog where they connected with several mahi that were oriented on floating stuff in the area.

Tog Action Picking Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/4/2012 12:00:00 AM

Tautog catches have been improving since the season's opening. Tog were reported from the Ice Breakers and Outer Wall, and also on ocean reef sites 9, 10 and 11. It seems better numbers of keepers have been caught on Ocean structure, but Bay spots should produce more with cooling water. Captain Pete on Top Fin had a nice batch of blackfish Saturday, including a 9.4 pounder he put in the box himself. Captain Brent's toggers aboard Katydid captured 37 keepers in the Ocean Tuesday. Wednesday's group on Katydid kept 28 tog. Standings in the annual Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament show Tom Wood in the lead with his 7.2 pounder. Clara Hollingsworth is Second with a 6.9 pounder, and Bob Murphy's 5.1 pound tog holds Third. The Tourney runs through October 31st, and offers cash prizes. With relatively warm water still in the area, other species are mixed in with tog. Fred Ruff wrestled a 4.61 pound triggerfish from remains of the China Wreck. Buddy Masten muscled in what may be a new state record triggerfish on Sunday. Buddy boated the jumbo 6.34 pounder while togging at the Ice Breakers. The existing record trigger weighs 5 pounds 15 ounces. Some good sized sheepshead still linger around the rocks as well. Paul Long landed a near record 14.65 pounder at the Ice Breakers on Saturday. A few flounder continue to come from the rip on the shoal outside the Outer Wall. The season closes October 24th. Plenty of snapper bluefish remain near Cape Henlopen. They pop up under working birds during moving tides, usually the last half of incoming current. Boaters have had a blast chasing the little choppers and catching them on light tackle. Bucktail jigs and flashy metals were favored lures. Sea bassing is holding up. DNREC added a few extra days to the fall bass season. It will now be open through October 14th and reopen November 1st. Last Saturday, bassers aboard Katydid boxed a 175 bass limit, plus a nice pollack. Dave Popovich nailed a 3.31 pound knothead on that trip. Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II worked some wrecks Monday for more than 200 keeper bass. Sea bass, croakers, trout and a few flounder were found on bottom structure between Site 10 and DA Buoy. Boats trolling the 20 to 30 fathom corridor connected with wahoos. Mike Ambler and John Markey pulled a purple and black Ilander ahead of a ballyhoo near Massey's Canyon for a 46.5 pound 'hoo. Tuna haven't been too plentiful, but the Olson boys found some offshore. A long ride to the Lindenkohl Canyon was worth it for Wes, Shane and Sean Olson, and Jimmy McCoy. They boated four quality yellowfins from 63 to 71 pounds while chunking overnight in 500 fathoms.

Upcoming Tog and Striper Tournaments

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

The Annual Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament begins October 1, 2012 and runs through October 31, 2012. Contestants must register prior to fishing. Anglers can pay $25 and fish as many days as they want during the event, or pay $3 each day before they go fishing. All entry money goes into a pool, and at the end of Tourney, the pool is split among the registered anglers who catch the three heaviest tautog weighed in at Lewes Harbour Marina during the contest. 50% of the pool goes to the heaviest Tog, 30% to the Second heaviest Tog, and 20% to the Third heaviest Tog. The Annual Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament starts October 20, 2012 and goes on through November 20, 2012. Participants must register before fishing, and can pay $25 to fish any number of days during the Tourney, or pay $3 prior to each individual day of fishing during the contest. All entry money collects in a pool, and at the end of the event, that pool is split among the registered anglers who catch the three heaviest Stripers weighed in at Lewes Harbour Marina during the Tournament. 50% of the pool is awarded for the Heaviest Striper, 30% of the pool goes to the angler who catches Second Heaviest Striper, and 20% goes to the Third Heaviest Striper. All contending fish in either Tournament must be caught on hook and line and weighed by the registered angler who caught it on the Lewes Harbour Marina Scales during regular store business hours within the Tournament dates. All Delaware State and Federal fishing regulations apply. Please be safe and have fun!

Tog Season Re-opens

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/27/2012 12:00:00 AM

Delaware's Tautog season reopens this weekend, Saturday September 29th. Anglers should be aware that as of August 11, the minimum size was reduced from 16 inches to 15 inches. The creel limit this fall will be 5 tog per person per day, 15 inches or greater. We'll have crabs and sand fleas available at the store for blackfish bait, and also keep rope, wreck anchors and toggles on hand for toggers. The water is still warm, close to 70 degrees, so tog fishermen are likely to encounter triggerfish and sheepshead in the next couple weeks, since they frequent the same structure. Matt Johnson recently scored a 4.31 pound jumbo trigger aboard the Lil' Angler II. The Inner and Outer Walls, Ice Breakers, Reef Sites and wrecks are all probable hangouts for blackfish. Ocean bottom fishermen will also encounter sea bass on reefs and wrecks until that season shuts down for two weeks from October 12 to 31. Catching has been pretty decent for crews willing to brave rough seas the past week. Captain Brent ran Katydid to wrecks in the 25 to 35 mile range for 105 keeper bass Saturday, and 165 keepers Monday. Luis Mispireta decked a 3.49 pound citation knothead on that trip. The guys also boxed some big ling and a flounder. Scott Ayars fished with Captain Ricky Yakimowicz Saturday for a nice catch of bass and a 4.3 pound fluke. Those fishing lower Delaware Bay still found a few trout, kingfish and croakers around the Outer Wall and on Site 8. Snapper blues continue to work over baitfish near the Outer Wall lighthouse. Captain Brian hosted a hardy group from Minnesota for some bluefish action on this past blustery Sunday aboard Lil' Angler II. They bucktailed over 50 blues near the Wall, and also released some short stripers. Spot are still here, and folks fishing Lewes Canal, Broadkill River, and the Cape Henlopen Pier with bits of bloodworm or Fishbites on small hooks had fair numbers of eating size panfish. Mullet have been thick along Lewes Beach. They may be grouping up before making their exit for the season. Many guys have been castnetting a supply to freeze to use for bait later later when fresh ones aren't available. Wind made it tough to get offshore, but Goeff McCloskey and his crew braved big waves Saturday aboard his 28 foot center console. The pounding was worth it when Phil Falgowski landed a 61.4 pound wahoo just inshore of the Baltimore Canyon.

Sea Bass On The Wrecks

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/21/2012 12:00:00 AM

Wind caused a problem for anglers this week, so not many boats ventured out. Today's conditions were better, even though there was a considerable easterly heave in the Ocean. The Katydid pounded her way to an inshore wreck, and Captain Brent was pleasantly surprised by how cooperative the sea bass were. His fares limited out with 150 chunky bass, and released many more. He fished structure in the region a few days earlier, and had to work much harder for a fair catch, even though they were quality bass. Joe Pergeorelis put a 3.1 pounder in the box that trip. Perhaps the weather change during the week prompted fish to move, and bass may be staging on other wrecks in coming days. Flounder have been scarce this week, but while they were making their way out along the shipping lane last week, flukers on Katydid scored 12 keeper flatties Thursday near DA Buoy. Captain Brent put the 800th keeper of the year aboard Katydid himself. He followed up the 5.1 pounder with a 7.8 pound citation winner. Boaters working live bottom west of DB Buoy had good action today. Carl Esterly brought in a bucket full of big croakers he took about a mile inshore of the Buoy. In addition to hardheads, he had trout, sea bass and bluefish while using cut mackerel on bottom rigs. Back in the Bay today, Captain Jack on the Fishhawk set up at the Star Site, where his folks put together a nice catch of blowfish. There are still good numbers of tasty puffers in the Bay, and fares on the Pirate King had puffers today as well. Bluefish remain at the Bay mouth too, feeding on plentiful baitfish. Schools of mullet were thick along Lewes Beach today. Usually they bunch up like that prior to their exodus, so they may be getting ready to scoot. Offshore action was spotty today, with only a few white marlin reported from the Washington Canyon. Captain Les on Martha Marie trolled the 19 Fathom Lump today and told of false albacore and dolphin.

Still Flounder Around

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/13/2012 12:00:00 AM

Fluke are on the move this time of year, but the fishing can be good if you find groups staging in spots along their offshore migration routes. Edges of the ocean shipping lane offer likely structure for flatties to stopover on. Flounder have been found between DB and DA Buoys in recent days, and they should linger there for a little while yet. Plenty of baitfish are available in the area, and usually, gamefish stay with a food supply. Captain Brent ran Katydid to DA Buoy yesterday, where his patrons enjoyed fine flatfish action. They captured 16 keepers to more than 5 pounds. Those fish brought the number of keepers brought aboard this season to near 800. In addition to the fluke, the guys had several nice sea bass to over 2 pounds. Mate Dave said there was a huge barracuda lying underneath DA Buoy, but the big critter couldn't even be coaxed into striking a live blue runner that was caught right there and deployed on a hook. He guessed the cuda was already full from snacking on the multitude of baitfish hanging around the buoy. Another customer stopped by who had landed a pair of flounder over 20 inches and some decent sea bass while drifting Site 11 yesterday. Sea bass croakers and trout have been scattered along the sides of the channel between DB and DC Buoys. In the Bay, croakers, spot, kingfish, blowfish, porgies, trout and triggerfish were taken from Reef Site 8. Snapper blues are still plentiful, feeding heavily on abundant silversides, anchovies and finger mullet. A few false albacore and Spanish mackerel have been mixed in. Redfish continue to surprise anglers at Roosevelt Inlet and in Lewes Canal. Stripers and flounder were caught where Canary Creek empties into the Roosevelt Inlet basin. There's been a good bite of eating size spot at the Cape Henlopen pier for folks lining the rails using bits of bloodworm on small hooks.

Variety Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/6/2012 12:00:00 AM

September is a great time of year on the water. Summer crowds have thinned with vacations over and kids returning to school. The weather is warm, and there are plenty of daylight hours left for fishermen to get out and pursue the variety of species available now. Delaware Bay and the Ocean hold quite an assortment of different fish as Fall approaches. As an example, despite windy conditions, Captain Brent anchored Katydid on Reef Site 8 yesterday, and put together a boxful of all kinds of tasty critters. His anglers kept 70 blowfish, a dozen triggerfish to 4.35 pounds, croakers, blues, spot, sea bass, and a 4.45 pound spadefish landed by Lenny Else. Trout are still here, and can be caught on the Star Site, around the Inner and Outer Walls, and in Roosevelt Inlet. Dave Dunlop got a 4.04 pound weakfish in Lewes Canal. Flounder are around yet. The Coyle family got together aboard Katydid last Friday for some fluking on ocean rubble, and returned with a good catch. Brett Coyle boated a 5.4 pounder, Tom Coyle caught a 5.3 pounder, and Connor Coyle had a 4 pounder, plus a 2 pound croaker. Joe Walker had the honor of catching the 750th keeper brought aboard the Katydid this season, then followed it up with a 7.8 pound citation winner on the next drift. Dianna Healy had a 6.53 pound flattie at Site 11 on the Rockfish Ed II. Tony and Gene Vansant worked structure Sunday for several quality flounder, and Gene's jumbo 4.5 pound triggerfish. The Lil' Angler II fished Ocean structure Sunday for a nice catch of sea bass and big ling, and even some bonus mahi mahi. Snapper blues remain plentiful at the mouth of the Bay, feasting on abundant baitfish in the area. The mullet run is going on en force, and there are loads of shiners and bunkers around as well. Captain Carey on the Grizzly told of good action with blues while casting Crippled Herring jigs to fish working under birds near Cape Henlopen. One of his anglers captured a false albacore that was traveling with the blues. Other boaters reported Spanish Mackerel too. The beach at Cape Henlopen has been reopened to fishermen, and shore casters there have also been catching blues. Spot, kingfish, croakers and pompano have been roaming the surf too. There have been scattered reports of red drum over past seasons, but there seems to be a lot more here this year. Puppies have been taken from Lewes Beach, Rehoboth Bay and Indian River. Carl Meyer caught a 20 incher near the train bridge on Lewes Canal. Delaware anglers may keep 5 red drum per day between 20 and 27 inches. The minimum size for stripers in Delaware Bay and it's tributaries went back to 28 inches as of September 1st. Some legal stripers were tempted with mullet at the mouth of Canary Creek and by drifting eels around the Canal drawbridge. Offshore boaters had scattered catches of billfish and dolphin. Grizzly trolled Baltimore Canyon Sunday for a pair of white marlin and a limit of dolphin. Tranquila spent the night in Wilmington Canyon, and released a big blue shark and a hammerhead estimated at around 300 pounds. Candy's Choice overnighted in 500 fathoms of Poor Man's, where Dillon Filepas decked a 70 pound swordfish. The following morning, the crew deep dropped for a limit of golden tiles, including a 41.7 pounder for Dave Filepas. They also put 30 rosefish, 3 mahi, a barrelfish and a lesser amberjack in the box. There you have it, variety both inshore and offshore.

Big Ocean Croakers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/30/2012 12:00:00 AM

Captain Ricky Yakimowicz said he really got into the big hardheads yesterday. Lower Delaware Bay has held plenty of croakers, but the majority were small, between 8 and 10 inches. However, when Captain Ricky anchored up on some marks northwest of DB Buoy in the Ocean, he was pleasantly surprised when 12 to 17 inch "Cadillacs" started coming over the rail. Ricky fished himself and culled 2 pails full to take home for smoking. He said he was pretty selective, and if the croaks didn't stretch from one side of the bucket to the other, they went back. It seems that flounder are on the move, and places in the Ocean where flounder were found in good numbers last week, held few in recent days. Flatties had gathered in deep water near DA Buoy, which is normally a staging area before their push offshore. Anglers checking out that spot in the past few days had little success. Catching had been pretty decent. Last Friday, Captain Carey hosted the guys from Hazzard Electric aboard the Grizzly. They put 11 keepers in the box and released 43 other flounder. John Pulli checked in a 6.54 pound fluke he took from Reef Site 11. Offshore bottom fishing produced nice specimens. John and Andrew Schneider traveled to the Norfolk Canyon for some deep dropping, and returned with a dozen Blueline Tilefish, plus a pair of Snowy Groupers weighing 13 and 37 pounds. Back in Delaware Bay, some flounder were still lingering around structure. Flatties were found on the Brown Shoal reef sites 6 and 7. Guys fishing close to the rocks of the Outer Wall also had flounder. Flatfish were lying right at the edge of the stonepile, and casting jigs tipped with fresh cut bait or Gulp! was the most effective way to get their attention. Snapper blues continue to provide action for lower Bay boaters. Packs of feeding choppers slashed through schools of shiners on shoals around the Outer Wall during the moving current of either tide. Wheeling and crashing birds usually gave away their presence. Light tackle afficionados had a blast catching the fish while tossing Kastmasters, Gators, Stingsilvers, bucktails and Gotcha Plugs. Trolling Clarkspoons and Tony Acettas on light gear also enticed blues. Bay bottom bouncers continued to connect with hardheads, kingfish, spot, blowfish and trout on dropoffs inside and outside the Outer Wall, and near the Inner Wall and Ferry Jetty. The Star Site and Broadkill Reef also produced. Triggerfish were hanging out on wrecks at the Bay mouth. Striped bass gathered at the junction of Broadkill River and Roosevelt Inlet. Rockfish could be seen at night in the lights of the Coast Guard Station, boiling on balls of silversides. Mac McNaught told of great fun hooking and releasing many 15 to 20 inch linesiders while flyrodding there. Big toothy critters are still prevalent. Captain Brian on the Lil' Angler II had Bret Rankin from Montauk Fishing Gear along for some catch and release sharking. They put Bret's BTR Series reels through their paces on several large sand tigers. Brian was impressed, and said the reels passed with flying colors.

Fine Fluking

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/23/2012 12:00:00 AM

This summer has offered some of the better flounder fishing in recent years. Artificial and natural structure in both the Ocean and Delaware Bay have produced plenty of flatfish. There isn't the open bottom fishery in the Bay like there used to be, possibly because fluke are now drawn to the cover and food supply presented by the network of artificial reefs. However, anglers who have learned how to work the rubble, and understand the effects of tidal currents have been rewarded with some fine fluking. Chris Vann celebrated his 40th birthday with his buddies while reef fishing aboard the Katydid last Friday. The party resulted in 34 keepers to 5.1 pounds. Martha Marie's anglers had some good fishing last Friday. "Pizza John" Perrin put 3 in the box himself. Flukers aboard Katydid captured 21 flatties Sunday, bringing the number of keepers on the boat this season to over 700! Captain Pete's guys on Top Fin took home 16 quality flounder Sunday. Brooke Drury brought in a 4.77 pounder she hooked on Site 8 with a live bait. Captain Carey had his family out Sunday for a little fun fishing on the Grizzly, and they came in with 8 nice flatfish and a bunch of croakers. Monday, Steve Mattson and family joined Captain Carey for 15 fluke and lots of croakers. Craig Moore managed a 7.75 pound doormat on that trip. On Tuesday, Joe Walker, Joe Walker Jr, Tony Vansant and Barry Gerhard bucktailed ocean reef structure for 14 nice flatties. Joe just missed a citation with his 6.9 pounder. Joe, Joe Jr, Barry and Harry Glenbocki went back for more on Wednesday, and limited out with 16 plump flounder. Although most of the catching has taken in the Bay and Ocean, some flounder continue to come from Lewes Canal and the Cape Henlopen Pier. Brenda Powell checked in two nice fish she caught with minnows at Roosevelt Inlet. Bottom bouncers are still finding plenty of croakers of varying sizes inside and outside the Outer Wall, and on Sites 5 and 8. Numerous small trout, and some of legal size, along with kingfish, spot and blowfish were hanging out in the same areas. Snapper blues were often seen chasing baitfish through current rips around the Wall and near Cape Henlopen Point. The little choppers are a blast to catch with lures on light tackle. Inshore bottom fishermen found decent numbers of legal sea bass on natural structure between DB and DA Buoys. Offshore bottom dropping produced action with tilefish. Billy White, along with Captains Chris Thurman and Evan Falgowski, hosted Mike Parker from Outdoors Delmarva for a day of tilefishing in Baltimore Canyon aboard Quintessa. The trip was a great success, and the guys came back with 16 golden tile, including 35 pounders for Captain Ted Moulinier and Hank Draper. On the previous trolling trip on Quintessa, Ron Uschok whacked a 29 pound wahoo.

Flounder And Hardheads

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay structure continues to produce some pretty decent flounder action. Reef Sites 5,6,7 and 8 have yielded good numbers of flatties, with many keeper sized. Success has alot to do with presentation, and drift conditions are important. A light breeze against the direction of the current allows for slow coverage of the strike zone. Sometimes using the engines helps keep the boat where it needs to be. Bucktails and short leadered jig rigs are effective for rubble bouncing, but be prepared to lose tackle. Cut baits such as squid, bluefish and croaker work well, and smelts, shiners and Gulp! artificials also get the nod. Lots of small fish seek cover on reef site junk, and offer a ready food supply for flounder roaming the areas. Fishermen noted that they found little spot, croakers, ling, trout, blues, silver perch, sea robins, pigfish, sea bass and others on the deck that fluke spit up when brought aboard. So, it stands to reason that offering up live baits such as spot will get the attention of resident flatfish. As an example of how good the flounder catching has been this season for crews that are dialed in on working structure, guys on the Katydid kept 29 fish to 6 pounds on Saturday, bringing the boat's total number of keepers for the summer to over 600! Dennis Fish and friends joined Captain Carey on the Grizzly Saturday to put 27 flatties to 6 pounds in the box. Captain Pete's fishermen had 13 flounder and 42 blues Saturday aboard Top Fin. Captain Vince limited out a recent 2 person charter on Miss Kirstin, with 8 nice flatties from the Star Site. There is a load of bait in Delaware Bay, with schools of bunker, silversides and anchovies showing in many locations. During moving tides, hordes of snapper bluefish herded bait up against the shoal off the tip of Cape Henlopen. Baitfish forced to the surface were easy picking for blues below and birds above, and the ensuing melee involved diving gulls, terns and pelicans all vying for their share. Snapper blues were seen feeding around the Outer Wall and on the Star Site as well. Casting bucktails or metal spoons and jigs is a fun way to catch the scrappy choppers. In addition to surface action with blues, bottom bouncers got into plenty of croakers both inside and outside the Outer Wall, and on Reefs 5 and 8. Clams, squid, shrimp and Fishbites were favored by hungry hardheads. Size of the croakers has increased, with more fish over 12 inches being landed. Captain Ted's boats at Angler's Fishing Center have been returning with nice batches of hardheads, along with kingfish, spot, blowfish and spike trout. Captain Jim on the Hawkeye has had several successful half day trips, returning with a nice mix of panfish. Triggerfish have been hanging around Bay reefs and wrecks, and Captain Brian's fares on Little Angler II have had triggers mixed in with their croakers. All the panfish activity in the Bay has attracted larger predators, and there have been numerous sharks around. Fishermen have tangled with sand tigers, browns and other species. Captain Brian on Lil' Angler II has tagged and released many big sand tigers. Captain Pete on Top Fin was sharking outside the Outer Wall Wednesday when he hooked a 5 foot sandbar shark that as bitten in half by a much more sizeable toothy critter. Kinda' makes you think twice about taking a swim...Ocean bottom bouncers did well on flatfish. The Old Grounds southeast of DB Buoy gave up flounder, and rough bottom in the vicinity of DA Buoy also held fluke. Captain Charlie's flukers on Tranquila scored 14 quality keepers while drifting near DA Thursday. Captain Les had some good Ocean fluking on Martha Marie this week too. Reef site 10 continues to give up some impressive flounder. Matt Baker checked in a 9.91 pound trophy doormat he decked there while drifting live spot. Site 11 also offered some decent fluking over the past week.

