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Fishing Report



Entry fees are as follows, $30 for the month per angler, or $5 per day per angler. All entry fees to be paid in cash. The tournament runs from Nov 23rd to Dec 22nd.

Anglers can pay $30 and fish as many days as they want during the event, or pay $5 each day before they go fishing.

All contending fish in the tournament must be caught on hook and line, and weighed by registered angler who caught it, on the Lewes Harbour Marina scale during regular business hours within the tournament dates. (6am-6pm)

All Delaware state and federal fishing and boating regulations apply to this tournament.

The tournament will end at 4pm on Dec 22nd, 2019. All contending fish MUST be weighed in by then, none will be accepted after 4pm on the 22nd of Dec. An LHM official has the right to disqualify a fish if evidence suggests that the fish was not caught during the tournament.


Prizes will be handed out in this order:

  • 1st Heaviest Striper takes 50% of the cash pool
  • 2nd Heaviest Striper takes 30% of the cash pool
  • 3rd Heaviest Striper takes 20% of the cash pool

In the event of a tie for weight, the fish weighed earliest takes the higher prize. Times will be kept on record as the fish are weighed in at LHM.

Please remember this is a FUN tournament, let’s all keep good sportsmanship in mind when you are out there trying to catch the winning fish.


Flounder, Flounder and More Flounder

Lewes Harbour Marina - Sunday, August 28, 2016

Yep, same song different week. Flounder action continues to highlight the fishing reports which were somewhat more sparse this week to say the least. The Katydid was back at it with deckhand Chris Vann getting to enjoy a busman's holiday and to a little fishing for his birthday. The boat racked up an impressive catch of 36 flatties for Ernie Stone, Jaackie Austin, Jeff Sherwood, Matt Sherwood, Mike (the surf spike) Thompson and Robert Wilson. Sloan Buckaloo spent some time on bottom on the Bottom Line and landed and beautiful 4.3 pound flounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz aboard the all day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf reports that things are pretty much still on track with multiple limits spread around the boat every day. Marc (who I feel as if I know after all the reports this summer) took a little break from banging on the fluke to sight cast to a nice dolphin and landed a pretty 15.2 pounder. Ed Detterline also scored a nice limit of fish up to the mid six pound class. Bouncing bucktails over the rocky and coral upwellings has been producing most of the fish. Some artificial reef sites such as nine have also been putting anglers on the fish. Adding a strip of meat such as sea robin or smooth dog helps, along with using Gulp!

There have been plenty of snapper blues around Delaware Bay reef sites and shoals. The snappers really relish the real thing, so try using a strip of mullet for them or bluefish belly. No need to get fancy here. A half ounce leadhead and a chunk of meat lobbed up current will do the trick. Try bleeding the fish when you get them by slicing the throat latch and putting them in a bucket of water. When the fish stops swimming put it in a well-iced cooler. Small bluefish are really good eating if you take care of them and use them fresh. Snappers have also been reported along the ocean beaches and its certainly about the time of year for that to happen. I haven't seen a mullet in any numbers here along the Delaware Bay surf, but it's getting to be time for sure. Marlin fishing has been good. Storm Rider and Real Chaos returned with a bunch of release flags flying. In other billfish news Nate Evans bagged a beauty of a sword weighing 351.8 pounds at the Wilmington. Cheering him on were Matt Baker, Chip Graves, Jeff Drury and Bobby Braun. Mikaylah Jo Lindsay II teamed with dad Price Linsay Jr. to work over Massesy for six nice dolphin, one flounder and one trigger. Mikaylah accounted for all of the dolphin-the largest of which was 14.5 pounds-as well as the flounder. That's some trip! Dave Walker also paused from creeling yet another flounder limit to pitch an eel to a nice cobia. The large ling latched onto his bait and the heady angler landed a pretty 17.9 pounder.

Limited Out

Lewes Harbour Marina - Sunday, August 21, 2016

Okay, the title isn't really just about fish limits-more rather than I ran out of creative ways to say that the flounder fishing, for all intents and purposes, remains the only real game in town. Sure, there are some other bottom fishing sorts of things going, but the rubber meets the road, as it has all season, with the summer flounder. They have carried our inshore fishery on their back this season. Anglers are still scoring the best in the Old Grounds areas and sites 11 and 9, but there has been some life on the rubble in the bay, particularly site four. Bring plenty of lead because you'll be losing plenty of it! But given the dearth of remaining natural structure in the bay, the rubble has been where it's at for flounder.

