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Sounds Like A Broken Record

Lewes Harbour Marina - 8/15/2014 12:00:00 AM

It may sound like a broken record, but flounder fishing has been about as good as it gets over the past couple weeks. Conditions were tough in Delaware Bay around the recent full moon due to strong currents, but Ocean anglers did well on structure where lunar and tidal effects were less severe. Flatties came from inshore reefs 9 and 10, as well as Site 11, east of DB Buoy. Live bottom of the Old Grounds, southeast of DB and northwest of DA also yielded plenty of flatfish. Limit catches were commonplace on days with good drifting. Not only were flounder numerous, but several sizeable specimens have been checked in. On Saturday, Price Lindsay and Steve Friend were working Site 10 using rigs baited with mackerel strips and Gulp!, and compiled quite an impressive limit of fluke. Among the fish was a 9 pound trophy for Price, and Steve's awesome 10 pound doormat. Steve said it was his personal best, and a replica mount may be in his future. On Monday, Wayne DeMarco and his crew limited out with quality flounder form the Old Grounds. Wayne was jigging a bucktail sweetened with cut bait and landed an 8 pound beauty. Captain Brent has been running Katydid to Ocean Structure on a regular basis, and returning with boat limits most trips. The most memorable was last Saturday, when flukers on board captured a 40 fish limit that pushed the number of keepers for Katydid this season to over 1000. Some other nice fish to hit the dock included a 6.9 pounder for Captain Pete Haines, Art Shapiro's 6.07 and Scott Ayars' 5.25 pounder, all taken Saturday on Top Fin. Renee Pergeorelis was on a roll with big flatties, and limited two days in a row, including specimens weighing 5.5 and 5.63 pounds. Joe Walker, Kyle Falgowski, Bob Karpovich and Mike Delio drifted Site 10 Monday for their limit of chunky fluke to 6.45 pounds. Croakers have also been plentiful on Site 10, and often proved bothersome to boaters targeting flounder by constantly nibbling on baits and stealing them before flatfish get a crack. Anglers seeking croakers in Delaware Bay found plenty around the Star Reef and the Broadkill Reef. Kingfish, spike trout, blowfish, snapper blues and triggerfish were mixed in. Tog action was slow in general, but a few tautog and triggers were taken along the Outer Wall and Ice breakers on sand fleas. Snapper bluefish have shown up in good numbers in the rip over the shoal just outside the north end of the Outer Wall. They often chased siversides to the surface, and fed ravenously beneath clouds of diving terns and gulls. A bucktail or small metal jig tossed into the melee got bit in short order. In Lewes Canal, croakers were a popular catch. Seems they were bigger than a lot of fish out in the Bay. The Canal held spot of jumbo proportions too, some of which were 10 to 12 inches long. The panfish preferred bloodworms and Fishbites. Stripers were still caught around the drawbridge by small boaters drifting eels or bottom fishing with clams. The slot striper season ends August 31st. Offshore, tuna were located in the Wilmington Canyon. Daytime chunking among whales produced good sized yellowfins. Geoff McCloskey, Andrew White, Mike Zeccola and Vic Mattia had yellowfins of 56, 68 and 69 pounds while fishing live spot at dusk in the Wilmington Saturday. On Sunday, Captain Brent ran Katydid to the Wilmington, where his group deep dropped for tilefish. They loaded up with grays to 15 pounds, and goldens to 25 pounds. Brent saw signs of tuna in the afternoon, and stopped to chunk up 5 stout yellowfins to 73 pounds. With the fish boxes full, the crew headed back to the dock in anticipation of a long night at the cleaning table.