Good Bay Bottom Fishing

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/9/2012 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay bottom bouncers have enjoyed fun fishing recently. There are plenty of croakers both inside and outside the Outer Wall, as well as on Reef Sites 5 and 8. Size of the hardheads has improved, with some fish over 12 inches reported. Clams, squid, bloodworms, shrimp and Fishbites were popular baits. Spot, kingfish, spike trout, blowfish and triggerfish were also part of the mix available, and were hooked using the same offerings. Snapper bluefish have been numerous too. They could be seen crashing schools of shiners in rips on the shoals inside and outside the Outer Wall. Casting bucktails or flashy metal lures would result in strikes from the rampaging little choppers. Flounder action has been good for those who know how to work the artificial reefs. Sites 6,7 and 8 were productive. Bucktails and bottom rigs both got bit. Captain Brent fished an afternoon 4 hour trip on Katydid Wednesday at the Star Site. During the first part of ebb tide, his anglers put 20 quality flounder in the box, out of 64 that they caught using squid, smelts and shiners. Ocean flounder fishing was decent too. Brent ran Katydid to Site 10 for his morning trip Wednesday, and returned with 23 nice flatties to 6 pounds. The Old Grounds southeast of DB Buoy, and bottom structure west of DA Buoy also yielded flatfish and sea bass. Captain Pete on Top Fin told of good tautog catching on an ocean wreck Wednesday. His fares culled a nice batch of keepers from many that they caught. Tuna activity has slowed since the hot chunk bite a couple weeks ago. A few yellowfins were taken by trollers between the Hambone and 30 Fathoms. Captain Les on Martha Marie pulled a Joe Shute lure at the Cigar Wednesday for a 50 pound yellowfin. Captain J.W. Hocker on the Miss Caroline trolled near the Tea Cup over the weekend to put a nice wahoo on ice, and release an estimated 200 pound blue marlin. Deep water bottom fishing was productive. Bill Swords and his crew on Swordsfish dropped in Washington Canyon Saturday for 11 golden tilefish, including Jake Kaplan's 43.5 pounder, 6 gray tile, and 35 knothead sea bass. Andrew Schneider was dropping in the Norfolk Canyon Saturday when he hooked an 18.6 pound citation blueline tilefish.

Marlin Mania

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/2/2012 12:00:00 AM

The offshore billfish bite has been very good, just in time for the 39th Annual White Marlin Open, to be held from August 6 to 10. Crews told of beautiful cobalt blue 80 degree water full of life in 1000 fathoms between the Poor Man's and Baltimore Canyons. Two tone porpoises and tunas aired out and fed as shearwaters dove on bait among scattered weeds and sulphur. Double digit white marlin release days were common among boats running the distance. Blue marlin and even sailfish were also hooked. The scene should be set for an interesting Tournament. Tuna action in 20 to 30 fathoms has cooled off. There was a scattered chunk bite on the Hot Dog and in the 30 Fathom Notch, but nothing reliable. Trollers told of a handful of wahoos in the same area. Offshore bottom fishing has been productive. Patrons on Katy Did deep dropped Saturday for a big catch of gray tile to 18 pounds, golden tile to 25 pounds, several blackbelly rosefish and a pair of barrelish. Inshore bottom bouncers did well with flounder. Captain Pete hosted Nevin Byler and his group aboard Top Fin last Friday for a nice catch of 20 keepers to 5.83 pounds while working Site 10. Joe Walker, Joe Walker, Jr, Tom Coyle and Tony Vansant fished Site 10 for their limit of 16 on Friday. Tony used a bucktail and croaker strip combo to tempt a 7.81 pound beauty. Captain Charlie's flukers on Tranquila put 16 keepers in the box near DA Buoy Saturday. Tony and Diana Vansant, Steve Millman and Brian Plummer fished reef structure Saturday for 12 quality flatties to 6.2 pounds. Wayne and Matt Baker, Chip Graves and Adam Lovenguth used live spot at Reef 10 for their 13 flatfish, including Adam's 6.76 pounder. Reef rubble has yielded some weighty flounder specimens this season, but Joe Walker, Jr brought in the heaviest so far. Joe was jigging a bucktail with cut bait at Site 10 when it was inhaled by an 11.36 pound doormat. Congratulations to Joe on his biggest flounder to date. Delaware Bay reefs have produced flatties as well. Captain Pete on Top Fin had 6 keepers to 5.8 pounds during a 3 hour Bay trip Wednesday. After Thursday's half day, Top Fin returned with 7 flounder, including young Adam O'Connor's 5.58 pounder. Delaware Bay fishermen also noticed an increase in the size of croakers caught this past week. More nice hardheads in the 10 to 12 inch range showed up around the Star Site. That area also gave up kingfish, blowfish, sanpper blues and legal trout to 16 inches. Triggerfish were taken along the Outer Wall. Fallyn Smith checked in triggers of 4.19 and 3.48 pounds from the rocks. Vic Gross got the first sheepshead of the season at the Wall, a citation worthy 8.14 pounder.

Summertime Mix

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/26/2012 12:00:00 AM

Delaware anglers have been enjoying a summertime mix of fish available in the region. Bottom bouncers caught flounder, sea bass, trout, croakers, spot, kingfish, blowfish, snapper blues, tautog and triggerfish. Offshore fishermen continued to find yellowfin tuna, dolphin, wahoo, and marlin. The Old Grounds and reef sites 10 and 11 remain the places to be in the Ocean for flounder and sea bass. Bucktailers and those using traditional bottom rigs tipped with squid, shiners, smelt, cut bluefish or Gulp! caught decent numbers of fish.

Captains Brent and Dave on Katydid worked the Ocean grounds Thursday for 23 keeper fluke, including Ryan Mayer's 7.87 pound citation winner. Tuesday, flukers on Katydid pulled 17 keepers from Site 10. Captain Pete took Mr. Chung Ro's group to Site 10 Sunday to put 15 nice flounder in the box. In Delaware Bay, reef sites 5,6,7 and 8 produced flatfish. Joe Walker and Tom Coyle drifted Site 8 for 8 good keepers Tuesday. Boaters drifting or anchored on Sites 5 and 8 caught numerous small croakers, along with kingfish, puffers, snapper blues and some legal trout. Triggerfish also came from the reef sites, as well as from wrecks at the Bay mouth and the Ice Breakers and Outer Wall. A small piece of clam, squid, shrimp or a sandflea worked for triggers. After a slowdown due to heavy weekend boat traffic on the Hot Dog, tuna chunking action bounced back. Some crews told of double digit catches of yellowfins around the Dog Monday and Tuesday. Tuna were also reportedly found in the notch of the 30 Fathom Line.

Still Hot At The Dog

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/19/2012 12:00:00 AM

Recent tuna action has been reminiscent of that years ago, when there used to be reliable chunking for yellowfins on the inshore lumps. Anglers have enjoyed some of the better fishing we've seen in awhile. Bluefins that were thick on the Hot Dog moved out around the middle of last week, when water temperatures rose above their comfort levels. They were replaced by numerous yellowfins that took up residence due to a daily feeding of butterfish chunks. Perhaps they'll keep showing up for the butterfish buffet as long as crews keep chunking on a regular basis. Some boats have done very well. Anglers on Quintessa, with Captains Chris Thurman and Evan Falgowski, got in the hot bite at the Dog. Saturday, they returned with 5 nice yellowfins in the 45 to 50 pound class. Sunday, the boys boated 22 yellowfins. And, on Tuesday, they put 19 more in the box. Wes Olson and his team limited out at the Hot Dog Tuesday, with 9 plump yellowfins aboard the Deep Penetration. Riley Zimmerman and Racheal Strawser each had 48.5 pound yellowfins on their chunking trip to the Dog. Although chunking has accounted for most of the tuna, trollers still found a few willing to pounce on ballyhoos or spreader bars. John Markey and Mike Ambler trolled between the Hot Dog and Hambone Saturday for a 40.8 pound wahoo and a 45 pound yellowfin. Keith Mohring and friends trolled the Baltimore Canyon for 6 dolphin from 10 to 20 pounds. On the inshore scene, flounder pounders continued to have success on natural structure between DB and DA Buoys.

A recent fluke trip aboard Katydid produced 36 keepers, limiting out all patrons aboard. On Tuesday, flukers on Katydid captured 14 keepers to 6.14 pounds while working the Old Grounds and Site 10. Today, Thursday, Katydid returned with 23 more keepers, including Ryan Mayer's 7.87 pounder. Jake Wiles whacked a 6.5 pound flounder aboard the Lil' Angler II. Bob "Buckwheat" Bryant brought in the largest flatfish we've seen so far this summer. His 31 1/2 inch doormat weighed 10.92 pounds, and was pulled from an ocean wreck. John Mazulla muscled in a 7.96 pound citation flounder on the Indian. Flounder action was decent in Delaware Bay for those who know how to work the artificial reef sites. Presentation is key, and sometimes it's necessary to keep the boat in gear or deploy a sea anchor for the proper drift. Of course, you should be courteous and considerate of boaters fishing close by. Matt Baker, Chip Graves had a limit of quality flatties to 6.33 pounds using live spot on Site 7. Tog season reopened July 17th, but blackfish haven't been to cooperative in the 80 degree Bay water. However, Captain Pete on Top Fin took Mr. Choi's group to an Ocean wreck with cooler temps today, and put together a catch of 26 keeper tautog, most in the 3 to 5 pound range. Triggerfish like the hot water. Captain Ted had 17 triggers during a half day trip to a Bay wreck aboard the Indian on Wednesday. Chuck Coverdale caught a 1 pound porgy on that trip. Other species that we don't usually see have been attracted to warm water in the Bay. Dan Riley was shark fishing on the Coral Beds, using a 16 inch bluefish for bait, when it was eaten by a big cobia.

During the fight, a huge shark appeared and grabbed the cobia. Fortunately, the cobia escaped, and was boated in one piece. Back at the Lewes Harbour scales, the battle scarred fish weighed 48 pounds. Schools of bunker have been roaming the Bay, and fishermen have noted an increase in catches of croakers, kingfish, spot, small trout, blowfish and snapper blues. Hopefully the presence of all the baitfish and the improved panfish activity point to a productive season ahead. Slot stripers continue to come from Lewes Canal. Drifting eels around the Drawbridge or casting Storm Shads along the marsh bank got the attention of rockfish in the 20 to 26 inch range.

Bay Flounder Heating Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/12/2012 12:00:00 AM

Although the Ocean flounder bite has been good recently, fluke action on Delaware Bay kicked in this past week. Boats working the artificial structure of reef sites 5,6,7 and 8 did well with flatties when conditions were right. Squid strips, shiners and smelts on bottom rigs worked, and bucktails tipped with Gulp! or cut bait caught their share.

Dave Walker checked in a 6.86 pounder he got with a jig. Flukers on Katy Did scored a great catch while rubble bouncing Sunday. Captains Brent Wiest and Dave Walker, Fred Robinson, Sam Scott, Richard Adams, Jeff Kerner, Bill Wiest, John Furbush, Clara Hollingsworth, Nancy Nortonheimer and Joe McNeal teamed up for 39 keepers, plus a black drum and a trout. Joe had the largest flatfish, a doormat weighing 9.28 pounds. Captain Brent hosted the Cannon and Sheffield families for some flounder fishing, returning with 25 keepers. Matt Baker, Chip Graves and Nate Evans used live spot to tempt 11 quality fluke from a Bay reef site. Chip caught a 5.76 pounder, and Nate nailed a 6.33 pound beauty. As mentioned earlier, flounder fishing in the Ocean has been productive too, with natural bottom structure of the Old Grounds giving up plenty of fluke, along with some decent sea bass. Reef 10 yielded flatties too. Pete Geng got an 8.4 pound trophy there aboard Top Fin. Michelle Schnaitman got a 5.2 pounder at Site 10, and John Schnaitman, Jr took a 6.06 pound flounder. John Mazzula muscled in a 7.96 pound citation aboard the Indian. Tuna fishermen continue to find success at the Hot Dog.

Chunking the northeast corner of the lump produced both yellowfins and bluefins. Yellowfins responded to hand fed chunks of butters or sardines on 50 pound fluorocarbon leaders, usually early in the morning. Bluefins ate baits deeper in the column, even on the bottom. Jigging with Butterfly or Hammered Diamond Jigs was effective as well. Bill McMahon, Steve Schad and Rick Peters chunked a 75 pound bluefin at the Dog, and released 8 other bruisers. Jim Weidman and friends had fast chunking action at the Hot Dog Tuesday aboard the Grizzly. Captain Carey Evans said they were hooked up constantly from the time the first butter went in the water at 6 am until he stopped for a break at 10:15. They kept 5 yellowfins plus their "over and under bluefins", and released numerous other bluefins. Back inshore, striper seekers fishing Lewes Canal found slot size specimens between the Drawbridge and Railroad Bridge. Casting Storm Shads worked well. Drfiting eels or bottom fishing with clams also produced rockfish.

Tuna At The Dog

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/5/2012 12:00:00 AM

Bluefins have taken up residence at the Hot Dog, and crews working the east side of the structure caught some nice tuna. Anchoring and chunking with butterfish and sardines proved productive. Fish responded to baits presented at different depths, but those closer to the bottom got bit most. Butterfly and hammered diamond jigs sent deep in the water column were effective too.

Yellowfins were mixed in, but it seemed they stayed higher in the slick, and preferred hand fed chunks. Captain Carey hosted Brian Arnold's group aboard the Grizzly for some great tuna action on July 1. They boxed 2 yellowfins, a 90 pound bluefin, and their under 47 inch bluefin. They also fought and released several 100 plus pound bluefins before calling it a day. Carey said the trick to tempting yellowfins was offering baits on 50 pound fluorocarbon. Bruce, Brad and Josh Buchalter, and Gerry and Scott Wert enjoyed fine fishing at the Dog on July 2nd. They kept 3 yellowfins and Scott's 88 pound bluefin, and released other bluefins as well. Captain Carey on Grizzly returned to the Hot Dog July 3rd with just one angler. Jim Weidman had a banner day, reeling in a pair of yellowfins and 8 bluefins up to 100 pounds. Other captains told of good bluefin chunking at the Dog, and still some trolling catches too. Boats pulling ballyhoos way, way back on the Hambone and Chicken Bone hooked bluefins, many over 50 inches. Yellowfins continued to pop up in 40 fathoms southeast of the Dog, but not in the numbers of previous weeks. Phil Falgowski and his buddies fished in the Baltimore Canyon where they had 5 gaffer dolphin, a 50 pound yellowfin and a 300 pound blue marlin release. In addition to good tuna fishing, inshore bottom bouncing was hot too. Flounder were taken from the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys, and on reefs 9 and 10. Anglers drifting squid, mackerel strips, smelts and shiners did well. Flukers also had success jigging bucktails tipped with Gulp! Kevin and Tammy Parker, Lance Cochran and "Flint" Sherman had their limit of 16 fine flatfish to 5.7 pounds on a trip to the Old Grounds. Buckwheat and Bobby Bryant, Bob Fleming and Steve Reynolds rounded up 13 keepers to 5.75 pounds at Site 10. Captain Brent's fares on Katy Did kept 28 flatties to over 5 pounds while rubble bouncing on July 3rd. A couple days earlier, Brent's anglers came back with 33 quality keepers. Dennis Fish and friends iced 19 fluke aboard the Grizzly. Several big flounder were weighed in during the week. Steve Parseghian pulled in a 9.42 pounder. Matt Shoup scored a 9.3 pounder using a bucktail tipped with Gulp! Matt Baker boated a 6.25 pound fluke. Diana Vansant decked one weighing 6.22 pounds. Matthew Maskell fooled a 5.04 pounder with a squid and minnow sandwich.

Flounder catching is improving in Delaware Bay. Steve Warren used live peanut bunker to get his limit near the Ferry Jetty. All the fish were over 4.25 pounds, and the heaviest was just under 9 pounds. Jack Henriksen and friends on his "Legal Eagle" had 11 keepers while drifting a reef site on July 4th. Bay reefs have also started to produce legal sized croakers. Using clams, bloodworms or Fishbites on small hooks at Site 5 resulted in hardheads that mostly ranged 8 to 12 inches. Blowfish, kingfish, spot, snapper blues and triggerfish were found on reef junk too. The slot size striped bass season is now open in Delaware Bay and it's tributaries. Anglers may keep 2 stripers between 20 and 26 inches per day until August 31. The slot limit does not apply to coastal waters, Indian River Inlet or the Inland Bays, where a 28 inch minimum size remains in effect. Striper were plentiful in Lewes Canal. They could be seen working baitfish in the evenings between the Drawbridge and Train Bridge. Anglers casting Storm Shads or Rat-L-Traps caught their slot size keepers. Other keeper bass fell for clams, squid heads or eels fished on the bottom.

Hot Flounder Bite In The Ocean

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

The Ocean flounder bite has been very good in the past week. Flatties congregated around the structure of reef sites 10 and 11, and on the edges of many wrecks. The live bottom and natural contours of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys held fluke too. Drifting squid and mackerel strips, minnows, shiners, smelt and Gulp! on bottom rigs worked well. Guys jigging bucktails caught plenty of fish too. Captain Charlie on the Tranquila hosted Greg, Josh, Justin and Jena Hayer, along with Tori Bell and Emily Olexy for some fluking near DA Buoy last Friday. The group returned with 17 quality keepers and a nice batch of sea bass. On Saturday, Katy Did had one of the most impressive catches to hit the dock in awhile.

The 10 anglers aboard limited out, with 40 plump flatfish, including 2 over 9 pounds. Captain Brent Wiest boated a 9.5 pound doormat, and Paul Pergeorelis put a 9.3 pounder in the box. Captain Pete Haines hooked a 7.18 pound citation fluke as part of his limit on Top Fin. Captain Pete went rubble bouncing again Monday for 15 keepers to 6 plus pounds. Pete also did a couple shark trips to the mouth of the Bay, and told of solid action with Browns and Duskies in the 5 to 6 foot range. Captain Brent on Katy Did drifted wreck and reef junk on an afternoon trip Wednesday for 18 flounder. He concentrated on the same mix of structure today to secure a 20 fish limit for his fares. Blake and Donna Reed, Josh and Henry Sharp, and "Flint" fished the Old Grounds today for their limit of 20 plump flatties. Wes Olson weighed in an 8.25 pound beauty he captured today on the Old Grounds, southeast of DB Buoy. Although Delaware Bay flounder fishing in general has been slow, some fishermen found nice fish. Ron Schmier and Len Shaffer scored five beauties, including Ron's 8.51 pound citation winner, while employing 6 inch Gulp!

Swimming Mullets over Reef Site 5. Indian River Inlet anglers have been getting in on fine flounder fishing too. Small spot have been abundant in the River, and flounder funneled through the inlet for their share of the desirable baifish. Folks freelining live spot along the bottom have done well with flatfish. Other good news tells of continuing tuna catches offshore. Wayne Wilson and his crew trolled 40 fathoms outside the Tea Cup for 5 nice yellowfins. The boys on Knot Right fished the West Wall of the Baltimore for 9 yellowfins, then moved to the East Wall to deep drop for 20 tilefish. The Katy Did iced 8 yellowfins and 36 tiles on a trip to the Baltimore Monday. Dave Popovich battled a big blue marlin for some time on the Quintessa, and unfortunately the jumbo billfish made a last minute dash under the boat and broke off before the leader could be touched for an official release. The crew also released a white and boated a yellowfin on that trip. Bluefin tuna have popped up on structure in 20 to 30 fathoms. They were seen and caught in the Dumpsite, on the 19 Fathom Lump, at Massey's Canyon, and today, in 30 fathoms outside the Hot Dog.