Some notable catches included Neil and Phil Falgowski traveling to site nine to land a 5.2 pound flounder. Rovert Karpavich teamed up with flounder killer from way back Dave Walker on the Gotcha for a limit of flatties up to Rob's citation 8.4 pounder. Bob Fitzwater and Pete Antonelli traveled to site ten to limit on flounder using bucktails tipped with shiners and squid. The Katydid was on the flounder again for Gene and Mandyu Cichanowsky and Mike Rose and Ernie from Tomato Sunshine. Mike Roland landed a 3.72 pounder on the trip. Pamela Smith landed a doormat on the "Did" pulling the balance down to 7.09 pounds. Charlotte and Bill Hughes had 16 nice flatties, a couple handfuls of sea bass and 6 dolphin. George Durant landed the heaviest fish on another trip on the Katydid. The Angler also got in on the action landed ten flounder. Staying in the same fleet Bethany Fluck on the Pirate King with her family landed two pretty fluke weighing 5.61 and 4.16 respectively. Another fluke killer from way back Joe Walker teamed with Tony Vansant for a citation 7.52 pounder. On the all day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf, Capt. Rick Yakimowicz reported a fantastic week of flounder action, with multiple limits of fish all around the boat daily. Better still, the savvy skipper noted that they have had one of the best weeks of the season for numbers of jumbo flatties since starting flounder fishing in May. Jeff Scurti won the pool on back to back days with one fish just under nine pounds, and one just over the next mixed in with his limit catches. Ten year old Aarons Joseph Yoder from Dover fought and landed the boat's second biggest flattie of the year with a solid 9 1/2 pound fish. Matt Garland finally got away from this "practice fish" with a pretty eight pounder but so good has the fishing been that, incredibly, that one didn't win the pool! Marc Levinrad was able to finally land a citation fish at 7 1/2 pounds, but as many limits as he's caught this year the's had not trouble adding up the weight. Ron Schmoyer, Ernie Milino and Donna Norton all had fish that just missed the seven pound citation mark.

There have been plenty of snapper sized blues around. Fenwick shoal has played host to some good catches of snappers and the odd Spanish macks mixed in. Trolling Clark spoons is a time honored way of fishing there. Blues have been noted on the flood tide at Indian River Inlet and we've seen plenty in the Delaware Bay as well. That's good news because you can bring a few of them home, unlike the trout which have also been pretty easy to find. The croakers continue to be, for the most part, very small and mecurial.

The Song Stays The Same

Lewes Harbour Marina - Sunday, August 14, 2016

Could go with Lamb Chop's "Song That Never Ends" but, then, at some point the torrid flounder action ocean anglers have experienced this year will come to a conclusion. Frankly I'd rather listen to Led Zeppelin anyway! The fluke action continues to hang on. Fishermen working the rocks and coral upcroppings of the Old Grounds and some artificial reef sites have done pretty well. Bouncing bucktails laced with Gulp! or strips of mean cut from smooth dogs or sea robin has been the preferred method, though some anglers have had some success dragging the old traditional style fluke killers.

The charter boat Katydid was back at work down in the ocean pulling out some good catches for their patrons. Mark Newcott pulled in a doormat citation 7.27 pounder as his crew scored a boat limit of flatties. Roger Holmes, Larry McDonald, Dan Boyer, Ty Bech, Barry McDonald and James Gouldner landed 36 keeper flatties on another trip on the Katydid. Capt. Carey Evans on the charter boat Grizzly had a monster trip with a recent trip to the Ocean, coming in with coolers full of an astonishing 100 sea bass a twenty six nice flounder and 20 ling. That's some fantastic eating right there! Capt. Pete Haines on the Top Fin had a good trip to the Atlantic as well, with the West View Saw Mill decking some a few nice sea bass, a bunch of blues and a boat limit of flounder. Capt. Pete also had another nice trip where his crew landed 12 nice flounder. Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy once again lived up to his sobriquet and returned with a limit of flounder, including one of 4.82 pounds for Mike Bono. The rest of the cew included Gene Steele, Evertett Beach, Chuck Buchanan, Nick Hook and Tyler Maroucouc. The private boat Mischievous had a good catch out front as well returning with sea bass and flounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf in Lewes reports solid to very good flounder fishing for patrons on his boat. The savvy skipper returned with an incredible 100 plus keeper flounder on yesterday's trip which is some pretty heavy fishing any way you slice it. Capt. Rick reported that last week's easterly pushed in crystal clear warm water over the Old Grounds resulting in not only some good fishing but anglers being able to see their fish coming up through the depths from as deep as 40 and 50 feet.

