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Flounder In The Bay

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/22/2014 12:00:00 AM

Most anglers seeking flounder have chosen to work Ocean structure the past couple weeks because of strong currents in Delaware Bay. However, since the passing of this month's full moon, conditions have improved, and crews trying Bay Reef Sites were pleased to find flounder action coming back to life. Captain Carey on the Grizzly had good fluking at the Brown Shoal Reefs this week. Captain Brent's fishermen on Katydid also returned with limit catches of flatties after working Sites 6 and 7 recently. In addition to flounder, Bay bottom bouncers found plenty of croakers on the Star Site and at Site 5 in Broadkill Slough. Kingfish, trout, puffers and snapper blues were mixed in. Bluefish were also found in the rip on the shoal just outside the Outer Wall. During moving tides they chased silversides to the surface, and diving gulls and terns gave away the feeding activity. A bucktail jig or spoon cast among the fish would usually generate a strike in short order. The scrappy snappers are a blast on light tackle, and lots of fun for young anglers. Captain Pete Haines took son Rainer to the bluefish rip for his first fishing trip the other day aboard Top Fin. Rainer reeled on blue after blue, and was definitely hooked by the fast snapper action. Jumbo spot continue to inhabit Lewes Canal. Many are over 10 inches. They're suckers for a piece of bloodworm or Fishbites. Good sized croakers swam the Canal too, and bank fishermen near the Railroad Bridge hooked into some of the largest specimens. Slot striper season runs through August 31st, and rockfish within that size range were found by folks drifting pencil eels around the drawbridge, or those bottom fishing with clams or peeler crabs. Speckled trout aren't too common in our area, but they're around if you know where to look. Brian Smith was casting an Electric Chicken Bass Assassin to the marsh bank on Broadkill River and connected with a beautiful pair of specks weighing 3.5 and 5.4 pounds. Ocean flounder fishing remained real good. Inshore sites 9 and 10 were productive, as well as Site 11 outside the shipping lane. Live bottom and structure changes of the Old Grounds between DB and DA Buoys also gave up plenty of fluke. Chris Vann works as a mate on the Katydid, but recently he invited his buddies on board to fish with him in a birthday celebration. The crew took a limit of 40 quality Ocean flounder, and was back at the dock early. Total weight of only the five heaviest tallied 27.5 pounds. Ron Mistretta decked the largest, a 7.33 pound doormat. Geoff Klopp and Mason Newsham had flatties of 5.1, 5.95, and 5.96 pounds as part of their limit from Site 10. Bert Long landed a 6.1 pounder aboard Miss Kirstin. Chris Ragni checked in a 6 pounder he caught on the Quintessa at the Old Grounds. Dave Walker wound in a near citation 6.77 pounder. Ocean water quality has been very good, and many flounder fishermen have encountered dolphin while drifting Site 11 and the Old Grounds. Marc Levinrad landed an 11.5 pound mahi to add to his limit of flatfish to 4.5 pounds while bucktailing aboard the Thelma Dale IV. Jack Henriksen had a 12.5 pound dolphin grab a flounder rig he was reeling up from the bottom of the Old Grounds.