Big Bluefin!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/21/2012 12:00:00 AM

A big bluefin caused a buzz on the dock this week. Dave Cook and Sean Herlihy teamed up to best a 162.6 pound bruiser, the heaviest tuna brought back so far this season. The fish had a 66 inch fork length. The guys were trolling a ballyhoo skirted with a blue and white Joe Shute lure way, way back, when they connected with the tuna near the 19 Fathom Lump. Other trollers encountered bluefins inshore as well, but most of those were in the 30 to 50 pound class. Captain Alan Steele saw bluefins busting bait at the Chicken Bone Wednesday afternoon, and trolled up his keeper on the way home from offshore. He said the same thing happened on a previous trip when bluefins in the Dumpsite rose to the surface to feed late in the afternoon. Keep in mind the limit on bluefin tuna is one per boat per day from 27 to less than 73 inches curved fork length. Yellowfin action continues good, with catches reported from several locations between 40 and 100 fathoms from the Tip of Baltimore Canyon all the way down to Washington Canyon.

Crews told of sounder screens red with baitfish and flocks of working birds frequenting the corridor. The 40 to 50 fathom area between the Hot Dog and Poor Man's Canyon was particularly productive. Captain Larry Coyle said he came across a temperature break in the region that went from 65 to 71 degrees, where he trolled up a half dozen tuna, and had several more bites. Shawn Gallagher and his gang on Total Chaos came on a bunch of birds working 66 degree water in 45 fathoms west of the Baltimore, and landed 5 yellowfins to 50 plus pounds. Ed Sigda and the boys on Snow Goose enjoyed fast fishing while pulling spreader bars inshore of the Baltimore, putting 6 tuna in the box. John Joe Kabino, Evan Falgowski, Matt Shoup and Rhett Passwaters teamed up for 7 tuna on Tuesday. Captain Carey's group on the Grizzly had a great trolling trip Wednesday, returning with 8 nice yellowfins. On the inshore bottom scene, sea bass and flounder were available. Captains Brent and Dave on the Katy Did anchored up over a few wrecks Wednesday, and put together a limit of 225 bass and many plump ling for their 9 fares. Jigs worked well for knotheads that were sometimes suspended well above the structure. Bass were taken on the open bottom between DB and DA Buoys, but the majority were shy of the 12 1/2 inch minimum. Fluke were hanging out on the Old Grounds. Wes Olson and his buddies had 8 nice keepers there Tuesday. Taylor Deemer used an orange jig with a squid strip to tempt a 7.68 pound doormat while drifting the Grounds with Captain Ricky Yakimowicz.

Ricky mentioned there were numerous chub mackerel around, and that they could be captured with sabiki rigs or jigs and tubes. The tinkers make excellent fresh cut bait for fluke and sea bass. Delaware Bay bottom bouncers had spotty catches of flounder, spike trout, kingfish and blowfish around the rubble of reef sites 5,6,7 and 8. Triggerfish made an early appearance on Bay structure thanks to warm weather. Captain Ted had nice triggers on trips aboard the Indian. Mike DuFour decked a 4.02 pound triggerfish aboard the Martha Marie. Small boaters drifting Lewes Canal are still finding keeper flatfish. John Bickleman celebrated Father's Day with his daughter Lexie by landing a 6.28 pound flattie from the Canal. Jenny Manning outfished the men on Father's Day with her 4.64 pounder caught in the Canal. Spot have shown up in Indian River. Boaters using bits of bloodworm or Fishbites on small hooks near Buoy 20 hooked spot which they could use as live baits for stripers and flounder in the Inlet.

Mako Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/14/2012 12:00:00 AM

Sharkers report good numbers of blue whalers, sandbars, duskies and makos inshore so far this season. The toothy critters have been frequenting structure, mainly in the 20 to 30 fathom corridor. Wrecks such as the Misty Blue, Jacob Jones, Northern Pacific, Dry Docks, Hooper, San Gil and Marine Electric are all popular stopovers for migrating pelagics. Bottom contours that cause current changes and hold baitfish also attract sharks. The 19 Fathom Lump, Elephant Trunk, Tea Cup, Massey's Canyon, Chicken Bone, Hambone, Hot Dog, Sausages, South Paw and The Fingers are likely spots to set up on.

Alex McClure was sharking at Massey's Canyon Sunday aboard the Joint Venture with Captain Jeff Hoepfl when he hung into the largest mako we've had brought to the dock so far this season. The big blackeye inhaled a mackerel fillet, and with some quick work by the crew, was subdued after a relatively short battle. Back at the Marina scales, it weighed in at 221.5 pounds. The guys also trolled up their limit of a single bluefin in the Dumpsite outside Massey's. The boys on Big Herring drifted between Massey's and The Dumpsite for a 92 pound mako and a dolphin, then trolled a 40 pound bluefin from acres of tuna busting on the surface. Corey Walker and his buddies took a 93 pound mako, and released another mako, a blue shark and a brown shark in 66 degree water at the Hambone. They also put a gaffer dolphin in the boat. Tuna action continued good for offshore trollers. Captain Tom Cornell's crew on High Hook pulled skirted ballyhoos in Baltimore Canyon Friday, and returned with 13 yellowfins. Shawn Gallagher's guys on Total Chaos went 3 for 6 on yellowfins in the tip of Poor Man's. They also had a mako on the troll and tangled with a big blue marlin on light gear for awhile. In addition, they ran over a big Thresher that was lounging just below the surface, which didn't do the running gear any good. Johnny Mancuso, Kyle Hamilton, John Hazzard and Bubba Hastings ran Johnny's Palmetto center console on it's maiden voyage to Baltimore Canyon, and were rewarded with five 40 pound class yellowfins. Captain Chris on Quintessa worked the West Wall of Wilmington Canyon for 8 nice tuna, including Billy White's 61.5 pound sickle fin. Gunnar Zorn and his anglers on the Dawg Haus really got into tuna while trolling Washington Canyon, putting 19 yellowfins in the box. The first bigeye of the season, a 131 pounder, was boated in the Wilmington Canyon by Matt Boomer on the Four Eights out of Ocean City. Back closer to the beach, bottom bouncers between DB and DA Buoys found loads of sea bass, however not many met the 12 1/2 inch minimum. Maybe they'll be big enough by the end of summer.

Fluke were mixed in, and some decent flatties were decked by anglers deploying buctktails with strip baits or Gulp! In Delaware Bay, boaters fishing around the artificial reef sites had a few flounder, trout and kingfish. Surfcasters on Broadkill Beach caught some weakfish using peelers and chicken, but trout have spread out since water temperatures rose into the 70's. Small boaters in Roosevelt Inlet hooked trout using Bass Assassins, Gulp! and Fin-S Fish. Lewes Canal is still giving up an occasional flatfish to flukers using minnows, shiners or Gulp! on small tandem rigged jigs.

Decent Sign Of Flounder In The Bay And Ocean

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/7/2012 12:00:00 AM

Even though flounder catches in Lewes Canal this spring haven't met anglers' expectations, it appears there may be some good fluke fishing ahead for folks fishing Delaware Bay and Ocean structure.

Captain Ted's flukers aboard the Indian had 6 keeper flatties to 5 pounds while pile hopping at Site 5 a few days ago. Matt Baker anchored on Site 5 Sunday, to deal with wind and a fast drift, and managed 3 keepers in the 21 inch range while on the hook. It's likely flounder will turn on around most of the Bay's artificial reefs in coming days. Ocean bottom bouncers found good numbers of flatfish on the Old Grounds, southeast of DB Buoy. Captain Ricky's patrons on Thelma Dale IV got into specimens upwards of 6 pounds while bucktailing and fishing strips of cut bait on rough bottom over the weekend. Flounder were still available in Lewes Canal and Broadkill River, but as mentioned earlier, anglers had to really work for every fish. Chris Teeter managed to put together a limit of flatties to 21 inches, along with his single trout limit while drifting Gulp! and minnows in the Canal Sunday. Trout continue to please fishermen with their return to Bay waters.

Spike weakfish were caught around the submerged jetties of Roosevelt Inlet, and along Broadkill Beach. Bait fishermen chose chicken, peeler crabs and soft crab aprons as offerings. Those fond of casting lures found success with 4 inch Bass Assassin Sea Shads, Fin-S Fish, Gulp! Swimming Mullets, and Speck Rigs. Last part of incoming tide, and dawn or dusk were good times to try for trout. Sea Bass action is holding up, but it seems the farther off you go, the better the quality of bass. Captain Brent ran Katy Did to an offshore snag Sunday for a nice batch of big ling, pollock, and knothead bass, including Craig Lester's 4.37 pounder. Plenty of bass were residing at reef site 11, but many of the keeper sized fish have been picked off. Bass are spreading out onto the open bottom as well. The Old Grounds southeast of DB Buoy produced good numbers of sea bass. Bassers reported seeing free jumping Thresher Sharks in the same area, and although some brutes have been caught from boats out of other ports, we haven't had one brought to our dock yet. During the Mako Mania Tournament in Ocean City, Dave Nolan decked a 576.5 pounder at The Fingers. Jeff Guest brought in a 110 pound mako he got at the Sausages aboard Port-A-Bella. The crew on Jenny Lynn had a mako and several blue sharks while drifting near the Jacob Jones. Wes Olson sharked at the Triple Wrecks for a mako, a blue whaler, and a bonus batch of big sea bass. The warm water responsible for attracting pelagics into the 40 to 60 fathom corridor inshore of Baltimore Canyon the past couple weeks has been pushing south. Trollers told of getting into tuna and dolphin while working the same depths near Poor Man's Canyon. George Merrick said he fished aboard the Boy's Toy in 40 to 65 fathoms along the 150 line Sunday. The crew had 13 yellowfins and some gaffer dolphin. Josh Gessler released the first white marlin of the season reported by a Delaware boat on that trip as well.

Good Tuna Bite

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/31/2012 12:00:00 AM

Offshore anglers have been treated to some good early season action. Warm water that pushed into Baltimore Canyon held lots of life. Boaters reported seeing porpoises, ocean sunfish, flying fish and other bait concentrated along temperature breaks. Much of the activity took place in 40 to 60 fathoms between the West Wall of the Baltimore and Poor Man's Canyon. Yellowfins showed in good numbers, and some crews racked up impressive catches. The biggest bites happened when trolling spreads were covered up with multiple fish at once.

Anglers on the Reel Chaos experienced wild fishing two days in a row over the weekend, returning with 14 tuna on Saturday, and 24 more on Sunday. Plenty of dolphin were mixed in, and the first few wahoos made an early appearance as well. On Sunday, Grant Clubb released the first white marlin of the year aboard the Chain Reaction. Blue marlin were also hooked by trollers looking for tuna. Makos were attracted by all the activity in the area too. Several crews told of big blackeyes chewing on yellowfins that were hooked up. Sea bass still held the attention of inshore bottom fishermen. Reef Site 11 was a popular spot, and twenty fathom structure such as the Dry Docks had bass too.

Captains noted that it often took more stops during the day to put a catch together than earlier in the season. A lot of keeper sized fish have been pulled from the common places, and it involves more work to put bass over the 12 1/2 inch minimum in the box. Bottom bouncers seeking flounder started to find fish around Delaware Bay structure.

Captain Carey's flukers on the Grizzly scored 8 keepers on a half day trip Sunday, while drifting reef rubble in the lower Bay. Lewes Canal gave up flatties as well. Bill Koran captured a 6.29 pounder in the Canal. Lee McClellan managed a 7.45 pound citation doormat from the Canal. Flounder slayer Nick Psaroudakis nabbed a 6.4 pound specimen while drifting minnows. Nick's young daughter Paige is taking after her Dad, and pulled her first flounder from the Canal, a plump 20 incher. In addition, she landed her first trout, also measuring 20 inches. The numbers of trout in the Bay this spring have been surprising, and perhaps the species is on it's way to a comeback. Folks fishing Roosevelt Inlet from shore and small boats caught many weakfish while casting 3 to 4 inch soft plastic artificials and Gulp! lures.

Bait fishing with chicken or peeler crab also produced sea trout. Last of incoming tide during early morning or evening hours was best. Keep in mind the 13 inch minimum size and one trout per person limit. Most fish have been between 12 and 15 inches, but some larger specimens have shown up. Debora Wineland was surfcasting from Broadkill Beach using chicken when she connected with a 4.5 pound beauty. The surf striper bite at Cape Henlopen cooled off, but some decent rockfish were hanging around the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers. Top Fin Captain Pete haines took a busman's holiday to the Wall where he hooked a 17 pound linesider while tossing a Yo-Zuri plug. Nick Sharp nailed a brace of bass scaling 21.1 and 21.8 pounds that grabbed Gulp! eels he was working in the dark.

Canal Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/24/2012 12:00:00 AM

A record 360 flounder afficionados participated in last Friday's annual Canal Flounder Tournament, making the event a great success. In addition to competing for sizeable cash prizes, anglers vied for the all important bragging rights until next year's Tourney. Twenty percent of entry fees were donated to Camp Awareness, promoting education about outdoor activities to area youth.

A decent number of flounder were caught, with the best bite occurring after the mid morning tide change on the first of ebb current. Flukers reported success with the usual complement of offerings including minnows, shiners, smelt, cut bunker and shad, and Gulp! Boaters faced difficulty when the northeast wind breezed up and made it hard to maintain a proper drift direction after noon. However, guys in the right place at the right time scored some nice flatties.

Zach Becker was the big winner with his 6.11 pound doormat. Jim Joseph secured Second with a 5.48 pounder. Dan Baldwin boated the 4.82 pound Third place fluke. Shea Lindale landed a 4.63 for Fourth. Buck McLamb managed a 4.38 pound flatfish to fill Fifth Place. Jeff Becker bested a 4.21 pounder for Sixth, and Dan Schurman wrapped up Seventh with his 4.15 pound flounder. Many thanks from us at Lewes Harbour Marina and the Dewey Beach Lions to all who took part to make the day a big hit. Black drum action is in full swing, and should continue through the June full moon. Capt. Chris took the Pirate King II to the Coral Beds Saturday night, where his drummers decked 7 good fish while baiting with clams. Thirteen year old Trent Achey caught his first two drum on that trip, a pair of 30 pounders. Corey Davies captured a 66 pound drum. Other big boomers were bought to the scale as well. Kathy Rodgers reeled in a 67.7 pound whopper, and Kyle McLaughlin muscled in a 69.3 pound brute. Tom Payton boated behemoths of 66.2 and 71.5 pounds aboard the Angler with Captain Ted. They were part of an 8 drum catch Wednesday night. The much anticipated sea bass season is finally open. DNREC's Secretary issued an emergency regulation Friday to open the season Saturday May 19th, ahead of the originally scheduled May 22nd start date. The measure was supposed to make Delaware's regs consistent with just released Federal Sea Bass laws, however, the move didn't really matter since strong northeast winds prevented boats from getting out over the weekend. Many boats had trips scheduled for Tuesday, and with good weather, they were able to travel to Reef Site 11, where crews found plenty of bass willing to bite. Captain Brent's bassers aboard Katy Did enjoyed scorching action, putting a 9 man limit of 225 bass in the box before 9 am. Fares on the Lil' Angler II iced 104 sea bass. Captain Pete's group on Top Fin had a big catch too, including a 3.1 pounder for Mr. Yu. Captain Vince limited out his two man party on Miss Kirstin. Captain Charlie on Tranquila hosted the "Fishin' Bitches" for a good day of bassing. Captain Brent did it again Wednesday, returning with another 225 bass. Anglers working Broadkill Beach and Roosevelt Inlet encountered numerous weakfish. It's been great to see trout making a comeback. The feisty beauties were caught with peelers, squid, clams and bloodworms. Trout responded to a variety of artificials as well, sometimes even better than bait. Bass Assassin Seashads, Fin-S Fish, D.O.A.s, Tsunamis, Storm Shads, Gulp!, Speck Rigs, and many others drew strikes. Even though you can only keep one fish per day, many anglers enjoy just catching and releasing since the trout hit lures readily.

Those who like casting lures have also done well with stripers. Boaters drifting along the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers hooked keeper rockfish at dusk, during the nighttime hours, and in the early morning. Popular offerings included Bomber, Stretch 12 and YoZuri plugs, Storm Shads, bucktails, Rat-L-Traps, and Gulp! Eels. Glen Howard and Nick Sharp were at the wall around midnight Monday when they got their limit of quality linesiders. Joe Morrissey, Mike Flemming, Alejandro Cornejo and Jason Leach fished the rocks Tuesday night for their limit of bass, including Jason's 26.6 pounder.

Looks Promising for Trout

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

Commercial netters have had good catches of weakfish over the past few weeks, and now that water temperatures have risen, hook and line anglers have caught trout too. Trout are showing up again in some of their regular springtime haunts from years ago, and fishermen are happy to see them. Adam Ford was working a squid tipped bucktail off Broadkill Beach when he hooked a 6.1 pound tiderunner. Frank Gaworski and Barracuda Bob McNamee got into several trout while casting Tsunami lures from a small boat in shallow water along Broadkill Beach. The largest was Frank's 3.45 pounder. Most of the others were spikes in the 13 to 16 inch range. Bob also had a 4.77 pound flounder on an artificial, mixed in with the weakfish. Several other customers told of catching trout along Broadkill Beach and around Roosevelt Inlet. Most were tempted with lures like Gulp! Swimming Mullets, small bucktails, Bass Assassin Sea Shads, Fin-S Fish, Storms and other soft plastics.

Current regulations allow you to keep one weakfish 13 inches or longer per day. Even with the restrictions, many anglers just enjoy catching and releasing the hard fighting beauties. Striper action continues good. Beach casters had bass in the surf from Cape Henlopen to Gordon's pond while soaking clams or bunker. Early morning, evening and after dark hours were most productive, with best bites at the top and bottom of the tide. Judah Lynam landed 15 rock over 33 inches while fishing the beach Friday and Saturday nights using bunker. Dave Furio checked in a 21 pound rockfish. Lacey Moffett showed up the boys by catching her limit of linesiders measuring 34 and 36 inches at Herring Point with clams. Mike Shockley scored a 21.2 pound striper on Broadkill Beach. Black drum settled in on the Coral Beds. Captain Les on Martha Marie drummed Thursday night for 8 fish, and Friday night for 6 more. Kaila Tatman caught her first drum, weighing 32.5 and 37 pounds. Captain Brian had 4 drum on Lil' Angler II Wednesday evening, including a pending IGFA live release record. Togging is closed until July 17, but John Deeney finished the last day of Spring season by boating a 10.25 pound blackfish aboard the Grizzly. Flounder have been pulled from Lewes Canal when the water is clean. Candace Kidwell got a 3.5 pound flattie in the Canal. As of this writing, nearly 300 anglers were signed up for Friday's Canal Flounder Tournament, and we'll post results next week. The report from offshore brings news of tuna. Chris and Greg Wagner told of a temperature break that changed from 58 to 65 degrees over 3 miles in 100 fathoms at the tip of the Baltimore Canyon. That's where Ron Steen muscled in an 80 pound bluefin that pounced on a Green Machine bird bar. Other crews found yellowfins between the Baltimore and Poor Man's.

Surf Still Strong

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/10/2012 12:00:00 AM

Striper action on the beach has been better than in many past seasons. Bass began to be caught by anglers working the Cape Henlopen surf during the days leading up to the full moon, and the catching has continued through this past week. Best bites have been at the top and bottom of the tide, paticularly if those times coincided with daybreak or dusk. Clams and bunker were the baits of choice.

The Herring Point access area has been popular because of structure offered by the Navy Jetties. However, fish were taken along the beach both north and south of there. Limit catches were fairly common, and many of the rockfish have been good sized. Jack Austin landed bass this week weighing 23.8, 24.1, 28.8 and 34.8 pounds. Stripers were caught from Broadkill Beach too. Roger Guderian got an 18.8 pounder there using bloodworms. Rock also showed along the Outer Wall, and boaters casting artificials got into good fish too. Brian Seglem checked in a 35 pounder that inhaled a red and white plug he was throwing.

Bombers, Yozuris, and Stretch 12s have been effective lures. Light colors worked best during the day, and dark patterns were preferred during low light hours and at night. Bucktails tipped with plastic worms and Storm shads got bit too. Bites along the wall happened about the same times as those on the beach, with high and low tides at dawn and dark most productive. Black drum catches have been fair, but it hasn't busted wide open yet.

Captain Ted ran the Angler to the Coral Beds off Fowler Beach Monday night, and returned with 5 boomers to nearly 80 pounds. Wes Cromer weighed in a 72 pounder he battled for quite some time on light tackle. Drum should be available through the June full moon. Toggers getting in on the end of the Spring season had success along the Outer Wall. John Toomey took an 8.9 pounder on the Grizzly. Booker Bookwalter boated a 7.5 pounder on the Angry Angler. Bob Trento bested a 9.91 pound tautog on Katy Did. Tog season reopens July 17th. Flounder fishermen continue to pick at flatties in Lewes Canal, but keepers are scarce. Dirty water hampered catching. However, Lex Robertson managed a 5.12 pounder while working a Spro jig and minnow combo. Hopefully the fluke will get their act together before the Canal Flounder Tournament Friday May 18th. In offshore news, Jon Kitchen called to report that a recent trip to 400 fathoms of Poor Man's resulted in 6 bluefin tuna. The crew kept a 38 pounder.