Among the many that scored easy limits Capt. Rick noted old veterans Marc Levinrad, Jeff Scutti, Donna Norton, Marti Byler, Bob Murphey, Bob Trento as notables, as well as Edwin Maxwell who landed a limit and lucked into a gaffer dolphin as well. That must be some pretty water indeed! Speaking of dolphin the Katydid returned with a few from a recent trip offshore. Hunter Culver and Jase Meridith also bagged four nice dolphin trolling east of Massey's. There have also been a few more croakers showing though the vast majority of them are not keepers. Even the keepers aren't really keepers resembling for all the world a small silvery tadpole-all head and no body.

The fish have been scattered around the rubble sites in the Delaware Bay and some have filtered into the back bays of Rehoboth and Indian River. There has also been an increase in slightly larger croakers and some decent spot in the canal. Small size six hooks and either real or artificial bloodworms will turn the trick on these panfish nicely, along with small pieces of squid or clam. Seems like plenty of blues out in the ocean as well, along with some Spanish macks. Trolling Clark spoons at Fenwick Shoal has been productive. The Lil' Angler returned with 100 blues for the Craig Shirk bachelor party along with releasing a ten foot sand tiger. surf anglers are still picking away a the normal summer mix of small croakers, spot and smallish kingfish. Careful not to overcast the fish as they are often right in the wash.

Flounder Still Holding On, Tuna Drop Off

Lewes Harbour Marina - Sunday, August 07, 2016

We are firmly in vacation season now-that time of year that Jimmy Buffet used to croon about in sometimes disparaging terms, full of crowds and noise and heat. Despite all of those things the fishing continues to hold up on a variety of fronts, most notably the flounder fishing. For anglers bouncing bucktails on the ocean bottom, things have held on nicely. This action has primarily been and continues to be found in the region of the shipping lane approaches to the Delaware Bay known as the Old Grounds. And, to be sure, there were some pretty catches made.

The crew on the Katydid has some more nice trips to the 'Grounds. The Seltzer family came back with a nice load of 19 flatties for their group. The boat returned for a limit catch for the group of Lauran and Ian Wolk, Dave Furio, Randy Tindle, Joe McNeil, Andy Lane and Marvin Krouse. Capt. Brent managed to snake a bucktail down through his anglers to come away with a pretty 7.68 pound doormat. The Katy Did also managed a nice 5.26 pounder for Chuck Kammerer. The boat also returned with 21 flatties for Alfred Baromi, John Schnaitman, Bob Fleming, George MacVesh, Wesley Major, Bob Bryant, Al Riberio, Dan Heron. Plenty of other boats got in on the fray as well. Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirstin, put seven year old Cameron Sellers on to a fine 3.42 pound flattie. Just imagine how many flounder Capt. Vince has put folks on over the years.... Speaking of accumulated time on deck the crew of Bill Swords, David Walker,Joe Walker and Robert Karpovich landed their limit of flounder on a recent trip. Another old salt, Bill Talbot, ran his well-deserved new acquisition out to help lure a 6.75 flounder for Jamie Sweitzer. The Salt Boat also returned with a flounder for Jim Meyer, Sheila Stohler, Rober Meyers. Anthony Hojnicki, aged ten, also corraled a trio of flatties from the canal using minnows. The kids were at it again with Jacob League landing is first flounder from Massey's Ditch. Capt. Carey on the Grizzly put some years of experience to work to help 14 year old Keith Benton ice down a 6.25 flattie, while not to be out done 11 year old Savanah Benton turned the tables on a nice 4.5 pound slab. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the all day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf agreed that flounder action had remained steady of the last week despite the fact that weather conditions haven't done anglers any favors.

