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The Flounder Beat Goes On

Lewes Harbour Marina - 6/23/2016 12:00:00 AM

The beat goes on with the great start to the summer fluking season, with many limit catches gracing the scales and fish cleaning tables. Even better, there have been some real quality fish mixed in. Lewes Harbor saw some pretty fish with Matt Jester nabbing a five pound flattie on a chartreuse spec rig from the Cape Fishing Pier. The skinny water fishing wasn't limited to the pier with Sarah and Ken Schabrach from Boyertown, PA showing that "Bear" pride with a limit catch of flounder from the canal fishing with Gulp! The Katydid returned with plenty of happy anglers with limit catches on recent trips. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the Fisherman's Wharf headboat Themla Dale IV passed along some super catches as well, with Joe "Postal Joe" Lofink after a secret ritual perfomed on his rod, tallied a limit of nice flounder in a matter of a couple hours. Jeff Scurti nailed limits of flounder on back to back trips with a bonus bass thrown in. Jim Fredericks had a limt of flounder up to five pounds, while Marc Levinrad continued his streak of limit catches on each trip to a whopping nine outings, with flounder weight as much as six pounds. Matt Slapinski celebrated Father's Day in grand style with a pretty six pound slab, while Tyler Long iced a fluke limit by 10:30 on a recent trip. This heavy action continues to take place along the shipping channel and artificial reef sites in the ocean. Bouncing bucktails laced with Gulp! in either four or six inch sizes has been the hot ticket, though some flounder pounders are using a strip of cut bait such as sea robin as well. Flounder action in Delaware Bay remains slow with cold, dirty water being the norm. If flounder aren't your cup of tea offshore action remains good with fish spread up and down the canyon edges. Trolling spreader bars and skirted 'hoos remain the way to go. Mixed in with the tunners have been dolphin and a few makos. The crew of Five O returned from a recent ride to the deep with some dolphin and a black eye landed while working 73 degree water. There have been more and more reports surfacing of bluefin and yellowfin showing along the twenty fathom lumps, fueling hopes of a return to the torrid inshore action we used to have. Chris Huk showed he's not all about throwing a fastball, but can bring the heat on the water as well. He traveled to VA to pull a nice cobia aboard, luring the ling with a live eel. Speaking of different fish, Capt. Chris "Skeet" Ragni had a nice look at a 140 pound class white on a recent trip. Big blues made another appearance again in Canary Creek, where anglers nailed the gators in the ten to fifteen pound class. Chunks of bunker or mullet on chartreuse rig with wire on the flood tide landed the fish. Surf casters have been tallying the wayward big blue, but mostly the catch has been panfish. Bloodworms, small pieces of clam or squid have been proving successful for kingfish, small croakers and trout. Dr. Mark McDaniel landed a couple of the latter fishing the suds at Broadkill with trout up to sixteen inches on minnows.