First Drum, Stripers In The Surf

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/3/2012 12:00:00 AM

We had the first catch of black drum at the docks brought in after a Wednesday night trip aboard the Lil' Angler II. Captain Brian and his crew anchored up in shallow water on the Coral Beds, and boated four boomers to 35 pounds while baiting with surf clams on fishfinder rigs. Saturday's full moon should kick off a stretch of good drum action, that normally lasts through the early June full moon. We'll be stocking surf clams, but suggest you reserve them by Tuesday to make sure you get what you need.

Other big news is the striper bite that's been happening in the Cape Henlopen surf. Beach casters caught many nice bass during the week while using clams and bunker. Early morning seemed best, especially when it coincided with high tide. The beach near the Herring Point jetties was popular, and long casts weren't necessary for success. Often, rockfish were in close.

Several surf anglers stopped by the shop with limits of linesiders. Some of the better bass included a 19.5 pounder for Steve Fisher, a 22.1 pound striper for Jamie Kosiek, 24.1 pounder for Mike Popovich, a 24.5 pound rock for Chris Van, and a 25.4 pound trophy for Dave Popovich. Bill Love landed a 27.1 pound striper from the Cape wash. Mason Newsham managed a 31.6 pound lunker from the beach near Herring Point. A few stripers were hooked by boaters tossing plugs and jigs around the Inner and Outer Walls. Striped bass were also active in Indian River Inlet. Guys on the north and south rockpiles throwing Bombers and Storm lures at night connected with good sized bass. There was an epic striper run in Indian River Inlet during this same time last year, and jetty jocks are hoping for a repeat.

Togging remained good along the Walls and Ice Breakers. Anna Neely nailed a 9.5 pound tautog aboard the Katy Did. Another recent group on Katy Did returned with 5 citation fish, among their limit in the box. Sam Scott scored a 9.15 pounder, Bob Murphy a 9.07, Bill Wiest a 7.55, Steve Kiibler a 7.4, and Ben Strahl stuck a 7.24 pound tog. Tony Glen got a 9 pound 2 ounce blackfish as part of a limit take aboard the Grizzly. Tog should cooperate through the season closure on May 11th. The Lewes Canal yielded some flounder but most were shorts. Dirty water hindered catching. Water temps have risen to the upper 50's and the Canal and Broadkill River should come alive soon. On warm days with clean water, there have been decent flatties caught. Young Dylan Churchill captured his first keeper fluke measuring 18 and 24 inches while using a shiner tipped orange jig. Anglers on the pier at Cape Henlopen had flounder, but again, most were shy of the 18 inch minimum. Sonny McClure had one keeper out of seven he took from the pier Thursday night. Don't forget the Canal Flounder Tournament Friday May 18th.

Commercial netters continue to report good numbers of different year classes of weakfish in Delaware Bay, so perhaps we'll see a better hook and line fishery this season, even though the creel limit remains at 1 trout per person per day. Researcher Dewayne Fox came by to tell of several big thresher sharks he and his crew encountered while netting for sturgeon. He said they'd seen threshers to more than 400 pounds over the past week, while working south of Indian River Inlet. Sport sharkers should hook their first threshers soon. The crew of the Wrangler, out of Ocean City Fishing Center, landed the first bluefin tuna of the season. The 70 pounder ate a trolled ballyhoo in 500 fahoms of Baltimore Canyon. The season's first Mako, a 96 pounder, was taken between the Baltimore and Poor Man's Canyons aboard the Reel Life out of Indian River.


Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/26/2012 12:00:00 AM

A bruiser blackfish was hot news at the dock Saturday. Clark Koehn weighed in a 17 pounder that he wrestled from an upper Bay artificial reef site. Clark was fishing aboard the Miss Shyanne with Captain Dave Russell when he decked the 29 inch jumbo tautog. Another big tog was taken aboard the Grizzly yesterday.

Alex Levantovsky landed a 12.4 pound white chin while fishing a wreck at the Bay mouth. Togging in general has been pretty good, when weather conditions allow boaters to get out. Rodney and his crew on the Angry Angler culled limits of quality tog from many they caught Friday and Saturday at the Ice Breakers. Scott Riniker and his buddies celebrated Scott's bachelor party by putting a limit of chunky tog in the box aboard Katy Did at the Outer Wall Saturday. Captain Brent's toggers had 15 nice fish yesterday. The catch was topped off by brutes weighing 9.41 and 9.62 pounds that Chris Van captured on consecutive drops. Flounder fishermen continue to pick at flatties in the Lewes Canal, but it has yet to bust wide open. Flounder were also taken from the Cape Henlopen pier. Sonny McLure brought in a pair of keepers and released several others while tossing small chartreuse jigs tipped with shiners at night from the boards. Shane Townsend stopped by with a 6.59 pound doormat fluke he caught while fishing at Wachapreague. Don't forget the Lewes Canal Flounder Tournament Friday May 18th. A few stripers were beached by surf fishermen. Dave Furio soaked a bunker head at the Navy Jetties for his 17 pound bass. Jetty jocks at Indian River inlet had stripers while casting black or purple MirrOLures and Bombers at night on the south side. J.J. Jones told of good white perch action in Broadkill River. Working a shad dart tipped with a small minnow where ditches dump into the main river resulted in perch up to 14 inches.

Canal Coming To Life

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/19/2012 12:00:00 AM

After a little stretch of warmer days and nights, flounder catching improved in Lewes Canal. Harry Aiken, John Bister and Ken Williamson drifted Gulp! and shiners in Broadkill River Tuesday, ending up with 7 keepers from 2 to 3 pounds. Michelle Berezansky brought in a pair of 20 inch fluke she pulled from the Canal Tuesday. Last of the incoming and most of the outgoing tides have been productive.

Delaware's flounder season is open from now through October 23rd, with a minimum size limit of 18 inches and a daily limit of 4 fish per person. The annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament is scheduled for Friday May 18th. Entry fee is $25 per angler to be paid in cash at Lewes Harbour Marina before the Tourney. Tautog action bounced back with nicer weather as well. Ocean reefs 9 and 10 continued to produce, but numerous fish also came from the Walls and Ice Breakers. Dr. Jeff Kerner captured a 7.64 pound tog as part of a limit catch aboard Katy Did Friday the 13th. Katy Did was back at the dock early Saturday and Sunday with limits too. Captain Carey on the Grizzly told me his groups had many quality tautog over the weekend. Margaret Fisher decked a 7.5 pounder Saturday. Sunday's toggers scored 3 citations over 7 pounds, including Dick Yohe's 8.75. Captain Pete's regulars on Top Fin enjoyed good togging. He was anchored on structure when I talked with him as this was being written, and he said the bite was on, with some big fish in the box. Rodney, George and Booker stopped by Saturday with a limit of chunky blackfish to 6.4 pounds they took from an Ice Breaker at the end of flood tide. Bob and Andrew brought in a limit of plump tog from the Inner Wall Sunday. In addition to green crabs, we were able to get live sand fleas to offer for tog bait this past week. The warming trend after a mild winter made the mole crabs available sooner than normal.

Stripers have been scarce in the lower Bay, but plenty of rockfish were caught from Port Mahon north. The channel between 4L and 6L Buoys was a hotspot for bunker chunkers. Black drum should begin to cooperate soon in traditional areas like the Coral Beds off Slaughter Beach. We'll be carrying surf clams through the spring, but suggest you reserve bait early in the week.

Kinda Quiet

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/12/2012 12:00:00 AM

Cool and windy weather has not helped the fishing situation. On the few fishable days, boaters that could make it to Reef Sites 9 and 10 got into tautog. Some tog came from the Outer Wall as well, but bites were limited to tides with clean water. Water temps dropped in Lewes Canal, and slowed flounder activity. That should improve as conditions stabilize. There were reports of some stripers taken in the Canal by anglers in small boats casting Rat-L-Traps, Fin-S Fish and small Storm Shads to the shadow lines of lighted docks. Guys working the rocks at Indian River inlet during the period leading up to last week's full moon caught stripers. Casting Bomber plugs from the south side during nighttime flood tides did the trick. Commercial netters had black drum in Delaware Bay, and boomers should be caught on hook and line soon. We'll be carrying fresh surf clams throughout the spring, but we ask that you call to reserve bait by Tuesdays in order to ensure you get what you need for trips later in the week. We get deliveries on Wednesdays, and try not to order much more than we need, due to a limited cooler life of the bivalves.

We're Back!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/5/2012 12:00:00 AM

Hello again. Amanda and I have returned from our Florida Keys vacation and we're back at it in the shop every day from now on. It was another windy winter down south, so much of our fishing was confined to inshore patch reefs. We did end up with some decent catches on days that we were able to go.

We brought a selection of yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snapper fillets north with us, along with smoked king mackerel and amberjack. We missed not being allowed to keep groupers with the season closure, and we released several nice ones. Hopefully the regulations will help and we'll be able to once again enjoy the tasty fighters while we're wintering in the Keys. As for what's happening locally, boaters had success with tog and stripers throughout the unusually mild winter. Flounder had even made an early appearance.

Weather has been more normal over the past couple weeks, which unfortunately means cool and windy, and fishing action has been up and down with conditions. On good days, some nice catches were recorded. Captain Carey had Don Kopp and his group out for two trips on the Grizzly. They put 27 keeper tog in the box Friday, and 20 more on ice Saturday. Be aware that as of April 1st, the creel limit for tautog is 3 fish per person, with a 16 inch minimum size. Steve Keretzman and Scott and Kyle Peterson fished with Captain Pete on Top Fin Saturday for 14 quality tog and a big ling. Mr. Kim's group limited out aboard Top Fin on Tuesday. Captain Brent's toggers on Katy Did checked in some nice blackfish. Paul Pergeorelis boated a brace of citations weighing 9.11 and 7.6 pounds. Mark Adams had a 7.66 pounder. Catches have been more consistent on the ocean reef sites 9 and 10, but on days with clean water and less current, tog were taken from the Star Site in Delaware Bay. Some tog came from the Outer Wall, but again, it was conditions dependent. Fishing should improve along the rocks as water temps warm. Right now, it's about 52 degrees. Popular baits have included green crabs, frozen sand fleas, clams and shrimp. Stripers are in the Bay and should turn on at any time. Roger Guderian got a 36 inch 19 pound rock while soaking a bloodworm in the surf at Broadkill Beach. Striper catches were reported up the Bay by boaters using fresh bunker along structure edges between the lower end of Joe Flogger Shoal and #2 Buoy off Port Mahon. We're carrying fresh bunker, eels and sea clams at our store when available. Flounder have come from Lewes Canal. As with other fishing, it's better with a period of stable weather and clean water, and the action will pick up in coming weeks.

The annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament will take place Friday May 18th. It is a boat tournament open to both powerboats and kayaks. Entry fee is $25 per angler, to be paid by cash at Lewes Harbour Marina in advance of the Tourney. Five dollars of the entry money will be donated to the Camp Awareness Youth Program. The remaining money will be split among winning anglers, so the more fishermen(and fisherwomen), the bigger the prizes. Best of luck to everyone this season!

Best Wishes For The New Year

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/30/2011 12:00:00 AM

The 2011 calendar is coming to an end, and it appears that striper catches in the Bay are winding down too. Fishing was good the week before Christmas, but not many bass were brought back in the past few days. Water temperature is down to 45 degrees. Yesterday, the Lil' Angler II returned with a pair of keepers caught on eels east of The Valley. Herky Billings trolled up 5 rock at Overfalls, but only one was legal. John Hazzard and Kyle Hamilton had one nice striper about 24 pounds. Many other crews came in fishless. There are still reports of striped bass moving south along the New Jersey coast, but whether or not they'll hook into the Bay depends on conditions. They should bite bait and artificials until the water hits 40 degrees.

Tog will likely cooperate in the Bay for a little while longer, then the Ocean becomes a better bet. Cod have been making quite a comeback, and anglers targeting them this winter should find success. Amanda and I are heading to the Florida Keys New Years Day. We spend most of the year making sure everybody else goes fishing, and we look forward to finally getting in some time on the water for ourselves. We'll hopefully have some fish pictures to share through our website photo gallery. Be on the lookout! Thanks so much to all our customers and everyone who stayed tuned to the Report this season. Here's wishing you lots of fun fishing experiences in the New Year!

Christmas Rockfish

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/22/2011 12:00:00 AM

It's beginning to look a lot like rockfish for Christmas. Now that we're officially into winter, Striper catches have still been as good as, if not better than they've been all fall. Seems like those fish that were taking their time moving down the Jersey coast are finally filtering into Delaware Bay. Fishing pressure has been light, due to Holiday obligations for many anglers, but those who ventured out in the last few days were rewarded with some great action. Yesterday morning, Captain Carey Evans called me from the Grizzly, already on his way home. He had his limit of 20 fish by 9:30 am.

He said the bite was on fire during the ebb tide at Overfalls, and there were hardly any other boats around. The bass weren't concentrated in just one spot, and Carey mentioned they made long drifts over the shoals. There must have been plenty of stripers in the area. Most of the fish ate live spot, but others fell for eels as well. Carey told me they released some nice ones too. The last one they let go weighed 26 pounds. The day before, Tuesday, Captain Chet's bassers on the Lil' Angler brought back 10 quality rock in the 15 to 20 pound range. Hale Bennett, Ashley Farren and Captain Dave Potter trolled Stretch 25 plugs at Overfalls for their limit of linesiders. The largest was Ashley's 23.6 pound trophy.

The majority of stripers caught in recent days have been keeper sized. Last week, there were many sub legal sized bass around, and normally, there are a lot of resident shorts this time of year. But it's likely the larger fish are part of the group still migrating through. In addition to live baits and trolled plugs, these fish respond well to bucktail jigs. Adding wiggle to the lures makes them even more attractive. Threading on a Skippyfish, Gulp! Sinking Minnow or Culprit worm does the trick. There should be fine striper fishing into the New Year. Tautog action remained good as blackfish stage on wrecks at the Bay mouth. On an early week trip, Captain Pete on Top Fin had a regular group that took home over 50 tog. Captain Carey's guys on the Grizzly also had 50 plus keepers that same day.

Best wishes for a Fishy Christmas!

Stripers Still Coming

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/15/2011 12:00:00 AM

After a little lull in striped bass catching, action perked up as more migratory fish from up north moved into the area. It seems like fresh groups push into the Bay for a few days, then swim on to be replaced by more. The new fish have been carrying lots of hitchhiking sea lice. Most bass now are of a smaller size class than earlier in the run. Many are shy of minimum length, and a majority of keepers are in the low 30 inch range. Although, an occaisonal lunker still hits the dock. Ron Mistretta muscled in a 35.1 pounder at 8 Buoy on the Katy Did. Kory Moore's first striper was a good one, weighing in at 33.3 pounds. With water temps near 50 degrees and flirting with the 40's, rockfish have been responding well to bucktail jigs.

You'd think with colder water, fish would prefer a slower moving live bait, but this time of year, artificials get a lot of attention. Dave Walker, Brent Wiest and Chris Van had 30 rock while tossing bucktail jigs tipped with Skippyfish at Overfalls and 8B Buoy on Tuesday. They managed to cull their limit of 6 keepers. Bass fishermen aboard Katy Did Monday bucktailed 13 keepers. However, eels and spot still get bit, especially in deeper water. Captain Ted's bassers aboard the Angler had all keeper sized stripers up to 25 pounds while drifting eels in The Valley yesterday, December 14th. Trollers towing Stretch 25 plugs on the 12 foot hill at Overfalls continued to capture fish too. With moderate weather, striper fishing should hold up through the end of the month. The tautog bite has been good too. Blackfish have been staging on wrecks at the Bay mouth.

Toggers aboard the Angler did well Tuesday, returning with 70 chunky keepers. Captain Pete anchored Top Fin at the Wall Tuesday for nice batch of tog, including Bruce Min's 9.62 pounder. Pete worked a wreck Wednesday for 40 more keepers.

Good Blackfish Bite

Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/8/2011 12:00:00 AM

Slower currents and decent water quality set the stage for some good tautog action this past week. Water temperatures remain in the low 50's, and Delaware Bay artificial reefs continue to give up tog. Sites 6, 7 and 8 have been productive.

Captain Chet's toggers on Lil' Angler II took home over 20 keepers Friday, among which were a 7.35 pounder for Mike Piasecki, and a 7.9 pound citation for Dennis Reardon. There was a hot bite on the Star Site Sunday. Tog fishermen on the Lil' Angler II brought in 62 chunky blackfish. Mike Crouse captured a 7.43 pounder, Joe Pergeorelis put an 8.23 in the box, and Doug Mickowski muscled in an 8.5 pounder. Tog sharpies aboard the Grizzly had their 50 quality fish limit by noon. Mo Wilson wrestled a 10.75 pounder, Robert Wilson wound in a 10.25, and Maurice Wilson managed an 8.75 pound tautog. Martha Marie's gang got a nice mess of tog, including Captain Les Clemmer's 8.19 pounder. Corey Newkirk nailed a 9.21 pounder at Site 8 aboard Katy Did. On Monday, the crew aboard Katy Did was togging again, and returned with 46 keepers, including Joe Walker's 6.16 pounder. The Lil' Angler II came in with 32 blackfish. The Grizzly got 30 tog, with two citations over 7 pounds. Top Fin's toggers kept 16 nice fish, and patrons on the Angler had good success Monday, with some individual limits on the boat.

Ocean tog fishing was good too, with nice catches on Site 11. Boaters traveling off to Site 11 encountered large schools of bluefish and stripers under birds, between the shipping channel and the reef. Fish were caught by casting bucktails and metal jigs, or trolling Stretch plugs. Remember that any rockfish caught in Federal waters must be released. Wreck fishing for sea bass is shaping up in deeper water. Fares with Captain H.D. Parsons had numerous knothead bass to over 6 pounds during a 12 hour trip to a snag in 160 feet Saturday. Several slammer bluefish and cod came over the rail as well. Richard Adams reeled in a 12 pound codfish. Striper catches at the Bay mouth fell off some over the weekend, but it's likely we're in between batches of fish. There has been a mass of bass moving down the coast, and hopefully conditions will be favorable for them to hook into the Bay before continuing south. Some sizeable stripers are still hanging around. Tom Lenhard landed a 35.7 pounder in The Valley Monday aboard the Adventurer. Seth Hetherington hooked a 36.2 pounder Monday with an eel at 8B buoy.

There's been a good bucktail bite recently, but the vast majority of striped bass in the area right now are shy of the 28 inch minimum length. Dave and Joe Walker, and Brent Wiest released about a dozen bass, and kept 4 plus a big blue while tossing jigs tipped with Skippyfish tails at 8B just before dark Tuesday.


Lewes Harbour Marina - 12/1/2011 12:00:00 AM

Bay water temps are finally starting to drop through the mid 50's. Tautog action has been up and down with changing conditions, but there have been some decent catches off the Star Reef and the Brown Shoal Reefs. Daniel Caldwell decked a 9.7 pound citation tog at the Star Site aboard the Pirate King II. The Walls and Ice Breakers also gave up fish on days when the water was clean, and the current wasn't smokin'. Chris Dawson happened to be at the Outer Wall when things were right, and was rewarded with the tog of a lifetime.

On Sunday, Chris wrestled a 19.7 pounder, and won! The 30 incher ate a "white legger" crab at the elbow, and was the heaviest blackfish we've had checked in at Lewes Harbour Marina so far this year. Striper fishermen were out en force over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend because of the nice weather and reports of good catching. The Lewes launch ramp was very busy. Trailers were parked out onto Pilottown Road, and returning boats were lined up all the way to the inlet. It was reminiscent of the good old days of sea trout fishing in the early 80's. The heavy boat traffic seemed to put off the bite somewhat, but those who got on the grounds early did ok. On Saturday, Captain Brent's bassers aboard Katy Did had 10 quality keepers while drifting eels and spot on Overfalls. Most of those fish were in the box before 8 am. Captain Carey's guys on Grizzly had 7 keeper stripers, including Ron Allen's 33 pounder. Herb Guest got a 25.9 pound rock at Overfalls. Drew Ambler landed a 24.9 pounder. Matt Hete drifted an eel at 8A Buoy for his 30.1 pound citation striper. Chuck Flickinger was eeling on Overfalls when he connected with a 36.5 pound trophy. David Biles boated a 34.9 pound linesider at Overfalls, and Kurt Wilber worked The Eights for a 35 pound citation winner. Although live bait fishing has become more popular in past weeks, trollers pulling Stretch and Bomber plugs continue to catch their share. Bucktailers have been taking bass as well. RJ Gooner was trolling at Brown Shoal when he landed stripers weighing 16.6 and 18.3 pounds. Kevin Parker and his crew iced a limit of linesiders to 27 pounds by drifting eels at Brown Shoal Saturday morning.