It seems, the savvy skipper explained, that the wind and current direction has constantly been against each other, making for difficult drifting conditions. Despite that plenty of keeper flounder have been pulled over the rails. Wes Pollitt, mate from the Morning Star took a busman's holiday and landed an easy limit of flounder with a 6 pound pool fish to boot! Continuing the bus "person's" holiday theme, Capt. Alicen took a day off to tangle with dinner and landed a nice limit. Bill Haines was at it again with an absolute fluke beat down landing a total of 11 legal fish, an astonish eight of which were on one drift! Benjimin Jordan landed a limit with fish in the three to five pound class.

According to Capt. Rick Don Juan of Philly landed an easy limit on a day that he needed to use 12 ounces to stay down (and bringing to question just how much weight would it take for Capt. Rick to consider it a "tough limit!) Capt. Rick also passed along that "The Hammer" pounded away for a limit and a six pound poolfish, while Jason Hewes had an early limit with three to four pound fish on jigs and custom flies. There is still some mixed bag fishing in some sections of the Delaware Bay though the fish remain small. Capt. Carey of the Grizzly said that on a recent trip seven year old Madison Wyant landed a total of five different fish species, while brother Bud Wyant pulled in a surprise twelve pound black drum. There have been a fair amount of baby boomers boated this summer so hopefully that bodes well for the future. It would be a pretty sweeping understatement to make the claim that chunking action along the twenty fathom lumps has slowed. Reports suggest that the pretty water has moved off and that dirtier water has taken it's place. Tuna landings have nose dived accordingly. Hopefully all of this easterly of late will help push some more pretty water in.

Tuna Hold Firm, Flounder Rebound Some

Lewes Harbour Marina - Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tomorrow ushers in the month of August and beach towns will swell with the ranks of many vacationers who traditionally take this month for their time at the beach. This is a lucky break for those visitors who like to fish. Flounder action had somewhat slowed over the past couple of weeks as the fish had spread out along the bottom of the Old Grounds. This problem was exacerbated with difficult drift conditions with the wind seemingly always against the tide, "checking" drifts and not allowing anglers to cover wide stretches of turf. With good conditions over the past couple days things picked up.

Capt Brent Weis teamed with mate Chris Cann worked the old grounds for a solid catch of flatties, as did Geoff McClosky and his nephew Mason. The Hooked Up also scored some nice ocean flounder. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly continued a solid summer of flounder fishing with a boat limit for Joe Mohaiser's crew, along with the same for Larry Fratti. Cpat. Carey returned to the Old Grounds with Joe Wick and friends for twenty one flatties and some bass, and Bob Irwin and group had 22 keepers and a handful of sea bass. The Katydid returned with s 4.49 pounder for Stevve Kiebler and a 3.39 chunky fluke for Jay Leibforth. The Katydid kept up the good work on another trip returning with 50 blues and ten flounder. Wilkie Jarbo stayed closer to home and temted both a 17 inch flattie and a 22 inch bonus slot striper from the Canal on Gulp! Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the full day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf concurred that the flounder action had picked up but, he strongly cautioned that the fish are "not committing suicide".

You really have to work for the fish and that, these days, means jigging with a bucktail laced with Gulp! or a strip of meat from a sea robin or dogfish. Recent headboat trips have yielded catches such as Marc Levinrad and Jeff Scurti's five day marathon session landing over fifty keepable fish with some of the fish in the three to five pound class. Roger and Nick Farr from Haymarket, VA bounced the bottom with bucktails for 14 nice keepers over two days with fish up to four pounds. Adil Belharhomi from closer to home in Dover pulled in a doormat in the six pound class. The best flounder action continues to come from the Old Grounds, and the Delaware Bay, save for a smattering of fish on rubble structures, remains a virtual dead sea south of Cross Ledge Light. Tuna action on the twenty fathom lumps in general and Massey's in particular have continued to provide steady action for chunkers. The Quickfish returned with a nice catch of yellowfins from Massey's on butters. The High Pressure returned with a 49 pound yellowfin for Charles Stumpf, a 48 pounder for John Peel, and a 43 pounder for Tony Vansant. The Miss Five O certainly booked 'em without Danno for a 12 yellowfin beat down from Massey's on butters. Jenny Donahue boated a 35 pound yellowfin on her boat the Babs on butters at Massey's. Ed Sigda ran the Snow Goose once again to blue water for four yellowfins and a dolphin for David Lapuma, Mike Sigda, Bill Fintel and Mike Fritz. The Porta Bella with Capt. Jeff Hoepfl and "gaff man" Herb Guest took Thomas Walsh, Paul Hazzard, Jim Yingling and Alison Sharp to masseys for another catch of four yellowfins and a dolphin.

The lower part of the bay has been seeing a few mixed bag bites with a good catch on a charter on the Indian for Frank Margonis, Nike Pirouolidis and Karen and Kelly Koermer returning with puffers, kingfish and blues. The Fish Hawk returned with 17 kings caught by Joseph Cyron, Michael Sottile and John Penzo. The sheepshead catch continues with some chunky convict fish coming from the icebreakers. Robert Warehime tempted a whopper 10.62 pounder with a sandflea, and not to be outdone Hailey Withenbank nailed a 9.09 pounder.

Tuna Time

Lewes Harbour Marina - Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sorry for the delay-summer at the beach means company as many of you well know! The summer heat has hit with real force as the dog days of thick humidity and sweltering temperatures fog in. And, like a breath of fresh air, the tuna have arrived. Good catches have come from the old stomping grounds of the lumps along the twenty fathom line like many of us remember from the good old days that for many of us just don't seem all that long ago.

Speaking of the good old days Capt. Dave Filepas on the Bottom Line put his crew of Steve Millman, Bob Graham, Steve Miller and Tom Ring on some nice yellowfins with the biggest pulling the balance to 42.9 pounds. The Katydid had a couple of nice trips as well, with Bill and Charlotte Hughes scoring a cooler full of meat with six nice yellowfins. They also had another trip with both blue and yellowfin tuna between 40 and 69 pounds. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly took Mike Roebuck and family out for eight nice yellowfins. The Bikini Bottom crew of Greg Pearson, Nick Pearson and Dan Heim landed three nice yellowfins at Masseys. Of course heavy boat traffic over the weekends can make things tough, and reports of boats having to drop down to 30 pound floro to get the bites abound. Flounder are still the mainstay of the bottom fishing effort, and the ocean is still, despite a few more fish being taken from bay rubble piles, the most consistent and least (but not entirely) sensitive to conditions. The Katydid took a break from clobbering tunas to flipping flounder on deck, and returned with 25 flatties from the Old Grounds. 12 year old DJ Diamont landed a nice 3.56 pounder. Jeff Sherwood had a pair of nice flatties with one at 3.81, Ernie Stone had one at 3.06 and Chris Thawles one at 2.61. Steven Herr landed his first citation flattie with a nice 7.6 pounder caught right in front of Lewes Harbor. Must be the water there! Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirsten had a great day withh Sharon Price landing a 4.73 pounder, Pierce Gibson a 4.62 pounder, Colin Meany and Shane Gibson landing seven flatties. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz reported that the Fisherman's Wharf all day headboat catches have slowed somewhat from a couple of weeks ago, and that the fish have been on the move around the full moon period. The fish seem much more spread out and there are more shorts than before.

Still, hard corps jiggers bouncing Gulp! are are landing limits and the pool fish has always been in the four pound class. Tatyana Chub and Kyle McNaughton from Richfield, PA both had doormats of five and six pounds last week. James Kwangyu Jeun stole the show with a 9 pound, 4 ounce monster flounder. Bill Haines and Dancing Donna continued their streak of limits with nice flounder in the four pound class. In other bottom news there are plenty of trout around but, of course, you are only allowed one so not many folks are targeting them. Capt. Jack Stewart on the Fish Hawk had a nice catch of kingfish and trout with Ganon Smith from PA being the high hook. In more exotic news Frank Tier landed a whopper of a sheepshead on a sand flea while fishing at the Ice Breakers. The monster weighed in at 12.07 pounds. Not to be outdone, Capt. Joseph Crowley fished on his boat the Why Knot at the outer wall and landed a 14.6 pound beast of a sheepshead. Dorian Idsall fished on the Grizzly and caught 6 triggers, a tog, a trout, a blue and two porgies, one of which was a 2.74 pound citation. That's quite a day! And four year old Brighid Churches, visiting with her mom Christine Chuches from Las Vegas, went fishing with her Aunt Kathy and Uncle "Dizzy Cuda" Whitham to land a nice keeper trout and big white perch.