It sounds like there are still a lot of stripers moving south along the Jersey beaches. The bulk of migratory bass have yet to move into Delaware Bay, and hopefully conditions will be such that they get pushed in for more great fishing though the next few weeks.

Striper Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/24/2011 12:00:00 AM

The 2011 Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament ended November 22nd. Many beautiful striped bass were caught and checked in during the event that started October 22nd. However, local trolling specialist Evan Falgowski was the big winner, taking First and Second Places with bass weighing 46.2 and 37.3 pounds. Evan's brother, Ryan Falgowski, had the Third Place 36.2 pound fish. Congratulations to the fishin' Falgowski family for their victory. Thanks to all who participated in the annual contest to make it a continuing success. Big rockfish are still coming from structure at the mouth of Delaware Bay.

Drifting live spot and eels has been effective, but those trolling Stretch 25+ and Bomber CD25 plugs took their share as well. Doug Mickowski muscled in a 41.8 pound monster while drifting an eel in deep water at 8 Buoy aboard Katy Did. Alex Neiss nailed his first ever striper, a whopping 41 pounder, while eeling in The Valley. Tammy Parker put girl power to work for her 38.9 pound rockfish. Scot Anderson trolled a pink Stretch 25+ at Overfalls for his 35.7 pounder. Jonathan Raimondi reeled in a 35.4 pounder in The Valley aboard Tranquila. Greg Wagner wrestled a 34.6 pound trophy in The Valley. Larry Lytle eeled at The Eights for his 34.6 pound lunker. Skipjack Skipper Chris Thurman showed 'em how it's done by decking a 34.3 pounder in The Valley. Mike Hynson had a 33.9 pound linesider at 8 Buoy. Joel Robinson registered a 33 pounder he caught in The Valley on the Pirate King II. Evan Falgowski fooled a 32.5 pound bass with a Bomber plug in the Outer Wall rip. Eric Buckingham boated a 30.8 pound bass aboard the Angler. Abraham Pangan put a 30.4 pounder in the box aboard Tranquila. Rhett Passwaters pulled a Stretch Plug at Overfalls for his near citation 29.7 pound rock. Kenny Ferro fought a 28.3 pound striper on the Angler. Judy Esterly eeled up a 28.1 pound beauty. Derek Johns decked his 27.6 pounder on the Adventurer. In addition to striper action, Bay fishermen enjoyed success with tautog. Captain Pete on Top Fin told of good trips to the Star Site. First time togger Kathy Vu was off to a fine start with the 11.39 pound blackfish she boated aboard the Lil' Angler II. John Leader landed a 7.6 pound tog. Captain Carey reported red hot togging for the sharpies aboard Grizzly on a Bay reef Monday. They kept 55 tog, including a 10 pounder for Lenny Zalewski, Alex Leventovsky's 9.5, a 9.25 for Ray Mazanec, and William Guzman's 8.75 pounder.

Carey said, in addition, the guys had seven other tautog over the 7 pound citation size while using "white legger" crabs. The Ocean surf has been pretty quiet, but shore bound anglers did have success with ling on the Cape Henlopen Pier. Cut mullet or clams worked for the tasty red hake. Stripers were taken by casters tossing 3 and 4 inch Storm Shads where Canary Creek opens up into Roosevelt Inlet.

Reelin' In Rock

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/17/2011 12:00:00 AM

Striper fishing remains good at the mouth of Delaware Bay. Numerous big bass have been taken from deep water rips of The Valley by boaters drifting eels and spot. Trollers pulling Stretch 25+ and Bomber CD25 plugs on Overfalls also had success with rockfish. Chartreuse, gold and pink have been good colors. Bucktailers hooked fish too in shallower rips. Tipping jigs with Gulp! eels or Jerk Shads, or Skippyfish tails adds enticing action. Chopper blues ranging 8 to 12 pounds mingled with stripers, and pounced on offerings intended for the bass.

Several anglers reported releasing nice sized flounder that also grabbed striper baits. With cooling water temps, spiny dogfish have shown up. They've been particularly pesky at Overfalls, but not so much so between the deeper areas between 8 and 8A Buoys.

Last Saturday, Miss Kirstin returned with 4 rock to 22.1 pounds and a bluefish. The Pirate King had 5 bass to 22.4 pounds and a pair of big blues. Captain Ted himself caught a 28 pounder, part of the Indian's take of 7 quality stripers. Stanley Smith scored a 30.1 pound striper with an eel in The Valley. Jeff Griffin got a near citation 29.6 pound rock in the same locale. Brian Stephens and his crew trolled up a limit of 6 fish between 20 and 30 pounds at Overfalls. Catching was good during Sunday morning's flood tide. Capt "Mole" Barnes checked in with 4 bass, including his 17.8 pounder, a 25.4 pounder for Bob Persch, and Mark Swift's 26.7 pounder. Captain Vince's eelers aboard Miss Kirstin limited out with 10 fish between 18 and 20 pounds at Overfalls, and were back at the dock by 11:30 am. Bassers on Katy Did decked 10 rock to 29.8 pounds drifting eels and spot in The Valley. Robert Goracci got a 33.3 pound lunker aboard the Pirate King. On Monday, the Skipjack scored 7 stripers to 20 pounds and a slammer blue. Tuesday, Katy Did came back early with a limit of 8 to over 20 pounds while deploying spot and eels in The Valley. John Joe Kabino pulled a Cabo Sunset Stretch 25+ at Overfalls for his 34.2 pound trophy. Ron Rowles reeled in a 27 pounder and Bill Matthews managed a 19 pounder while drifting eels at 8B Buoy. Striper seekers on Grizzly got 9 keepers for the box and released 2 others. Joe Legrand landed a 29.25 pound linesider during a previous trip aboard the Grizzly. Wednesday, Skipjack Captain Chris Thurman showed 'em how it's done by putting a 34.3 pounder in the box. Bob Bessel boated a 27.1 pound bass on that same trip to The Valley.

Tautog fishing continued decent on days with good conditions. Strong currents and dirty water were problems following the Full Moon. The Walls and Ice Breakers still yielded tog, as did Bay reef sites. George Magaw checked in a 7.54 pound citation blackfish from the Outer Wall Sunday. Toggers on the Angler had nice catches Tuesday. Captain Carey had a great Wednesday of togging at the Ice Breakers aboard Grizzly. His fishermen landed 58 plump keepers, including a 10.25 pound citation specimen for "General Lee".

Rockfish On Lures And Live Bait

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/10/2011 12:00:00 AM

Since their arrival last week, stripers have spread out across the mouth of and up into Delaware Bay. Rockfish initially seemed to be concentrated on Overfalls Shoal, but were recently reported on other traditional structure as well. The shoal at 8B Buoy gave up bass to crews trolling plugs and also to those drifting eels and spot or jigging bucktails. Deep water rips in The Valley between 8 and 8A buoys were productive primarily for eelers. The 100 foot depths near 8 Buoy held some big fish, but could only effectively be worked at near slack current. Trolling Stretch plugs or casting bucktails in the rip outside the Outer Wall also produced rock. Chunkers had fish along the edges of 60 Foot Slough, but fresh bunker has been a rare commodity. A rundown of some of the past week's catches offers an idea of how the fishing's been.

Last Thursday, K.B. Brittingham checked in a 25.3 pounder that took a Stretch 25. Captain Dave Potter's crew on Scuba Doo had bass of 23.5, 25, 25.1 pounds, plus Richard Mihalik's 30.8 pounder, while trolling red and white Stretches. On Sunday, Joe Hoepfl pulled a pink Stretch 25 on Overfalls for his 23.2 pound rock. Chris and Pat Irelan teamed up for stripers of 19.9 and 22.8 pounds while towing chartreuse Stretches. Bruce Buchalter brought in a 27.7 pound bass that grabbed an eel at 8B. Monday, Scott Davis decked a 28.5 pound linesider drifting an eel in deep water at 8 Buoy. Mike Mell chunked up a 25.3 pounder using bunker in 60 Foot Slough. Matt Shoup scored a 35.8 pound lunker while trolling a chartreuse Stretch 25 at 8B Buoy. Mike O'Neill nailed a 30.4 pounder at 8B. Josh Farr's 34.8 pound trophy fell for an eel on Overfalls. Steve Scarfo and Joe Harris pulled Cabo Sunset Stretch 25's at Overfalls Tuesday for a limit going 16.4, 19.3, 21.1 and 30.1 pounds. Will Emmert and Ralph Short worked Overfalls with Stretches for bass weighing 31.9 and 23.8 pounds. Shawn Gallagher got a 27.9 pounder at the Eights. Drifting eels in The Valley produced a 17 pounder for Andy Shepard, a 15.7 for C.J. Stephens, a 23 pounder for Craig Stephens and Robbie Stephens' 25.3 pound rock. Woody Gunther drfited eels between 8A and 8B for a 33.6 pounder, then went back Wednesday for another citation bass scaling 33.0 pounds. Steve Scarfo, Sr scored stripers of 21 and 22.9 pounds while trolling Cabo Sunset Stretch 25 plugs at Overfalls Wednesday. Bob Van Pelt eeled up a 22.9 pound rock. Mac McNaught muscled in a 30.8 pound bass and Dave Max had a 25.9 pounder on the Indian. Mike Baiocco boated a 28 pound striped bass. Marty Horton had a 33.2 pound citation winner in The Valley aboard Candy's Choice. Trolling specialist Evan Falgowski showed his stuff again with a 37.3 pound trophy. The trolling trio of John Hazzard, Johnny Mancuso and Lee Abel captured impressive bass of 24.1, 33.3 and 30.0 pounds. John and Paul Elwood pulled in stripers weighing 22.4, 22.3 and 28 pounds. Buck McLamb used eels at The Eights for a limit of bass that went 20.3 and 13.6 pounds. John Joe Kabino trolled Stretches at Overfalls for his 26.3 pounder. The Katy Did brought in 5 stripers to 23.6 pounds Wednesday. Mike Baiocco was back at it again today, boating a 34.2 pound bass at 8B Buoy. Striper fishermen on the Indian today had 5 rock to 27 pounds. The Angler returned with nice stripers to 28 pounds as well. Standings in the Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament list Evan Falgowski in First with his 46.2 pounder, and Second with a 37.3 pound bass. Ryan Falgowski holds Third with a 36.2 pounder.

The event is shaping up to be a real family affair. The Tourney goes on through November 22nd. Tautog action has been good in the Bay when conditions are right. Captain Pete on Top Fin has had several successful togging days on the Outer Wall. Captain Carey's toggers on the Grizzly had a stretch of good trips. Last Thursday's group had 34 tog including Rob Lammey's 7.12 pounder. Friday's guys had 40 and Sunday's anglers kept 47. Monday, Grizz returned with 33, including a 7.5 for Alex Levantovsky. On Monday, Katy Did's crew captured 39 keepers. Captain Chet on Lil' Angler II has been working upper Bay reefs for some good catches. Today, fishermen on the boat put 47 chunky keepers in the box. Richard Foster recently recorded a 7.4 pound tog on the Lil' Angler II. Bob Fahringer boated a 9.4 pound blackfish, part of a 44 keeper catch at the Brown Shoal reefs on the Pirate King. Bill Wiest wound in a citation 8.2 pounder aboard Katy Did. Captain Ted said his Wednesday fares aboard the Angler saw some of the best catching this season, coming back with 80 keepers. Joel Robinson reeled in a 7.71 pound tautog. If the weather gives us a break, there should be plenty of good fishing for both stripers and tog, along with big bluefish in the coming weeks. Jimmy Bunting reported he had stripers and plenty of slammer bluefish while chasing birds off Ocean City a couple days ago.

Stripers Are Here!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 11/3/2011 12:00:00 AM

The big bass have arrived, right on cue. Timing was good for a strong northeast blow this past weekend to push migratory stripers into Delaware Bay, and fish showed up over shoals at the Bay mouth, just on the heels of the front. Halloween Monday offered the first fishable weather, and local striper sharpies were chomping at the bit to get out and try for rockfish. Evan Falgowski, Garrett Shipley and Lee Abel headed to Overfalls Shoal, where they met with success while trolling Stretch 25+ plugs. The crew caught 9 fish in all while working the running tides. Their 6 bass limit included 35.8 and 28.8 pounders for Garrett, Evan's 34.5 and 30.1 pounders, and Lee's rock weighing 22.9 and 17.2 pounds. Dave Lynam drifted a live mullet at Overfalls to land a 26.8 pound striper. Boats that fished Wednesday found more fish. Chris Wagner was pulling a chartreuse Stretch 25+ plug on Overfalls Wednesday when he connected with a 42.6 pound trophy bass. Evan Falgowski was back at it Wednesday, recording his heaviest striper so far. The lunker linesider he trolled up at Overfalls weighed 46.2 pounds and measured 50 inches long. Patrick Irelan and Jimmy Young towed chartreuse Stretches at Overfalls Wednesday for 4 rockfish to 23.5 pounds. Tuffy Tribbitt used a live eel to tempt his 29.6 pound near citation striper at Overfalls Wednesday.

Other boaters had bass while drifting spot and eels, as well as by trolling diving plugs. Fish were also reported by chunkers baiting with bunker on traditional structure. Chilly nights have caused water temps to fall into the mid 50's, which is to the liking of fall rockfish. More northeast wind is forecast for the weekend, which may prevent boats from getting out, but it should help move additional baitfish and gamefish into the area. The action should only get better as more stripers slip into the Bay. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament is on now and runs through November 22nd. The annual event offers cash prizes. Participants must register at the store in advance of fishing. The leaderboard so far shows Evan Falgowski's 46.2 pounder on top. Garret Shipley is in Second with a 35.8 pounder. Evan also holds Third with his 34.5 pound striped bass. The Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament ended October 31st. Captain Brent Wiest captured First and Third places with his tautog that scaled 9.62 and 9.33 pounds. Bob Murphy held onto Second with a 9.5 pounder. Thanks to all who entered the contest to make it a success. Togging is still pretty good on the rock Walls and Ice Breakers, with clean water. Bay reefs continue to produce too, as long as conditions are ok. Captain Ted's fares on the Angler had a nice catch at Site 7 Monday. Young fisherman Jacob Gier celebrated his 9th birthday by boating a 7.85 pound citation tautog aboard the Angler. Sea bass season reopened November 1st, and bassing was good at Site 11 and on wrecks in 15 to 20 fathoms.

Record Sheepshead

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/27/2011 12:00:00 AM

The string of supersized sheepshead continues. More big sheepshead have been checked in this Fall than during any season in recent memory. The largest so far was a 15.5 pounder that Randy Jensen tangled with at the Ice Breakers on Saturday. That jumbo striped porgy was one pound four ounces heavier than the current Delaware State Record set by Fallyn Smith in 2008. Randy's catch was verified and approved by officials from the Division of Fish and Wildlife, and should replace the existing mark. On Monday, another near record sheepshead hit the dock. Alex Levantovsky was fishing aboard the Grizzly on the Brown Shoal reefs when he landed a 14.8 pound lunker. Captain Carey Evans decked an 11.75 pounder during the same trip. Both fish ate sandfleas. Art Shapiro scored an 11.59 pound sheepshead, and John Klase captured a 10.44 pounder on a Sunday reef trip aboard Martha Marie.

Whatever sheepshead still in the Bay will likely start exiting as water temperatures drop. Temps are now in the low 60's and falling. Another species normally normally associated with Spring fishing reappeared this fall. Black drum were mixed in on the same structure as tautog. The Grizzly was anchored on the Brown Shoal reefs last Monday, where fares put 40 tog in the box, plus a pair of drum in the 25 pound class. Anthony Mortarulo was surprised when a 50 pound boomer grabbed a crab he was using for blackfish at the Ice Breakers. Tautog action has generally been good when conditions are right. Some days were tough due to wind and dirty water. Strong currents from a King Tide around the new moon presented problems as well. Tog came from the rock walls and Ice Breakers, and the artificial reef sites.

Upper Bay sites such as numbers 3,4,6 and 7 were probably more productive than lower Bay locations, but recently, some fish were pulled from Site 5 in Broadkill Slough and reef 8, the Star Site. Captain Ted toggled the Indian in at the Inner Wall Sunday, where his patrons put 32 tautog on ice.

David Stradling got an 8.63 pound tog at the Outer Wall Sunday. Captains Brent and Dave ran Katy Did up the Bay Sunday and returned with 45 plump blackfish. Tom Arnold took an 8.14 pound citation tog aboard the Miss Kirstin Sunday. The leaderboard for the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament shows Brent Wiest still in First with a 9.62 pounder and Third for his 9.33. Bob Murphy's 9.5 pound tog holds Second. The contest ends October 31. No news on migratory stripers yet, but they should show at any time. Normally there's a push of fish as the full moon in November approaches. Lee Abel was seeking stripers by trolling Overfalls Shoal this week. What he ended up with was the unusual catch of an oversized 11.75 pound Stargazer that grabbed a Stretch 25 plug pulled along the bottom. Stripers continue to be caught in Lewes Canal. Soaking clams and eels between the drawbridge and the train bridge was productive. Casting Storm Shads between the Glade and Gordon's Pond yielded rockfish too. The Lewes Harbour Striper Tournament is on now, and runs through November 22nd. The event offers cash prizes for the three heaviest striped bass brought in by preregistered entrants during that time. Sign up at Lewes Harbour Marina before fishing. Offshore action is still happening. Captain Joe Joachimowski on the Knot Again trolled 40 to 50 fathoms between the Baltimore and Wilmington for some yellowfins, a big dolphin and a 50 pound wahoo.

Overnight chunkers had best success. Steve Moore and his group on JoJo overnighted in the Wilmington Friday and returned Saturday morning with a limit of 24 yellowfins taken during a wild predawn bite. Wes and Shane Olson chunked the Wilmington overnight Saturday and iced their limit of 6 yellowfins on the Bad Habit. Wes said there was a load of squid and tinkers in the lights, and tuna fed heavily. The guys also released several other yellowfins, and landed a 70 pound swordfish, plus, they lost a much larger sword.

Tautog On The Reefs

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/20/2011 12:00:00 AM

Tog action continues to be pretty decent along the rock breakwaters off Lewes, but in recent days, artificial reef sites in the Bay have started to yield good numbers of blackfish.

Captain Chet ran Lil' Angler II to an upper Bay reef site Sunday, and returned with 36 chunky keeper tautog. Captain Carey on the Grizzly set up on reef rubble at Brown Shoal Monday, where his fares scored 40 keeper tog to 7 pounds, and a pair of black drum in the 20 to 25 pound range. Mike Williams had a 25 pound drum aboard the Katy Did Friday. Avery Adams decked a 9.21 pound citation tautog on Katy Did Sunday. Captains Dave Walker and Brent Wiest, along with Bob Murphy and Chris Van pile hopped at Brown Shoal Monday. They put 34 quality tautog in the box, including Brent's 9.33 pounder. The trio of Dave, Brent and Murph has recorded 10 citation tog to almost 10 pounds in just the past week. The Angler headboat was on the Brown Shoal reefs Tuesday, and Captain Ted's patrons brought back a nice batch of blackfish. Captain Pete's toggers on Top Fin had a good catch of tog on the Brown Shoal rubble Tuesday. John Lee landed a jumbo 10.32 pound sheepshead aboard the Top Fin Monday. Reefs and wrecks in the Ocean are giving up tog, and with relatively warm water, still some triggerfish. Lex Robertson checked in a whopping 4.83 pound trigger he took off an Ocean wreck on the Spectacle. The current leaderboard for the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament shows a respectable lineup. Captain Brent Wiest is in the top spot with his 9.62 pounder. Bob Murphy moved to Second Place with a 9.5 pound tautog. Brent also holds Third Place for a 9.33 pound blackfish. The Tourney runs through October 31 and offers cash prizes.

Stripers have been active in the Lewes Canal. Boaters using clams and eels near the drawbridge and train bridge caught rockfish, some of which were above the 28 inch minimum size. Striped bass were also hooked by casters tossing small bucktails, Storm Shads, Rat-L Traps and surface poppers along grassy edges of the Canal.

Big Sheepshead

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/13/2011 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay Tautog fishermen usually encounter a few sheepshead each fall while working the rocks, however, this season, anglers have experienced exceptional numbers of the big striped porgies. Ki Ju Park was togging at the Outer Wall Friday when he hooked into a 14.3 pound jumbo sheepshead. That fish was actually heavier than the existing Delaware State Record, but according to tournament requirements, the difference wasn't enough to replace the current record holder. Another near record sheepshead was taken Monday at the Ice Breakers aboard Grizzly. William Levantovsky landed a 14.15 pound lunker that almost put him in the top spot. Some years earlier, William caught a 13 plus pound blackfish aboard the Grizzly that earned him a Junior Angler record status. Scott Batz was using sand fleas at the Inner Wall Monday when he connected with a whopping 13.32 pound sheepshead.