Surf fishing continues to be a normal summer mix of kings, some spike trout, some snapper blues and plenty of sharks. The kings are falling for both real and artificial bloodworms or small bits of clam. Kings also really like fresh cut bait so consider stripping up a spot if you get one. Of course the problem with that is that you are probably only moments away from a sand bar shark which means a lost hook! Size six long shanked hooks work well for the kings and assorted small fish. Kingfish are also like color so some of the commercially tied kingfish rigs with different colored floats can work well. They are notoriously finicky about color so keep changing until you find what they like. Also, like the pompano, they are in close so resist the urge to rear back and cast towards Portugal or you'll get an A for distance and an F for catch. Try and land your offering right behind the first wave. Good luck and go get 'em!

Flounder Slow Down, Tuna Pick Up

Lewes Harbour Marina - Friday, July 15, 2016

Flounder action has slowed somewhat as the fish have started to spread out somewhat, but tuna have made up the difference. There have still been plenty of nice fluke hitting the table, for sure. Mason Newsham nailed a 4.82 pounder on a bucktail at the Old Grounds. Brock Hilligoss took a break from pitching and landed a pretty 20 inch fish from the Broadkill. Chris Vann flirted with a citation and landed a 6.49 pound flattie on the Katiedid. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz allowed that while the fishing had slowed somewhat due to conditions there were plenty of limit catches and some pretty fish around the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf.

Donna Norton fished seven days landing several limits of flounder and fish up to five pounds. David Parsons learned the ropes of jigging and landed a few four pound class fish, while Ernie and Dianna Milano scored limits of fish up to five pounds. CJ the Fluking Ninja tabled limits in short time and had fish in the five pound class, while Jared Yoder just missed a citation with a 6 pound 15 ounce flattie. While the Old Grounds has still been fishing well for flounder the canal has also been showing some nice fish. Lucky Landon Luckemeyer landed both an 18 and 3/4 inch flattie and an 18 inch trout on white gulp in the canal, while Liam and Gibson Hunt also scored some for the kid's team with an 18 inch flattie. And while it wasn't a flounder, 11 year old Kenny Coleman landed a nice 47.6 pound black drum while fishing with clam on the Pirate King. In another unusual catch, Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly passed along that Steve Ferraioli and family landed a pair of cobia weighing 35 and 40 pounds!

Tuna have somewhat stolen the show though boat traffic can make fishing hard during weekends. The Katydid put the group of George Durrant, John Gudnekt, Bill Wiest and Dr. Lous Mispireta onto a 71.6 and 65.6 pound bluefin and a 41 pound yellowfin. The father and son duo of Rob and Cole Hutchinson fished at Massey's and landed two dolphin, a yellowfin and three bluefins. The Joint Venture run by Jeff Hoepfl, Kevin Coolahan and Travis pulled in mako, dolphin and tuna on a recent trip. The Portabella chunked butterfish and nailed a 68.7 pound bluefin and a pair of yellowfins. Not to be outdone, the crew of the Bimini Twist with Capt. Mike Johnson, Isabella Porro, Chirs Huck and Mike Deblasis returned from Masseys with 6 yellofins landed chunking. Surf fishing along the ocean beaches is yielding a mixed bag of snapper blues, kingfish, small croakers and spike trout. There are even a few pompano mixed in. The latter really like sand fleas fishing practically in the waves.