Jim Burkins bested an 11.76 pound brute at the Outer Wall Monday. Andy Lano and David McDaid teamed up for a pair of sheepshead scaling 10.6 and 10.0 pounds at the Haystacks. Steve Kramer captured a 9.43 pounder at the Wall aboard the Indian on Tuesday. Derek Seward scored a sheepshead at the Breakers that weighed 8.37 pounds. Tautog action has been good most days along the Inner and Outer Walls and Ice Breakers. Currents ran strong around the full moon, and some days, anglers had to wait until the tide broke before the bite came on. Green crabs and sand fleas were the popular baits, but tog also took shrimp and clams. An effective and fun method of catching blackfish in some of the shallower areas along the rocks is to deploy baits on a jighead.

It's best done using a spinning outfit with a tip light enough to cast a 1/2 ounce jig, but having enough lifting power to wrestle a tautog from the bad neighborhood where it resides. The jig and crab combo can be tossed in close to the rocks and is less likely to get snagged when it settles to the bottom. The strike is different than with a traditional rig, as the fish will often just slurp up the the offering and swim away. Captain Ted has been taking the Indian to the Walls the past few days for nice catches of tautog. On Sunday, he had a boat limit of 50 blackfish. Toggers on Top Fin had successful trips to the rocks as well. Andy and Anthony Lano, along with "Beaver" Ruff combined for their limit of 30 chunky tog at the Walls Saturday. Captain Carey took Grizzly to the rockpiles for a couple four hour excursions Saturday. He returned from the morning trip with 23 tog and a sheepshead. The afternoon patrons said 20 tautog and a sheepshead were enough for them. Carey's young son Josh caught his first tautog Saturday, and now he's got tog fever just like his dad. Although the rock breakwaters have yielded most of the fish, and some decent ones like Joe Jelks' 7.04 pounder, tog are starting to be taken on Bay reef sites and wrecks too. The Lil' Angler II had a nice box of blackfish while pile hopping Sunday. Standings are shaping up in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament. Bob Murphy holds the lead with a 9.5 pound white chin. Captain Dave Walker is in Second right now with a 7.89 pounder. Jim Myers has Third with a 6.68. The Tourney runs through October 31st and offers cash prizes. Participants must register at Lewes Harbour Marina in advance of fishing. Sea Bass season finished up with a bang. Bassin' over the past few weeks has been the best seen in awhile. On Saturday, the lady anglers aboard Katy Did crushed the bass, ending up with their limit of 200. In addition, they had cod, tog and bluefish. As the season wound down, catches were best on wrecks in 100 to 120 foot depths, but bass continued to be found on the Old Grounds south of DB Buoy and at Reef Site 11. Rachel Evans checked in a 3.67 pound sea bass she boated aboard the Thelma Dale IV. Bassers even found an occasional flounder. Jeff Scurti decked a 6 pound fluke aboard the Thelma Dale IV Sunday. When the season reopens November 1st, better action will likely take place in deeper water.

Offshore bottom bouncing has been just as fine as the inshore fishing. Bill Swords and his crew dropped in the Baltimore Canyon for a mess of golden and blueline tilefish, and blackbelly rosefish both Saturday and Sunday. The Skipjack fished Wilmington Canyon over the weekend and returned with 17 golden tile, 14 gray tile, 8 dolphin to 18 pounds, a pair of yellowfin tuna to 55 pounds, and 3 blackfins. Carl Meyer and the guys on Reel Tease went 2 for 3 on swordfish in the Wilmington Saturday night. Other boats in the Spencer Canyon had good catches of yellowfins trolling and chunking in 500 fathoms both in the daylight and after dark.

Tog Season Opens

Lewes Harbour Marina - 10/6/2011 12:00:00 AM

Tautog fishermen have had fair catches since the season opened September 29. Murky conditions hampered anglers many days, but when the water was relatively clean, tog bit ok on the Inner and Outer Walls and Ice Breakers. Randy Jensen, Marc Uhde, George Magaw and Mike Tippit combined for 18 tog on the Outer Wall Saturday. Clark Gross checked in a 6.92 pounder he pulled from the Wall. Captain Pete's toggers aboard Top Fin returned from the Wall with 18 tog and 2 triggerfish on Saturday. A few sheepshead were taken around the Ice Breakers, such as the 9.27 pounder landed by George Wilder. Bay water temperature is around 65 degrees, and with cooling temps and cleaner water, the tog bite will improve. The Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament is going on now and runs through October 31. The event offers cash prizes for the three heaviest blackfish weighed in by contestants, who must register in advance of fishing. Regarding other bottom fishing, sea bassing was real fine last week. Captain Ted on the Indian said he still had a "good sign of sea bass" on the Old Grounds a few miles south of DB Buoy. He felt more fish had been grouping up in the area prior to their move offshore. Some days, current was the biggest hindrance facing anglers, causing drifts that were too fast. Captains Brent and Dave on the Katy Did had a successful string of wreck trips last week.

Monday they had a limit of 125 bass, a jag of blues and a nice cod that fell for a jig. Tuesday Dave and Brent took a busman's holiday to put some fish in their freezers, along with Joe Walker and Joe Walker,Jr. They went wreck hopping for 100 bass, a mess of blues and a cod. Wednesday's group had 194 bass, including a 3.67 pounder for Nancy Stacy. They also boxed 4 cod, the largest being a 12.5 pounder decked by Richard Adams. Thursday saw another 175 bass limit, plus 8 triggerfish and 40 blues. On Friday, the guys made several stops on snags in depths ranging from 75 to 155 feet. Brent said current was an issue. They culled keepers from numerous short fish at each spot. Dave mentioned that he noticed bigger bass seemed to be hanging above the wrecks. Stopping the rig before it hit bottom, or working a jig higher in the water column often resulted in better sized fish. With persistence and adjustments to technique, due to their observations, the anglers finished the day with 215 sea bass, 7 cod, 6 ling, 6 blues, 2 triggerfish, 1 fluke and a single tog. Offshore, boats trolling Baltimore Canyon found billfish and tuna. Bill Matthews and his buddies took 2 yellowfins and released a white in the Baltimore last Thursday. Shawn Gallagher and his crew spent a rough overnighter in the Baltimore Friday. They trolled 5 yellowfins to 55 pounds and a gaffer dolphin before nightfall. They also had a white marlin that grabbed a butterfly jig in the dark. Jim Short and the boys on Not Right worked 50 fathoms inside the Tip of The Baltimore Friday afternoon for 6 yellowfins and a white. Boats fishing Poor Mans reported hot dolphin action on floating wood near the Triple 0's Friday.

Sea Bass

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/22/2011 12:00:00 AM

Inshore bottom fishermen have had a tough time of it the past couple weeks, contending with runoff and debris from heavy rains, strong currents brought on by moon phases and ground swells from offshore storms. However, for those willing to travel a little farther, bottom action with sea bass has been pretty good. Wrecks and obstructions in the twenty fathom region seem to be where the bass are hanging out. Fishermen aboard the Pirate King had a great wreck trip Saturday, returning with a load of sea bass, big ling and even a few cod. Captain Dave Walker, Joe Walker and Dave Popovich made the run to twenty fathoms Wednesday and were rewarded with their limit of 75 plump bass, including citation knotheads of 3.41 and 3.48 pounds. The guys said it was constant double headers, and it didn't take long to cull their box full of keepers. They also had about 30 bluefish. There are still some sea bass on the open bottom between DB and DA Buoys, but there's more volume of fish on the snags a little more offshore.

Delaware's sea bass season is open until October 12, when it is shut down through October 31. It reopens November 1 and runs until the end of December.

A few flounder continue to come off the Old Grounds south of DB Buoy, as they make their move offshore. Some are real quality specimens, such as the 11.39 pound citation doormat intercepted by Gary Ebling on Saturday. Some flounder were still found in Delaware Bay as well. Flatties were reported from the Horseshoe area northeast of Brandywine. Boats anchored there also encountered kingfish, blowfish, bluefish and surprising numbers of legal sized weakfish. Maybe it's a sign that we'll see more trout next spring. Bluefish ranging in size from little snippers to 2 pounds have been scattered over much of the Bay. Blues have often been seen busting baitfish in the rip outside the Outer Wall, and the choppers can be caught by drifting shiners or cut mullet on bottom rigs, or by casting small bucktails and metals like Kastmasters, Gator spoons and Stingsilvers. Surf casters at Cape Henlopen also got into blues using cut mullet. Spot are still inside the Bay, and folks at the rails of Cape Henlopen Pier had plenty of the tasty panfish while baiting with bits of bloodworm and Fishbites. Many anglers are looking forward to the opening of Tautog season on September 29. Tog, along with some lingering triggerfish and sheepshead should be found along the Inner and Outer Walls and Ice Breaker rockpiles, as well as on Bay artificial reefs and wrecks.

Snappers In The Surf

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/15/2011 12:00:00 AM

Finger mullet have been moving through the shallows inside Cape Henlopen, and the abundance of baitfish has attracted numerous small bluefish. Surf casters on the Cape had good numbers of snappers while fishing with cut fresh mullet. The predicted cool down in weather may signal more bait to migrate, in turn attracting other predators such as stripers, flounder and bigger blues. Boating fishermen in the Ocean caught a few croakers near DB Buoy, but not in numbers anything close to last week. Hardheads have suddenly become hard to come by. However, sea bass have been a little more cooperative. Decent numbers of keeper bass came from bottom structure between DB and DA Buoys. Wrecks in that vicinity, and Reef Site 11 also gave up bass.

Ling and small blues were mixed with bass. Keeper flounder have been scarce since the passage of Irene, but a few continue to end up in the coolers of bottom bouncers. Fresh strips of cut mullet or bluefish, and live spot have been effective for larger flatfish. In Delaware Bay, a few flounder continue to be pulled from reef sites 6 and 7. Mike Connolly and his buddies found 4 keeper fluke outside the Outer Wall on Saturday. Some flounder remain in shallow water. Kayakers working jigs near the Cape Henlopen Pier ended up with some nice flatties. Angela Wallace checked in a 4.42 pounder she caught at Roosevelt Inlet using Gulp! Spot action continued good from the Cape Henlopen Pier. Bloodworms and Fishbites produced plenty of the tasty panfish for folks at the rails. Stripers were available in Lewes Canal. A pair of fishermen stopped by the shop yesterday morning to buy eels, then returned in the afternoon with two 30 inch rockfish. They released 15 other bass while drifting near the drawbridge. The guys also had a bonus keeper sea trout they caught near the boat ramp just before they hauled out for the day. Offshore, white marlin were stars of the show. Good numbers of whites were encountered by crews working 40 fathoms between the Rockpile and Washington Canyon.

Big Hardheads

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/8/2011 12:00:00 AM

Boats that worked rough bottom surrounding DB Buoy had good catches of big croakers over the past week. These golden beauties are a much nicer class of fish than what was here earlier in the season. Some of the "Cadillac" sized specimens have been as large as 20 inches. Captain Carey's anglers aboard the Grizzly culled 245 chunky hardheads from many they caught on the obstruction northwest of DB Buoy Saturday. Clams, squid, shrimp, bloodworms and Fishbites were all productive offerings. Keeper size flounder have been hard to come by, but flukers picked a few from the Old Grounds and Delaware Bay reef sites. Peter Luketic landed a 4.07 pounder on the Angler Sunday. Some impressive flounder were pulled from Indian River Inlet by guys drifting live spot and mullet. The big flatties stage in inlets this time of year gorging on migratory schools of mullet and spot. Mullet showed up thick along Lewes Beach and inside Cape Henlopen the past couple days. The abundance of baitfish attracts gamefish to near shore areas, and some nice flatfish came from shallow water along the shore and in Roosevelt Inlet. Mike Shockley managed a 6.9 pounder while casting a Gulp! from the beach Saturday evening. Angela Wallace checked in a 4.42 pound flounder she took from Roosevelt Wednesday using a minnow and Gulp! combo.

The multitudes of mullet drew attention from bluefish too, and snappers were plentiful inside Cape Henlopen and around the Inner and Outer Walls. Offshore boaters reported a few yellowfin tuna among masses of false albacore in Baltimore Canyon over the weekend. White marlin action was decent for those targeting billfish. Rick Fischer and his crew went 3 for 5 on whites at the 461 Lump Saturday. They also filled the box with 37 dolphin that they bailed from a weedline in the area. There was a good white bite in the Washington Canyon Sunday, and marlin were reported during the week at the Rockpile as well. Normally, the period leading up to the September full moon kicks off some good swordfishing. Squid and tinker mackerel bunch up in the deep and are available for swords to work over by the moonlight. Wes Olson found that to be true Friday night when he and his son hooked four swordfish aboard his "Bad Habit", while drifting live squids through the Bight of Baltimore Canyon. They put one nice swordy in the bag to take home, and released the others. Deep water bottom fishermen had a successful trip Saturday aboard the "Skipjack". Captain Chris Thurman had a decent drift on the edge of the Baltimore, despite strong current, and got the tilefish good. The anglers ended up with 20 tilefish, many in the 20 pound range. Captain H.D. Parsons ran a productive headboat tile trip to the Baltimore on "Thelma Dale V" over the weekend. Fares loaded up on good sized golden tilefish. Sea bass have been gathering on inshore structure. Patti Schneider earned a citation for the 3.45 pound knothead she wrestled from the Triple Wrecks aboard "Patient Lady".

After Irene

Lewes Harbour Marina - 9/1/2011 12:00:00 AM

Before the passage of Hurricane Irene, the ocean flounder bite was good. On Friday, just ahead of the storm, fishermen on Katy Did caught more than 70 flounder south of DB Buoy. They ended up with 8 keepers, including trophies of 8.09 and 7.47 pounds for Jeremy Armolt. Catching in Delaware Bay was decent too. The Lil' Angler fished the Brown Shoal reefs Friday, with the storm on the way. The take included a 6 pound flounder for Mike Bayshore, plus 4 other keepers. In addition, the guys had over 20 blowfish and a bunch of croakers. Patrons on the Angler and Pirate King loaded up on hardheads Thursday and Friday before the blow. Irene made her presence known over the weekend with high winds and torrential rain, and even a destructive tornado that caused considerable damage to a couple housing developments in Lewes.

We were greeted by beautiful weather Monday after she left the area, but it seems the introduction of all that fresh water and the runoff from the Delaware River that will ensue has put what's hopefully a temporary damper on fishing action. Boaters that went out Monday through Wednesday reported a slow pick on spots that had been productive prior to the bad weather. A few short flounder and some snapper bluefish were taken on reef sites 6,7 and 8. Crews working the other side of the Bay supposedly found some croakers on Crow Shoal. Tog catches were actually pretty good during the last couple days of the season for guys toggled into the Outer Wall. That season reopens September 29th. Slot stripers were taken before the size change was implemented. Clams on the bottom near the Lewes Drawbrige were productive offerings.

Rockfish also bit Stingsilvers, Kastmasters and Fin-S-Fish cast in the evenings near the Coast Guard Station. Striped bass caught in Delaware Bay and it's tributaries must once again meet a 28 inch minimum in order to be kept, and the limit remains two per angler. The storm didn't seem to bother the spot. Plenty were landed by folks on the rails of the Cape Henlopen Pier using bloodworms and Fishbites. Ocean bottom bouncers had some sea bass and big croakers up to 20 inches while working rough structure northwest of DB Buoy Wednesday. On the offshore scene, a major white marlin bite like what took place the past two seasons has yet to materialize. Boats did get into yellowfins while trolling 50 fathoms near the 42100 line inshore of Poor Man's Canyon.

Fine Flounder Fishing

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/18/2011 12:00:00 AM

Ocean flounder action has been very good for anglers who are proficient at working the artificial structure of reef sites 9, 10 and 11. Flounder have also been hanging around area wrecks as they stage to begin moving offshore. The stone and live coral bottom of the Old Grounds between DB and DA is holding good numbers of fluke too. Guys using bucktails tipped with strip baits have done well.

Yesterday, flukers on the Katy Did put 30 quality keepers in the box while rubble bouncing in the Ocean. Captain Brent Wiest wound in a 7.42 pounder, "Bully Bob" Trento took a 7.88 pound citation doormat, and Captain Dave Walker decked one weighing 6.68 pounds. Wes Olson, "Beaver" Ruff and Barney and Matt Gallagher teamed up for 13 hefty flounder to 5.56 pounds and a bonus 13 dolphin while drifting souheast of DB Buoy Tuesday. The Saturday group aboard Skipjack scored 10 thick flatties and a bunch of plump ling. Drifing the reef sites in Delaware Bay has yielded flounder too. Joe Walker whacked an 8.77 pounder at reef site 7. However, croakers remain he star of the show. Hardhead action has been hot on the Star Site, reef 8. A summertime mix of kingfish, spot, blowfish, porgies, snapper blues and small trout have mingled with croakers. Bloodworms, clams, shrimp, squid and Fishbites will catch them all.

Plenty of spot were caught from the Cape Henlopen Pier with bloods and Fishbites. Inshore trollers hooked dolphin and wahoo between 20 and 30 fathoms. Shawn Gallagher got a 30 pound 'hoo in Massey's Canyon, and Keith Orendorf landed a 15.2 pound mahi. On the offshore scene, there was a decent white marlin bite in he Wilmington Canyon. Tuna fishing was spotty, but some yellowfins and bigeyes were taken the past couple days among groups of whales feeding on bait in the Bight of the Baltimore. Ryan Cene was fishing on the Finomenal, with Captain Fred Wick, on Tuesday when he hooked up to a large tuna at 2 pm. Five hours later, after 7 pm, he finally put the stubborn 182.5 pound bigeye in the boat. Ryan's group had already had a good day before he did battle with the bigeye. They had released a white marlin, and iced a nice pair of yellowfins and several dolphin.

More Croakers!

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/11/2011 12:00:00 AM

If you're interested in catching croakers, now's the time to go. Boats drifting and anchored on Reef #8, the Star Site, have had all the hardheads they could handle over the past few days. Size of croakers in the box has been increasing too. Good numbers of fish over 12 inches have shown up, and those of even larger "Cadillac" proportions have been mixed in as well.

Bottom rigs baited with clams, bloodworms, shrimp and Fishbites have been irresistable to hardheads. Croakers fight hard and provide great fun for anglers of all ages. They're also good table fare. They make for a fine fish fry, and can be turned into delicious fish cakes as well. In addition to hardheads, bottom fishermen encountered blowfish, kingfish, spot, snapper blues and small trout. Flounder action in the Bay has been fair, with flatties reported among rubble of most of the reef sites. Flukers on Katy Did worked the Brown Shoal reefs Wednesday for 10 keeper flatfish. The Ocean flounder bite was good today. Wes Olson and his crew kept their limit of 12 fat flatfish to 5 pounds while drifting southeast of DB Buoy. Edwin "Max" Maxwell jigged up his limit of quality flounder, including the plump pool winner, while fluking with Capt. Ricky Yakimowicz. Offshore tuna catches have been spotty. A few yellowfins came from 100 to 200 fathoms of the Baltimore, usually taken by trollers there at first light. Captain Bill Swords and his guys on "Swords Fish" had a simultaneous hookup of a large blue marlin and a jumbo bigeye in the Bight of the Baltimore this morning. The blue jumped off after a short ride, but they spent several hours with 22 pounds of heat on the bigeye before a heartbreaking separation of the line.

Some large bigeyes have been boated by crews fishing this week's White Marlin Open. Chip Caruso landed a 279 pound bigeye aboard the Pipedreamer with Captain Max Morris and Mate Danny Prettyman. Captains Brent and Dave on Katy Did fished offshore Tuesday. They came across a truck tire covered with growth floating in the Baltimore. That piece of flotsam yielded 15 dolphin and 31 triggerfish. The guys finished off the trip by deep dropping for 10 nice tilefish to 33 pounds.

Croakers Are Here

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/4/2011 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay fishermen have been picking at croakers over the past few weeks, but there have been no appreciable numbers until the past couple days. Anglers had good catches today in the northwest corner of reef #8, the Star Site. Captain Charlie Helmer's group aboard Tranquila kept 70 nice hardheads. Patrons on the Angler got into croakers too. Baiting with clams, bloodworms and Fishbites on size 4 hooks did the trick. In additon to croakers, there have been plenty of spot around. The tasty panfish were found at Site 8, along the inner wall and Cape Henlopen pier, in Roosevelt Inlet, Broadlkill River and Lewes Canal. Bits of bloodworm or Fishbites on small hooks or sabiki rigs were effective. Blowfish, kingfish and snapper blues were mixed with hardheads and spot on the Bay reefs.