Flounder and Weather Hot

Lewes Harbour Marina - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Smoking hot out there today as some real summer weather has rolled in. The flounder, too, have continued to roll in with anglers fishing the shipping approaches to Delaware Bay in the Atlantic have had another good week. The Local Girl crew of Mason and Mike Newsham, Billy Talbot, Jack Austin and Jack Ostroski landed plenty of flounder fishing B buoy with Mason nailing a nice pair of 5.84 and 6.58ers. The Katydid returned with a good catch of 37 fluke one day, 44 another, and Dan Crawford landed a 6.5 pounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz of the all-day headboat out of Fisherman's Wharf passed along many limit catches for his patrons as well, including Mike Schwendenman's ten pounder, Donn Norton with fish up to four pounds, Jeff Scurti wih fish up to five pounds, Joe Lofink with limits and fish up to six pounds, Seve Miller with limits up to 5 pounds. Josh and EJ Hopkins teamed up with grandfather Ed Hopkins from Rehoboth in his boat Big Debbie to land flounder of 4.7 and 5.2 pounds respectively. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly reported some nice fish with John Tucker landing a 4.09 pounder, while Ray Sharpe tallied on at 3.63. Jim Myers, Bob Myers and Sheila Sohler landed ten heftly flounder using squid and minnows at site ten. Jim Barlow, fishing with Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy on the Miss Kirsten landed a 4.8 pounder.

While most of the heavy flounder action has come from the ocean, some nice fish have been caught in the canal, too. Michael Angstadt fished off the city dock to land 3 big fluke on minnows. Landon Luckemeyer kept the ball rolling for the kids landing a nice two pounder from the canal on a chartreuse Gulp mullet. Offshore fishing along the 20-fathom lumps was productive. Capt. Carey led his anglers to Massey's and trolled up four bluefins, a yellowfin and a dolphin. Matt Millman fising on the Bottom Line with his dad, Steve and Capt. Dave Filepas for some tuna. Herb "The Gaffman" Guest, Jeff Hopfl, Joe Ruger and Mark Malchione fished on the Portabelle at Masseys for a pair of bluefins at 704 and 63.6 pounds. Mike Fritz, Ed Sigda and Wayne Ross fished on the Snow Goose at the Hambone and brought back a 36.3 pound yellowfin and a dolphin. The Reel Chaotic worked Masseys to bring back a pair of nice bluefins at 67 and 46 pounds for Bruce Bradley, Josh Buchalter and Daryl Young. Lastly, of special note is Bella Minni who, while using her new Mighty Mite combo purchased at Lewes Harbor landed a bass while fishing with her dad Jim. She landed the largemouth while using nightcrawlers fishing at Blockhouse Pond. Stay cool out there!

An Explosion Of Flounder For The Fourth

Lewes Harbour Marina - Friday, July 01, 2016

Incredibly the Fourth is on us already! Summer is just flying by it seems and the beach is readying itself for another great holiday. Flounder fishing is in full swing and many nice fish have been coming across the tables and decks for local anglers. Fishermen on the Katydid with Capt. Brent have been doing well with the feisty fluke, with some great catches coming from the ocean. Bob Trento had a happy birthday 7.53 pound citation doormat, while Ron Mistretta nabbed a 6.09 pounder. Ernie Stone walked away with a 5.28 pounder on Tuesday's trip to the shipping approaches, while Ed Kim had a 3.25 pounder on Monday. The group of Tyrone Waters, Saad Solimen, High Harris, Kenny Hall and Deron Farmer fished around B Buoy and had 11 keeper flatties and ten nice sea bass. Wesley Grove and John Santana had a nice trip on the flounder. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the all day headboat Thelma Dale IV out of Fisherman's Wharf reports continued outstanding flounder fishing with many limits for his patrons. Joe "Postal Joe" Lofink continues to fill the freezer with some nice four and five pound fish, while Dr. Louis Reardon had on just under seven. Eclipsing those was Alex Maneliso of Bear, DE with a 7.5 pound flounder. John Cale and daughter had a nice limit of chunky flounder, along with Choi Jung and Joe Baegwiski. Flounder fishing in the canal has really picked up with anglers reporting limit catches of flounder using Gulp! or live minnows on either a plain hook or spec rig. These fish have been reported to not be quite as big on average as the ocean fish, but they, albeit late, are a welcome sight for small boat anglers. Bottom fishing in Delaware Bay, particularly around the artificial reef sites and inside edge of the Shears has been good for a mixed bag of panfish. Spike trout, small croakers, kingfish, puffers and small sea bass are the norm. Baiting with small bits of clam and artificial bloodworms are good choices. Capt. Vince "Killer" Keagy had a good trip up in the bay with a boat limit of trout and some kings, as did Capt. Carey Evans on the charter boat Grizzly along with small croakers, kingfish and even a bonus black drum. The Katydid also had a bottom trip with successful panfishing up in the Bay, as did Capt. Ted of the Angler fleet, putting together a catch of puffers, small croakers, kingfish and trout. Beats a skate anyday! Offshore anglers have been scoring big on tuna and dolphin out along the canyon edges and inshore on the twenty fathom lumps. Capt. Brent shook the inshore water off his boat and went to the Poormans. Towing Joe Shute and Island lure with hoo's Bob Rindfuss, Sean Kane, Philip Difelod, Kevin Roberts and Brian Seglum landed a load of tuna, with the two largest right around forty five pounds. The Snow Goose trolled the Poormans and Baltimore with spreaders and hoo's to land yellowfins and dolphin. The boys on the Reel Chaotic, Bruce, Josh and Brad Buckhalter along with Daryl Young trolled the 100-fathom line of the Poorman's with Joe Shute lures and hoo to score a couple nice yellowfins and a white marlin release. Capt. Carey Evans on the Grizzly also had a nice table of tuna, keeping three tuna out of three bluefins and a yellowfin tackled while trolling inside at Massey's. Plenty of catching going on for the big summer holiday. Be careful and have a great time!

The Flounder Beat Goes On

Lewes Harbour Marina - Thursday, June 23, 2016

The beat goes on with the great start to the summer fluking season, with many limit catches gracing the scales and fish cleaning tables. Even better, there have been some real quality fish mixed in. Lewes Harbor saw some pretty fish with Matt Jester nabbing a five pound flattie on a chartreuse spec rig from the Cape Fishing Pier. The skinny water fishing wasn't limited to the pier with Sarah and Ken Schabrach from Boyertown, PA showing that "Bear" pride with a limit catch of flounder from the canal fishing with Gulp! The Katydid returned with plenty of happy anglers with limit catches on recent trips. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz on the Fisherman's Wharf headboat Themla Dale IV passed along some super catches as well, with Joe "Postal Joe" Lofink after a secret ritual perfomed on his rod, tallied a limit of nice flounder in a matter of a couple hours. Jeff Scurti nailed limits of flounder on back to back trips with a bonus bass thrown in. Jim Fredericks had a limt of flounder up to five pounds, while Marc Levinrad continued his streak of limit catches on each trip to a whopping nine outings, with flounder weight as much as six pounds. Matt Slapinski celebrated Father's Day in grand style with a pretty six pound slab, while Tyler Long iced a fluke limit by 10:30 on a recent trip. This heavy action continues to take place along the shipping channel and artificial reef sites in the ocean. Bouncing bucktails laced with Gulp! in either four or six inch sizes has been the hot ticket, though some flounder pounders are using a strip of cut bait such as sea robin as well. Flounder action in Delaware Bay remains slow with cold, dirty water being the norm. If flounder aren't your cup of tea offshore action remains good with fish spread up and down the canyon edges. Trolling spreader bars and skirted 'hoos remain the way to go. Mixed in with the tunners have been dolphin and a few makos. The crew of Five O returned from a recent ride to the deep with some dolphin and a black eye landed while working 73 degree water. There have been more and more reports surfacing of bluefin and yellowfin showing along the twenty fathom lumps, fueling hopes of a return to the torrid inshore action we used to have. Chris Huk showed he's not all about throwing a fastball, but can bring the heat on the water as well. He traveled to VA to pull a nice cobia aboard, luring the ling with a live eel. Speaking of different fish, Capt. Chris "Skeet" Ragni had a nice look at a 140 pound class white on a recent trip. Big blues made another appearance again in Canary Creek, where anglers nailed the gators in the ten to fifteen pound class. Chunks of bunker or mullet on chartreuse rig with wire on the flood tide landed the fish. Surf casters have been tallying the wayward big blue, but mostly the catch has been panfish. Bloodworms, small pieces of clam or squid have been proving successful for kingfish, small croakers and trout. Dr. Mark McDaniel landed a couple of the latter fishing the suds at Broadkill with trout up to sixteen inches on minnows.