This is normally the time of year when some big flounder are caught, and true to form, a few weighty specimens hit the dock this week. The most impressive was an 11.72 pound welcome mat landed by Captain Vince Keagy, who runs the Miss Kirstin. The 31 inch fluke attacked a shad dart with a strip of squid at Site 7, and was brought to the boat on 12 pound test line. Vince said he's been fishing Delaware Bay for 35 years, but that was his heaviest one so far. Jack Henriksen, Ricky Mills and John "Dynamo" Deiner worked the Brown Shoal reef for 8 keeper flounder last Friday, including Jack's 5.21 pounder. Tood Mills took a 5.13 pounder off Site 7. Ocean fishing produced some nice flatties too. Last Friday, guys on the Grizzly got 11 keepers at Site 10. Among them was a 6.5 pound beauty for Jonathan Thompson. On Sunday, flukers an the Lil' Angler scored 14 flounder to take home out of 57 caught. Wayne DeMarco decked a 5.77 pounder. Bobby and Buckwheat Bryant, Brad Hawkes and Steve Reynolds put 12 in the box at Site 10 Monday. Bobby boated a 5.5 pounder. Joe Walker and his crew captured 12 quality flatfish at Site 10 Tuesday, including a 7.14 pound citation for Tom Coyle, and Bobby Bryant's 6.05. Katy Did returned from Site 10 Wednesday with a dozen nice flatfish. The yellowfin chunk bite at the Hot Dog cooled off after the middle of last week, but recently, tuna were taken trolling at the Dog. On Tuesday, Captain Alan Steele and his anglers on Big Herring trolled the Dog for 9 yellowfins and 2 dolphin. Trollers also found some wahoo between 20 and 30 fathoms. Adam Grove got a 27.6 pound 'hoo near the Tea Cup. Billfish have been hanging out in the Baltimore Canyon. Captains Brent and Dave on the Katy Did had 4 white marlin releases for their anglers in the Baltimore Sunday. They topped the trip off with a pair of dolphin and some tilefish. Captain Jeff on the Joint Venture had a successful overnighter to the Baltimore, coming back with 2 good sized yellowfins, a dolphin and an 80 pound swordfish. He also released a white marlin.

Chunk Bite at the Hot Dog

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/28/2011 12:00:00 AM

Yellowfins have been hanging out at the Hot Dog, and crews chunking with butterfish and sardines have had good success with tuna ranging from 20 to 40 pounds on average. Jason and Howard Burris, along with Matt and Mario Disabatino and Jason Hanny had a great trip to the Dog Sunday. They chunked tuna to the boat then got them really fired up by tossing in handfuls of live minnows. The guys boated 9 nice yellowfins, one of which was a 32.5 pounder Matt subdued with his fly rod. Captains Brent and Dave took Katy Did to the Dog Monday for some good chunking action. Wes Major, Jim Curry, Dave Carlin, Thomas Borrell, Jim Mays, Jim Martelli and Erminio Savelloni put 13 yellowfins and a pair of dolphin in the bag. In addition to those hooked by chunkers at the Hot Dog, tuna were taken by trollers at the Hambone and Massey's Canyon.

Those pulling ballyhoo and spreader bars also hooked bluefins, wahoo, dolphin and white marlin. Offshore bottom fishing has been good. Captain Pete Floyd and the crew on Candy's Choice dropped in the Baltimore for 30 tilefish, including a 36.3 pounder brought in by Pete's Grandson, Scott Davis. Inshore bottom fishing improved over the past few days. Flukers on Katy Did decked 11 quality flounder today at Site 10, with several over 3 pounds. Among the catch was a 5.8 pounder for Michael Walker, and a 6 pounder for Jerry Cuff. Bucktails were effective for the flatfish. The Angler headboat had a mix of flounder and ling near DB Buoy during the week. In Delaware Bay, fishermen picked at flatties around artificial reefs 5,6,7 and 8. Joe Walker, Bobby Bryant, Tom Coyle and Veryl Burns limited out at the Brown Shoal reefs with 16 flounder to 5 pounds today. Increasing numbers of spot have been caught inside Cape Henlopen, around the piers and walls, and in Roosevelt Inlet and Lewes Canal. Bloodworms and Fishbites were favorites of the tasty panfish. Some croakers have been mixed in with spot, but the large schools of hardheads that hopefully will arrive, have yet to show. Tautog and triggerfish continue to come from the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers, although the bite was slower during the hot weather. Slot size stripers were caught around the drawbridge on Lewes Canal by small boaters using eels and clams.

Flatties In The Bay

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/21/2011 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay flounder catches have been fairly good the past week, despite full moon tides. It's not like everybody is muggin' them, but most anglers end up with a couple fish to take home. The Angler headboat has been returning with keepers from their 6 hour trip.

Much of the action has centered around reef sites 5,6,7, and 8, but some fish have come from open bottom between G Buoy and Brown Shoal, and in the Broadkill Slough. Harry Laws landed a 4.65 pound flatfish at the Beach Ball. Barry Gerhard and his crew drifted the Brown Shoal reefs for 8 keepers, including 4.05 and 4.13 pounders boated by Barry's grandson, Sam Hazlett. On Saturday, Captain Carey's flukers on the Grizzly got 14 keepers while fishing the Brown Shoal rubble. Julian Weaver wound in a 5.54 pounder at the Star Site on Top Fin. Jack Henriksen and John Deiner kept 4 fish to 4.16 pounds out of 9 they caught at the Star Site. Ginger Henriksen had a 3.89 pound flounder that move her into Second Place of the Lewes Yacht Club Tournament. Flatties are still hanging out in Lewes Canal. Nick Psaroudakis and his buddies put 7 in the box just a couple days ago while drifting the Canal. Todd Meredith used minnows and Gulp! near the Cape Henlopen Pier to capture 3 keepers to 21 inches. Flounder catches were decent in the ocean too. The Old Grounds and Reef Site 10 gave up legal size fish on days with favorable drift conditions. Jeff Scurti scored a 6.51 pound doormat on a recent trip to DB Buoy aboard Katy Did. Stripers were active along the Outer Wall in the evenings and could be tempted with topwater plugs. Rockfish were also hooked near the drawbridge on Lewes Canal with eels and clams. Fin-S Fish and other small soft plastics cast at night to the shadow line from the lights of the Roosevelt Coast Guard station produced linesiders too.

Tog and triggerfish were pulled from the rocks of the Wall and Ice Breakers. "Booker" Bookwalter checked in a 7.56 pound citation tautog he wrestled from the Wall while baiting with box crabs. Captain Pete's toggers aboard Top Fin had 17 keeper blackfish today. Cape Henlopen pier anglers told of spot on bloodworms and Fishbites. A handful of croakers were taken around the Star Site and in Broadkill Slough. Numerous hardheads have been reported south of here and hopefully the masses will show up soon. Inshore tuna fishermen continued to enjoy success. Keith Orendorf and friends trolled Massey's Canyon Friday for a nice bluefin, 3 yellowfins and 3 dolphin. They also released several other sub-legal yellowfins. On Sunday, Donna Means decked a 51.6 pound bluefin and Lewis Means landed an 18.6 pound dolphin at the 12 Fathom Lump aboard Joint Venture

Yellowfins Move Inshore

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/14/2011 12:00:00 AM

Great news for fishermen that had been running to the Canyons to catch yellowfins. Tuna showed up closer to home this week, and boats found them in good numbers at the Hot Dog. There were lots of fish short of the 27 inch minimum size, but also plenty of keepers from 20 to 40 pounds. Some dolphin and billfish were mixed in on the same structure. The gamefish had been feeding on sand eels hanging out in the area. Tuna were taken by trollers pulling skirted ballyhoos, and a variety of artificials.

Tony and Diana Vansant, Steve Millman and John Davis had a nice trip to the Dog Wednesday, returning with 8 yellowfins to 40 pounds and a gaffer dolphin. Tony also caught a white marlin that put on quite a show. Captains Brent Wiest and Dave Walker on Katy Did also trolled the Hot Dog Wednesday, and ended up with 9 keeper yellowfins. In addition to yellowfin tuna, bluefins were close inshore. Captain Vince Keagy an the Miss Kirstin pulled cedar plugs between Delaware Light and the 12 Fathom Lump for a keeper bluefin and 3 dolphin. Bluefins were also reported at Massey's Canyon, the Hambone and the Jackspot. Tuna were still taken offshore. On Saturday, the crew on Katy Did made a long run from Lewes to the Bight of Washington Canyon and were rewarded with 7 quality yellowfins to 52 pounds. They released 12 other tuna in just an hour's trolling. Offshore deep dropping produced some nice tilefish. Frank Frabizzio checked in a 38 pound golden tile he captured in the Baltimore Canyon. Inshore bottom bouncers had flounder at Site 10 and on the Old Grounds. Captain Carey's Saturday group on the Grizzly kept 11 out of 53 fluke they caught on the Old Grounds.

Delaware Bay flounder fishermen found flatties at the Star Site, however, getting the right drift during full moon tides was difficult. Tautog action was pretty good at the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers. Triggerfish and sheepshead were mixed in. Guys tossing topwater plugs along the Wall in the evenings had fun with slot size stripers. Spot catches were good from the Cape Henlopen pier.

Bouncing For Flounder

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/7/2011 12:00:00 AM

Flounder catches have been pretty good for guys who know how to work rough bottom structure. The rocks and sea trees of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys, as well as the rubble of reef sites 9 and 10 have been holding fluke, and savvy fishermen have found that modifications to standard rigging helps them catch more flatties amongst that kind of cover.

According to Captain Ricky Yakimowicz, short leaders are the key. He said a 3 to 4 ounce bucktail with a hair teaser on a 4 inch leader about a foot ahead of the jig works well. He mentioned that flukers also had success employing a rig with a sinker as heavy as necessary to maintain contact with the bottom, and a hair teaser hook on a short dropper about 6 to 8 inches above the weight. The jigs or hooks get sweetened with a strip of squid, shark, bluefish, a shiner, smelt, Gulp! or any combination of these. Anglers should constantly bounce the rigs as they drift through the chunky grounds and be alert for the quick strike of a flatfish lying in ambush. The jigging action seems to provoke more aggressive strikes than when baits are drug casually over the bottom, and flounder just hang on while deciding to swallow or not.

The short leadered setups are also less likely to get snagged. Some days when the drift was too fast or in a bad direction, crews that anchored and cast rigs upcurrent so they walked across the structure did well. Jigging produced some nice specimens during the week. Dave Walker bucktailed a 6.21 pound doormat at Site 10 aboard Katy Did. Jim Woods got a 6.97 pound fluke on the Katy Did. Flounder came from Delaware Bay artificial reefs too. Laura Kemper and Lisa DiVincenzo checked in 3 nice flatties to 22 inches they got with Gulp! at the Star Site. Jamie Moore managed a 3.92 pounder at the Star Site. Harriet Paul put a 5 pounder in the box aboard Lil' Angler. Curtis Hawkins captured a 6.02 pound trophy on the Angler. Clayton Horvath had a 7.6 pound welcome mat while working a wreck with Capt. Chuck of First Light Charters. Joe Walker and his crew had 8 quality keepers at the Star Site Wednesday. Among the catch was a 5.39 pound beauty boated by Joe's granddaughter Candace Way. Tautog fishermen had decent catches at the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers using green crabs, sand fleas, shrimp and box crabs. Faith Roth reeled in a 7.29 citation tog at the Wall. Triggerfish and sheepshead have shown up in warm water. Kyusok Yi captured a jumbo 12.54 pound sheepshead at the Ice Breakers. Tuna catches have slowed compared to the good bite over the past two weeks. However, chunkers did catch some bluefins in Massey's Canyon. Yellowfins popped up in the Baltimore and Poor Man's Canyons, but not in numbers like before. Good sized dolphin have been taken. Craig Lester landed a 28.2 pound mahi in the Baltimore aboard Swords Fish.

Offshore Action

Lewes Harbour Marina - 7/1/2011 12:00:00 AM

Tuna fishing continues good. Boats running offshore at the beginning of the week had plenty of yellowfins in the Baltimore, but the bite shifted south as the week wore on. By week's end, best catches came from Poor Man's and the Washington. On Monday, the crew on Katy Did crushed 'em while trolling the 250 line of the Baltimore in 75 fathoms. They put a limit of 21 keepers to 51.7 pounds in the bags, and released a white marlin.

On Friday, Captains Brent and Dave on Katy Did went back offshore and told of good activity near the Lower Lump of Poor Man's. They had 3 nice yellowfins and 5 gaffer dolphin. Bill Swords and the guys on Swords Fish trolled Poor Man's Friday for 5 yellowfins, a gaffer dolphin and a Mako on mono. Some big dolphin have shown up in the warm water. Chris Ragni and Jimmy Kersey checked in a pair of monster mahis scaling 38 and 32 pounds that were taken at the 461 lump. Billfishing has been good as well with many whites released. "Rockfish Ed" Healy released two big blue marlin in one trip offshore earlier this week. Back inshore, fluke fishermen working artificial reef structure found flatties on days with favorable drift conditions. Last Sunday, flukers on Katy Did returned with a boat limit of 36 keepers including Bob Murphy's 8.02 pounder. Thursday, Katy Did drifted Site 10 for 24 keeper flatfish. The Grizzly got 13 keepers at Site 10 on Thursday. Anglers using bucktail and teaser rigs tipped with squid strips and shiners did well on legal sized fish. Flounder came from reefs in Delaware Bay too. Joe Walker, Tom Coyle, Larry Coyle and Barry Gerhard fished the Star Site Tuesday and scored 12 nice keeper flatties. Small boaters still had flounder in Lewes Canal, and also around the Inner Wall and Ferry Jetty. Gulp! was the hot bait. Tautog season reopened July 1, and toggers told of success along the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers. Captain Carey on the Grizzly had 25 tog and 15 triggerfish on an Ocean wreck opening day. Some impressive citation fish were recorded Friday. William Bonniwell boated an 11.69 pound blackfish with Cpatain Ted on the Indian Friday. Aaron Brommer brought in a 10.59 pounder aboard the Martha Marie. The slot size striper season in Delaware Bay and it's tributaries also opened July 1. Anglers are permitted to keep 2 striped bass between 20 and 26 inches only, from now until August 31. Minimum size in the Ocean and Indian River inlet remains at 28 inches with a two bass per person daily limit. Rockfish were caught by casters tossing Rat-L-Traps and Storm Shads at the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers.

Those employing eels, clams or cut tuna bloodline captured slot stripers in Lewes Canal.

Hot Tuna

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/23/2011 12:00:00 AM

Tuna action has been hot both inshore and offshore. Bluefin tuna have been plentiful on traditional twenty fathom structure such as the Hambone, Chicken Bone, Sausages, Massey's Canyon and other lumps along the edges of The Fingers. Bluefins also came from the Jackspot, Twin Wrecks and the 19 Fathom Lump in the Dumpsite. Trolling skirted ballyhoo and artificials such as cedar plugs, Green Machines and squid spreader bars was effective. Recreational anglers are reminded that only one bluefin tuna measuring between 27 inches to less than 59 inches curved fork length may be kept per vessel per day.

Offshore yellowfin catches have been the real highlight. Numerous tuna were spread in 70 to 100 fathoms between the Baltimore and Wilmington Canyons, with a concentration between the 350 and 380 lines. Crews that were on the grounds for first light found slicks, birds and schools of tuna aggressively working squid and baitfish. The best bite was early, but sometimes fish fed throughout the day. A lot of skipjacks and yellowfins short of the 27 inch minimum were mixed in, but plenty of keepers ranging 20 to 50 pounds were caught, along with the occassional 70 to 90 pounder. Tuna responded to trolled ballyhoo, spreader bars and green machines behind birds. Jim Short and the boys on Knot Right were on the spot Saturday for the early morning bite and trolled up their limit of 18 yellowfins to 60 pounds, after being covered up multiple times. The Grizzly had a great overnight trip Saturday. During the darkness, the anglers released 8 large dusky sharks, then when it came light, it was full on with tunas. They ended up with a limit of yellowfins to take home. Captains Brent Wiest and Dave Walker took Katy Did offshore Monday and returned with 11 yellowfins to 45 pounds. Paul Pergeorelis also put a 14.8 pound dolphin in the box on that trip. The Katy Did went back to 70 fathoms Wednesday for 16 more keeper yellowfins and many additional short ones. The anglers had some extra excitement when a 10 foot long Hammerhead shark ate two of their tunas. Back inshore, on the bottom fishing scene, flounder fishing was decent on the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys.

Catching was better on days with favorable drift conditions. Three to 4 ounce bucktail jigs tipped with squid strips or cut mackerel worked well. Fluking is shaping up in Delaware Bay too. Anglers who know how and when to work the artificial reefs were successful. Joe Walker, Tom Coyle, Larry Coyle and Joe Coyle drifted at Brown Shoal Wednesday for 12 keepers, including three in the 6 pound class. Will Burdett boated a 6.49 pound flounder at reef 5 aboard the Lil' Angler II. Flounder continue to come from Lewes Canal. John Northeimer checked in a 5.26 pounder he took from the Canal using Gulp! Small boats drifting the Canal had good numbers of flatties, although they had to cull through many throwbacks. Shad darts, speck rigs and other small jigs sweetened with Gulp!, minnows or shiners were effective. Some big flounder were landed from the Indian River inlet jetties. Ryan Wieber brought in an 8 pound 11 ounce doormat that took a Gulp! along the rocks. David Wyszynski was tossing a Storm Shad from the jetty for stripers when a 6 pound 4 ounce flounder inhaled his lure. Fishermen on the Cape Henlopen pier had a few flounder, along with spot and small croakers. Boats drifting along the rocks of the Outer Wall and Ice Breakers got into staripers while casting Storm lures and Bomber plugs in the evening and at night. Stripers were caught on popping plugs along the Canal marsh banks between the Freeman Highway Bridge and Gordon's Pond.

Flounder Action Picking Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/16/2011 12:00:00 AM

Delaware Bay flounder action showed promise for some good fishing this summer. On days when drift conditions were favorable, Bay reef sites yielded decent numbers of flatties. It was a little tough around the full moon, but prior to it, flukers enjoyed good catches. Captain Brent's fishermen aboard Katy Did kept 10 flounder out of 57 they caught on Sunday at Reef 5 in Broadkill Slough. Mark Adams got the first sheepshead of the season on that trip, a 5.45 pounder. Other reports of flounder came from the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys in the Ocean. Three or four ounce bucktails tipped with squid strips were productive. On a recent trip to the Old Grounds, guys on the Grizzly got 41 flatties, returning with 9 keepers. Seven of the fish were over 22 inches. Flounder continue to come from Lewes Canal as well.

John Davis checked in a 4.75 pounder he caught using Gulp! Fishermen on the Cape Henlopen pier had a few flounder, along with spot. Black drum were still active on the Coral Beds around the full moon, but the run will likely wind down soon. Rick Bortz and a buddy had four boomers from 25 to 40 pounds at the end of flood tide Monday evening. The offshore tuna bite remained good over the past week. Water temps have been warmer than usual due to current eddies moving in. The Skipjack came back Sunday from an overnighter to the Wilmington Canyon with 8 yellowfins and a mako. Darryl Boyer and his crew trolled Iland Lures and ballyhoo in the Baltimore Canyon Saturday to release 3 white marlin. They also put a dolphin in the box and tangled with a very large blue marlin that eventually left with all the line off of a TLD50II reel. Angelo Delapo fished 81 degree water in 250 fathoms near the tip of the Wilmington Wednesday on the Spoiled III. His anglers released two of five white marlin that pounced on Green Machines and spreader bars they were towing in search of tuna.

Sharking is still going on. Captain D.J. Churchill and the boys on "Tighten Up" boated a 418 pound thresher between DB and DA Buoys. Captain Tom Smith put Herb Guest and the guys aboard "Port-A-Bella" on makos of 120 and 148 pounds during two days of drifting the Elephant Trunk.

Good Tuna Bite

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/9/2011 12:00:00 AM

There has been a good tuna bite so far this season. Bluefins normally show up this time of year, however, it's encouraging to hear of numerous yellowfins that have been caught over the past week. Wes Olson and crew trolled Green Machines and spreader bars inshore of the Wilmington Canyon for 3 yellowfins to 36 pounds. Captain Tom Cornell's guys aboard High Hook had 8 yellowfins in 40 fathoms between the Wilmington and Baltimore Canyons. They finished the day with an 88 pound bluefin that George Durant decked near Massey's Canyon. Jim Short and the boys on Knot Right put 4 forty pound yellowfins in the box while trolling the Wilmington Canyon. Angelo Delapo's anglers aboard Spoiled III trolled up five keeper yellowfin and their one allowable bluefin. Jimmy Reed, Mike Cannon and friends worked the West Wall of the Baltimore to ice eight yellowfins. Bill Swords and his buddies trolled up 4 nice yellowfins then switched to deep dropping for a good catch of golden tiles. Yellowfins were spread from 40 to 60 fathoms in several spots between the Wilmington and Poor Man's Canyons. Bluefins seemed to be more prevalent inshore, between the Hambone and Hot Dog, on the Chicken Bone and at Massey's Canyon. All of the trollers reported many short tuna and skipjacks.

False Albacore made an early arrival, and schools of big albies roamed the same structure as the yellowfins and bluefins. Chopper bluefish were feeding on the Hambone and other inshore lumps too. Sharking has been decent. Herb Guest and the guys on Port-A-Bella brought in a 150 pound mako. They had that shark and several others while drifting the Elephant Trunk. Sea Bass action was fair at Reef Site 11. Bassers had to weed through mostly short fish to end up with some to take home. Anchoring was more productive for keepers. Cod have been mixed in on the the same structure as bass, and offered a pleasant bonus for bottom bouncers. Ocean flounder fishing came on in the past couple days. Captain Ricky Yakimovicz reported good fluking in 80 feet of water between DB and DA Buoys. Fishermen using 3 to 4 ounce bucktails tipped with a strip of fresh bait did well. Shark, mackerel, bluefish and skate were great cut baits. Delaware Bay flounder fishing was fair, with a few keepers coming from reef sites 5,6,7 and 8. Flounder continue to be pulled from Lewes Canal. Gulp! artificials have been highly effective all spring.

Flatties were caught at the Cape Henlopen Pier too. Black drum were caught at the Coral Beds over the weekend, but that fishing will likely wind down soon. Jordan Stradling scored her first drum, weighing 34 pounds, on Saturday night. Stripers roamed the rocks of the Ice Breakers and Outer Wall, and could be tempted with buctails, Storm Shads and Bomber plugs. The bite was best in the evenings or after dark. Evan Falgowski was surprised when two big drum grabbed Stretch Plugs he was using for stripers near the Haystacks.

First Thresher Shark

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/2/2011 12:00:00 AM

The season's first thresher shark was brought to the dock on Memorial Day, and it was a whopper! Captain Ted Moulinier took the Pirate King to his favorite sharking grounds northwest of DB Buoy, and returned with a 487 pound longtail. Captain Brian Wazlavek and Alex Capozio shared winding time on the reel. The crew attempted to wrestle the big shark aboard after it was caught, but it was too heavy to get over the gunwale, so they towed it home. The mammoth thresher attracted plenty of attention at the Marina, and yielded quite a pile of delicious steaks. Other threshers were reported along the Buoy Line and in the Fingers. Makos were also taken at the Hambone and in the Fingers. Bluefish were plentiful in the same areas, and trollers caught choppers in the 8 to 15 pound range. Bluefish were also found on the lumps southeast of Delaware Light.

There was a good tuna bite over the weekend. Yellowfins showed up outside The Rockpile, between Poor Man's and Washington Canyons. There were a lot of small fish below the 27 inch minimum, but crews were able to cull out decent numbers of keepers. Some tuna were in the 30 to 40 pound range. Bluefins were mixed in with yellowfins, and most boats had their limit of one.

Mark Stephens and his buddies trolled up 10 keeper yellowfins and released many others at the "800 Square" of the Washington Sunday. It's encouraging to see good tuna action, and hopefully it will be a great offshore season. Bill Swords and friends enjoyed some fine offshore bottom fishing. They had 16 tilefish to 35 pounds, plus nice sea bass and ling while deep dropping in the Baltimore Canyon. Sea Bassers at Reef Site 11 picked away at fish, and anchoring seemed more productive than drifting. Hobby Isaacs iced the biggest bass we've see so far this year, a 5.62 pound knothead. Chuck Coverdale caught a 3.59 pounder on the Angler. Back inshore, flounder are still coming from Lewes Canal. Thurman Stanley caught an 8.1 pound doormat right in front of the store Tuesday morning while fishing with a chartreuse Gulp! Ethan Boyle used a white Gulp! to catch his 3.46 pounder. Flounder also came from the Cape Henlopen Pier. Some flounder have been caught in the Bay east of Fourteen Foot Light, and on Reef Site 7. Croakers have started to move into the Bay as well. Surfcasters on Broadkill Beach caught small hardheads, and fishermen on the Cape May Ferry Jetties had them too. Black drum lingered at the Coral Beds. Ogden Lester landed a 68.6 pounder on the Miss Kirstin, and Phil Spare scored a 72.1 pound boomer on Joint Venture.

Flounder Tourney Results

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/26/2011 12:00:00 AM

The Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament was a great success. Over 300 anglers participated in the event, and many flatties were caught. Frank Zeccola was the big winner with a 7.25 pound doormat. Nikki Rice nailed Second with her 4.35 pounder. A 4.32 by John Mitchell took Third. Ron Webster wound in the the Fourth Place 4.31 pounder. Ed Bush boated a 4.17 for Fifth. Bobby Smith scored Sixth with his 4.11, and Tom Hudson had Seventh with a 4.04 pound fluke. In addition to cash prizes awarded to the top finishers, more than $1,500 was raised for Camp Awareness Youth Programs.

Many thanks to all who took part in the Tourney. Brian Clark captured a 5.94 pound flatfish in the Canal, but unfortunately it happened the day before the Tournament. Flounder fishing was good at night for sharpies working the Cape Henlopen pier using small jigs tipped with shiners or herring.

Waders inside the Cape and between the piers also hooked flounder. Frank and Sue Gaworski had three keeper flounder and released several others, along with some nice weakfish and puppy drum while tossing Bass Assassins around the old Broadkill Jetty. The striper bite in Indian River Inlet last week was the best most area fishermen have seen in a long time. Schools of big, migratory post spawn bass pushed through the inlet with each flood tide and fed aggressively on bunker, shad, small trout, kingfish or whatever happened to be in front of them. It was a bonaza for both jetty jocks and boaters. As word of the action spread, the crowds grew, and it was common to see casters lining the rocks elbow to elbow the full length of both jetties, most of them with bent rods. Upwards of a hundred boats drifted the inlet at the same time. The best catching took place at night. Although tempers flared among some anglers in the crazy scene, fishermen who kept their cool were rewarded with rockfishing rarely seen.

Gary Kaminski checked in a brace of bass weighing 32.5 and 34.1 pounds he caught with bucktails. Harry Blades and Shane Townsend had limits while drifting Storm Shads on multiple trips to the inlet. Their take included Shane's 31 pounder and Harry's 23.2 pound rock. Bill Lux brought in a 29.1 pounder using a bucktail tipped with herring. Dominic Coviello fooled his 28 pound striper with a white bucktail. Mason Newsham trolled a Stretch 30 plug to nail a 27.8 pound linesider. Joe Bowski bucktailed bass of 24.3 and 17.6 pounds. Jim Weber wound in a 25.5 pounder with a Storm Lure. Phil Chandler had a 23 pounder, and Ricky Chorman captured a 24.5 pound rock. Brock Kauffman caught a 22.3 pounder on an eel. Drew Rose was casting a Bomber plug when he connected with a 20.3 pounder. Striped bass also came from Delaware Bay. Timmy Barnett, Chad Tingle and Vince Lahr trolled Stretch plugs along he edge of Hen and Chickens Shoal for their limit of lunkers to 31.5 pounds. Other crews reported rock while casting Storm Shads and Bomber plugs around the Ice Breakers and Outer Wall. Joe Zaleski boated a 35 pound bass while soaking a bunker chunk at Site 2. A few stripers were taken from the surf at Herring Point and in Roosevelt Inlet by anglers using bunker and clams. Black Drum continued to come from the Coral Beds and submerged pilings off Slaughter Beach. Martha Clemmer landed a 71.5 pound behemoth, one of four boated Thursday night aboard Martha Marie. The Miss Kirstin returned with 5 drum Friday evening. Grizzly's guys got seven on Saturday night. Paul Grim decked a 68 pounder on the Indian. Jake McNitt managed a 66.9 pound drum on the Pirate King II. John Mancuso muscled in a 61.1 pound boomer. Kahekili Gomez was drumming on the Joint Venture when he hooked his 67.8 pounder. Many drum have been pulled from the surf at Broadkill Beach. Clam or peeler crab on a short leadered fishfinder rig produced plenty of puppies from 10 to 25 pounds at the end of ebb tide and beginning of the flood. There was much excitement over the opening of sea bass season Sunday. Boaters had good catches at Reef Site 11, and on wrecks in 100 to 120 foot depths. The crew on Katy Did returned with a limit of quality bass and several cod on Sunday. Captain Pete Haines and Bob Witte iced their limit of nice bass Sunday aboard Top Fin. Bassers on the Lil' Angler II had good catches as well. Bill Swords and his buddies had a box of big bass and a bunch of cod aboard Swords Fish. It's encouraging to see cod in such numbers again. Crews working structure in twenty fathoms in search of sharks and tuna encountered plenty of big bluefish. Wes Olson said it was all the slammers you wanted at the Hambone. Blues were also caught by sharkers at the Fingers and Jackspot. Jon Kitchen reported that an overnighter to the Carteret Canyon produced a blue shark, three small yellowfin tuna, a pair of big dolphin and surprisingly, three wahoo. Warm water has been working it's way inshore, and trollers tell of catching bluefins along temperature breaks this side of the canyons.

Drum Action Started

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/20/2011 12:00:00 AM

Black drum turned on in Delaware Bay this past week. Best of the action occurred in shallow water off Slaughter Beach. Boats anchored near the submerged pilings and baiting with surf clams did well. Bites occurred during both daylight and nighttime hours. Some crews reported double digit catches over the weekend. Fish have generally been small males in the 10 to 30 pound range, but a few big boomers have been brought back to the dock. Rebecca Hollingsworth boated a 70.5 pounder aboard the Martha Marie. Doug, Jeff and Lucas May, Mike Goshen, and DJ Kline had 4 drum to 35 pounds on the Pirate King. Rocky Morgan was surprised when a 47.5 pound drum grabbed a green crab he was using for tog bait along the Inner Wall aboard the Indian. Will Wiedmann landed a pair of drum to 20 pounds while soaking clams in the surf at Broadkill Beach. Drum fishing should continue good through this month with peak time around the full moon.

We will be carrying surf clams but suggest you call to reserve bait early in the week to ensure you have clams for the weekend. Flounder fishing has been decent in the Lewes Canal and in shallow water near the Cape Henlopen Pier. Minnows, shiners and smelt were popular offerings. A strip of herring or bunker on a small jig was effective too. Scot Anderson checked in a 4.63 pounder he caught in the Canal. Jay Fleming pulled a 4.3 pounder from the pilings at the Cape Henlopen Pier. Good news is that the minimum size for flounder in Delaware dropped from 18 1/2 inches to 18 inches as of May 11. The creel limit remains at 4 per angler per day.

Remember the Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament Friday May 20th. Stripers showed up along the Outer Wall. Chad Tingle and Timmy Barnett took their limit of rockfish to 38 inches while casting Storm Shads along the Wall at night. Striped Bass bit in Indian River Inlet as well. Mike Graham, Don Hallacher and Justin Hallacher had their limit of 6 bass from 18 to 27 pounds while tossing Storm Shads in the Inlet Sunday night. Stripers also still came from the surf. Curt Stephens captured a 16.3 pound linesider using clams in the wash at Cape Henlopen. Togging was very good up until the season closure on May 11th. Tog were taken from Bay reef sites, the Inner and Outer Walls, and the Ice Breakers. Chip Kelly wrestled a monster 16.6 pound blackfish from Site 6. Toggers on Top Fin had their limit Sunday morning, including a 9.67 pounder for Pae Bae. The Grizzly returned with limits both days of the weekend. Captain Ted's tog anglers on the Indian limited out and were back at the dock by lunch time on the last day of the season. Jim Sieja scored a 12.32 pounder on the Indian. Don Straughn sneaked in his citation 8.97 pound tog before the season ended. Sheila Stohler got a 7.16 pound citation winner.

Canal Flounder Tournament

Lewes Harbour Marina - 5/5/2011 12:00:00 AM

The annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament, sponsored by the Dewey Beach Lions Club takes place Friday May 20, 2011. This is a flounder only tournament, and all state and federal regulations apply. Fishing must be done from a boat that is not moored to land. Fish must be caught on hook and line. Entry fee is $25 cash per angler. There is no limit to the number of anglers per boat, but safety should be kept in mind. Five dollars of the entry fee will be donated to the Camp Awareness Youth Fishing Tournament, benefiting young area anglers. The remaining money will collect in a pool, and be split among anglers weighing in the six heaviest flounder as follows: First Heaviest-35% of the pool, Second Heaviest-25%, Third Heaviest-20%, Fourth Heaviest-10%, Fifth Heaviest-5%, Sixth Heaviest-5%. The angler who catches the Seventh Heaviest flounder will receive a $100 Lewes Harbour Marina Gift Certificate. The more anglers that enter, the larger the dollar values of the prizes.

Anglers must register at Lewes Harbour Marina before 7am May 20, 2011. No sign ups will be accepted after the start time of 7am on that day. Fishing hours are from 7am to 3pm May 20, 2011. The boundaries for fishing are the Rehoboth Bay Canal entrance to the Oyster Rocks ramp on Broadkill River. You may fish within Roosevelt inlet, but not past the red and green markers at the entrance. No fishing permitted in Delaware or Rehoboth Bay. Flounder may be weighed at the Lewes Harbour Marina scale any time between 7am and 4pm May 20, 2011. No weigh ins after 4pm on that date. It is strongly recommended that flounder be weighed in live, and brought to the scale soon after it is caught. In the event of a tie for weight, the flounder weighed earliest takes the higher prize. Joe Morris can disqualify any questionable flounder if he feels the fish was not caught during the Tournament. Anglers fishing must give the right of way to any vessel underway in the Canal.

Flounder In The Canal

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/28/2011 12:00:00 AM

Water temperatures have been slowly rising with warmer days and nights, and flounder action has improved in the Lewes Canal. Anglers reported fair numbers of keeper flatties while using minnows, shiners, smelt and herring. The Berkely Gulp! artificials have proven effective as well. Young fisherman Ronin Max used a minnow on a green jighead to tempt a 21 inch 3.5 pounder from the Canal on Monday. Rebecca West weighed in a 5.33 pound flatfish she pulled in using cut herring. Remember the annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament Friday May 20.

Folks fishing the rails at Cape Henlopen pier had flounder at night on Speck Rigs and other small jigs tipped with cut bait. Bluefish and stripers were also caught from the pier. Shore casters at Roosevelt Inlet hooked bluefish, stripers and flounder as well. Stripers were reported too from Broadkill Beach by guys employing bloodworms and cut bunker and herring. Will Wiedmann was surprised when a 14 pound black drum grabbed the chunk of herring he was using to try and catch stripers on Broadkill Monday. Commercial netters have been getting numerous drum in Broadkill Slough, so boat fishermen should have success on the Coral Beds soon. Wind has been a problem for boaters most days, but when crews were able to get out to the reef sites, they found tautog cooperative. Last Saturday, Captain Brent's toggers on Katy Did returned with a limit of nice blackfish. The Angler headboat also had a good catch Saturday. Captain Chet's group on the Lil' Angler limited out on Monday. Tyler and Austin Brown were on board, and scored citation tog of 7.14 and 7.3 pounds on their first Delaware Bay tautog trip. Captain Pete's patrons had a limit aboard Top Fin Tuesday. Ok Chiu Kim boated a 9.88 pound bruiser.

In addition togging has been good along the Inner and Outer Walls. Bob Murphy and Edwin Maxwell culled a limit of quality tog from many they caught at the Inner Wall Monday, including Max's 8.26 pound citation winner. Striped bass continue to be caught along the Ocean beaches. Bert Long brought in a 19 pound rock using bunker in the surf at Herring Point. Jack Austin beached a 28.6 pound bass with bunker at Conquest Road. Jack said he released some large smooth dogfish, and a couple pretty good sized brown sharks.

Stripers Hit The Beach

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/21/2011 12:00:00 AM

Fair numbers of striped bass showed up in the surf this past week. Fish were caught at Cape Henlopen and along Broadkill Beach by shore casters soaking cut herring, bunker, clam and bloodworm baits. Matt Wiedmann stopped by Tuesday with a pair of nice rockfish taken at the Navy Jetties on herring. Drew Stuchlik, Will Wiedmann and Fritz Geiger fished the beach near Gordon's Pond during outgoing tide Tuesday. They had 12 stripers up to 40 inches, plus the first two bluefish of the season. Larry Taylor reported that he and his fishing buddy scored seven keeper sized rock using fresh herring from Broadkill Beach. Stripers were also pulled from Roosevelt Inlet.

Surf fishermen did well, but windy conditions made it difficult for boaters to get out. It's likely striped bass will be found now on the same structure at the Bay mouth where they roamed in the Fall. On days boats were able to get out on the Bay, anglers found tog along the Inner and Outer Walls. A jighead tipped with a chunk of green crab worked. Joe Ryan got his limit of tog at the Inner Wall. Tautog were also taken over Reef Sites 5, 6 and 7. Captain Brent's toggers on the Katy Did returned with their limit of fish to 8 pounds last Thursday. Seo Won Park weighed in a 9.88 pound citation blackfish he boated aboard the Top Fin. Small boaters picked at flounder in the Lewes Canal. Water temps have risen into the low 50's and action should improve daily. A few keeper flatties came over the rail at the Cape Henlopen Pier during both day and nighttime hours as as well. Flukers told of success using speck rigs and other small jigs tipped with herring, shiners, minnows and Gulp! Don't forget the Annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament Friday, May 20th.

Tautog on the Reefs

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/14/2011 12:00:00 AM

Tautog action has been pretty consistent over artificial reefs in Delaware Bay. Sites 6 and 7 near Brown Shoal have been productive, but tog also came from up the Bay at Site 4, and on the Broadkill Slough site, number 5. Captain Chet's toggers on the Lil' Angler culled a limit of nice keepers from a catch of several fish on Wednesday. Many of the blackfish were just shy of the 15 inch minimum.

The tog took green crabs, clams and shrimp. Stanley Raffensberger from Halifax, PA reeled in an 8.28 pound citation winner. A few tog have been pulled from the rocks of the Outer Wall, and that bite will improve with warming water temps. A handful of flounder came from Lewes Canal during the past week. Cut herring, minnows, shiners and Gulp got the attention of sluggish flatties. A few flounder were also hooked by fishermen on the rails of Cape Henlopen Pier using small jigs tipped with herring at night. Again, that catching will pick up as temperatures rise.

The annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament will take place Friday May 20th. Striped bass catches have been spotty, although some were landed by surfcasters using bloodworm from Broadkill Beach. Louie Maysky checked in his limit of two rock weighing 10 and 14 pounds. Those fish grabbed Creek Chub poppers in Massey's Ditch. The herring run is on at the spillway in Milton. The alewife and bluebacks will strike small darts and sabiki rigs. Be aware that the Delaware recreational limit for herring is 10 per angler per day.

Tog and Stripers

Lewes Harbour Marina - 4/7/2011 12:00:00 AM

Amanda and I got back from the Florida Keys last week and have been in the shop daily, getting ready for the season ever since. This winter's weather was much warmer than last, and we enjoyed good fishing. We took a side trip to Guatemala where we were spoiled by the extremely personable and attentive staff at Buena Vista Sportfishing Lodge in Iztapa. We got into big Pacific sailfish and dorado, and Amanda caught her first blue marlin. She had the 300 pounder to the boat for photos and the release in fifteen minutes. The captain was thoroughly impressed.

Back here in Delaware, Bay water temps have finally risen into the upper 40s, and tog and stripers have been taken on days when weather conditions allow boaters to get out. Tog action had been pretty good over ocean wrecks and reef site 10. Some big blackfish were brought in, such as the 20.24 pound jumbo tautog decked by Dennis Muhlenforth. Captain Carey's guys on the Grizzly had 14 tog and a keeper cod on a recent trip to Site 10. Today, Captain Pete's toggers aboard Top Fin limited out while using green crabs over a Bay reef. Kent Suh scored a 7.87 pounder. The Lil' Angler was also togging in the Bay today and returned with a limit of fish including Sam Green's 10.11 pound citation winner.

Striped bass have been on the move in the Bay, but Mike Barnes, Bob Persch, Terry Myers and Mark Swift found some north of Brandywine Shoal. They were anchored in 15 feet of water using clams when they boated three bass in the 15 pound class. The date of this year's annual Lewes Harbour Canal Flounder Tournament has been set for Friday May 20. The event offers cash prizes and part of the proceeds benefit Camp Awareness youth programs.